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" Love Story Shall Start " (Full Story Updated)

bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 September 2008 at 7:17am | IP Logged
Big smileHi friends,
I am back with my next short story..and when I say Short story it feels such a relief i gues to all of u as it feels to me..LOL
This Story is pretty short... really too short may be less than 5 parts.. i cant reveal how many parts....Wink
The story is as usual like my all short stories simple... But there is always an attempt by me in all my short stories I have written to show a different approach in the storyline... hope u all like this one. though i feel not very confident this timeOuch.. but lets see...
I have the Banner also ready for this short story and hope u like that too... its made by me...Embarrassed which I will post alogn side the stories part I... I will be postign the parts qucikly there rnt many so just keep checking ok...Tongue
There are lovely adorable readers friends out here whom I want to thank from bottom of my heart..Sara, Bini, San, Nida, Vandu, Monika, Khubu, Kittu, Naseem, Jyothi, Golu, Rabia, Himani, Nihita, Paru_M,... Sorry if I forgot any names.... thank u all for making me feel I can write and someone there is wantign to read it...
Thanks to all my silent readers who give so many 'views' ....Big smile
Will be postign the Banner and the first part very soon.

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bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 3255

Posted: 21 September 2008 at 7:18am | IP Logged

Love Story Shall Start



Upasna Sinha works as an HR head in a leading company. Her smile, her confidence, and her attitude everything was so very attractive. Everyone would get bowled over by her skill to convince people within few sec and her voice had the power to make her words be honest and full of confidence. Everyone in the office knew she is strong, intelligent and gentle at heart. She was a divorcee. Her marriage, which went on for less than 2 years, was the biggest failure of her life. She had suffered a lot during these 2 years physically, mentally and financially as well. Thankfully, she didn?t have child from the broken marriage and that made it easy to take her future decisions. After the divorce, she came back from Bangalore to Delhi her parental house. Her parents were not very keen with her decision to divorce but her brother always supported her.


Kailash Arora works as an Engineer. His childhood was in a lower middle class background, his father employed as a peon. His father spent money for his education by selling his village land but never to let Kailash's education be affected by their monetary constraints. Now after having a descent job Kailash always tried to give each penny to his parents to make their life as beautiful as he can. The love of his life stayed in his neighbourhood as they lived in Madhya Pradesh. He was so much in love with her that he didn't knew when he had started imagining to marry her, buy  a house, take her to Simla for honeymoon, dance with her taking her in his arms on a rainy day, have two kids, give them education in the biggest school. This remained just a dream as he broke off the relationship. It was mutually decided to end the relationship. The trauma Kailash went through after that breakup made him a workaholic and feeling too scared to love anyone. To stay away from the heartache he found a job outside Madhya Pradesh here in Delhi. He came here along with his parents.


Kailash worked in the same office where Upasna was the HR head. Kailash and Upasna shared a very cordial office colleague relationship.  He did get to know from his pals that Upasna was a divorcee. Upasna also knew that Kailash had a broken relationship and so doesn?t like anyone joking about his love life. Fellow colleague who was an Enginner and girl from the accounts department were in love and their marriage date was fixed. All the colleagues were invited to attend the wedding in Kerela. With the whole office gang taking a week off to attend the wedding, only two people did not wish to go; they were Kailash & Upasna.


On Friday they both were in the office, a conference was fixed with the Client whose flight had to arrive at 11:30am but the flight was delayed for three hours. Sitting at a corner having his coffee was Kailash and organizing the data in the computer sitting relaxed was Upasna. A fire alarm shook them off from their seats with shock. Both rushed out, they saw other office people in the huge wide corridor running & rushing out. The fire had broken out in the 6th floor while they were on the 11th floor of the tower. They didn?t knew whether to go down or to run upwards. Kailash told her to rush to the top floor as the floor below has caught fire and reach fast through the stairs. They both rushed along with others to the terrace not understanding what?s going to happen. Upasna & Kailash were getting out of breath with the fear and the marathon run upstairs.



Part II


Both reached the terrace, along with some 40 people from other office cabins and were afraid how to save their lives. The mere thought that they r so above the land level, dieing from here will be the scariest? this thought had almost killed them. They shouted and cried out for help. Looking below from the terrace, they could see a sea of people had circled the building. They could see the crowd around and the fire had reached the 8th floor. The fire engine wasn?t near by and that scared hell out of them. Upasna went close to Kailash and looked at him feeling, will they survive? He also gazed at her with a stern confusion that he isn?t sure if some help is in sight. All were shouting out and screaming for help. The mobiles called up everyone to bring help in but the road towards the tower was under repairing and hence the fire engine wasn?t able to arrive in time. The crowd had done more damage to the area making it more congesting to bring in help.


Kailash and Upasna stood close to each other. Both were in tears as they saw the fire reaching the 12th floor just few floors left to reach the terrace. Many people they could see who were trapped in the floor below were breaking the glass windows and jumping out with fear and seeing them fall and people trying  to hold them made Upasna and Kailash feel very uneasy. The site of bodies taken out, and the fire extending out with bigger flames was scaring to the limit. 


With tears in eyes Upasna said,


Upasna: I don?t want to die?


Kailash looked at her and kept his arms around her shoulder to give her assurance not to leave hope so soon? He could see her eyes were glued to the fire reaching the 14th floor?


Kailash: I want to live?


Upasna looked at him and both looked into each other eyes with blank face... as if they know no one wants to die?


The fire was reaching faster and the smoke was accumulating around the terrace as well. People were coughing and Kailash and Upasna tried not to inhale the smoke? Upasna took her dupatta to help her not to inhale the smoke while Kailash used his hands to keep it on his nose and mouth? Upasna asked him to help her in tearing the dupatta into half.  He didn?t took time to understand he tore the dupptta and she gave him the half cloth to help him stay away from suffocating himself with the smoke? Both were helping others as well and making others to stand closer to the area where the wind was blowing and flames were not much thick?


Kailash and Upasna stood close, the cries for help was no more, as with smoke around screaming was not possible for them. Looking around many people had collapsed as they had inhaled a lot of smoke ? They did try to push others up and tell them not to stand at centre but where outside air they can inhale little bit? looking at them both were holding each others hand tightly... to get some strength as they may also break down completely like others.


Upasna: I don?t want to die now... my parents have had a lot of trouble due to me and my decisions in life? my brother is getting married this month and my death will spoil a lot of things? God cant do this? after years something nice was going to happen in my family.. and everything falling apart? no?


Kailash heard her though it was not to him she was telling but to the almighty God to make God realize this isn't the right time to take her away.


Kailash:  Its my parents 50th wedding anniversary next month and I have prepared so many things for the huge celebration,.. I have to do one more thing.. it is getting back the land my dad sold for my education? God can't do this to me?  I can see in front of my eyes they will become handicapped with their only son dead?


Upasna looked at him? and both looked around... all the people..and they thought ?. They were feeling how every individual must be having their individual story to say to God for not taking their lives away.



Part III


Suddenly a woman was wanting to jump the floor she was suffocating and she didn't want to die... She jumped saying? she wants to live for her two children who have lost their  father already. She jumped and Upasna closed her eyes and heard a loud noise it was the people around screaming? Kailash looked below and saw the woman in a pool of blood. Kailash felt terrible and all the people there were sobbing... the horrifying few sec made everyone become weak.. Upasna sat down and now left her hope to survive? Kailash pulled her up so that she breathes better air... but Upasna had left  hope..


Kailash: Upasna.. No.. don?t give up..


Upasna: Am dieing... I can feel my lungs choking?


Kailash: But?

Soon even his breathing was getting difficult. He too sat besides her..


Upasna: May be I was selfish... I don?t have children to worry about their lives.. I have my brother to take care of my parents? my friends may cry for few days but may be many more out here have every right to live much more than me.. God save them? plzz? She screamed  ? God save the lives of all the people here..?


Kailash: I agree Upasna... I don?t have a wife or children to worry about their future after I die... my parents surely will be broken but I have managed to make them financially secured.. they can lead a life without asking for a penny from anyone? My insurance cover will also provide a lot? May be others here are much more deserving to live? in this world.. God plzz save them?


Both prayed to God to save others. They removed the dupatta and gave it to others to protect themselves from the smoke. The dead feeling inside them was not due to smoke but nothing which ignite the want to live for now. They had people whom they love but not love for which they can live life in the right terms of living. They smiled and told the people around, ?God will be here to save each one not to loose hope.? Upasna & Kailash were very close to their death and the words they were speaking were with difficulty. The visibility around was fading for both?


Due to lack of visibility? Upasna & Kailash kept each other more close to know where each other was? They knew nothing now could save them from dieing...  as they had left all hope to live?


Kailash: Upasna We Shall meet Again.. somewhere in the heaven or hell?


Upasna: If I am the HR head there as well I would recruit you in heaven forever in my company... We Shall Meet..


Both smiled while they were coughing uncontrollably? the flames around became thicker. Soon they could sense the building under was shaking.. they both held each other with fear not wanting to loose each others hand. They said with a rush of blood sharply ?Is the building collapsing??  They heard a dud sound and didn?t knew what had happened? both cuddled each other with fear in their heart, knowing may be this is the last few minutes of their life. They just held on to each other while they were falling. A lot of smoke had covered them up.


The Building was indeed collapsing as the gas cylinder in one of the canteen burst and the building collapsed at the corner section where they both were sitting. Under the debris Upasna and Kailash were together they didn?t knew what had happened eyes closed arms around each other they went into some unconsciousness holding each other? It was after a while Upasna stood up saw Kailash and the people around trying to remove the debris and the people stuck inside? Kailash stood he saw Upasna and the surrounding. Both looked at each other ? They knew they were Dead? it was the souls looking at their dead physical bodies.


They saw the people taking out their bodies and cameras clicking the picture ? cuddled each other? the lovers who promised to be together forever, even death couldn?t separate them?that?s what everyone said as they emotionally looked at Upasna and Kailash?s dead bodies. There was a slight smile visible on the face of the dead bodies and that had made everyone feel these two were happy to die together. Looking at people?s assumptions the souls of Upasna and Kailash were not able to believe why people were thinking like this? There wasn?t a love story at all? they were no HeerRanjha , or LailaMajnu.  People who had survived shared how the two; Upasna an Kailash stood together spoke and cried? they sat down praying to God to save others lives? and may be that?s the reason? only three people had died in the whole mishap.. they were a middle aged woman.. and these two Upasna & Kailash! 


The bodies were taken to their respective homes... the cries at their home did make their souls feel very sad? they could see they families speaking and consoling each other saying if they knew their children were in love they would want to get them married and it would be so nice to see them happy & together. At least they r united at death and their souls will rest in peace.


Hearing it the souls of Upasna and Kailash looked at each other asking each other.. ?They still r here connected why r?nt their souls free and why they r?nt at peace?


Upasna: I was wounded in love?.and though I may want happiness one thing I didn?t want to loose that was my peace of mind.. so never felt like falling in love again?


Kailash: Love wounded me and left me in pain. The scars r?nt so easy to make way for anyone else? I didn?t want to let my family or my professional life get hampered by anything else now? wanted a safe smooth walk for further few kms?


Upasna: I wanted love but had felt not to search for it..I shut my hearts door?


Kailash: Wanting love is such a nice feeling? but I never wanted to knock any door and see if love exists for me anywhere?


Upasna: We both were in the same pain and never shared the want to be loved? may be the wounds we had?

(Kailash continued)


Kailash: Wanted the healing touch of love? we could never realize close to each other.. we could have found the special someone we lacked in our lives? We accepted death easily as something somewhere in our lives had already died? now we cant? we r dead completely or else there would be the hope to do the things undo?


Upasna: May be that?s why our souls r?nt rested in peace...and we both standing here feeling the failures in our lives? for which we cant blame anyone but ourselves.

Both the souls got united and together held hands and looked at their families giving each other shoulder to cry.


Upasna: Havn?t we done any thing worthwhile that our souls rest in peace?.

Kailash had no answers but he saw something in front.. and said

Kailash: May be we have? I can feel the fragrance around me? I can feel the magic? our souls r feeling peace? its such a soothing experience?.


Upasna could also feel the same,as if petals of rosesfalling and touching her with love ... They saw in front? their parents were fulfilling their last wish... both had filled up forms long back while they were in college to donate their eyes after their death. The eyes were taken to eye bank? and two innocent babies were provided the light in their lives?


The souls spoke while it was getting free and peace was reflected and sparkled light brought them divinity?


?We were not able to meet again..?


?Our eyes shall meet for sure again??


?Our love story for others is over?reached it dead end?


?Our souls know Our love story is just about to start?. Love will conquer our hearts as our eyes will meet again. It will  make us have a soulful bond, make us go for miles together in each others company for life? ?

?Our Love Story Shall Start,

Make us feel Love and stay in each other heart?




?Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.?

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togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 September 2008 at 7:41am | IP Logged
Hey superb intro........Post soon !!
bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 September 2008 at 9:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by togepe30

Hey superb intro........Post soon !!
Hi Meri pyaari Vandu.... glad u r waiting to read it.. will post in just few secs dear...Big smiletc
Paru6 Goldie

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Posted: 21 September 2008 at 10:25am | IP Logged
hey u r back  Tongue nice intro  ClapClap can't wait to read this one...cont soon
nisisanjh Groupbie

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Posted: 21 September 2008 at 10:46am | IP Logged
first of all..i liked the title ..its so hatke..brniging a diffrnt attitude .... muaaah for that this touch... bnnr ka idea bhi ekdam mast ...

n story ?luking inrsting .. i guess, i need to knw more abt kailash to undrstnad him ..Upasana looking strng n elegnt ...Lets c wht hppns next... post jaldi naa
togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 July 2005
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Posted: 21 September 2008 at 11:26am | IP Logged
hey i really liked the see what happens !!
bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 September 2008 at 1:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Paru_M

hey u r back  Tongue nice intro  ClapClap can't wait to read this one...cont soon
Hi Paru.... Hehehhe yup back ... u liked the intro na.. hope u like reading this one.. a bit nervous actually to know whether it will be liked... will be postign soon... not many parts..hopefully will be posting the whole story todaySmile
Originally posted by nisisanjh

first of all..i liked the title ..its so hatke..brniging a diffrnt attitude .... muaaah for that this touch... bnnr ka idea bhi ekdam mast ...

n story ?luking inrsting .. i guess, i need to knw more abt kailash to undrstnad him ..Upasana looking strng n elegnt ...Lets c wht hppns next... post jaldi naa
Hi Sara dear.... am glad u liked the title.. may be after u finish readin gthe whole story u will be pretty sure why this title... hatke bhi kyun hai u will know... muah.haii my eyes gogin shy...hai daiyaaEmbarrassed...banner u ko achii laggi i am learnign ... i dont want gliters just the graph of the story in it..
Story lookign interesting na... hope u like the way it flows yaar... Hmm this is so short that i dont know whether u will know him well..hope u just know their surroundings wellWink.. thats the base nothing more or less... will be positng the next part soon dear..
Originally posted by togepe30

hey i really liked the see what happens !!
Hi Vandu dear.. u liked the part... hope u like the rest of the story which i will be posting today..not much waitign for this story.. fire.hmmm.. ya.. dekho agey ky ahota hai....Ouch

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