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Part 1
The day had been a brilliant sunny one Suprateek and Sumonto had been playing in the lawn outside when Proteek had suggested they go for an icecream. The children had jumped for joy on this opportunity to fill themselves with their favourite food. Prachi too had willingly consented, it made her happy to see that her son was smiling of late Sumonto had become very difficult to deal with. She tried to explain him that his frenetic outbursts hurt his chachi but he refrained from heeding to her pleas. It seemed to Prachi the child had a mind of his own, it was not his fault either anger and stubbornness ruled his blood  he had fire in his genetic build up, afterall he was Milind Mishra's son. Nothing and no one took him for granted he meant what he said and sometimes Prachi feared his flaring temper might lead her new family to find out that he was not Proteek's son afterall. Getting them dressed she sat in the car besides Proteek watching the trees rush past in haste as the car sped on the street. The children chattered in the back seat peeping out of the windows discussing on the flavours they would like to eat once they got there.


At the restaurant Proteek ordered for the ices while Prachi looked at the people filling the place despondently, her heart simply was not at peace today and she wondered why. It was as if something was about to happen something that would be defining she wished she could have spent some time alone, memories assailed her making her soul pine for her soulmate. Proteek studied Prachi minutely he understood something was bothering her but he couldn't pin point what exactly it was, Prachi never shared her grief with anyone in the past five years he had only seen her smile and laugh but not sad. Today as she sat opposite him smiling at her son he realized her eyes told a different tale altogether. Prachi could feel Proteek's eyes on her excusing herself she informed him that she was going to the restroom she felt claustrophobic and needed fresh air.


'I think the deal's done then Mr Khanna' he had placed the file on the table after signing his name on the papers. 'Yes Mr Mishra, I hope this is one investment that'll help my company'. Mr Khanna had extended his hand to Milind which he had shaken warmly 'You'r dealing with Milind Mishra Mr Khanna you shouldn't be worrying about profits they'll come you'll see.' He had assured the old man confidently 'That's the reason I hounded you Mr Mishra despite your vagrant life you've managed to build quite an empire for yourself though I wonder why you never stay in one place for more than a few months.' Mr Khanna had inquired,  Milind's reputation far exceeded his presence. The past five years had seen drastic changes in him he was known to be ruthless in business, cold and brash he got what he wanted without bending or changing rules. His competitors referred to him as the 'Impossible Man' because few had the courage to outsmart him. He had opened many companies in different states of India had countless hotels in different locales yet he never stayed back long enough always on a run. The search for truth, his Prachi''. she was alive he knew. Every breath he took reminded him of her and he had vowed to find her even if he died doing that he would not give up not until his last breath. He had left home that fatal night in an attempt to find Prachi but had ended up being hit by a truck days later he had awoken in a hospital abandoned , lonely and numb. Giving up all thoughts of going back home he had left the city arriving in Delhi, it had been a hard struggling year for him but he lived the pain each day his physical wounds took his mind off from the ones that his soul bore. There had been many nights when he had slept under the starry sky devoid of a refuge or shelter skipping meals as he wouldn't have the money to buy any.



Yet his eyes searched the world searched for Prachi keeping a constant and vigil watch that would keep him awake long after the world would sleep. He worked odd jobs finally landing in a company as a driver, his boss was a kind hearted man who had instantly spotted the raw passion in him. Once on a trip to Pune his boss had been accompanied by a friend who had been pestering him to invest in a lucrative hotel project the details being discussed on the long journey Milind had a fair idea of the investment being a sham. Before his boss entered the boardroom the next day Milind had asked him not to put his money in that deal the boss had looked at him apprehensively but Milind had stuck to his ground pointing out the loopholes in the deal. His boss has studied the offer again and was astounded by Milind's sharp acumen days later he had appointed Milind as his secretary. Milind had not looked back then his success had sought him and he had not shunned it taking all that he got never looking back but always on the look out. 'Some things in life are best unexplained Mr Khanna' Milind had replied snapping out of his reverie he had to attend another meeting then have a word with his detective one he had appointed to search for Prachi. This was the fifth he had hired but the results didn't seem promising maybe they didn't search hard enough he would always console himself.


Putting out his still burning cigarette he stood up and picking up the file turned to leave when he saw a woman turn towards the restroom, something about her struck him. The height or maybe the way she walked on an impulse he had followed her. Her long hair flowed down her back, her saree draped sensuously around her svelte form why did she look so familiar to him. Could it be Prachi but what would she do dressed in a Bengali attire in this place he had to find out the truth his steps quickened as he followed her to the end of the corridor. But before he could reach her a small curly haired boy had run up to her 'Maa jaldi aao Papa keh rahey hain jab tak tum aaogi ice cream pighal jayegi.' Milind could not help but stare at the boy in wonder it felt as if he were reliving a dream hadn't Prachi wanted a son for them one who would have looked very much like the boy standing there had he been born.' Tears stung his eyes as he saw the woman bend down to kiss the child's forehead 'Sumonto eik pal key liye bhi mujhey nahin chortey jao main aa rahi huun or masti nahin kerna Suprateek key saath.' Her voice'' how could he forget that voice the one that resounded in his heart night and day. The woman had entered the restroom while the child had made a dash to reach his family colliding with Milind in his haste making him forget the striking resemblance of the woman's voice with Prachi's.


'Sorry uncle ' he had said pushing back his curls bending down Milind had picked him up in his brawny arms kissing him on his forehead where his mother had kissed him a few minutes earlier 'It's ok'. Sumonto had smiled at this man the glint in his eyes was a friendly one 'Naam kiya hai tumhara?' Milind had inquired. 'Sumonto ' he had replied 'Sumonto Dasgupta or tumhara?' Milind had raised his eyebrows in wonder at his courage before saying 'Milind Mishra'.  'Hmm' Sumonto had stared at him 'Tum lagtey to achey ho shararat bhi nahin kertey hogey haina?' and Milind had laughed out his first in five long years. 'Haan ab shararat nahin kerta' he had replied his tone moist 'Maa kehti hai jo bachey masti nahin kertey unko icecream milti hai, aaj main ney masti nahin kii na Suproteek key saath isiliye main icecream khaney aaya huun tum bhi chalo merey saath.' Sumonto had been quick to form a bond with this scruffy looking gentleman who felt very much like his own. 'Per' Milind had tried wheedling 'Chalo na' Sumonto had pleaded and Milind had consented it wouldn't hurt to have an icecream it seemed he had stopped living in the past five years. Meals would taste bland to him he ate simply because he knew he needed to survive to find Prachi the taste or type hardly mattered to him. As they neared the table Sumonto pointed out Milind saw Proteek feeding Suproteek his ice cream. 'Papa yeh mera dost hai icecream khaney aa ya hai' Sumonto had informed his father and Milind had placed him on a chair shaking hands with Proteek. Milind wondered why Sumonto didn't resemble his father while Suproteek did well maybe he had taken after the mother. But Prachi's hind image contrasted with Sumonto's form she too didn't sport curls Proteek had invited Milind to stay for an icecream and Milind had joined them shaking his head to clear his thoughts which it seemed were running wild today.


After splashing cold water on her face countless times Prachi had managed to pacify herself considerably she had no one to blame for her situation than her ownself. Patting her face dry she left the restroom to join her family. At the table Suproteek was acting fussy demanding to be fed by his father while Sumonto sulked at the scene he too wanted to be fed but it seemed Proteek was busy with Suproteek. Milind could not bear to see the child unhappy something about him tugged at his heart. 'Papa busy hain to kiya hua main khila deta huun' he had offered Sumonto but Sumonto continued sulking he sat put with his arms folded across his chest. 'Usko Papa khila saktey hain mujhey nahin?' he had asked in a hurt tone and it cut through Milind like a knife 'Chalo adhi main khila deta huun adhi Papa khila deingey' he tried to strike a deal and Sumonto had accepted it, it was clear to the child that his father was busy with his brother. Milind lifted the spoon bringing it to his lips and as Sumonto licked it clean his heart swelled with happiness. Why did it feel as if this was meant to be how could he form a bond with a stranger child in less than five minutes it struck him as very odd yet deep down in his heart he knew it was the best feeling he had ever had. He smiled at Sumonto who was busy making faces at Suproteek across the table Milind had tousled his curls playfully feeding him the icecream. 'Sumonto meri icecream bhi kha gaye kiya?' a feminine voice had floated and Milind's heart beat had accelerated turning around he stood up to face the owner of this rather familiar voice and stood shocked. There stood his Prachi smiling at her son she probably hadn't seen him her eyes focused on the child. She looked different not like his Prachi at all in that Bengali saree and jewellery but how could his heart be wrong. How could it beat so fervently for some different woman in the same way it beat for Prachi. And was this family hers? Whose children were these? Was that guy Proteek her husband thoughts boggled his mind shattering his remaining senses.



He stared at her astounded when finally she had raised her eyes to meet his. What he saw in them was enough to confirm that she was indeed his Prachi. Her face lost colour as she gaped at him her eyes widened churning a storm of emotions one that threatened to spill on her cheeks that very instant. 'Panchi kitni der laga dii tumney kab sey tumhara intizaar ker rahey they hum' Proteek had told her wiping his hands clean. "Arey yeh Sumonto key naye dost hain Mr Mishra humarey saath ice cream khaney aaye hain' Proteek had informed her unaware of the thoughts and emotions that ran rampant in her mind. 'Mr Mishra yeh meri wife hai Panchi' Proteek had introduced her to him. Something inside Milind had shattered in a million tiny pieces his hopes, desires, dreams had been cruelly assassinated in a split second. He could not believe his Prachi, the Prachi who vowed to cease breathing without him had moved on in life. His fists balled tightly as he tried to keep himself in check his eyes not blinking and not once moving away from Prachi's shriveled face. Her guilt stricken look had him boiling with fury closing his eyes eventually he let out a deep sigh one that touched Prachi's soul. Never had she imagined Milind to reach Kolkatta and more than that find her but she had always known it would happen someday. Her sixth sense had always warned her of this moment and it was truly a moment she had dreaded these past five years. Turning to Proteek Milind had mouthed an excuse bending down to kiss Sumonto he had cast a pained look at Prachi who stood paralysed due to the sudden encounter. 'Kaash aapkey paas waqt hota to hum kuch der or saath bitatey' Proteek had said 'Waqt' Milind had echoed his black eyes resembling pits of hell 'Buhut waqt barbad ker diya hai mainey or sab kuch kho diya' he had muttered under his breath but to Prachi each word felt like molten lead. Catching her eye Milind had continued 'Lekin ab kuch nahin kho'onga, na waqt na jazbaat or naa yaadein. Sab waapis chahiye mujhey eik eik lamha eik eik pal. Sab ka hisaab dena hoga.' Advancing towards Prachi he had threatened her in a low menacing tone his breath  hot his manner cruel he had extended is hand towards Prachi. 'Yeh mulaqat yaad raheygi Mrs Dasgupta and I'll make sure you never forget it.' He had smirked at her crushing her hand in his before he flung it away in disgust.

Part 2
Milind had reached his hotel room devastated he had directed the manager not to disturb him ordering wine by large if he had to get through this night the liquor was a necessity. His mind went wild anger, betrayal, pain all had surfaced within him and it confused him to no end. Why had he left her with that guy why did he not just grab her hand and pull her away from him, from the whole wide world. Why did she do this... why. He unscrewed the whiskey bottle and put it to his lips tonight his soul burnt the conflagration being too immense to be doused out by the bitter liquid he gulped. He threw his coat off and kicked off his shoes running his hand through his hair in misery. Was this the reason he had stopped living for since the past five years? Was it worth all this time... all the pain he had bore on his journey to her.... placing the bottle back on his lips he drank the contents letting it scorch his throat as he downed it savagely. "Kyun kiya aisa kyun kiya Prachi?" he wept bitterly, tears slid down his cheeks making a mockery of the hopes he had retained till now, of the faith he had vested in her.... of never letting go. What a fool he had been thinking she too would've been pining for him the way he had been for her all this time. "Kiya kami reh gayi thii merey pyaar main Prachi?" he questioned her in his mind's eye Smashing the bottle on the wall he howled in agony burying his face in his hands. Flashes of Prachi with Sumonto raced through his mind... that child.... why did it not resemble Proteek? The one question that had been plaguing him had hit with full force and this time he had a hunch on his suspicion being the answer. Wiping his tears he ambled to the phone calling his detective giving him Proteek's name he had ordered him to get him all the details about Proteek. His past his present and his future his family his business everything he wanted to know each and every detail.The moon shone brightly on him as he stood staring at it through the open windows he remembered Prachi and him taking their marriage vows with the moon as witness and closed his eyes in silence the tears that he retained in them now flowed down his cheeks freely. That was a different lifetime and a different world what he had seen here now was not his anymore it was Proteek's. He had wiped the remnants of the salt water from his face the alcohol was getting to him yet sleep evaded him opening another bottle he had drunk the amber liquid in a hope to pass out soon.
Prachi lay quietly on her bed at home Sumonto and Suproteek slept on either side of her. She cast a glance at Sumonto deep in slumber she wondered how he had tracked down his father. Maybe it was always in him to find his daddy out from the crowd the same blood coursed his veins that ran through Milind. A silent tear slipped on her pillow as she stifled a sob how was she ever going to explain Milind the truth. His initial reaction had been what she had dreaded he had misunderstood her, but had she left any room for any other thought. The world knew her as Mrs Proteek Dasgupta and Milind was very much part of the
world his cold eyes hounded her she knew it was the beginning of another end. Milind would find her no matter where she went and how far she ran he'd track her down. Brushing her fingers through Sumonto's curls she had kissed both the children and closed her own eyes knowing very well that sleep was one thing she was not getting tonight. The morning after was a different one for both Milind and Prachi one had his mind set on devastation the other feared another confrontation. It had been a week since Prachi had run into Milind at the restaurant and part of her hoped he would've given up on her now, she was too entangled in her new life to revert back to her old one. Besides she feared if Mallika saw her with Milind again her sacrifices would all go to waste.Milind had been working on a file when his phone had rung out attending the call he had jotted down the details on a piece of paper. Dasgupta Nibash ... he mused aloud it was time he paid his dear wife a visit.

The doorbell had been ringing incessantly Prachi had lowered the flame of the burner and had run to open the front door what met her eyes though was simply unasked for. Proteek stood smiling with Milind behind him the moment her eyes met his she had understood his purpose of arrival. His lips were tightly pressed his eyes flaming as he stepped in after Proteek before trudging on he had stared at her piognantly and that one glance had melted her, made her realize how much he had suffered over the week. "Panchi dekho to aaj Mr Mishra humarey mehmaan hain, Sumonto ko to bulao uskey to dost hain yeh" he had smiled at Prachi who had found it best to slip away from Milind's accusing gaze. Milind's detective had informed him about Proteek his business and his life. It seemed Prachi had married him as soon as she had reached Kolkatta five years back, Proteek owned a priting press with different branches in different parts of the city. Not only was his paper a daily but also the most read in Kolkatta he seemed to be a very fun loving guy open to suggestions and a very friendly persona. Personally Milind harboured no wrath for Proteek initially he had considered him to be equally at fault as Prachi. But that afternoon as he sat chatting with him in his office he realized Proteek was unaware of Prachi's past what intrigued Milind was the name he used to call Prachi. Milind still had his doubts though the fact that Proteek had resided in Mumbai five years earlier too was mind boggling but he would soon get his information out from Prachi. She was the sole perpetrator in his view he had not expected her to run away from him in the first place and even if she had done it all for his sake why had she started a new life without him. Did she not know it was a crime to marry while the first spouse was still alive, well she'd have to answer to all his questions soon... very soon.
Sumonto had arrived from his room very much elated to see his new friend seated in his house "Tum kab aaye?" he had questioned Milind sitting in his lap. "Bas abhi" Milind had smiled kissing his forehead with love. "Acha yeh batao tumhara favourite game kiya hai?" Milind had asked Sumonto he wanted to know all about the little boy in the shortest time possible."Main to video games khelta huun, maa bahar khelney nahin deti na mujhey" he had complained to Milind it seemed to him Prachi was very possessive of her son. "Hmm tum merey
ghar aa ker khel liya kero I'm sure tumhari maa tab mana nahin kareygi." Milind had consoled him and Sumonto's face had lit up immediately "Sach main ... tumharey ghar main swimming pool hai?" he had inquired enthusiastically, Milind had laughed "Haan hai or tennis court bhi hai" he had further fuelled the child's thirst for outdoor games.Slowly but steadily he wanted to win him over for his final move.Proteek had disappeared probably to his room to freshen up Milind could see Prachi stand cooking in the kitchen. "Sumonto tumko maa zyaada achi lagti hai ya Papa?" Milind had asked him seriously and Sumonto had been forced to think. He had paused for a few moments before looking at Milind thoughtfully "Maa zyaada achi hai per mujhey har waqt daantti rehti hai..." he had replied in a grave tone. "Hmm main keh duunga ab nahin daanteygi" Milind had promised him and Sumonto had kissed him in happiness that meant he could go out and play with Suprateek in the street... sure would be fun. Jumping off his lap he had run off to find Suproteek to share the good news with him.
Prachi had brought soft drink for Milind her hands shivered as she handed it to him and Milind was quick to notice her fright, it amused him to think that even after five years he held a strong hold over her. As she turned to leave Milind had caught her wrist he could feel her pulse quicken under his steel grip, her eyes flitted from him to the open door continously. Milind had smirked at her revelling in her dilemma pushing her back against the wall he had her pinned to it soon digging his fingers in her wrist. Prachi had gulped hard she could well understand Milind's anger and was surprised as to how well he had kept it under control all this while. "Milind" she had whispered "Ssshhh" Milind had shushed her placing his finger on her lips "Khabardar jo apni ghatia zabaan sey mera naam liya to" and Prachi had stared at him as if she was seeing him for the first time. She had never expected his anger to grow into hate but had he not been always like this. What was new about him, he was himself yet she was far too deep in a mess. "Main yahaan teri ayyashi ka tamasha dekhney nahin aaya balkeh tujhey bataney aaya huun keh yeh Milind Mishra ab pehley waala Milind nahin raha. Jo tujh sey pyaar kerta tha, tujh per merta tha.... yeh Milind ab
sirf apney liye jeeta hai" Prachi tried to grasp what he said as his powerful hands held her by her arms shaking her thoroughly "Tujhey kiya laga main bhool jaunga tujhey?" he had questioned her, smiling at her painfully he had answered his query himself "Tujhey kaisey bhuul jaata main Prachi... tuu to mera pyaar haina... merey liye to tuu jaan dey sakti thii apni..." he gritted his teeth in misery "isi liye mainey tujhey kabhi apney sey duur nahin samjha, hamesha teri talaash kerta raha." "Milind aap mujhey ghalat samajh rahey hain" Prachi had finally blurted out unable to bear the pain his hands caused her as they held on to her arms burning her flesh with the fire he held within."Sahi keh rahi hai tuu ghalat samajhta aaya main tujhey aaj tak lekin ab nahin..... ab khoney key liye merey paas kuch nahin bacha or paaney laiq main terey liye kuch nahin chorunga Prachi." Prachi had gasped aghast at his revelation "Sab kuch jo tuuney mujh sey cheena hai Prachi woh mujhey waapis chahiye mera waqt, mera kal,merey sapney, yahaan tak keh mera bacha bhi." The last three words had Prachi trembling to the core how did he know about Sumonto, watching her face go
deathly pale he had smiled sarcastically. "Tujhey kiya laga tuu batayegi nahin to mujhey pata nahin chaleyga woh mera beta hai... mera khoon hai.... mera ansh hai... or ab woh merey saath raheyga.. tujh sey buhut duur." Prachi was devastated he would take her reason to live away from her "Milind aap sach nahin jaantey" she had pleaded to him "Milind Sumonto ko mujh sey alag mat kijiye wohi to meri zindagi ka sahara hai" she had begged him crying hysterically."Terey jeeney key liye or buhut kuch hai Prachi lekin merey jeeney key liye ab mera beta buhut zaruri hai. Or ussey main tujh sey leykar rahunga...  yeh vaada hai mera" Pushing her away from him he strode out of the room exiting her house leaving Prachi to sob alone.
Part 3 pg 7
Part 4 pg 13
Part 5 pg 20
Part 6 pg 24
Part 7 pg 29
Part 8 pg 32
Part 9 pg 34
Epilogue pg 37

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coming back to read it......thank u very muchSmile

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This is where my frustration has led me to penning down impossible scenarios.....
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Clapbravo dea ooo i m so glad u wrote this ff god i wish to see this the ending was just to good dont hab words to express them u simply rock gurl and awsome Thumbs Up
Sab waapis chahiye mujhey eik eik lamha eik eik pal. Sab ka hisaab dena hoga."Clap
Love this line ooo u hab made my day i hope wen milsi meets prachi he gives this line to her this is just awsome.And i m sure milsi does deserve this much and more from her.
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Originally posted by bidnai

Clapbravo dea ooo i m so glad u wrote this ff god i wish to see this the ending was just to good dont hab words to express them u simply rock gurl and awsome Thumbs Up
Sab waapis chahiye mujhey eik eik lamha eik eik pal. Sab ka hisaab dena hoga.?Clap
Love this line ooo u hab made my day i hope wen milsi meets prachi he gives this line to her this is just awsome.And i m sure milsi does deserve this much and more from her.
Thx hun I do so wish we would see something onthese lines in the serial Milsi's cold fury kab aayega Milsi.... Glad you liked it update nahin per ff to likh diya.... aapki khuwahish puriker dii.Smile
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munee, loved it, aaaaaaaawwwwww loved the scene between father and son, and proteek not treating sunny same as his own son,(makes me more mad at prachi, what was she  thinking when agreed to be pro's fake wife, mad womanAngry) would you please write the next part too, as i want to know what he does , would he find out that sunny is his son? make him take his son away from her!

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Munee--will you be continuing or this is it?!!
soul76 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by kim02

munee, loved it, aaaaaaaawwwwww loved the scene between father and son, and proteek not treating sunny same as his own son,(makes me more mad at prachi, what was she  thinking when agreed to be pro's fake wife, mad womanAngry) would you please write the next part too, as i want to know what he does to prachi!

Thx Kimmi yeah was thinking of continuing it..... frankly I haven't seen Machar with Michi kid in any scene so don't know about his behaviour towards the child.

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