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A LOT LIKE LOVE#2-part 40 pg 128(LAST PART) (Page 10)

barkha_90 Groupbie

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Posted: 25 September 2008 at 10:43am | IP Logged
will upd8 2morrow...sry 4 the delay..

Love_Mehak IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 September 2008 at 2:07pm | IP Logged

really waitin 4 teh update bt np take ur time!!!! after all they say sabar ka phal meetha hota hai!!!! bt plz if it wuld b possible 4 u PM 2 let me knw that u ahve updated!!!! alll the best!!!

Sharmiee Senior Member

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Posted: 25 September 2008 at 2:17pm | IP Logged
aww thanks cant wait !!!:D
nyla_193 Goldie

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cool cnt w8 till tomorrow w8tin eagerly
kaavya13 Groupbie

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Posted: 26 September 2008 at 1:57am | IP Logged
barkhsa....r u postin d update today??...plsss update fasttt
barkha_90 Groupbie

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Posted: 26 September 2008 at 3:57am | IP Logged

                                                               PART 25

Armaan carefully guided Riddhima across the dance floor...she was so stoned that she had no idea where she was headed and if it hadn't been for Armaan, she would have happily gone and banged into several people dancing on the dance floor.

Riddhima turned towards Armaan once he had sucessfully guided her to a corner of the dance floor.

'Tell him to play kajrare!' she declared.

'What??!! Riddhima..they don't play hindi music here,' Armaan tried to reason out with her.

'I want to dance on kajrare!! Make him change the song,' she said stubbornly.

'Riddhima..try and understand..I can't make him change the song. He's the DJ,' Armaan tried to his best to explain.

'MAKE HIM CHANGE!' Riddhima said loudly, although thankfully due to the loud music, her voice could barely be heard by anyone except Armaan.

'Riddhima please...try and understand..'


'What's wrong with this song?? See, it's such a nice song,' Armaan tried to divert her attention, 'It's one of the latest,'

'It is?' Riddhima momentarily forgot her sudden whim of dancing on kajrare.

' is..see, everyone's dancing on it,' Armaan said, sighing in relief that atleast for the moment she had forgotten about their arguement...I mean seriously!! he thought...kajrare??!! It apparently was one of her favourite songs..

Riddhima looked around innocently to see wether everyone really was dancing on the fast english beats or not.

'Ok then,' she relented on seeing that everyone was dancing on the fast peppy beats.

Armaan sighed in relief...atleast now he could focus his entire attention on making her stand straight on her two feet rather than doing that as well as convincing her that they do NOT play kajrare in salsa night parties in Malaysia!!

'I don't want to dance on this song,' she whined, 'I want to go from here,'

Armaan knew from experience that when she was drunk it was better to just play along and do whatever she said rather than try and make her see sense which was anyways not happening...moreover, he didn't think he could handle a drunk Riddhima over here any longer and so he quickly guided her out of the club and into their room.

He had never been more glad to enter his room and shut the door behind him. 'Embarassing' was not the word to describe Riddhima's behaviour as he led her from the club to their room. Since he had not heeded her request to play kajrare for her in the club, she'd taken revenge by singing the song loudly all the way from the club to the room. All the people in the lobby had stared them, giving them wierd looks..she had tried to dance as well, but Armaan wouldn't let!! the walk from the club to his room along with his drunk wife had been a looong one.

As he tried to walk forward after shutting the door behind him, he found Riddhima totally not cooperating and so he simply lifted her up in his arms and placed her on the bed...phew!! being a husband wasn't the easiest thing in the world!!

He was too exhausted to even change and so getting into bed himself, he switched off the bedside lamp and closed his eyes, sighing deeply...sleep!! finally!!

'Armaan,' Riddhima suddenly called out.

'What?' Armaan asked, slightly irritated..seriously!! couldn't a man sleep in peace??!!

'I'm bored,' she said, simply.

He turned to look at her, his expression displaying in incredulity and irritation.

'I'm sleepy Riddhima...please..just go to sleep,' Armaan said...following Muskaan's words and being gentle and sweet all the time was all very well during the day time..but NOT during the nights and specially when he was exhausted..that time it just got to his nerves..

'But I'm not sleepy,' she pouted.

'So what should I do??' he said!! did this female know how to press all the wrong buttons at the wrong time or what?

Riddhima scowled...if she had been in her senses she would have probably got scared at this sudden outburst of his but being drunk and totally no in her senses, she couldn't care less...when she was drunk and she wanted something, it better be given to her!!

'Entertain me,' she said simply.

Armaan had an extremely strong urge to just strangle her at that moment...entertain her??!! what did she take him for??!! he was tired and exhausted...since they had arrived, he hadn't had a peaceful nap yet..the plane journey, unpacking, getting settled, the party and not to mention drama queen's tantrums!! how much could a guy take??!! He knew Muskaan had told him to just put up with all her mood swings but he didn't care right now...he was sleepy and tired and he'd be damned if he was going to give up on his beauty sleep to 'entertain' her!! only he knew how much he'd put up with in the past few weeks...keeping quiet and listening to whatever shit she said was definitely not a piece of cake...she had to learn that he wasn't her door mat that she could step on anytime!! she was beginning to take undue advantage of his nice behaviour...

'I'm sleepy,' he said, through gritted teeth 'if you're bored, then go watch tv or something.'

'I don't want to watch TV!!' she said stubbornly.

'THEN DO SOMETHING ELSE!! I DON'T CARE!! JUST DON'T DISTURB ME!!' Armaan yelled angrily and then turning his back towards her, he closed his eyes again, trying to finally go to sleep.

Riddhima was taken aback by his anger..even though, she was drunk, she could make out that she'd finally crossed the line and totally pissed him off...

She gently put a hand on his shoulder and turned him to face her.

'What do you want, Riddhima?' he said, wearily...he was so not in the mood to fight right now...why couldn't she just let him sleep for sometime??

'Sorry Armaan,' she whispered, moving close to him. He smiled as he looked into her green eyes which displayed pure innocence...all the anger and frustration of the previous few minutes simply vanished as he gently removed the few loose strands of hair on her face...god, she was so cute and adorable!! he thought..

'It's OK,' he said, smiling as he kissed her forehead, 'now let me sleep? please..I'm very tired,'

'But I don't want to sleep,' Riddhima whined.

Armaan closed his eyes and sighed...he could guess what his parents must have been through during his early childhood when he used to behave like this!! He could see no other way out of this than to just follow her commands...getting angry was so not going to help as she would always do something or the othe which he would find adorable and all his anger would vanish in a second.

'OK what do you want to do?' he asked.

'Hmm,' Riddhima thought, frowning slightly...Armaan smiled as he watched, she was so cute!!

'I don't know,' she finally said, giving up..

'Riddhima,' Armaan suddenly asked on an impulse, 'Do you love me?'..he didn't really know what made him ask this and that too now of all times...but he knew one thing..he would get a truthful answer today...since she was drunk, she would answer what she truly felt and no hide her feelings behind a veil of emotions..yes, if ever he would get a truthful answer, it would be now..after all, people tend to speak the truth when they're drunk, right??

She look slightly confused at this abrupt question..she wrinkled her brow and frowned at him..

'Love you?' she asked again, in a puzzled sort of way.

Armaan nodded, crossing his fingers that she would say yes...

'Ya,' she answered carelessly as if the question was so obvious that she couldn't be bothered too much about it.

'You do?' Armaan asked as he could feel all his insides do the hoola-hoop in joy...deep down he'd known that she loved him too but it was the first time she was ever saying it out to him...

' duh!' she said, irritably..she couldn't really understand what was there to be so excited about this fact, 'OK forget that...I'm not something,'

Armaan smiled deeply...he could have jumped of the Eiffel tower at the moment on her command!! she loved him!! she really did!! it wasn't just a gut feeling on his part anymore...she'd actually confessed..!!

'What do you want to do?' he asked, pulling her close..

Riddhima shifted closer and placing her head on his chest, frowned again, 'I don't decide!'

Armaan chuckled slightly at her childish behaviour..kissing her head, he closed his eyes, ' about if we play a game?'

'Yayy!! cool..a game!!' Riddhima exclaimed, joyously.

'Hmm..well, ok..I'll ask you 5 questions and you have to answer them without thinking..' Armaan said, stroking her hair.

'OK,' Riddhima said, excitedly, 'go ahead!'

'Hmm...have you ever had any boyfriends before me?' he asked...he knew what he was doing was probably wrong..he was taking advantage of her drunk situation to get answers to all his questions..but he knew that this was the only time, she would answer truthfully and what was in her heart rather than what she was 'supposed' to say..

'No,' she replied instantly...Armaan looked at her in surprise..ofcourse, he was over the moon regarding the fact that he was the one and only guy in Riddhima's life but he did find that wierd..after all, she was a pretty girl..and not only pretty but nice as well...what more did any guy want in a girl??who wouldn't fall for a girl like her?? were all the guyz in the US blind or something??!!

'How come?' he asked...he knew it was a stupid question..dude, he thought, just be happy that you're the only guy in her life!! but it wasn't all that easy to let go of it...sometimes he felt that he knew a lot more about her than anyone else...he could read what she was feeling in her eyes..but at other times, he felt as though there was soo much that he didn't know about much that she had hidden from him...

'I don't know,' she said slowly, 'I guess I didn't allow anyone to come too close to me,'

That sounded just about right, Armaan thought, it totally fit in with her had taken her a while to open up with him too and yet, she'd always been a bit hesitant...there had always been this wierd invisible wall between them that she just wasn't willing to cross...she was a reserved kind of person and took time for her to open up with people...he had recognized this trait in her from the beginning...maybe that's why she hadn't been in a relationship before this..she just wouldn't take the risk...

' you love me,' he asked, smiling..he just couldn't get enough of her answer!!

'Yes Armaan!' she said, 'you already asked me that,'

'I know,' Armaan grinned, 'but I like hearing the answer to that question...who is you best friend?'

Riddhima thought for a split second before saying, 'you are,'

'Me??!!' Armaan was stunned...he had never expected this!! when he'd asked her who she loved, he had been hoping and praying that she'd say his name...but for this question, he'd definitely not expected his name...he was her best friend??!! how was that possible?? I just didn't make sense...she had to have a best friend before him!! I mean, what the hell did she do in school and college without friends??...the fact that even after he'd hurt her so much, she still considered him her best friend just didn't seem right...

'Why me?' he asked. 'Because I can be myself with you. I've never had to pretend to be someone I'm not just to make you happy. You've always accepted me for who I am...and you're the only one whose really made me happy...Isn't that what best friends do??' she said, looking up to see his reaction.
Armaan nodded wordlessly..he was too schocked to say anything...she'd never had a best friend before him!! But why?? she was so nice...and yet, she'd never had a guy in her life...never had a best friend in her life...why?? it just didn't seem right...he was happy in a way that she considered him to be her best friend but it raised so many questions in his mind...why was she like this?? she was HERSELF with him and yet, when it came to other people she had this 'perfect-person' image...why couldn't she just be herself?? Armaan didn't know why but he felt that something was wrong here...very much come he never noticed this come her never questioned it before...why was she so quiet? so scared?? so hell-bent on making everyone happy other than herself?? it was as if she wanted to prove something but what?? and to whom??
'Next question,' Riddhima interrupted his thoughts.
' question,' Armaan said flustered...he wasn't in the mood for the game anymore...actually, it wasn't even a game anymore..he didn't know why but her answers disturbed him..he felt as though there was something very big and important that she was hiding from him...and once he knew that, it would more or less explain everything...
'OK..uhm..what's your pet name?' he asked randomly.
'Ridzy,' Riddhima said immediately...that's what Anjali and her nanny had always called her...
'Ridzy??' Armaan asked, smiling...hmm..ok, this was new...from today onwards, she would be 'Ridzy' for him as well...
'Armaan,' Riddhima suddenly called out in a sleepy voice.
'I'm sleepy now,' she said and snuggling closely upto him, she feel asleep.
However, for Armaan, sleep was miles away...this simple game which he'd decided on the spur of the moment had left a lot of loose ends unanswered...and what was more, he needed to know the answers..there was something...somewhere..that had made her the person she was...after their marriage, she had changed considerably..become a lot more self-confident and easy-going...but what about before marriage?? why had she been like that?? why had she always hidden herself behind that fake mask of hers?? why wasn't she 'herself' with everyone?? sooo many questions and no answers...Armaan sighed in was amazing that just a few minutes ago, he was the one who was sleepy...but not any more...his mind was swirling with emotions and questions...he would find the answers to this question, he thought as he gently kissed Riddhima on her head...for Riddhima, he would find out the answers to his questions...

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simply superb!!! gr8 going...
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brilliant work again barkha.................muah muah.........will comment in detail later..............

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