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Vijaydashmi - Victory of Good over Evil

India is the land of cultures and festivals. As the month of October sets,we begin it with the celebration of ...

Shaleen Bhanot:

Character you like the most from Ramayan:  I love Ram as my very close friend Gurmeet Chaudhury plays Ram in NDTV Imagine's Ramayan.

If given a chance, which character you would want to portray on screen from Ramayan and why: I will not play any character because I think to play such a character we need to be so pure and in this Kalyug no one is so pure to play such a role. Each and every character in Ramayan is very difficult to play and has a lot of responsibilities. 

Your plans for Dussehra this year:  It's going to be a working day for me. But I have been performing puja daily for all these 9 days and have been observing a fast too.  

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Sick Vineet prepares for NB

Vineet Raina, who is just recovering from a severe bout of viral fever, is preparing for his performance on Nach Baliye. Raina says that is one of the toughest times for him especially with his health not hundred percent.
"Trust me it is very difficult to perform on stage especially people like us who do not have any dance background. I have taken up a new show and I am working on it day and night. To add to this I had viral fever for three days, I am still recovering from it and on a high dose of antibiotics but I had no option than going for practice. Tanu used to come to my place everyday after her shoot and she used to take me to the practice hall in the evening. However our shooting got cancelled and it turned out to be a blessing for me. And now I am fine and ready for the show," says Vineet.

"We have participated in the show because we always wanted to be part of Nach Baliye and this show is not only about dance - it is about chemistry, relationships and presentation. It is very difficult for us to get time out of our daily shows. Tanu is a designer too so she has to manage that work also. Sometimes we end up fighting with each other after rehearsals but we are really enjoying every bit of it. We are at least getting some time for each other and that is the best part of taking part in this show," says Raina.

About his favourites from the show and judges he says, "Jaspalji's performance is like a stress buster for us, we enjoy it so much and I consider him a tough competitor too. As far as judges are concerned I know Farah is strict judge but I will listen to her as a teacher and will surely try to improve next time. Everyone has to be their own critic and I am ready for any criticism as they are all for our betterment only," Vineet says sportingly.

Vineet is doing three shows right now and Tanushree Kaushal is doing one show apart from her designing for a Canadian brand Arman. They first met each other on the sets of Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyaan.

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'I am back, but this is not my comeback'

The slim and gorgeous Karisma Kapoor is all set for her comeback. This time though, it's not films, but television. The actress is one of the judges in the fourth season of dance reality show, Nach Baliye along with Farah Khan and Arjun Rampal. She tells Rajul Hegde about her new role and more. Why did you choose Nach Baliye to make your comeback?

I am back, but this is not my comeback. Everyone is doing television, so why not me? I have been a dancer all my life but this is the first time that I will be judging others on their dancing skills. People used to judge me until now but now, I will be judging them.

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'I am going to be encouraging and fair'

What is your criteria to judge the show? I am expecting good performances and great chemistry from the couples. I hope to bring my knowledge of dance to the contestants. I will be encouraging and fair. All three [judges] of us will be honest with the participants when it comes to giving marks. How comfortable are you with the other two judges? I have worked with Farah and share a good rapport with her. As for Arjun, I have done many stage shows with him. In fact, all three of us would meet to discuss strategies. Who was your favourite jodi from the past seasons of Nach Baliye?

Well, I shouldn't be taking names here but I think Sachinji and his wife Supriyaji danced very well. The way they performed at their age is really commendable. This time too we have some very interesting couples.

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'There will be no walkouts or temper tantrums on Nach Baliye'

How comfortable are you with the drama and controversies that usually accompany such shows? Honestly, I am not very comfortable because I have never experienced it personally. But if things have to happen, they will. But I'd better be prepared for it! There will be no walkouts or temper tantrums on the show. I know that judges on reality shows tend to get brutal at times but I choose not to comment on that. I don't think I would be party to a show where the judges' emotions are scripted. Haven't you jumped on the reality bandwagon a bit too late as compared to the other actresses like Sonali Bendre and Raveena Tandon?

I do not believe in herd mentality. Yes, there are numerous shows mushrooming, but if a reality show had come to me earlier, I wouldn't have considered it. The timing had to be right.

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'Television is hard work'

Do you watch television? I catch a little here and there. Reality shows are more exciting than fictional ones. I think Nach Baliye is my favourite. [Smiles] Your show Karishma -- The Miracle of Destiny on Sahara One did not work. I did the show because I was convinced. The role was good and I enjoyed it. But television is hard work.

You have an option of hanging your boots when you are working with films. But with television, you are constantly on your feet. As an actor, I have tremendous respect for the actors in the television fraternity.

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'Bebo and I don't even get time to spend with each other'

How has your life changed after marriage and motherhood?
Life has definitely changed after marriage and motherhood. I think I got a well-deserved break from films. It is the best phase of my life and made me much more responsible as a person. Any chances of Kareena and you sharing screen space?

We have been getting many offers but things just didn't click. I am looking out for a good opportunity and a script. There is less chance in television, as Bebo is too busy with her film schedules. We don't even get time to spend with each other.

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Vineet & Tanushree Jodi No. 1:

Vineet  is from Kashmir and Tanushree is born and brought up in Mumbai. They met on the sets of Sindoor. it was a mutual attraction between the two. Being contrast personalities, they are extremely compatible and they share a very mature relationship where they believe in giving space to each other. There have been days when they don't speak after fighting. Tanushree fights more. Vineet is usually the one who makes peace.

     They were thrilled when they got called for Nach Baliye. They thought it was a good move to break the mould that Tanushree has been typecast in. They always wanted to do a reality show and there is nothing better than Nach Baliye.


Reshmi & Amit Jodi No. 2:

Amit is from Nagda which is in Madhya Pradesh. He did his graduation and CA studies in Jaipur. On the other hand Reshmi is from Kolkata and is a Psychology student and she is Miss India 2002.

    Amit and Reshmi met at Kishore Namit classes in Mumbai. The scene was nothing less than a real bollywood movie. It was love at first sight. Amit proposed to her in his broken Bengali and 8 days later they got engaged. They've been together since 5 years.

    Amit describes Reshmi is like a child. She is absent minded and forgets things easily… that is the reason Amit loves to point hers mistakes which she keeps doing again and again. Reshmi says Amit is disciplined honest which is a rare quality to find in men.

    Reshmi Ghosh and Amit Gupta, the young sizzling couple from Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi are here to put their best foot forward.


Teejay and Karnvir - Jodi no. 3:

    Karnvir and Teejay both are from Bombay. They first met each other at Mount Mary's church, in 2004.  They were both lighting candles, and ended up chatting on the church steps until wees hours of the morning but forgot to exchange phone numbers until two months later they met again at a photo exhibition, that was when he asked her out for coffee.

    They're official first date was when he invited her over for dinner at his pad.After dinner, we went up to the terrace, and talked till the early hours of the morning.  He was holding her hand, and it gave her butterflies! though he didn't try any 'moves' either, which she appreciated. She was impressed with his manners. They've got married thrice ofcourse, to each other and they've been together for more than 4 years.

     They want to do Nach Baliye 4 as it's television's most prestigious dance show, and it was an honour for us to be asked to take part.. for the 3rd year in a row and they couldn't say no this one and of course we both love dancing.. we have great chemistry. They want to be known as the best couple the world has ever seen, on and off screen! And also it's a great opportunity for her since she was last seen as a VJ on a popular music channel.


Naman & Megha Jodi No 4:

Naman, top 10 finalists of Grasim Mr. India, and won "Best Smile". He's basically from U.P, but he's born & brought up in Calcutta. Naman is a B.Com Graduate. Megha is from Delhi, has stayed all over India, and presently her Family is in Muscat. 
    Naman and Megha met 4 months back in monsoon during a dance event. Megha would always drop him home as he does not know to drive. The rain drops played the trick and they fell in love, just like in the bollywood movies but no one has proposed each other.

    They want to do Nach baliye as it's an opportunity to spend time together and also prove themselves as good dancers and performers. As a couple they are full of positive vibes & create a good and healthy environment. In short they are here to have fun.


Kapil and Anjali Jodi No 5:

    Anjali is 17 yrs old and is from Jammu. She is very emotional, introvert and reserved. Whilst, Kapil has his roots from Jaipur. He is a very simple person and is extremely moody. Anjali doesn't like spending her time with too many people instead she'd rather be with her close friends. She is very patient but has rare occasions where she has an outburst. He and Anjali both are very spiritual and religious.

     Anjali and Kapil met on the sets of Raaja Ki Aayegi Baraat. Its been 3 months since they have been seeing each other. Kapil proposed to her by giving her a red rose even though, they've never gone out for a date. Anjali has never surprised Kapil but admits that she'd love to one day.

     Strangely, neither of them is dominating. Both are practical and sensible which is why they never fight. According to Anjali the one thing that she  loves about Kapil is that he moulds himself for her. And she likes the fact that Kapil really loves her!


Mohit and Addite- Jodi No 6:

    Mohit is from Delhi and belongs to a big Punjabi joint family. Addite is from Mumbai and belongs to a doctor family. They met 3 years back on the show 'Milliee'. Addite hated Mohit when she met him for the first as she thought he was very arrogant and snooty. Mohit hasn't ever proposed Addite. He told her he liked on 1st April. She thought it was prank and called him the next day to make sure he meant what he said. Until today, they haven't gone on a date.

    In 3 years, there hasn't been a single day that they haven't met nor have they ever fought with each other.

    What he loves about her is that she is very adjusting. Addite is more romantic, dominating and talkative than Mohit. The cutest thing that Mohit has done for Addite was, when Addite was unwell and was admitted to the hospital, Mohit visited her for five consecutive days after his shoot in the nights.


Sudeep was a cabin crew in Jet airways for 2 yrs. He's a model turned actor. Anantika is an MBA from UK, was into management & business development.

    They met  at some Caf in Bandra. After that they bumped into each other at Fire n ice and that's when magic happened. For Sudeep it was love at first sight.

   Their first date was on a bike, which he could barely ride. He proposed on her birthday after that the Roka ceremony was done. They were seeing each other for 3 yrs before they tied the knot. The cutest thing Anantika has done for Sudeep till now is that she gave him a diary full of pictures from his childhood to their marriage.

   For Sudeep, Anantika is like a buddy. She's always there when he needs her. They want to do Nach Baliye because it's the best show for dancing and its going to be the first time they will be dancing on such a huge platform. Their strategy is to work very hard, to put in their best.


Moulli & Mazher Sayedd Jodi No 8:

Mouli & Mazher met on the sets of "Kahin Kissi Roz". They were the best of friends  for the first 1 and half years. She really liked him a lot and wanted him to be a part of her life but she never said anything to him since she is not a very love oriented girl.
    It was he who told her that he also likes her. They have not officially proposed each other. They have been together since the last five and half years.

    Both Mouli & Mazher can't cook but both of them are great foodies. They fight a lot. Mouli says the cutest thing that Mazher Has ever done for her is asked her out. If he wouldn't have, they would have not been together. Their family has accepted their relationship now, though initially there were few problems since they come from different community.
    Even though they are not officially engaged, they plan to get married in the next two years. Mauli was approached before to be a part of Nach Baliye but she never took it up because she is averse to reality shows and has exam phobia but Nach Baliye is different. It's about being together with your partner and celebrating your love.



Theirs is a typical arrange marriage. They were introduced to each other by one of Savita's uncle. Being a typical arrange marriage, Jaspal came with the marriage proposal. The marriage proposal was immediately confirmed. They have been married for the past 23 years and have two kids.

    The most romantic thing Jaspal has ever done for Savita is that, he bought a back scratcher for her and with that he scratches Savita's(hehehe…) Between the both of them, Savita is more expressive and romantic. Jaspal is obviously more humourous… though Savita is a chatterbox.

    They both share a great understanding. They describe their chemistry as 'rich dependable history'. They want to be a part of NB4 as they thought of giving dancing a try since it's a very exciting experience and is a great platform for them to prove themselves as a strong, romantic, young at heart couple.


Jatin and Priya Jodi No 10:

Jatin  is from MP and has done his graduation from Pune. Priya is from Nasik. She came to Mumbai for Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi auditions, where she was rejected. But two days later she received a call asking her to report for shoot.

     They met at a friend's party where they were formally introduced and continued to bump into each other until they realized they were hooked. No one proposed, since it was understood. On their fist date, Jatin took an auto rickshaw from his house to Priya's and went to Juhu beach and taking the same auto rickshaw home. They are looking at getting married next year.

     The cutest thing Jain has done for Priya was, when she was in the hospital, Jatin came to meet her post his shoot. He was carrying a lot of gifts like soft toys, chocolates, flowers for her. Since Jatin is very scared of dancing, he was thrilled when he got a call for Nach Baliye. They decided to do it because he thought it was a great way to get over his fear and would be a great way to spend time together.


Shaleen and Daljit- Jodi No. 11:


Shaleen comes from a political family in Jabalpur. He was a participant of Roadies 2 and his first TV soap was Saat Phere. Daljit is an army kudi from Mumbai. They share the same birth date and the same year. Infact, Shaleen is just two hours older than Daljit.

    The first time she saw him, she didn't think there was anything extraordinary about him. But then she saw him giving a shot where he was playing basketball and she noticed the intensity in his eyes n that's when things happened for her. Shaleen fell for Daljit the day he saw her sans makeup. No one proposed, infact Shaleen has till now never said the three words to her.

     Their first date was at a cyclewala chai at 4 am ain the car. On their day off, they just love to sit and chat with each other.

     Other than acting, Shaleen also manages his own production house and publishing house and can also play the tabla and the mouth organ.



Abhijeet and Shilpa have been building friends. They both are from Mumbai. Shilpa works for Jet Airways (Ground Staff). They dated for 8 years (Shilpa's parents didn't know about their relationship for the initial 5 years, they got to know after Abhijeet won Indian Idol). On their first date, they went for a movie with a couple of friends. Abhijeet came with the marriage proposal and they have been married for 8 months.

    Abhijeet doesn't usually give surprises but once he surprised Shilpa with a mobile phone on Christmas which completely thrilled her. After Abhijeet won Indian Idol I, Shilpa  threw him a big surprise birthday party which elsewise she never did or has done. In a word, they describe their relationship as 'great friends'.

    On weekdays they catch for a movie or go for dinner. She manages taking off sometimes when Abhijeet has an off. During outdoor shoots, she travels with him. If Nach Baliye doesn't work out for them, they plan to go to Greece or Italy for their first anniversary.

They want to be a part of nach baliye as it's the first time Shilpa will be facing the camera for which she is very excited. They are sure it's a great platform and will be a great experience for the both of them.



Aamir & Sanjeeda

The amiable jodi no. 7 of Nach Baliye 3 is back with a bang on the 4th season of the show. They will be hosting this year's season, adding more of their glitz and glamour, and their inseperable and noticeable chemistry



Farah Khan

Coming From a typical Bollywood family , direction and comedy is in her blood. Dance being her forte, you sure will not be complaining for 'shanti' and 'main hoon na' with her forth-right views and spontaneous comments.


Karisma Kapur

Karishma Kapur will be facing the camera after 5 years as a judge on Nach Baliye 4. As she was looking for a comeback in movies, through NB4 she'll be testing her acceptance level with the audiences. She's here to make your 'Dil' go Pagal with her dancing 'Shakti' declaring to the world that who abhi bhi hum sab ke saath saath hi hai.


Arjun Rampal

Accompanying the two beautiful ladies, wil be model-turned-actor-cum-director…none other than the dashing Arjun Rampal, making sure you do see him as he will be giving you 'moksha' from the daily saas-bahu cribe.

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Red Carpet of Nach Baliye 4

Nach Baliye 4 is finally getting underway. With this the grand red carpet will witness many faces from the old and the ...

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Get Ready for Nach Baliye

Nach Baliye 4 will hit our telly screens this week. And with 12 celebrity Jodis and 3 celeb judges, there will be no shortage of drama and dhamakas.

Amit Gupta and Reshmii Ghosh who have been together for 5 years now say that for them the show is an opportunity to spend time together. And here's an example of their devotion to each other. Recently during a promo shoot, Reshmii started losing patience as she was very tired. She also had to shoot for her show the next day. To encourage her, Amit promised her that he would accompany her to her shoot the next day and true to his promise, Amit was there with Reshmii till her next day pack up.

One of the most senior and talented couples of Nach Baliye 4 are Jaspal and Savita Bhatti. The duo was quite nervous before their first shoot as it was the first time they were dancing on screen. Jaspal religiously rehearsed for it so much so that he was even rehearsing in his vanity van by himself!

Jatin Shah and Priya Bhathija met at a friend's place and one thing led to another and as they say the rest is history. Though they both care for each other, Priya feels that her beau Jatin is not at all romantic as when she was in Dubai for 10 months he promised her that he will visit her but he never fulfilled his promise!

Shaleen Bhanot and Daljeet Kaur are giving hard work a whole new meaning. The couple practices from 10 pm till 4 am and are not able to sleep as they have their shootings in the morning. They have not slept since 6 days!

The show will kick start from Friday at 8 pm.

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Bips and Vijender set the pace for Nach Baliye 4..

Bipasha Basu and the dashing Vijender Kumar could not contain their excitement as they performed together for ...

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Bipasha to sizzle on NB

Nach Baliye is round the corner and right from the opening episode the audience needs to be ready for some hot performances. Bong Bombshell Bipasha Basu will be a part of the line up on the opening night. But its not just Bipasha. Numerous other Bollywood celebs are expected to make an appearance on day one itself!

Main attraction for the first episode will be performances by Karisma Kapoor who will be performaing after a huge gap. Karisma's performance will be choreographed by none other than fellow judge Farah Khan who herself will also perform on one of her hit numbers. This will be the first time that Farah will perform on stage.

"India's silver medalist Vijender Singh will also be there for the first episode. But of course the show will be stolen by Bipasha Basu who will perform on Lucky Boy from Bachna Ae Haseeno," informs a source from the show.

The first two episodes will show numerous celebrities on the NB red carpet wishing all the contestants. The red carpet will be hosted by Manish Paul while the rest of the season will have last year's winners Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh as hosts.

Nach Baliye will go on air from Friday October 17.

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