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" PremVilas " (Full Story posted) (Rajkumar Aryan)

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Hi Friends,

This Story was written in May for the love story contest a take inspired with the serial Rajkumar Aryann. I was waiting for the result to be out but it hasn't happened, may be due to some problems. The serial is now offair I guess. I thought to post it here and have it in the index list. For friends who havnt read can have a look at it and read it.


There is special thanks for my lovely set of friends Bini, Sara, San, Golu, Jyothi & Monika taking their time out and reading the story when I asked them as the voting was to be started. Thanks friends it made me feel my entry was nto bad.. as this one was written in one go without any breaks.

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bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

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"PremVilas "


Part I

Rajkumar Aaryann is the only son of the King of Sonagarh' King Maansen. Rajkumar Aryann is living away from his home to learn various skills like martial arts, sword fighting and Yoga meditations etc from his Guru Bhoothnath. It's been at the age of 10 he left his Mahal and was kept here in a riverside palace which was guarded always and none were allowed to enter.


Bhoothnath is the loyal servant of King Mansen. King Mansen was worried that some intruder in their territory is going to harm them. Sources told him that his son Rajkumar Aryann's life is also in danger as he is their prime target. He was in search to get to know the culprit who is spreading false notions among the public and demanding money from the sellers in the name of the king.

His wife Queen Idumati was unwell and that took away King Mansen attention in nabbing the culprit.


Rajkumar Aryan would miss his parents and his childhood friends, he would get tired by the work Bhoothnath would tell him, horseracing over a zigzag hill difficult path, sword fighting with eyes blind folded, he would get upset that what is the need? He is a Prince why can't he enjoy his childhood like other of his age?

Tuhin was the only one who would come to meet Rajkumar Aryann. Rajkumar Aryann would hear the stories from him about his other friends, about what's happening in the kingdom. About the condition of his mother and felt upset that he isn't near her when she needs him.


After 6years Rajkumar Aaryan was allowed to go to the kingdom. He was happy and really gearing to tightly hug his mother and play with all his friends who must have grown older. On reaching the Raj Mahal King Maansen immediately took him to a room. There wasn't any welcome but faces of shock and tensed looks. He reached his mother room where she was looking pale and breathing slowly. Rajkumar Aaryan looked at her with eyes teary looking at the state his mother is and when he had last seen her, she opened her eyes and smiled and hugged him and slept away. She went into deep sleep never to wakeup. Her demise shook Rajkumar Aaryann and he wanted to cry hard… but he was speechless. He stood like a statue and later on after the rites were performed, his father came to him,


King Mansen: Aaryann Humney tumhe bulaya , takki aap Apni Mata ke akhari darshan ke liye yehan reh sakey.

Rajkumar Aaryann was angry with those words… he felt Why they didn't inform him before…

Rajkumar Aaryann: Pehle bataya hota to shayad … kuch pal hi.. aap ne mujhe apni Mata ke sath sirf kuch pal diye.. sirf kuch pal… itne saal durr raha yeh soch kar ki Main kabhi to unsey milunga un ke galey lagunga aur tab ghanto unki mamta mujhe dular degi.. sab chiinnn gaya…  (He was angry)

King Maansen: Main jaanta hun, lekin .. yeh meri majboori thi.. aaj Aap itne badey hogaye ho ki main aap se yeh baat kar sakun…

Rajkumar Aaryan looked at him with a Q written on his face…

King Maansen: Aapki Mata kisiii bemari se nahi gayi hain balki unhe kisine zeher diya hai…

Rajkumar Aryan looked at him with shock…

King Mansen: Pehle bhi yehi kiya tha, maine bahot dhunda uss apradhi ko nahi pakadpaya… khane mey milaya tha zeher.. sab khana bananey walo ko nikala, woh zeher aap key doodh mey daala gaya tha … lekin Aapki Mata ne pee liya chakhne ke liye… Humne isliye aapko durr rakha , aap ki parwah thi …

Rajkumar Aryann: Kaun kar raha hai..kyun.. ab tak pakda nahi gaya?

King Mansen: Ek ko pakdo dusra nikal ajata hai… iss sab sazish ke peeche koi mazboot insaan hai… Aaj main jaan gaya hun…

Rajkumar Aryan with a lot of anguish and anger screamed: Kaun hai.. main ussey dafn kardunga, usskii sanse nahi chalni chahiye.. Jisney meri Mata ki jaan liii hai…

King Mansen: Woh aur koi nahi , aapke chacha.. Bhimsen hai… Yeh sab unsey karwaya jaa raha hai.. Unhe lalach dekar…

Rajkumar Aaryann: Kaun karwa raha hai…

King Mansen: Bhujang karwa raha hai…

Bhujang hamara Vidhrohi hai.. pehle usney Aapki jaan lenee chahi.. ab woh prajaa ko dukh pahuncha raha hai… mere naam lekar Bhimsen ne bawaal machaya hai Rajya mey…

Rajkumar Aaryann: Aap Bhimsen Chacha ko bandi banadijiye..

King Maansen: Woh yehan se bhag nikala hai.. Apni sena ke sath humpar kabhi bhi aakraman kar sakta hai… Kabhi bhi.. tayaar raho…

Rajkumar Aaryann: Main Tayaar hun, Mere hausale buland hai..

 (he looked composed though he had just lost his mother) His father looked at him with pride and patted his back…



Part II


It was the same day when the whole kingdom of Sonagarh went through troubles, Bhimsen with his army killed anyone who came in his way, the people of Sonagarh were upset that he was the traitor who took away their Rani's life. When King Maansen was fighting with Bhimsen's army he was killed by the sword of Bhujang who killed him by attacking from the back. Rajkumar Aryan who saw in front of his eyes his father dead with the sword in his back; he killed Bhimsen and his men; took the body of his father. Bhujang escaped and ran for shelter in his territory. After King Maansen died Rajkumar Aryann promised that he will Kill Bhujang and take that territory of Bhujang; only then will he live in the RajMahal.. He asked Bhoothnath to take care of the Kingdom till he finishes his promise his pradigya.


Rajkumar Aryann in hideout went through the forest accompanying him in this mission was his friend Tuhin. Rajkumar Aryan was sleeping under a tree in the forest and Tuhin woke him up,

Tuhin: Uthoo Aryann Uthooo…

Aryan got up thinking some enemy must have spotted them..

Rajkumar Aaryann: Tuhin, Kya hua.. Bhujang ki sena ke log dikhey kya?

Tuhin: Main to tumhe yeh jaanwar ke pairo ke nishaan dikha raha hun…

Rajkumar Aaryann: Janwar ke pairo ke nishan…

Tuhin: Haan.. main talwar bazi karlun, lekin sher ke muh mey jaatey nahi banega mujhse…

Aaryann  loked at the footmarks and soon saw a beautiful flower nearby which had 51 small closed buds inside.. it was huge and beautiful. Aryan held the flower in his hand..

Rajkumar Aaryann: Tuhin, yeh phool kitna sunder hai.. kiss Vrushk ka hai….

Tuhin: Phool…. Yehan main tumhe Sher ke pairo ke nishaan dikha rahun aur tumm…

Rajkumar Aryan: Main tumhe Sher ke muh mey jane nahi dunga.. achaa chalo ab agey badatey hai..


Holding the flower in his hand lovingly Rajkumar Aaryann walked along with Tuhin … they reached a place where they saw Bhujang and their men searching someone .. They tried to hide behind the bushes and while trying o hide both went behind the bushes and lost their balance and fell into the pond beside...Aaryann looked nearby in the pond searching for that beautiful flower in his hand and heard the noise of anklets and bangles.. He saw far away at the other end were girls throwing water at each other… In one of the girl's hand was the beautiful flower and she was kissing the flower and held it in her hand and came out of the water... Rajkumar Aryan saw her feeling she is as or may be more beautiful than the flower and he too came out of the pond.

All the way hiding he always had that face capture his eyes and his heart... The beautiful face made him smile… and for a sec he became very upset with himself..

Tuhin: Kyun kyahua.. do pal pehle muskuraya aur ek pal mey yeh gussa...

Rajkumar Aaryann: Maine muskurana ek gunnah hai yeh samjh liya hai..

Tuhin: Aaryann.. (and he kept his hand on his shoulder)

Rajkumar Aaryann: Jab main 10 saal ka tha aur Pitaji ne meri janm din par ek bahot badi dawat rakhi , mujhe itna pyaar diya. Aur dusre hi pal mujhe appne se sabse durr Rajmahal ke bahar rehne ko bhej diya.. Ek pal jo main muskuraya, kitne saal tadpahun  tu jantahai Tuhin… (His yes were very sad)

Rajkumar Aaryann: Dusre pal jab mujhe pata chala itne saalo baad main Rajmahal jaunga, Mata ka ashirwaad mamta ke chauu milegi khushi se paagal hojaraha tha.. to dusre hi pal unhe hamesha ke liye kho diya, Mata ke jane ka gamm bhulabhi nahi paya…  praja ke liye kuch karunga,  Pita ke liye krunga .. socha Pita ko bhi kho diya… Ek pal ki muskurahat dusre pal bahut gamm deti hai..

(His eyes went teary and soon it went red)Aaj uss jal dhara ke uspaaar woh sunder chehera dekha, muskaan chehre par aye, manoo meri Hriday ki vedna usskey chehre ko dekh kamm hogayi.. Lekin ehsaas hai ki mujhe to muskurane ka haq hi nahi… ( he took out the sword and sharpen it)

Tuhin: Haq hai, aur dekhna teri zindagi mey khushi ayegi, pyaar ayega…

Rajkumar Aaryann: Nahi.. ab koi khushi , kissike pyaar ka nahi.. badale intekaam ka waqt hai.. praja pe hue atyachaar aur Mata Pita ke katla ki sajaa deni hai. Bhujang ko Maar girakar, uski Sena ko khatm karna hai..

Tuhin: Hamrai sena uss aur se pahunchtii hogi abtak

Rajkuamr Aaryan: Haan ab tak to adhe raste aa hi gayi hogi.. tukdo mey batti hai.. Bhujang ki sena bahut vishaal hai.. ussey todna itna asaan nahi…

While both Tuhin and Rajkumar Aaryan were walking they met one set of their soldiers and joined by them they walked forward, after a point they met the enemy soldiers and fought a battle with them where they killed the enemy soldiers. Bhujang was very upset with this news and realizing that Rajkumar Aaryann is after his life he planned a trap on him.





Part III



When Rajkumar Aaryann was heading towards the territory he came across few people who were injured and called for help. Rajkumar Aaryann went and helped them out on his own, this was a trap planned by Bhujang and his men. Rajkumar Aaryan fought with them, Tuhin was injured in this battle and in no time he couldn't find Tuhin. Rajkumar Aryan was very close to his mission. But without Tuhin he felt miserable. He knew other four parts of his army will join them soon and attack Bhujang and his army. He planned that first he will go inside the kingdom and find Tuhin and later join them.


Rajkumar Aaryan dressed as a common man entered the kingdom through Big vessels which were sent inside for a party in Bhujang's palace. Rajkumar Aaryan came out of the vessels and from the kitchen slowly walked. He soon heard the noise of the anklet and the bangles; the same sound which he heard at the pond that day, he walked with the sound and reached the garden area… there he saw the girl who had the flower on that day in her hand; who had smiled and that smiled had indeed healed little of the pain which he felt in his heart… Her friends called her. … " Rajkumari Bhairavai!! Chalo yehan se" she walked away.. Rajkumar Aaryan smiled and repeated her name..  "Rajkumari Bhairavi" Bhairavi!… As Rajkumari Bhairavi walked a big insect came and all the girls got scared but Rajkumari Bhairavi wasn't scared and she went and took her duppatta and held the insect in her hand and kept it on the tree near a flower.. Rajkumar Aaryann smiled again looking at her determined big eyes… She walked ahead and felt like someone is looking at her.. Rajkumar Aaryan hid himself.. She walked and Bhujang came in front.

Bhujang: Rajkumari Bhairavi.. aap ko kaha hai kitni baar bahar matt aeiye.. Hamare dushman kam nahi hai..

Rajkumar Aryan saw Bhujang and was fuming with anger…

Bhujang: Rajkumari Bhairavi.. jaeeye.. Hum Apni beti ke liye Taufaa laye hain.. aap ke kamre mey rakha hai..

Rajkumar Aryan heard the conversation and he realized Rajkumari Bhairavi was Bhujang's daughter. He went into the kitchen area as asked what party was going to take place and they informed it was the wedding of Rajkumari Bhairavi with Droma.

Droma was already married and his wife Ikaboon was treated like a Dasi by him,


She was broken after the news that Droma is marrying Bhairavi. Droma had a strong hold in the army of Bhujang, Droma always wanted to marry Bhairavi as that will fetch him the territory. He didn't let any other man to come close to the King and the Rajkumari. He was mean and selfish. Bhujang in order to fight Rajkumar Aaryann & his army agreed for the marriage.


Rajkumar Aaryan gots to know how much affection Bhujang has for his daughter. Rajkumar Aaryann gets into Rajkumari Bhairavi's room and as Rajkumari Bhairavi opens her eyes as she is lying on the bed, she looks into his eyes.


Their eyes meet and Rajkumari Bhairavi smiles looking at him , not realizing he is a stranger who has come into her room. Both look at each other. Later on Rajkumar Aaryan takes his weapon and Rajkumari Bhairavi is shocked, he keeps the weapon around her holding her softly and order her to get up and come out. She now realizes and screams loudly and asks him,

Rajkumari Bhairavi: Mujhe kyun pakda hai… jane do.. tumhe apni jaan pyaari nahi hai kya.. main Rajkumari hun…


The soldiers come and feel helpless what to do as the life of Rajkumari Bhairavi is at stake, Bhujang comes rushing near the area and looks at Rajkumar Aaryann and gets angry. Rajkumar Aaryan tells him if he wants to get his daughter he has to send Tuhin with him. Bhujang calls his men to bring Tuhin. Tuhin came injured and soaked in blood. Rajkumar Aaryan looked at him and felt very upset… he pulled Tuhin towards the horse cart.  He climbs the horse cart and Tuhin also climbed while Bhairavi is left…  Before they could leave Droma threw an arrow towards Aaryan & Tuhin, realizing it he pulled Bhairavi and throws her in the cart. He rides away out of the kingdom into the forests while Bhujang's soldiers follow them.


On reaching the forest, they leave the horse cart and holding Rajkumari's Bhairavi's hand he walks inside the forest. Tuhin rests for sometime, later Rajkumar Aaryan tries to tell Rajkumari Bhairavi about what his father has done to him and his family and what he is upto. Rajkumari Bhairavi doesn't listen to him and says her father will never do such thing... she doesn't trust him.  Rajkumar Aaryann is disappointed and soon Rajkumar Bhairvai takes the sword and attacks him,

Tuhin looks on, Rajkumari Bhairavi smiles and Rajkumar Aaryann smiles back, while Rajkumari Bhairavi 's sword cuts across Rajkumar Aaryann's arm, the blood comes out but Rajkumar Aaryann keeps smiling, Tuhin shouts, "Aaryann" but Aryan continues to look into Bhairavi's focused angry eyes.. Bhairavi is shocked why he is still smiling. And fights back while Aaryann covers himself and at last when looks at the tired Bhairavi he held her hand and removes the sword and pulls her towards him, her back is rested at Aaryann's  chest and her hand behind him, he whispers in her ears "Bahut acheey!" Rajkumari Bhairavi nods her head and tries to remove herself out of his clutches. She fails and Tuhin comes and ties a rope in her hands.

Tuhin: Aaryann.. teri muskan yehi Rajkumari Bhairavi layee thi na..

Rajkumar Aaryann: Aa.. (looks at her face and her angry big eyes).. Haan.. Rajkumari Bhairavi aap ki ankhen bahot khubsurat hai..(bhairavi gets upset)

Tuhin: Achii hai, dekh ek muskaney tere khun ki nayaa baha dii.. (Ties a cloth as blood comes out of his arm the wound as Bhairavi had attacked him)

Rajkumar Aaryann: Yeh kuch nahi.. Hamey kaise bhi karke.. sena ko sang karna hai.. aakraman … yehi rehgaya hai…)

Rajkumari Bhairavi: Ek aurat ka sahara lekar

Rajkumar Aryan gets angry and removes the rope tied to her hand...

Rajkumar Aaryann: koi sahara nahi ho tum, mere dost  ko paana tha.. ussey bandi bana ke uskey sahare Bhujang meri sena ko kamjor karna chaa raha tha, Meri mata ko zeher de bina ladey jeetna chahta tha.. woh kayar hai.. mere Pita pe peeche se vaar kiya , woh buzdil hai... main nahi...


Soon they hear the sound of horses and find Droma and his men around, Rajkumari tells he is the one with whom she was to be get married today and Rajkumar Aaryann ruined it. She runs towards Droma and Rajkumar Aaryann heart is broken still he stands there to face them. Droma orders his men to attack Rajkumar Aaryann and in the mean Rajkumari Bhairavi sits on the horse along with Droma. Rajkumar Aaryann looks at her with emotion filled eyes, Tuhin looks at Aaryann's eyes, he knows Aaryan wants to make Rajkumari Bhairavis his.  They fight the 50 men while Droma goes with Bhairavi away.



Part IV


In this battle Rajkumar Aaryann killed all the enemy soldiers along with Tuhin and later  rode towards their troops to signal them to attack and come together…  While they reach Rajkumar Aaryann and Tuhin had a conversation,

where Tuhin told how Droma was not to be trusted and Droma's wife Ikaboon has suffered so much in the hands of Droma. Aaryann should get her love Bhairavi back. Rajkumar Aaryann got down from the horse and heard the same bangles noise and felt Rajkumari Bhairavi is near by. They can't see her and as they get on the horse again they hear the screams of Rajkumari Bhairavi. With closed eyes Rajkumar Aaryann walks towards the sound and realizes that Rajkumari Bhairavi is in a daldal, Rajkumar Aaryann took branch and threw in it, Tuhin held it on to the tree while Aaryann went into the daldal and searched for Rajkumari Bhairavi, As he saw her head deep into the fitchy daldal he quickly pulled her out holding her by her waist. Rajkumari Bhairavi was out of breath and Rajkumar Aaryann pulled her out with the branch support as both came out. Rajkumari Bhairavi was unconscious, Aaryann and Tuhin searched for water. Water filed in a big leave Rajkumar Aaryann came and threw on her face cleaned it and tried to bring her back to consciousness. Rajkumar Aaryann was tensed and Tuhin asked him to stay calm she will be alright. He couldn't understand how she feel into this daldal while she was on the way along with Droma.


Soon Rajkumari Bhairavi moved her fingers and came back to consciousness and as she saw Rajkumar Aaryann near her. She looked at the other side, feeling angry to see him . Rajkumar Aaryann with hesitation looked aside and asked her,

Rajkumar Aaryann: Kya hua, yehan kaise,  Droma key sath…

Rajkumari Bhairavi had tears in her eyes, still she remained calm. Rajkumar Aaryann told Tuhin to give her water to drink. She drank the water and as she tried to stand she couldn't get her balance and before she could fell down, Rajkumar Aaryann held her and both looked into each others eyes.. Both their eyes were filled with pain. Rajkumari Bhairavi sat quietly without uttering a word. After a while Rajkumar Aaryann made her to sit on the horse and they went on their way…


As Rajkumar Aaryann reached the destination where his troops were coming and together they would go to attack Bhujang's army… He looked at Rajkumari Bhairavi… to ask where she wants to go..

Rajkumar Aaryann: kahan chood du?


Rajkumari Bhairavi: laye kyun the.. ?

Rajkumar Aryann: akeli chali jaogi apne Rajmahal ?

Rajkumari Bhairavi: Akeli ayi thi kya main?

Rajkumar Aaryann: Lekin main ab Tumhari  sena pe aakramann karne wala hun, tumhara yehan rehna khatrese khali nahi..

Rajkumari Bhairavi: Khatara idhar bhi hai udhar bhi hai..

Rajkumar Aaryann: Wahan koi khatra nahi .. hoga.. tum wahan ki Rajkumari ho..

Rajkumari Bhairavi: Lekin Raj ki lalach Rajkumar rajkumari nahi dekhti..

Rajkumar Aaryann: main samjha nahi..

Rajkumari Bhairavi: Droma yehan se mujhe lene nahi aya tha…

Rajkumar Aaryann: Phir kyun aya tha?

Rajkumari Bhairavi: Woh mujhe uss haal mey lene jane ayaa tha jiss haal ko dekh pitaji tuutt jaye aur 'Sangverh' ki saatta puri uski hojaye…

Rajkumar Aaryann: Woh tumse vivah karke bhi ussey milega..

Rajkumari Bhairavi: Pitaji Vivah mey Sangverh nahi Sonagarh dene wale the..

Rajkumar Aaryann: Sonagarh.. Main Sonagarh ka Rajkumar hun, main Sonagarh ko kabhi unka nahi hone dunga..

Rajkumari Bhairavi realised some truth must be there in the words of Rajkumar Aaryann about the things he told about her father and what her father had done.

Rajkumar Aaryann: Tum daldal mey kaise giri…

Rajkumari Bhairavi: Droma se bachte bachte.. kabhi nahi socha jissey vivah ka sanyog huaa tha woh meri maut ki khabar dena chahta hai..

Tears were filed in her eyes. Rajkumar Aaryann couldn't see the tears in her eyes and tried to wipe it and touched her eyes as they came close and saw the pain in each others eyes they felt their hearts uniting in some way. Still Rajkumari bhairavi stopped her feelings towards him and pushed his hands off. Rajkumar Aaryann as well  realised she needs time to come to terms and he is after the life of Bhujang her father. How can she be so normal with him? It's not easy for her.

As they were waiting for the men to come, and resting, Rajkumari Bhairavi woke Rajkumar Aaryann and Tuhin, Rajkumar Aaryann opened his eyes and saw her so close to him, was he in his dreamworld , he felt it was his dream and Rajkumari Bhairavi had to pinch him to realize its not dream. With embarrassment he got up, she informed that she can sense a tiger or lion to be close to them… Rajkumar Aaryann also looked at the marks he too felt some animal to be near them… again they heard the roar and noise of an animal.. Soon a huge lion came in front of them... The three of them stood in front of the lion. Rajkumar Aaryann told to climb the tree quickly, Tuhin climbed and Rajkumar Aaryann as well… Rajkumari Bhairavi climbed but her dress got entangled into the branch and she was hanging, the lion came close and Rajkumar Aaryann jumped to save her and put his sword in the Lion's mouth while Rajkumari bhairavi yelled with fear. The Lion and Rajkumar Aaryann fought endlessly, He got bruised all over and Rajkumari Bhairavi kept weeping, Tuhin whenever went to help Aaryann, Aaryann pushed him aside as he didn't want him to get into danger…

Soon the lion was killed with Rajkumar Aryan's sword and Rajkumari Bhairavi went and hugged Rajkumar Aaryann.. Looking at the bruises and blood on his clothes she quickly took her duppatta and tied it around his arm and cleaned the wounds, her tears flowed like water and she kept weeping. Rajkumar Aaryann kept silent and just looked at her face; the strong angry girl who didn't let her come close was sobbing like a baby and lovingly taking care of him. This affection, care, love which he missed from years… he had tears filled in his eyes... and he pushed her away… and went and stood aside..


Rajkumari Bhairavi felt he must be angry at her, as it was becoz of her he had to face this. Tuhin came and told Rajkumari Bhairavi about Rajkumar Aaryann's family and that whenever he got hurt while training or in a battle there was no one to take care he always was alone talking to him and had forgotten what physical pain is? Rajkumari Bhairavi felt for Aryan.



Part V


After reaching a distance few soldiers joined them and were surprised to see Rajkumari Bhairavi there, still they kept quite. Rajkumar Aaryann in the mean time would take care of her, went and gave her food to eat, would made tent for her to sleep and change. Rajkumari Bhairavi would blush with the little things Rajkumar Aaryann would do for her. Soon Rajkumar Aaryann saw the pond where he had seen her the last time, Rajkumari Bhairavi too reached there and she told Rajkumar Aaryann that on that opposite tree one beautiful flower comes , only one on the whole tree, it is called the 'PremVilas', the tree grows only one flower with 51 buds in it. She told him the story behind the flower.

She told the story that a boy from the Brahman family and girl was from the Shudra family and both were in love and went against their families and got married and stayed here for years, when the girl was carrying her baby the Brahman samuday people and the Shrudra samuday came and fought that the child should belong to their respective caste and in the course killed each other. After they died they cursed the lovers that their love destroyed everything and they should die, the boy was killed but the girl was carrying so she was left. When the girl was left she asked God that she doesn't wan to live and doesn't want to kill the child as well... To do something she wants to be with her lover… After that she died in this spot. People believe that the child is alive in the form of this tree from then and has taken this form. The 51 buds in it add to the age of the lovers. They are together in form of the 51 buds in that flower … their child.

Rajkumar Aaryann heard the story and looked at the flower , as the flower fell down from the tree it with the wind came and touched Bhairavi's face and fell in Aaryann hands. He gave it to Rajkumari Bhairavi, she smiled and both their hands met, and both looked into each other eys and the rays of the Sun; sparkling the glow on both of them with the flower in between…

Rajkumar Aaryann: Main tumhara vishvaas jeeta hun ya nahi, lekin maine tumse kabhi jhut nahi kaha… Jabse main tumsey mila hun, mere jeevan ko ek naya arth mila hai, jeene ka mann karta hai… main jaanta hun main yehan iss maksad se ayaa hun ki main tumhare Pita ko maar sakun , apna badla le sakun.. phir bhi.. main tumhe khona nahi chahta.. kabhi nahi.. Iss phool ko sakhshi maan kar main.. aaj yeh Vachan leta hun.. Main hamesha tumhe khush rakhne ki koshish karunga.. apni zindagi se bhi jyada badkar tumhe pyaar karunga… Kyatum mera sath hamesha doggie ..

Rajkumari Bhairavi looked into his eyes, the love in his heart and the void in his life both were seen and she wanted to hug him and be in his arms... Before she could say a word.. the troops came and they looked at her angrily…

Troops Saradar: Rajkumar Aaryaann hum tayyar hai, kal hi usss Bhujang ka sarvanash hoga… (He said these words with extreme anger and looking at Rajkumari Bhairavi. She could sense the cold vibes and she excused herself from there…)


Rajkumar Aaryaann couldn't understand he had asked her but she didn't say yes or no.. is she upset as he will destroy her father. But he loved her and felt he can't live without her. The troops Sardar came and told him,

Troops Saradar: Rajkumar Aaryaan.. main naaceej kuch kehna chahta hun.. yeh sirf meri awaz nahi hum sab ki awaaz hai..

Rajkumar Aaryann: Bolo, bejhejak bolo..

Saradar: Aapke Chacha ne Raja Mansen ko dhoka diya, Vishvas karne ki saza sirf unhoney nahi balki Songarh ki praja ne bhi bhugta, kaise unhoney zehar dekar Rani ji ki Mrutu ka karan baney hain.

Rajkumar Aaryann: Hum jantey hain…

Saradar: Aap yeh bhi acchey se jantey hain Bhujang ney hi behlaya aur usseney hamare praja ko baantana chaha, Raja Maansen ka naam lekar behkaya aur gumrah kiya hai…

Rajkumar Aaryann: Hum jantey hain, asal baat pe aoo ..

Saradar: Hum uss Bhujang ki putri ko yunh aapke jeevan mey ataa nahi dekh saktey, woh maya jaal mey phaas kar aap ko barbaad kardegi..

Rajkumar Aaryann got angry

Rajkumar Aaryann: Hum itne bhi bevakuf nahi ki vishvas kis pe karna hai kispe nahi yeh samjh nahi paye.. Rajkumari Bhairavi hamari mehmaan hai aur unkey khilaf kuch bhi  hum sunana pasand nahi karengey..

Sardar: sirf mehman hai.. jiskey pita ko aap marne jaa rahe hain, sari sena pareshan hai.. jab dushman ka admi hamare Raja ke itne pass ho to ek minute mey haar saktey hain..

Rajkumar Aaryann: Woh dushman nahi hai, aur dushmani nibhane nahi aye hai.. agar aap sab apney Raja pe vishvash kartey hain to aap samjh liiye Darne ki koi bhi baat nahi…


While both were arguing, Rajkumari bhairavi was listening to the conversation she was feeling terrible to say the state in which Rajkumar Aaryann was in due to her. He had to justify his men… She knew from past two days Rajkumar Aaryann took special care to see that none of his men attack or talk against her. Tuhin would calm him down when he would get angry with the accusation they put against her.



Part VI


One night she went into Rajkumar Aaryann's tent, he wasn't sleeping but worried. As he saw her he smiled and asked her to sit.

She just went close to him and saw the wound on his arm which she had given, she with her gently hands touched it and he felt like magic, she kissed the wound and kept her head near his chest… Rajkumar Aaryann was just looking into her eyes filled with love and care for him. She with her gentle hands gently rolled his hair and he felt like he was floating in air with her love…

Rajkumari Bhairavi: Aryan.. Tumse jyada mujhe pyaar koi nahi karsakta, tumhari chahat paakar maine zindagi ka sabse khubsurat rishta paya hai… Uss phool 'PremVilas' ko dekh main sochti, duniya mey utna khubsurat aur kuch nahi dekha.. lekin yeh jo main har baar tumhari ankhon mey apne aap ko dekhti hun, mere liye tumhare pyaar ko dekhti hun, main issey sabse khubsurat manti hun… she kissed his hands…

Rajkumar Aaryann: Tum mere liye ab zindagi ho... main tumse door nahi rehna chahta.. tumhare liye… jo.. (she kept her hand on his lips..)

Rajkumari Bhairavi: Ssshh kuch nahi kahengey , yeh raat dil ki baat yeh ankhen kahengeii.. Haan… main bhi tumsey pyaar karti hun… Rajkumar Aryan with his sword pearched his wound and before Rajkumari Bhairavi would react he took the blood and filled it in her Maang… Rajkumari Bhairavi bandaged the wound and nodding her head.. Smiled and felt shy while he took her face close and kissed her on her forehead... and soon they came more close and within moments he kissed her on her lips.. She was shy , she blushed…she leaned on his side and he took her into his arms cuddling her close and with love, she too touched him with love and both closed their eyes as if to say we belong just here … in arms of each other.. there is no place on the earth so beautiful.

Aryan closed his eyes; from days he hadn't slept properly her touch made him to forget all the worries and slept away... holding her hand...


As he got up in the morning he search fro Rajkumari Bhairavi but she indeed had gone away, she had left him, the love the smile yesterday today turned into a heart deep pain.. He didn't want to loose her.. Tuhin saw him in an emotional state and he cried on his shoulder. He wanted her back… he wanted her back…!!! He kept saying… he was also worried for her and her safety but he couldn't leave his troops … they had to indeed attack the enemy… He prayed every time he crossed a temple for her and her safety. As he reached with his troops closer to the enemy, he fought all the hurdles and killed half the enemy. As the army marched for the attack taking over one part of the territory over the other, they came across last left only 25 enemy men and Droma along with Bhujang.

Droma ran into the Rajmahal while Bhujang was left alone to fight it out.. The troops captured all parts and Bhujang was injured by the arrows all over… As he ran into the Rajmahal for shelter he saw Droma slapping Rajkumari Bhairavi and pulling her by her hair… Bhujang tried to save her and Droma took the knife and pushed him away… Bhujang was injured badly with not been able to walk but crawled to save Bhairavi… Soon Droma hurt Rajkumari Bhairavi with the knife and it cut her near the neck and little blood came.. Rajkumar Aaryann was distressed but how could he leave the two enemies for the sake of his love.. His eyes had sadness filled…he knew he has to sacrifice his love for his troops…

Rajkumar Aryan: Senapati… agey badho aur bandi banalo Bhujang ko… aur uss Droma ke kafna ka samaan tayyar rakho…

Sardar: Rajkumar Aaryann.. (he looked at him with shock) they waited and Droma was moving away.. screaming he will kill Rajkumari Bhairavi… who is the one who came here and Got to know the truth about his father doings and spread the message among the people of this territory that they should not join the king in the battle and that Rajkumar Aaryann will be a better king and their territory will be in safe hands….

Rajkumar Aaryann wasn't moved by his statements but more determined to kill him.. while Bhujang was taken as bandii by his soldiers…

Tuhin: Aryaann.. Tum.. nahii.. Aaryann… Woh Bhairavi hai… talwar garddan ke bahot nazdeek hai.. uska khoon behraha hai.. Aaryann…

Rajkumari Bhairavi: Apni Praja se jyada Raja kisiko nahi Maann sakta hai… Apne swarth ke liye Unn ka Vishvash mat todna.. meri kurbani agar jaruri hai to main tayyar hun… (Droma pulled her hair back as he heard this and with his knife was about to cut her throat that someone backstabbed him… his eyes turned red and as he saw behind his wife was standing… Ikaboon She said, ' apne suhaag ki gurbani main hi deti hun'! ) Tuhin  looked at her with pride and smiled…


As Droma lied dead on the floor, Rajkumar Aaryann rushed towards Bhairavi and kissed her and took her in his arms, he kept a cloth close to her injured neck and they cozily hugged each other… The whole soldiers smiled and clapped… while Rajkumar Aaryann lifted Rajkumari Bhairavi in his arms and walked towards his RajMahal where he was crowned. Rajkumar Aaryaan soon got married to Rajkumari Bhairavi. Their love story had just begun. Sitting near the same pond, Rajkumar Aaryan held Bhairavi's hand and told her , he saw her the first time here and it was exactly after 51 days that they got married, as they were about to see that flower and tree, now they couldn't see the PremVilas tree nor the flower… suddenly the tree went invisible… Looking at the site… Aaryann and Bhairavi felt may be they were destined to be together…  (Prem- Love Vilas- Charming) The charm of love stays on forever n ever…


PremVilas Ek prem Kahani Hai,

Aaryann Aur Bhairavi ek Raja aur Rani hai,

Ek phool key Sath Ek prem gatha judee hai,

Inki Mohobaat Uss adhure Katha ki agey ki judee kadi hai?


Prem Ek anokha Ehsaas hai,

Saccha prem meetha abaass hai,

PremVilas ho Prem mey aatma ko dubodiya hai,

Prem antaratma ke samaan hridya mey bassgaya hai!










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rajeevskitu Senior Member

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Posted: 06 September 2008 at 11:34am | IP Logged
wow! it's quite a big story... will comment tomorow then........ my mom is already giving me ..... ahem ahem..... warning looksEmbarrassed

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monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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going to read bhoomi .
bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 September 2008 at 3:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by monikaseth

going to read bhoomi .
Hi Monika... hey I thought u have already read this one... but woudl surely like to have ur comments as i couldnt get the comments at that time... Smile
togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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hey !! This was sooo awesome ...........I luvd the story !! *clap....clap* !!
bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by togepe30

hey !! This was sooo awesome ...........I luvd the story !! *clap....clap* !!
HI Vandu dear... After a very long itme... I am gettign ur reply to my story..and to hear back somethign from U means so so very special dear.... I am glad u liked this story.. though i myself havnt ever watched this serial I tried to write with my imagination... and ur applause means i was quite ok with it na... hehee... hey missed u  so much tc...
monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 September 2008 at 8:44am | IP Logged

HI bhoomi i would like to thank you for this story bec of this i know so many things awesome story and i wish you allways write thease type of storys with lots of meaning who give us some good message also .

with lots of love and good wishes for you mindblowing storys and for you thx a lot again .

Last time i read but only half but now i read full .


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