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surakshita IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 September 2008 at 8:30am | IP Logged
Sachin Shroff & Juhi Parmar Wedding Details
Engagement Date fixed for 14 February 2009
Wedding Date fixed for 15 February 2009
at Jaipur ~ News on Pg 91 ~
Sachin Shroff - Juhi Parmar Fan club
NOW -  a Couple
Juhi Sachin first off-screen appearance 29 August 2008 for us fans
Swastik Pictures [Saas vs Bahu] bash
Juhi Sachin first ON-screen appearance for us fans
the Sizzling hot, awesome, down-to-earth jodi dances to shaadi tunes



Sansui Awards Success Bash Pictures  April 2008

BEFORE - co-stars and as friends
the Awards
Juhi Parmar - Kumkum as the Patni, Bahu, Bhabhi (Star Parivaar Awards)
Sachin Shroff - Gyaan as Beta, Dost (Zee Rishton Ka Utsav Awards)
the Serials
will update later on this very much in love couple
FANS FANS and all some work for you all dears
would request for suggestions to make OUR HOME club more lively and awesome home for all of us
do pm me with your suggestion as we have only few pictures of their 1-2 outings
will be doing the First page today so tomorrow have a look and do give me some suggestions

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surakshita IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 September 2008 at 8:30am | IP Logged
Articles and  other links
Wikipedia links
I-F TV Actor index
Juhi Sachin Profiles
Important links of the Fan club
Sachin and Juhi to tie the knot!!
Check pages 101-102 for JuhiSachin MASTERSTROKES

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norzar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 September 2008 at 8:32am | IP Logged

thanks for creating this fan club for ju and sachin

it was  a pleasnt suprise to find out that they are in love and are set to tie the knot soon

they look nice together

wishing both all the best

surakshita IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 September 2007
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Posted: 18 September 2008 at 8:35am | IP Logged

Sachin and Juhi to tie the knot!!

The very much-in-love Sachin Shroff and Juhi Parmar speak of their love-life to India-Forums' Telly Buzz..

Sachin Shroff and Juhi Parmar are a couple in love!!

A very excited Juhi confirmed this news to India-Forums' Telly Buzz and personally wished to share this joyous moment of her life with her fans! "We knew each other for the past 5 years, and things happened gradually and I have got my Mr. Right", proclaims Juhi. Sachin too shares the same sentiment and says, "It's all magic and it happened at the right time".

The much-in-love pair is on course to get married very soon. "We are getting married next year and I am really excited about it", quips a blushing Juhi. Her happiness is not complete without her fans, "I personally want to thank my fans for being with me thro'out my thick and thin. They wanted me to find my Mr. Right and get married, and here I am sharing my happiness with them as nothing is complete without them".

Sachin feels that he is complete with her presence. "I really miss her when she is not around. I sometimes call her just to say the magical 'three' words. To sum it up, she completes me", says the lover-boy.

Sachin and Juhi have been tipped to be part of Nach Baliye 4. But they seem to be denying it as they have their plate-full at the moment. "No, we are not doing Nach Baliye as I am committed to Kumkum and Saas V/s Bahu", quips Juhi. Sachin too said the same, "I am doing Naaginn and Waqt which leaves me with no time".

Well, Nach or no Nach, we wish this new couple of tellydom all the very best!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh



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norzar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 September 2008 at 8:39am | IP Logged
  • It is not for publicity: Sachin Shroff

    For the longest time their relationship has been under wraps. But now all of a sudden, Sachin Shroff and Juhi Parmar are admitting their relationship to everyone. With Nach baliye 4, round the corner, some of the whispers within the industry suggest that the couple is doing it for publicity. But Sachin Shroff is quite upset with the thought.
    "It is not for publicity; it is true that they approached to us. We are not doing the show right now. Couples have been finalized for the season, but I cannot tell you about future. But we are talking about our relation now because; we do not want to hide it."
    "We got to meet each other only because of being in the same profession. We met each other while doing a pilot for another show which did not happen. Then we started meeting and became friends. We know each other from the past five years. Things like this just happen... It was very tough to hide a relation but it was easy for us as we hardly get any time for each other. She is busy with two shows so am I. So taking up new reality show is very difficult for us. Now also we hardly get one day a week for each other. It is not like that we do not hang out; we go for movies and dinner," adds Shroff.

    "We did not even propose to each other. It just happened and the best part is that for so many days both of us did not realize that we are in love. We just informed this to our parents and they will decide what needs to be done further. We want their blessings. I will of course propose to her when the right time will come."

    Lastly when asked about the one thing he likes about Juhi he says, "I think she completes me. It is very difficult to tell you what she must have liked about me but I like to see her happiness and excitement when she is around me."

    Both the families are said to be happy with this relationship and they will tie the knot early next year.

  • Sonali Joshi, Hill Road Media.
  • Thursday, September 18, 2008
surakshita IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 September 2007
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Posted: 18 September 2008 at 8:39am | IP Logged
congo and all the best to juhi and sachin
words are less to describe my happiness when you see your favorites getting married and settled
edited for pictures

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norzar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 September 2008 at 8:44am | IP Logged


credit goes to kk forum

Kumkum actress set to get married

Juhi Parmar and actor Sachin Shroff of Sindoor fame will be getting married next year. They have been dating for the last couple of months and will soon be finalising the wedding date.
Sounding very excited at the prospect Juhi said, "Well love happens when it has to happen. Sachin and I have been friends over five years now but it's only recently that we felt that there was something more than just friendship."
So when is the big day? Said Juhi, "Our parents are very happy and it is for them to decide the date and venue etc. But we are definitely getting married next year.
When contacted, Sachin Shroff said, "Yes, we are all set to get married and everything has been finalised. What only needs to be finalised is the date as we are waiting for the Shradh period to get over. Once it ends, both our families will meet to look for an auspicious date and time."
Speaking about their relationship, Sachin said, "I have known Juhi for five years. But, we only started dating a couple of months ago. There was no need to propose each other as things just happened. We talked about getting married and things worked out between us."
"This is the right time to settle down. Juhi has been doing well for almost seven years and I too have been doing extremely well since the past few years. We complement each other as I am the silent one and she is the talkative one. I guess that makes the relationship perfect! Where I lack, she completes the relationship," added an elated Sachin.
Who popped the question first? Juhi says, "We both realised it at around the same time. But he has yet to go down on his knees and ask me if I want to marry him!" She adds, "And that's a condition. He is very romantic and I love that. I love surprises, so he better surprise me, even if it is a day before the marriage!"


surakshita IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 September 2008 at 8:45am | IP Logged

aajtak video was one of the best ever done for a real and reel couple and for an artist.

videos updated thanks to Online sonyfan28 
18Sept08 AajTak SBB .. JuhiSachin, Sukk, Juhi career
2day's AajTak SBB (saas bahu betiya) on
JuhiSachin,  a telephone-intv with JuSach,
sukk, kk  and the kk serial as a whole
and on Juhi's career graph.
it is a full 2 segment of the episode ( 17min) and a rather long update but definitely one of the best capsules ever done for a couple and for sukk & the kk serial
Rahila i just remembered you when the SBB started, something you said in the SSS discussions was like shown as starters. regarding her choice of love songs in SSS
Khulasa kumkum ka
kumkum bani asli dulha
naagin ka pati ab kumkum ka
Bahu ka Aashiq
sarvagun sampaan bahu
Juhi ki lovestory
 Ishq mein kumkum
kumkum ko mila piya
piya ka naam Sachin
Sachin ne churaya Juhi ka dil
Sachin honge Juhi ke partner
Juhi ka love Sachin
They started with the song that Juhi sang in her own voice in Say Shaava Shaava "ho gaya ho gaya o my love my love", with awesome captions, and all Sachin's video & pictures from various photoshoots, serials, dance events like the Gold Awards interlaced with Juhi video of singing that song in Say Shaava Shaava and KK title video and the sukk first marriage from holding her hand till applying sindoor edited version but
Kumkum has got her piya, and our sabse pyaari bahu is getting married. Her love and life partner is Sachin who is a famous TV artist
then they had the "mehndi" song with the kk title video and these awesome captions
Kumkum pahengi surke joda
Kumkum ke haatho mein rachegi mehndi
kumkum banegi dulhan
aur ek raajkumar gode pe chadkar sehra baandkar usse lene aayega (from where did they get this fantastic video is it of some movie or Sachin serials no idea)
Kaun he woh rajkumar
Sachin ke ghar Juhi ki baarat.
yeh Jodi hit hai
bahu ki byaa
Chotte parde par badi shaadi
"heer mein sehara bandkar aaya re" song with a sukk outdoor shoot dance (before kk memory loss)
this is not a new twist in the kk serial but Juhi is getting married in real life and her bridegroom is Sachin Shroff
Sachin has acted in various serials currently Waqt on Sony and Naagin on Zee and earlier too he has acted in many serials some of are Saath phera, Sindoor.
The voice over said that they refused a video interview for the reason that they didnt want it to be taken as a publicity stunt for any reality show, and would prefer to keep the marriage more personal .
the voice over said Juhi we understand and respect your decision. and as on-screeon sukk jodi as been a hit  and in reallife the Juhi-Sachin jodi will be a hit.
They agreed for a telephone-interview. Juhi voice the bubbliest girl and Sachin was awesome and what a humor  and definitely he is a man of few words but very impressive in is style to get things across clearly, he did most of the talking looks like the dulhan went shy.
Juhi was online with them first. She said i am looking forward to it and now know the difference between a reel and real shaadi. Is Sachin too has excited?. She says for that you have to ask Sachin.
Then Sachin was online and the voiceover congratulated them both and Sachin thanked them for the wishes
They said Juhi isnt saying much so when are you both getting married. Our parents will meet soon and the date and all will be decided and we think that for all these it is better that the parents decide on all the marriage dates, venu and preparations and all. so Juhi laughingly says that basically we both have decided who we want to get married to this is the only thing we have done and the rest of the marriage details our parents will decide.
the voice-over says that whenever anyone wants to search a bahu or have a bahu always Juhi's face comes to their minds. even  did you think that after seeing the small screen that an ideal wife and a bahu is Juhi after seeing her in kumkum. Sachin says that every man would want a ideal wife and knowing Juhi and know she is perfect for me. i could not see kumkum serial much but in personal life i like Juhi very much and if i have to ever marry i will marry Juhi was my decision.
 they asked her what you like of Sachin. She said there is nothing one thing that i  like of  Sachin and like Sachin in total and what i like about him i have told him. omg she was so shy but her voice was full of bubbliness and excitment  with shyness intact.
quickly came Sachin reply (what a humor), he tells i will tell you what package i got bahut hi badya hai, she can dance, sing, do comedy and be emotional too (could hear Juhi's shy laughter). What can i say I feel complete with her and that is the best thing i can say her. every person is always incomplete and the best gift of god is that your life-partner is the one who completes you. and that is what Juhi completes me
all the videos pictures of Juhi and Sachin at the Saas Vs Bahu party, Sansui Juhi dance, SvB Dance, Sachin in his various serials, Juhi in this year in her various shows and of kumkum and their photo shoots
the voiceover says that Juhi pehchan is Kumkum and Kumkum pehchaan is Sumit. and Sukk are the Tv's adarsh jodi hai. wishes for her real jodi with her life partner
Sukk outdoor shoot dance (before kk memory loss) and the recent party dance song and the new janam scenes and the video of su talking to  kk and bhanu regarding kumkum color, karwa chauth scenes with song mix of "tu hai vahi joh dil ne apna kaha"
the voice over says kumkum aur sumit aisa mile jaise do lehre milte hai, aisa mile jaisa do dil aur ek dhakhan, aisa mile jaise kabhi juda nahi honge. and this jodi's love has kept the viewers glued, that they have now been re-incarnated. the pair has been so hit that noone can think su without kk and kk without su. and the huju chemistry completed it.
The voice over talked of the best chemistry of HuJu and how everyone talked of them having got married in real life and later when Hussain Tina got married and won NB they adored both HuTi and even till now still adore the HuJu pairing of sukk.
KK serial rakes in good TRPS
hit hai hussain-juhi ki jodi.
saat saalo ka pyaara bandhan
aadarsh bahu
hussain ki patni Tina
Bahu ki shaadi 
later they showed of sukk as a the most hit pair, kumkum sumit first shaadi Maang bharna scenes, the start of kumkum with Jatin and then marrying her devar Sumit and the transition of a beautiful sukk love story from prev janam to this janam videos (lots of beautiful a sec clip videos), the current party episode of kk and its rehearsals and HuJu talking and Juhi, Hussain and Tina talking and a lot more of the kk serial
Juhi ki kalaakari
They showed the career graph of Juhi as not only an awesome actress,
She is such a adhakkari who sings, dances and comedy. videos of all were shown. her first dance was seen in SPAs and then events and in shows nb3 without her baliye and now in SvB with her saasuma Ritaji
they had the intro-fight video of Svb of Rita-juhi "sone lagdi sone lagdi" and the voice over was pulling Juhi leg what in real life you have to do everything what you dont like doing like brooming, cooking
but in kumkum she has no pareshaani , in the serial we have seen her as a sarvasampan bahurani. kumkum kitni achi ghrani, ma, pati hai we all know.
but her talent doesnt end here, in this race too she isnt left behind, Juhi Parmar is sabse aage in whatever she does. So in the bahu race this sarvagun bahu is sarvagun sampan.
They had the videos of the nimbooda song and the riotous South Indian act of the cc2 final.
She also has a very good comic timing, in the recent cc2 she won shows that the bahurani is also  very talented.
Saath phero mein kumkum
Aadarsh bahurani kumkum
Samajdaar Bahurani
Prathibhavan bahurani
Comedian Kumkum
Comdey circus mein vijeta
Shaadi in real
and while seeing all these captions, remixes of video,audio, moviesongs, title songs, pictures interlaced perfectly just reminded me of all the fabulous KK forum VM creators and creations

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