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|~*Love Wrecked*~||AK-AR FF|| >-(V)->Part 1 pg 3

moda.vintage Goldie

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Posted: 12 September 2008 at 4:39am | IP Logged

Hello guys this is Ankita here and this is my new ff called LOVE WRECKED'''''so those who know me know my ff Kudiyaan vs. Munde also well if u don't know here is the link:

Well this is the story of four ppl who are love wrecked'''''..this ff of mine is an inspiration from the movie love wrecked it is a beautiful movie and I loved it.Ok now enough of my faltoo bak-bak and here is the prologue''..


You are my fire

The one desire

Believe when I say

I want it that way

What we are to world

Apart and reached to your heart

When you say that I want it that way

Temme why yeah nothing but a

Temme why yeah nothing but a mistake

Temme why

I never wanna hear u say

I want it that way

As these words registered her mind she was immediately reminded of her idol,her prince charming ,the rock star Angad'''''..the sole rock star of india who stole million of hearts not only from india but from the world too'''.yes she was thinking again about him''''''.she went into dreams with him''where they both are dancing on the beach at late in night on the soft music of the sea'..where he proposes her and says you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met''..


Her thoughts are disturbed by her best buddy

'Ridhima please switch the alarm off, and lemme sleep'said a guy now who's that??????

Well now I give the mike over to Riddhima she'll herself introduce her life and friends!!

Hey guys I am Ridhima''''.Ridhima gupta well where should I start from ok'''.lets start from my house''''well I am living here since 6 consecutive years with a guy and I did not do anything dirty with him don't worry''even he did not well that is other thing that we couldn't''.and before u gemme wrong lemme tell u we both are straight'''''''..haan so where was I yeah I m living here in this house with a guy who is my best buddy ever'''''now that's other thing that I did not have any'girlfriend' coz all the girls are bitchy frm somewhr atleast and besides that I heard that guys make better friends than any gal so I always had buddies''''''..and I was talking abt ma best buddy whom I live with well lemme tell u one more thing I have a very bad habit of going off the topic so plzz don't mind kkk so whr was I haan ma best buddy so lemme take u to him well lemme tell u something abt him we met in school in 6th grade and since then he is ma frnd actually bestest frnd well he is the one and only mr.armaan mallik the hottie of the school,college and now at our job place hotel taj,whr I m lifeguard and by lifeguard I mean the swimmerlifeguard and he is a trainer of animals and a waiter' ok so here we are in his room whr he is sleeping shirtless with boxers{ewwwwwww I personally hate this habit of his} anyways and with a pillow on his head(full face)'''''..well I think its time to do something

Wait a min well wat that something is u'll come to know in part  one anyways if u read it then only haan
And I promise before my boards start I ll definitely give the first part but guys I need your response and help so please help me ok and give ur criticism and comments both and temme wat did u think of the prologue ok

Luv ya


Part one...The story begins

mr.armaan mallik the hottie of the school,college and now at our job place hotel taj,whr I

m lifeguard and by lifeguard I mean the swimmerlifeguard and he is a trainer of animals
and a waiter? ok so here we are in his room whr he is sleeping shirtless with boxers
{ewwwwwww I personally hate this habit of his} anyways and with a pillow on his head
(full face)?????..well I think its time to do something?..


~*Story kicks off right here*~

Well I think it is the time to do something!!!!!!!!but what coz he knows all my tricks and u know what I actually learned them from him only but jaani I m Ridhima??.Ridhima gupta how would I face myself ,I am getting such an opportunity and I don?t do anything!!!that?s not done at least not in ridhima?s rule book??.it always says never leave any opportunity?.waise where was I haan not leaving this opportunity I should actually I must do something but what??????­­duh I m back to square one!!!dekha I told u na I have this very bad habit of topic changing and talking duh look I changed the topic again??..waise I got an idea!!!

Aha that?s ma devil mind I ll not tell u the idea right now u just wait and watch!!!

And yeah don?t peak into my devil mind I know it says a lot I ll do something I think I ll put a bandage on it so it doesn?t speak up and flop my plan like a ram gopal verma ki aag!!!waise lemme tell u a secret ammy loved rgv?s aag ahh I m not joking once u peak in his wardrobe drawer u ll find its dvd thr now look slowly and slowly ma mind is spilling the beans and telling u ma plan in a way???.

?ammy,ammy darling dekho kaun aaya hai kripa(well kripa is the latest gal he is having a crush on),acha kripa tumhe ammy ke bare mein ek imp baat bataun he luvs R??.G??V?s?

?Ridhima shut up,and kripa she is so stupid isko kuch nahhhhhiiiiiiii?said Armaan looking over for kripa,and he realized[oh shit I m not gonna leave you Ridhima] then he looked at the door and found Ridhima leaning on the doorhaving in her hand RGV?s aag?..his cd of aag??

Then comes the earthquake?..

?Ridhima just wait and watch?Armaan shouted

And they started running behind each other actually not each other tom behind jerry aha I mean ammy behind ridzi

Ridhima jumps on his bed and takes the pillow and starts hitting him he does the same and all the feathers come out it was so romantic perfect for any couple in love huh wat am I saying wait we are talking about ridzi and ammy ?the best buddies,not best couple???.and suddenly this india-pakistan war broke as Ridhima slipped due to the soft silk bedsheet but that was not all she caught armaan?s hand too and now ridzi was down and Armaan on the top??.they were staring in each other?s eyes and continuously staring??they were not even blinking??lets see what was going in their mind

[awwwwwww man she looks so beautiful, sexy, and extravagantly hot man duh what are you thinking Armaan she is ur best frnd not ur gf??..but ammy look at her those shorts that tank top oh man I seriously love her!!!what????nahi Armaan I told u before also that this thought should not enter ur mind as it is she hates the ppl who first become frnds and then slowly start loving each other??and I know u would not want to loose her haina so just throw this thought out of ur mind like some debris ok,hann u better do that ok ok but? if no but just attack her]

While this was going in armaan?s mind Ridhima was thinking completely opp

[oh boy I wish  ammy ki jagah angad the super-rockstar hota??.oh boy I luv angad god agar aap sun rahe ho to plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz meri wish puri kardo main itne saalon se ek hi wish maang rahi hun I wanna meet angad that?s it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz god plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ahuh ammy kitna bhaari hai god isko thoda halka bhi kardo aur haan iske yeh ghurne ki aadat bhi kam kardo plzzzz]

Ridz:ammy plz get up

Ammy:oh haan mmmm I m sorry anyways chalo ready ho jao warna hitler hume kha jaayegi

Ridz:hmmm lets get ready

Ridz gets up and walks to the doors

Ridz: acha ammy rgv?s aag is not so bad haan

Ammy picks up a pillow and throws it on her and they both start laughing and ridz goes to get ready

Ridz comes out in a tight denim fit skirt above her knees and a tank top and ammy comes out in his red superman shirt and black tracks looking smart as ever

Ridz picks up her bag full of all the cosmetic range from a cream till hair serum everything was there in that bag

Ammy:ridz tum kisi din apna yeh bhagwan ke naam pe dede wala jhola bhul gayi to bechare customers ka kya hoga

Ridz: kya hoga????????

Ammy: comeon ridz jab tum swimming pool se bahar nikal ke ready hokar aaogi to sab tumhara asli chehra dekhkar dar nahi jayenge??.poor ppl

Ridz: shut up ammy its all natural u know and don?t temme ki tum nahi maante that I m beautiful

Ammy: exactly nahi manta because I know ki saare make up ke peeche ek bhootni hai hahahhahah

Ridz: its not funny ok chalo warna hitler naukri se nikal degi aur is baar to unka puppy bhi nahi bacha paayega tumhe

Ammy: puppy???????

Ridz: haan stupid mr.shubhankar

Ammy: oh yeah

Ridz: pata hai ammy tum kabhi kabhi todo(seal which is trained by ammy) ki tarah behave karte ho

Ammy: oh plzzzzzzz todo is not hot like me ok I mean hai lekin uski apni seal ki duniya mein

Ridz:  yeah yeah wateva ab gaadi chalao warna main tumhe  apna special wala kick maar dungi?.

Ammy:ok ok as u say madam

~*at the hotel ?the gr8 TAJ*~

Ammy and ridz swipe their cards in the box to prove their attendance at the entrance door and get ready for the staff meeting held everyday today was a special one because hitler seemed to be in a bad mood

Ridz[well well well aap log to hitler ko pehchan gaye honge I don?t think unka intro dene ki zaroorat hai anyways she is mrs.keerti Shubhankar dasgupta the manager of TAJ in morning session, and then there is her puppy mr.shubhankar dasgupta the executive manager ]

Ke: staff aapki attendance aaj main bhi lungi

Ammy: mar gaye ridz kripa ab tak nahi ayi hai

Ridz: oye apni shukar mana kripa ki fikar mat kar

Ammy: yeah sure!but I like her for god?s sake help me

Ridz: y shud I get in trouble for some1 else???????

Ammy: I ll buy u angad?s concert?s ticket what say???

Ridz: done!!!

Ammy: what say call

Ridz: but mobile

Ammy:mere paas hai na

Ridz: omg but gadhe tera no. to hitler ke paas hoga

Ammy: nahi yeh to meri saari gf?s wala no. hai

Ridz: k gr8 mobile de main kaam kar rahi hun jab tak tu jaake kripa ko le aa

Ammy gives the phone to ridz and she dials keerti?s no.

And here buzzes keerti?s phone

Ke: I m sorry staff

Ridz as a angrezi woman wanting help: omg omg is this the manager?s no

Ke: yes speaking

Ri: oh yeh kaisa hotel hai omg  I don?t believe omg

Ke: par madam hua kya

Ri: tum logon ka service kaisa hai

Ke: mam kiska service

Ri: oh kiska ????? nahi nahi kis kis ka

Ke: what do u mean mam

Ri: I mean har chiz yahan pe is so not good

Ke: kahan pe mam in ur room

Ri: hmm in my room mera room mein itna gadbad hai

Ke: kya hua mam

Ri: u know main do not disturb ka board lagaya fir bhi waiters aake meko pareshan kiya

Ke:ok mam aapka room no.

Ri: nahi pehle tum suno

Ke: yes mam

Ri: uske alawa yahan pe garam pani nahi hai shower toota hua hai, and u know wat hum bed pe soya to bed toot gaya table pe cup rakha to table gir gaya

Ridz sees Armaan and kripa coming in

Ri: and this is not all cake pe icing bhi hai mai balcony ka darwaza khola to direct swimming pool mein jaake gir gaya

Ke: wat?????i m so sorry mam aaj tak Taj hotel mein aisa kuch nahi hua hai jisne yeh kiya hai main usko chodu?.

Ri: w8 w8 tum kaunsa hotel bola?????

Ke: mam hotel taj

Ri: oh I m sorry I think galat no. lag gaya hai main to hotel LMC mein hai I m so sorry to disturb u mam I m so sorry

Ke: wat u r u crazy pehle tum  fone  karti ho tell all the bad things and then say I m sorry

Ri: I said sorry na ok bye mujhe yahan ke manager k fone karna hai

Ridz disconnects the phone

Ke: duh wat the hell

Ar: kya hua mam

Ke: its none of ur business?..aur aap sab yahaan kyun khadein hain go to work

Kripa:  mam wo aap ne kaha tha u ll take attendance

Ke: oh haan????[a bit more loudly now] ab nahi lena ok now proceed

Ridz,Armaan and kripa go to change their dresses

Ri: omg hitler ka chehra dekhne layak tha

Ar: hahahha exactly yaar bohot maza aaya

Kr: thanks guys u r life savers

Ri: yeah that?s ma job baby chalo I m going to the swimming pool k see ya later u guys better change fast

Ar: yeah???.and ridz listen mujhe break mein coco hut pe milna k

Ri: yeah sure bye

Kr: ok bye

Ar: bye

Ridz goes to the swimming pool

Kr: Armaan ek baat puchun

Ar: yeah sure

Kr: tumhara aur Ridhima ka  koi scene hai kya

Ar: wat tumhe kisne kaha

Kr: nahi just like that???..the way u see her the way u care for her I just thought y not ask the man himself

Ar: no kripa there is nothing like that

Kr: oh I hope u didn?t mind huh

Ar: nope never after all u r my frnd yaar

Kr: acha Armaan can  I ask u 1 more thing ???????

Ar: for sure as long as u don?t hook me up with some1

They both laugh

Kr: no I won?t

Ar: go on then

 Kr: what if I say I like u

Ar: then I ll say I like u too lets go get married

Kr: comeon Armaan its serious if I say that I wud like u to leave Ridhima and live with me then wat wud u say

Ar: u know kripa u are a clever girl ghee sidhi ungli se nahi nikle to straw se nikaal rahi ho

Kr: wateva Armaan just answer ma ques

Ar: kripa ma answer wud be the same coz I don?t love ridz its just that she is ma best buddy that?s it nm

Kr: are u sure

Ar: yeah

Thr was 1 min silence

Ar: wait a min baby are u thinking of proposing me????????

Kr: forget it Armaan

Ar: no no temme na

Kr: Armaan

Ar: uhuh I m Armaan kripa ka armaan hai Armaan rite baby

Kr: shut up

Ar: wohaaaaaaaaaaa blushing and all huh matlab ok u want to date me,acha u change I ll go and tell everyone the gr8 news

Kr: Armaan shut ur mouth u better go and chnge ok

Ar puts his killer dimpled smile and says : yes mam

They both laugh and Armaan goes to change into a waiter uniform and kripa into a waitress


~*Break time-at coco hut*~

Ar: yeh ridzie bhi na iski late hone ki aadat kabhi nahi jaayegi

Weh Armaan tirns he sees Ridhima in a bikini with a matching cloth around her waist she was looking sexy as ever

Armaan was in awe and his mouth was wide open then a frnd of his named chirag comes and closes his mouth

Ch: oye aise mat dekh aur sbse pehle to yeh munh bandh rakh,Aisa lag raha hai tu kutta hai aur woe k bone jisko dekhkar tere munh mein paani aa raha hai

Ar: hmmmm..

Ch: abbey kya hmm..abhi jaake usko bata dunga ki tu uske bare mein kya soch raha hai

Ar: oye ruk saale kamine mera dost hai ya uska

Ch: dono ka

Ri: hey?I hope I m not disturbing u guys

Ch: no no yahan tumhari baatein hi chal rahi thi

Ri: so wat were u guys talking abt me huh temme comeon fast

Ar: wo bas wo bas

Ch: Ridhima yeh wo bas wo bas karta rahega tum suno main to chala bye

Ri: bye

Ar: oye sun

Armaan whispers in chirag?s ear tu mil mujhe khopche mein fir batata hun

Ri: Armaan are u interested in talking or shud I go

Ar: nahi main aa raha hun

Chirag goes

Ri: hmmm to tumne mujhe yahaan kyun bulaya????????

Ar: wo tumhare liye ek good news hai

Ri: kya hitler chodke jaa rahi hai kya ya fir tum aur kripa shaadi kar rahe ho

Ar: well dono hi nahi

ri:fir kya

ar: koi yahaan aane wala hai

ri: kaun???????

Ar: hai mascular hai popular spectacular he is a bachelor

Ri: omg angad??????????????

Ar: yep angad apne concert ke liya aa raha hai and he is staying in taj

Ri: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yuhooooooooo yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

All the eyes were on Ridhima but neither Armaan nor Ridhima felt embarresed

Ri: kab??????aaj kal parson

Ar: aaj infact abhi wo lobby mein hai

Ri: what????????

Ridz hugs Armaan suddenly

Ri: I love u Armaan u are a true frnd

[Armaan-I luv u too ridhima wat??????????ammy tu fir chalu ho gaya are u mad she is just ur frnd ok remember what u told kripa??remember what everyone thinks that u like kripa comeon dude u cant just spoil it all ok??..yeah I wont]

Ar:Ridhima stop hugging me and go meet him fast go go

Ri: yeah

Ridz gives a peck to Armaan on his cheek and runs as fast as she could

Armaan was standing thr completely flattered with ridhima?s gesture suddenly he notices that his hand is on his cheek feeling the lovely peck he got a moments ago he stood thr for another 3 min until kripa came over

Kr: hey ssup??????????

Ar: huh

Kr: whr r u Armaan I asked u wassup?????u weirdo

Ar: shut up u morono

Kr: that?s not a word Armaan

Ar: it is

Kr: no its not

Ar: if weirdo is then morono is definitely

Kr: ok ok want to have some coconut crush

Ar: yeah sure y not


~*In the lobby*~

Ri: [I hope I am looking fine obviously lagegi yaar more than fine u are looking hot and sexy wo to tujhe dekhkar flatter ho jayega so don?t worry and thank god yeh costume mere liye lucky hai matlab no gadbad ahh I luv it?..bas bas Ridhima now search for ur love of life]


Author's note: guyzi have been asked abt which ridhima fits into the story therefore i wud like to mention that if u like shilpa,sukeerti or even shweta u can make her ur ridhima....thats all now the choice is ur's......


And if u are seriously liking or not liking the story or anything abt the ff plz say


That's it for the day...


Luv ya


23 Oct'08
P.S.:-Sorry guys but i noticed this today only that in place of apostrophies and full stops and some commas there are question marks.So just to inform u plz look at it and if u can temme plz temme how to correct it.
Luv ya

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moda.vintage Goldie

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moda.vintage Goldie

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saridena Goldie

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hi ankitaSmile
wow u started another ff
nice concept
update sooooon
can u  pm me when u update next time
and what abt ur previous ff yaar when r u gona update it we r missing it
cute_madhu Goldie

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Posted: 12 September 2008 at 9:50am | IP Logged

Hey anki..kaisi hain aap meri badi behna?all fine?maths paper ki taiyaari kya kehti hai?

Well abhi toh gotta rush will edit later..


Buh ?yippppppeeeeee?. I?M THE FIRST ONE?..


Love ya meri sweeeeettttt si pyaari si badi behna?t.ccccc




                  -Ur?s Ever MadhuEmbarrassed

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MS-meghasharma IF-Sizzlerz

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nice prologue
mishti4maan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 September 2008 at 10:57am | IP Logged
hi. gr8 part. continue soon!!!!!
prernawaghray IF-Dazzler

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