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AR ff "Mere Pass Pass"( DMG/New/Part 11)

Mischeivous IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 September 2008 at 12:02pm | IP Logged

Mere Pass Pass

Main Characters:


Name : Armaan Malik
Age: 24 years old
Profession: Photographer

Armaan represents the new age man; one who is self confident, efficient, cheeky and occasionally even smug. He is also extremely handsome and gives the impression of being a skirt chaser. He enjoys female company and makes no bones about the fact that he has a weakening knee effect on women. He is used to being the centre of female attention and also knows how to sustain that attention when he does receive it. Armaan comes from an affluent family and has never wanted for anything materialistic ever in his life.

Name : Ridhhima Rahul Gerewal
Age: 23 years old
Profession: Works in a Office

Riddhima is warm hearted, kind and good-natured girl.She is intelligent and modern in her outlook to life, and yet respects and represents all the core Indian values. Quick to forgive and forget, at the same time she will not take blatant injustice lying down.

Supporting Characters:

Best Friend of Armaan

Name : Atul Joshi
Profession: Photographer (Assintant to Armaan)

A lovable character, Atul is the best guy friend a girl can ever have, without ever making him a real boy friend. He is a good natured, easy going boy.

Husband of Ridhhima

Name : Rahul Gerewal
Profession: Shrewd Businessman

Rahul is a smart,good-looking but runs after materialistic things and status in society .He was in Armaan's college and was a complete champu.Everyone in the college would have-the-time laugh at him and all the girls would roam around with Armaan,which he hated.

Rahul's Busniness Partner



Muskaan at 23, is basically one who is used to having her way. Extremly beautiful, she is quiet conscious of her looks and not above using them .She is manipulative and conniving. In addition she is also academically intelligent, making her a good business person .Although she is never a favourite amongst the patience, owing to her to-the-point attitude

Best friend of Rahul


Special Aappearance Tongue


More to be Added


Part 1: page 1
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Part 3 : page2
Part 4: page 2
Part 5: page 4
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Part 7 : Page 6
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Part9 : Page 9
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Part 11:Page 12


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mishti4maan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 September 2008 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
gr8 concept. continue soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
msb20 Senior Member

Joined: 05 November 2007
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Posted: 05 September 2008 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
nice intro.
cant wait for the first part
Mischeivous IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 November 2005
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Posted: 05 September 2008 at 2:13pm | IP Logged

Mere Pass Pass - 1

Armaan is in a grocery store reading a mangazine.A gal enters the store he unknowningly looks at her and cnt take his eyes off her for a whyle he is so lost in her simplicity and beauty he neva saw someone like dis..but then he realizes dat he is staring at her he tries to indulge back into reading. He is still waiting for his turn when he hears some giggles of gal and he sees the same gal with a frnd of hers talking..and he smiles seeing em.Her frnd leaves and she gets busy in shopping.Armaan gets busy in shopping too...intentionally or intentionally datz not clear yet but he endsup being in the same row as that gal and keeps smiling seeing her.

(Song as the Background)

Ek nazar..Ek nazar..Ek nazar

Pheli nazar mein dil deewana

dil dewaana kho gaya

dheere se dharka yeh toh dharka

yeh kisi ka hogaya


She is struggling to get something in the top shelf of store but she cnt reach that place.Armaan sees dis and smiles again and nods his head, same thing is placed on his side of shelf too .

Armaan : Excuse Me !! (Gives her the thing she was reaching out for )

Ridhhima: Ohhh...thank you..thank you very much.pata hi nahin tha ke wahan bhi rakhe hote hain...agr wahan rakhe hote hain toh yahan rakhne ki kya zaroorat thee..thank you

Armaan( smiles ): no problem


Ridhima comes home and puts everything on the kitchen's shelf and gets busy in putting the things in place. A guy comes into the kitchen all in tracks and tee with a towel arnd his neck.

Ridhima: wahin ruk jaoo kareeb mat ana.......Gym se seedha kitchen mein aane ka kya matlab banta hai...

Rahul: tumhein prob kya hai mujhe woh samjh nahin ata

Ridhima: yeahh..right...aaj mujhe bahut kaam hai...

Rahul: Boss ne kaha hai ?

Riddhima: kaam toh imp hota hi hai na

Rahul: acha aur mera kya hoga ( moves close Riddhima she pushes him back..)

Ridz: Rahul...phele naha ke aao..


Armaan puts his stuff in kitchen too..when he is intrupped by voice of house's lady owner where he is a PG.

Woman: aaree tum toh samaan aur le aye..tum toh jaa rahe thay na.

Armaan:ek hafte baad..aur ek hafte tak mera bhooke rehne ka koi program nahin hai

Woman:dosra ghar mil gaya tumhein ?

Armaan: isse apko kya matlab ?

Woman: jab dosra ghar hi toh yeh jagah khali karooge na

Armaan: mujhe ghar mile na mile...mein yeh jagah chor ke chala jaonga..promise

Woman: jaane se phele sab check karwa ke jana..

Armaan: kitni dafa aap yeh baat poacheingi

Woman:tum bhool nahin jao na

Armaan: agr aap aise yeh yaad dilati rahi toh zindagi bhar tak kuch nahin bhoolonga...ab mein khana bana loun

Woman: haan bana lou maine kaunse tumhare haath bandhe hue hain....

Armaan: aap jayengi toh banaoonga...( she leaves and Armaan is irritated and says to himself) mera bas chale..main kal hi yahan se chala jaon .




Ridhhima is in the Office and her fone rings she rcvs it and its Rahul.

Ridz: Hello

Rahul: Hello my dear wife.

Ridz: Hellooo my dear husband.

Rahul:kya kar rahi ho ?

Ridz: main kaise yaad agayi tumhein aaj

Rahul:lunch per chaloogi?

Ridz: haan chal sakte hain..per kahin aas pass jana padega.okay?

Rahul: yaar tumhare office ke aas pass koi dhang ki jagah nahin hai..aur jis position per mein hoon na..its 5 star all the way...

(Ridz sighs...)

Rahul:acha neeche ajao 10 mins mein...main tumhein lene aarah hun...

Ridz(smiles): okay..

Rahul: byeeeee


RR go to a nyce 5 star resturant for lunch...

Ridz:Kya view hai...

Rahul: isliye toh in hotels mein aate hain...everything is like so perfect.

(Waiter comes)

Rahul:after 5 mins plz ( he leaves)

Ridz: 5 mins ka kya chakkar tha ?

Rahul: tumhein nahin pata style lagta hai...

Ridz: office mein dayer bhi lagti hai

Rahul: acha nahin lag raha mera saath bethna

Ridz: aisa nahin keh rahi...but i have to get back to work...

Rahul: no ifs or buts...lets order the food.

(waiter comes )

Rahul:mere liye # 34..aur yeh juices bhi kardou...madam ke liye pineapple.

Ridz: mere liye ek # 12 ...( waiter leaves)

Rahul: yeh kya order karlia hai

Ridz: Rahul mujhe palak paneer passand hai...

Rahul: tum pata nahin kab badaloogi

Ridz: daantne ke liye laye ho ?

Rahul: nahin khana khilane laya hun..aur baatein karne laya howz ur work goin on ?

Ridz: oh no..not work again...can we plz talk abt somethin else...


Armaan is in a his Studio. Taking pixs of models and talking to Atul .

Atul: tu move kab horaha hai ?

Armaan: koshish toh kar raha hun yaar jab flat milega toh 2-3 din mein shift hojaonga

Atul :itni jaldi kyun hai shift hoone ki...

Armaan: yaar woh kya hai na..mujhe meri land lady se ishq hogaya hai...mohabbat hogayi hai....isse phele ke baat aage barhe mein soch raha hun ghar se chor doun...

Atul( confused): toh bahut khubsorat hai ?

Armaan: uff...bahut bolti hai..aur jab bolti hai toh mun se phool jhadte hain...

Atul:well lucky you..agr mein hota toh pata nahin kya karta

Armaan: waise tujhe kya hua...mota hogaya hai..

Atul:MOTA ?/ kya kya dekhta rehta hai....

(Rahul enters the Studio to collect some pixs )

Atul:lou agaya hai woh....

Armaan: yaar yeh meri land lady ke wala woh ek shaks hai jis se mujhe itni mohabbat hai...itna pyar hai..lekin mujhe aisa kyun lagta hai..yeh meri bahut izzat karta hai....

Atul:zahir hai..jis tarah tu usse bahut mohabbat karta hai..tu woh bhi teri izzat karta hai

Armaan: well said...



You might find it boring at start...but i have to write it dis way cuz dat wht i m gonna build the story on, so bear with me and my writing

Plz do comment

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 05 September 2008 at 7:32pm | IP Logged
Gr8 Prt
Armaan should be wiv Ridz nd Rahul should be wid Muskaan
Mischeivous IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 November 2005
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Posted: 05 September 2008 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
 Mere Pass Pass - 2
Ridhima is driving back home from work..when she sees children playing in a park outside her house...she decides to stop buy and spent some time with em.She talks and plays with them. When she goes home Rahul is watching tv.

Ridz: Hiii..jaldi agaye..maine car nahin dekhi tumhari

Rahul: bahar khari hui hai..shyad tumne nahin dekhi

Ridz: did u eat something..?

Rahul: nahin take-away order kiya hai

Ridz: kyun khana tha ghar pay ?

Rahul: mood nahin hai

Ridz: kyun ?

Rahul: aise hi

Ridz: chalu...good for me( she sits with him...and he is swtiching thru channels...a kids channel comes up )

Ridz: Rahul..ek min rukoo...( smiles seeing the cute kids) how cuteeee

Rahul: abhi toh bahar bachoo ke saath khel ke ayi hoo...didn't had enuff..

Ridz:Oh..u saw dat....they were sooooo cute...dil chah raha tha bas baatein kiye jayen...

Rahul: yaar yeh bachoo ki baatein mujse nahin kiya karoo

Ridz: tumhara hoga na...phir mein tumse poachoogi

Rahul:Neverrrr !!!

Ridz: Rahulllll

Rahul: yaar jab hoga na dekheinge...abhi nahin ( the door bell rings) jao order agaya...( she brings back the food) yaar woh party ka kya hua

Ridz: maine kuch nahin kiya....waise bhi mera bday hai tum kuch karoo

Rahul:hainn ?

Ridz: Rahul come help me with the food..i m really tired

Rahul: bahut lazy hogayi ho tum...kal chal rahi ho tum mere saath Gym...

Ridz: Rahullll

Rahul: koi rahul wahul nahin kar rahi tum...


At Night


RR decides to go on a long drive...Rahul is driving...

Rahul: I love you..

Ridz(smiles): kya kaha ?

Rahul: agr nahin suna toh ab rehne dou

Ridz(giggles): acha..?

Rahul: tumhein mujhe tang karne mein bahut maza ata hai..haan ?

Ridz(smiles): bahutttttt ( Rahul is looking at her ) ab itna nahin dekhoo..nazar lag jayegi...

Rahul: ab tum ho hi itni khubsoraat...

Ridz: haan tum hi hi perfectionist...tumhari choice hoon...

Rahul: tum nahin ho ?

Ridz: mujhe toh har ulti seedhi cheez passand ajati hai

Rahul:ab mein ulta seedha hoon ?

Ridz: nahin...tum tu tum ho

Rahul: kya maltab ?

Ridz: maltab ke tum toh meri jaan ho...ab mein jaan hi aisi hai toh mein kya karoon .


Next day


Armaan gets off the car with a Real Estate guy.

Armaan: yaar aap mujhe kahan le aye ho mujhe ghar nahin dekhna

EG:aare Sir..aap dekhiye toh...

Armaan: yaar mujhe nahin dekhna....abhi tak aap mujhe 10 ghar dekha chuke hain...koi dhang ka nahin hai

EG: Sir aap dekhiye toh..yeh apke Studio se bhi bahut kareeb hai...

Armaan: chalu...(goes in)

EG: aye Sir..yeh ghar hai..

Armaan: haan nazar araha hai...(he turns arnd and see Ridhiima..)

EG: mein apko andar se dekhata hun..

Armaan: haan bahut acha hai ghar (Armaan is busy looking at Ridz) aap baat done karlein

EG: aap andar se toh dekh lein..

Armaan: maine kaha na acha hai...bahuttt khubsorat hai..




RR are in the living room.. Ridz is reading a book.

Rahul: acha sunoo...maine Mr. Mehra ko tumhari bday per invite karlia...

Ridz: Rahul kya karte hoo..itna formal affair bana rahe hoo..

Rahul: yehi toh bahane hote relations barhane ka

Ridz: sab tayyariaan kaun karega

Rahul: tum fikar nahin karoo sab hojayega..sab theek hai..mein sambhal lounga...

Ridz(irritated): Okay...Rahul wateva..

Rahul: You dnt worry baba..( hugs her)


Ridz is on the fone

Ridz: Adityaa...Ridhiima bol rahi hun...

Adityaa: Hey...Ridz...kya haal hai ?

Ridz: i m fine wht abt u ?

Adityaa: i m good too

Ridz: kya kar rahe thay...rukoo lemme guess..Office ka kaam ?

Adityaa(laughs): haan...

Ridz: office mein tumhara kaam khatam kyun nahin hota...

Adityaa: u knw how it is..

Ridz: yeahh...anyhow..Rahul ne toh tumhein invite kar hi lia hoga...meri bday party ke liye..maine socha khud fone kark ek formal invitation de doun...

Adityaa: nahin abhi tak toh nahin bulaya....

Ridz: aare yeh kaise hosakta hai... tum usk best friend ho tumhein kaise bhool gaya...

Adityaa: hosakta hai...

Ridz: tum usk invitation ka wait nahin karna...sharafhat se ajana..

Adiyaa: okay jaise apka kahein...




Rahul is busy working on his Laptop...Ridz is bored of reading now...

Ridz: ahem ahem

Rahul : kya hua ?

Ridz: band karoo Laptop ko...

Rahul: kaam karne dou yaar

Ridz: band karoo na..yeh humari zindagi ka bahut precious time waste kar rahi hai

Rahul: haan band karoon taake aap baatein kark mera time waste karein..

Ridz: u r sooo mean mean..( she goes to the other side of bed and pretends to sleep)

Rahul:Ridhimaa naraaz hogayi ?

Ridz: mujhe tumse baat nahin karni...jao kaam karoo apna...

Rahul: nahin ab mera dil chah raha hai na apni jaan se baat karne ka

Ridz: haan yeh sahee hai...mera mood kharab kark ab apka dil chah raha hai..( hits him with a pillow)

Rahul: cute ho waise tum

Ridz: aur tum bahut fazool hoo..

Rahul: acha man leta hun...but i love u...

Ridz: ahan..

Rahul: kya ahan...

Ridz: kuch nahin ( they both hug)


Next Morning


Armaan and Ridz share a common front yard...he is excerising there...and sees Ridz commin back from morning walk....she waves him Hi....and he smiles back...



Atul: toh hoge shift ? sab set hai ?

Armaan: haan it was fast

Atul: yahan toh bore horahe hoge...wahan tumhari gf toh theee

Armaan(laughs):meri land lady....yaar bahut miss kar raha mein unhoon...jab tak woh theen life mein koi raunak toh thee..

Atul: you are Armaan...tujhe toh kahin bhi koi mil jayega

Armaan(lost): Mil toh koi gaya hai....

Atul: really...? itni jaldi

Armaan:lekin abhi tak meri zindgai raunak nahin ayi....

Atul: matlab ??

Armaan:aati hai...chehra dekh ke chali jati hai..khabhi grocesory store mein...khabhi frontyard mein...mujhe toh aisa lagta hai jaise usse pata hi nahin hai mein is duniya mein hun...

Atul: hmmm toh maloom karoo...baat karoo usse...

Armaan: haan usse jaa ke kya main apko roz dekhta hoon..ab bhi mujhe dekha karein plz ...

Atul: karna toh kuch padega na

Armaan:soch raha hun

Atul:sochoo nahin kuch karoo...Do u knw usk ghar mein kaun kaun hai ?

Armaan: pata nahin...

Atul: kaam kahan karti hai...?

Armaan: no idea..

Atul: naam maloom hai...?

Armaan: nahin...

Atul: toh yaar toh insan hai ke dhakkan...tu chahta hai ke woh tujhe plate mein pasish ki jaye...

Armaan(gets dreamy): cute lagegi...

Atul: aise kaam nahin chalega...dil ki baat batani toh padegi

Armaan:yehi toh prob hai...idk mere dil mein kya hai....i just like her...uski annkhein muskrati hain...she is so full of life.

Atul: toh bahut khubsorat hai..ya teri landlady ki tarah..

Armaan: abbey landlady ko chor de.....yeh toh bahut khubsorat hai...bahut pyari hai...

Atul: mein khud hi sab maaloom karlounga..


R's Home

Rahul: everything set ?

Ridz: yeah....

Rahul: cook agaya..?

Ridz: haan

Rahul: everything under control...

Ridz: yep but u..

Rahul: mein toh waise hi apke control mein hun sab jaante hain...

Ridz: yeahhh kab hai apki ?

Rahul: meri ? aah i think meri party kal shaam ko hai

Ridz: mein phenoogi kya...

Rahul: Here u go..( gives her a shopping bag)

Ridz: mere beghair jaa ke le aye na tum...mujhe shopping khud karni thee..ab dou na..Rahulllll its so pretty..i didn't knw u loved me so much

Rahul:oh toh yeh gift ne tumhein yeh bata dia ke mein tumse pyar karta hun...

Ridz: nahin woh toh mujhe waise bhi pata tha...




All the guests come...they cut cake...and have dinner..then everyone is called on the dance floor and they Rahul asks Ridz to dance with him...they dance...Rahul is still distracted by his business assiaciates.

(Song at Background)

Meri Duniya Hai, Tujh Mein Kahin
Tere Bin Main Kya, Kuch Bhi Nahin
Meri Jaan Mein, Teri Jaan Hai
Hoo, Saathi Mere
Meri Duniya Hai, Tujh Mein Kahin
Tere Bin Main Kya, Kuch Bhi Nahin
Meri Jaan Mein, Teri Jaan Hai
Hoo, Saathi Mere
Meri Duniya Hai, Tujh Mein Kahin
Tere Bin Main Kya, Kuch Bhi Nahin...
Palkoon Mein Tere Roop Ka, Sapna Sajaa Diya
Pehli Nazar Mein Hi Tujhe Apna Banaa Liya
Hai Yehi Aarzoo, Har Ghadi Baithi Raho Mere Saamne
Meri Duniya Hai, Tujh Mein Kahin
Tere Bin Main Kya, Kuch Bhi Nahin...


Later dat Night


Riddima is taking off her jewellary...when Rahul comes in and starts helping Ridz to take off her necklace...

Rahul:u looked beautiful tonight...bahut khubsorat lag rahi thee..mera present kahan hai...

Ridz: na batoon toh...

Rahul: toh zabdasti le lounga...

Ridz: bahut precious hai...

Rahul: ab dou na present...

Ridz hands him over a envelope...he opens it..and his expression changes...seeing it

Ridz: Surpised na? i knew tumhein yakeen hi nahin ayega jab tum dekhooge...phele mera bhi yehi reaction tum dekh ke heeran hojaoge...

Rahul throws the paper on flooor and leaves the room..and Ridz is left in shock...

Plz do comment

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Bollywood_chic IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2008 at 11:33pm | IP Logged
such a diff ff,,
i love it so far...
do cont soon...
and can u plz pm me wen u updte next....
Mischeivous IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 November 2005
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Posted: 06 September 2008 at 12:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Anam Ali

Gr8 Prt
Armaan should be wiv Ridz nd Rahul should be wid Muskaan
I agree Armaan and Ridz wud be together...all u gotta do it wait and Read Embarrassed
Originally posted by Bollywood_chic

such a diff ff,,
i love it so far...
do cont soon...
and can u plz pm me wen u updte next....
Thanks alot for ur encouraging comments Sonia...i m glad u liked the concept it might not be one of the romantic fics but i hope u like it. I will PM u when i wud continue Embarrassed
bmtdlover and Samira thanks for ur comments Smile

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