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Episode 59

  Divya cud not answer Chandru.She just blinked.
  Shakthi "When did u all come to Singapore?"
  Chandru "Just yesterday Shakthi.We stayed in the hotel near the air port.We did not even go into the city"
Both Shakthi and Divya were surprised by their visit and they did not understand the purpose of the visit.
Definitely they did not come to Singapore on suspicion,then why this trip was their question.
  Chandru understood their question and he explained "Shakthi,as I told u this separation was a pain for us too.Dont you understand all these days we were longing to see this happiness in u both?Viji was very strong in this trip.She said not to think about the money we spend for this trip.Instead about the happiness we'll get
seeing u both together.She wanted to see Divya's happy face on seeing u,Shakthi.Now we are satisfied."
   Divya on hearing this was touched and surprised.She saw her mother eyes to eyes,after a long time.She saw only tears and affection in those eyes.She had
missed it all these days.Divya cud'nt control the tears streaming down her eyes.She went and hugged her mom.It was a touching scene for the rest and all the eyes were moistened seeing this.
 Shakthi was curious to know how Viji understood and how Divya came to Singapore.He did not understand why the elders sent both to the same place and they
were confident that both will not meet.He had so many doubts to ask but no time for that now.May be he'll ask after reaching Chennai he thought.
    They boarded the flight.Shakthi,Divya were seated next to each other.Now both understood why the parents arranged the e-checkin.
  The elders believed tht both will meet in the flight.Their union in boarding lounge is a surprise for them.
Now Shakthi and Divya forgot the pain they underwent in this separation.They started talking to each other non stop.
  Shakthi asked Divya "Did u meet Vani,Sree?"
  Divya "No Shakthi,after coming from Kodai,I did not hav the guts to talk about u to anybody.I thought it'll make me weak n I'll not be able to withstand this separation.Thats y I prefered to keep our memories to myself.So I sent a long mail to Vani saying tht I will not mail her for few months and i've deleted
her name in contact list temp'ly.She knows about me.I know she'll not mistake me."
 Now Shakthi understood Divya-Vani friendship even better.He rememebered Vani saying the same about Divya tht she's not the  kind who shares instead will
keep it to herself.For Shakthi this another learning about Divy's char.
   Shakthi continued "How come Divya u did not meet anyone of ur old frnds even by chance.Didnt u go out anywhere all these days?"
  Divya "Shakthi,u know tht I was appreciated for my work when i did my project here.Thts y they preferred me to support the same proj.But all the good name i earned i've lost Shakthi"
  Shakthi was shocked "Why Divya wat happened?"
   Divya "Always I had this lost look.I was not able to concentrate in anything.I took 4hrs to complete 2hrs job.The company just tolerated me.As they know my skills they tolerated me.So I had to work from home too.U wont believe Shakthi I havent gone to any place other than office.Again I used only Taxis,so no chances of meeting any of my old group."
For Shakthi this was not a surprise,cos he had similar life style as Divya.
   Divya asked him "What about u Shakthi?Were u in touch with ur friends?"
   Shakthi with a teasing smile "Divya my life was similar to urs.but the only difference is I have come up in my career.I got good name unlkie u."
He teases Divya for losing concentration in work.He was surprised to see her like tht.He was happy tht he is such a influence in her.But at the same time
worried cos its affecting her in a negative way also.
  For Divya it was no surprise.She knew generally girls however strong they r b4 falling in luv will become weak after falling in luv.But fifty percent of the
guys r able to work towards their goal without feeling weak.
  They reach Chennai Air port.Aish was waiting for them with some flight tickets.
Shakthi and Divya hav forgotten to ask the elders why they called both on a short leave.
  Aish greeted them and said "Come on all of u,rush soon.Our flight to Tuticorin is just in an hr.We need to checkin.Come fast"
Aish had many baggages with her.It belonged to all of them.
Shakthi understood about the elders plan.But Divya was looking confused.He just luved tht confused face of Divya.He had the mood to bully her.But no time for all those things.
They all boarded domestic flight to Tuticorin.He thought he'll play with Divy in flight..Tongue

  Nigazhvugal thodarum.... (Nigazhvugal courtesy Veda WinkTongue)

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 Episode 60

 Shakthi and Divya settled comfortably in adjacent seats.
 Shakthi asked Divya "Do u know Divy,I prayed to Thiruchendur Murugan,tht if we get married without any problem we'll give shave our heads"
 Divya looked too shocked.
 Shakthi enjoying her reaction in a serious tone "I had told this to amma already.She said tht we not suppose to tonsure after marriage.So may be they have planned a trip to Tiruchendur murugan temple.After tonsuring we might go to our respective houses."LOLLOLLOL
 Divya cud not even breathe.
 Shakthi asked her "Divy,we can marry after few months.How long will it take to grow till shoulders Divy?"LOLLOL
 Divya was so furious with Shakthi.She believed his joke,cos she knew Tiruchendur is 1-2hrs drive from Tuticorin.Otherwise why this sudden plan,she thought.
 Shakthi shook her "Divy wat happened u havent answered my question"
 Divya did not know what to answer.He has told her in god's name.She cannot even shout at him.She was controlling herself.
 Shakthi put his arms around her shoulders and said "Divy idiot,do u still believe what said was true?"
 Divy a bit relieved "Then why r we going to Tuticorin Shakthi?
 Shakthi "Oh my dear idiot u lost ur brains completely.Where did u lose it Divy in Kodai?"He completed in a teasing tone.
 Divya was not wild with him for calling her idiot.But was curious to know about the trip.
 Divya "Tell me shakthi pls.."
 Shakthi "Divy idiot not only Tiruchendur which is near Tuticorin,Tirunelveli is also near Tuticorin"
Divya on hearing the name Tirunelvali realised,it was there they had planned their marriage earlier.
She was blushing on realising tht they r going to get married soon.
  Divya asked "Shakthi,when is our marriage Shakthi? So do u know all these plans b4?"
  Shakthi "No Divy.Its just my guess.I told u already tht my brain started working very well when u were away"
Divya tried to be wild with him.But she cud'nt as she was in marriage enthu.
They reached tuticorin.From there they travelled by road to reach Tirunelveli hotel in late noon.
All of them were tired except Divya,Shakthi.
They are the ones who did not sleep for 2 days.But now they are fully charged after sensing about their marriage.
  Chandru said "We will order food from room we'll have here in my room,then we'll rest till evening then we can talk."
  Velu said "Ok Chandru let them take rest.We will go to see the arrangements first and then we can rest"
Shakthi and Divya wanted to ask what arrangements.But did not enough guts.They both smiled at each other uncomfortably.
Chandru and Velu observed the look on Shakthi,Divya.They smiled at each other with lots of meaning.

   The elders had decided not to tell Divya,Shakthi untill they ask why this trip or arrangements.It was their time to tease their kids.Aish was the one who
seem to enjoy every bit of it.They had told her tht Shakthi-Divya marriage was postponed due to astrologer's reasons.As the Shakthi-Divya obeyed the elders
they want to give them a surprise.
 Then they had lunch and all of them went to rest.When Velu and Chandru got ready to go out,Shakthi said "I will come with appa."
 Velu "Where Shakthi?"
 Shakthi "Whereever you r going"
 Chandru "We are going to a pub in this hotel,to celebrate our children's union.Do u want to join Shakthi?"LOLLOL
Shakthi was embarassed.He did not know how to react.
Velu and Chandru were enjoying Shakthi's reaction.
  Chandru asked "Where did u think Shakthi?"
 Shakthi "That mama..I thought U ppl are planning our marriage...."
Velu and Chandru laughed aloud.Shakthi was even more embarassed and thought he was wrong.
 Then Chandru said "Sorry Shakthi..we were just laughing cos it took such a long time for u to talk about this.We thought u ppl wud've guessed when u both met each other in air port."
 Velu said "Ok Shakthi.U need not accompany us to look for the arrangement.U take rest.Ask Divya also to take rest.Ur marriage is tom morning.We hav informed ur friends,whomever we were able to.Sorry we cud'nt make any arrangements to inform ur Singapore firends.U can hav a small party or reception after going there."
  Shakthi left the place to inform Divy about this sweet news.

   Nigazhvugal thodarum....



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Episode 61

 Divya and Shakthi saw their wedding dress. Divya liked her saree but her blouse was very loose.Nobody expected Divya to return so thin.Viji when saw her daughter felt bad and was a bit guilty too.
 In the late evening all the elders and Divya-Shakthi were chatting.
  Shakthi asked Chandru "How did u send Divya to Singapore when u knew already I was in Singapore?"
 Velu and Chandru smiled at each other.
   Velu said " I told him tht if u r upset over something u divert ur mind on work and tht ur nature.So I knew u'll be engrossed in ur work and u'll not create any chance to go out.I was confident in tht.Chandru felt Divya needs some change of place.Her manager was pestering Divya to go to Singapore.      Divya thought We'll not send her.So She refused to go and she did not tell any of us abt this onsite opportunity.

       Chandru happened to meet her collegue in a restuarant.He had told abt Divya refusing her chance.Then Chandru asked Divy to go to singapore.Divya went thinking that u are not in Singapore.She didnt hav a clue tht u were there"
 Shakthi thought how well their parents hav understood them.
   Shakthi turned to Chandru and asked "Why did u feel Divya needed a chnage mama?She was with u ppl in Chennai."
Chandru talked in a low voice as the ladies were talking in the other end of the room.He did not want them to hear him.
   He said "Viji was not normal with Divya.One day she'll be sweet.Next day when she thinks abt ur living together she'll shout at her.At times I've felt sorry for Divya".
A small flashback.Smile
  Divya was having her evening tea in her Chennai house. Aish had gone for some classes.Chandru was with Divya in living room having his tea.
 Viji was in a bad mood and she shouted at Divya "U know,my parents did not buy me everything I ask,as we do.But I cant imagine me doing something against my dad.But u..Inspite of giving so much freedom,u betrayed us."
Divya felt it was too much and she cannot take it anymore.
  Divya looked into her mothers eyes and asked "Amma if appa asks u to do something and grandpa wants u to do the exact opposite.What will u do?"
  Viji without knowing what Divy is upto answered sincerely "I will do what ur appa said"
  Divya said "Thats what I did.Shakthi wanted me to stay with him and I stayed with him.My luv for Shakthi is nothing less than what u hav for ur hubby."
Divya said this left the place to her room.
  Chandru who was watching all these felt Shakthi is lucky to get Divya as wife.
Viji cud not digest the fact tht her daughter justifies her mistake.
  Chandru knew it'll be hell to Divya hereafter.So he wanted Divy to go to some place where she will be at peace.
  So chandru met her collegue to know abt onsite opportunity.He decided to send her.Viji also did not object bcos she had lots of confidence in her husband.
Flashback complete..Smile
    Shakthi was moved to liten to this.His luv towards Divy has multiplied.
   Chandru said "I made Viji understand abt the luv u had for each other.Gradually she understood.Anyway she has lots of affection for Divy.Tht made my job
Shakthi smiled at Chandru.He learnt how to be a good husband frm Chandru.
Divya-Shakthi were eagerly waiting for the next day...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Episode 62

  Shakthi-Divya had informed Sree,Vani about the marriage.Sree said he'll try to greet the couple in person on the day of marriage atleast,if he is not able to come for the muhuratham.Both Vani and Sree were extremely happy about the marriage.
  It was early morning muhurtham.Divya and Shakthi got ready.Divya was wearing a golden yellow saree.Shakthi in silk dothi.Shakthi was looking diff in clean shaven face.Most of the relatives and friends had come for marriage.The marriage was grand success.Both Velu and Chandru hugged each other in happiness.
  In the noon they travelled to Thenkasi to Shakthi's house.Divya entered the house in auspicious time.She was given a warm welcome by Shakthi's relatives.
Divya lighted Kuthu vilakku in pooja room.Every one was happy and contented.
   Shakthi-Divya were given milk and fruits.They felt good to drink milk 1 sip each.They were forced to drink like this by Shakthi's relatives.They were teasing Divya a lot.All of them seemed to be so good.They took more advantage in Divya cos she's Chandru's daughter.They all luved Chandru too.
   Divya's baggages were taken to Shakthi's room.Shakthi was observing this with lots of interest and happiness.Atlast the day has come.It had been a long wait for both of them.Bagya shows Viji,Divya all the rooms in the house.Divya looks at each and evrything in the house with lots of interest.
   Chandru was having mixed emtions as he has come to his village after so many years. Viji understood her husband's feelings.She took him in private and talked to him.
  Viji said "Please dont think of those unpleasant things now.Our daughter has started her life just today.We will have to bless her and wish her happiness
whole heartedly.If u think of the past u'll not be able to wish her sincerely.We cannot change the past.

      Already Divya underwent so much of stress.I felt very bad when she looked so thin in saree.I wish her all the happiness in the world.U should also wish the same way.From the minute u entered this village,u seem to have forgotten us.Forget the past and be happy.Today is the happiest day in our Divy's life.Its time for celebration.No time for worries".
  Viji cheers up her husband.
 Bagya asks Shakthi-Divya to freshen up.Divya goes to Shakthi's room.Shakthi follows Divya with a sheepish smile.
   Shakthi closes the door behind,as he enters the room.Divya turns with a jerk as she hears someone closing the door.She is surprised to see Shakthi.She did
not expect him so soon.She was blushing.That drives Shakthi crazy.He goes near her....sooo near tht Divya felt his breath on her cheeks.EmbarrassedShe felt her heart beating so fast.Shakthi with a finger lifted her face to look into her eyes straight.She felt as if her heart has moved to her throat.Wink
   Suddenly she was feeling so shy,she wanted to talk something else to feel normal. But nothing came to her mind now, other than his hugs and hot kisses they've exchanged earlier.EmbarrassedHer face is like a glass any body can read her thoughts easily.For Shakthi who knows her very well,it was not tht difficult to read her mind now.
  He laughed lightly.That laughter was a sudden turn on for her.She closed her eyes,lifted her face to his,her lips inviting his.Shakthi lost his control.They
both for few minutes forgot that they have come to his room to have bath.
   Shakthi phone was ringing and they both came back to this world.It was Vani. Vani wished the couple a long happy married life. Divya was very happy to talk to Vani after marriage.After talking to Vani,both realised tht they need to go out and the elders will be expecting them to pray to their family god before going to FN room.
  Divya with a smile went to the wash room.Shakthi stayed in the room till she comes back.She after bath came out with saree just wrapped around her.
Shakthi went near her with a meaningful smile.But Divya stopped him before he could come near her.
  She said "Shakthi pls u get ready soon.Dont come near me.Then I'll have to take bath again"LOL
 Shakthi stops with a deep sigh.Embarrassed
 Then he enters the bathroom with a smile.
After sometime they both get ready,Shakthi in cotton dothi,and Divya in cotton saree.
They go to the elders.Bagya and Velu take Shakthi-Divya to pooja room.
Shakthi-Divya take the blessings of Bagya-Viji first and then Chandru-Viji next. Then they all hav a light dinner.
  Bagya asks Shakthi and Divya to go to sleep.Divya hesitates to go so abruptly. She feels so embarassed.She is shocked by her own behaviour.She had stayed
with Shakthi in Singapore in the same house.But she did not have any of such feelings.She never thought she'll feel shy or embarassed about this FN.
  But Shakthi gets up and goes towards his room.Bagya says "Shakthi go to our(Velu-Bagya) room. Today u both sleep in our room."
  Shakthi first was surprised and then realises tht its his mother's sentiment about their room.
He goes to his parents room with huge content.
 Bagya understands Divya's feelings.She strokes her head with concern and says "Divya, I forgot to tell him to take fruits.U please go and remind him to take fruits."
 She tries to make Divya normal.Divya understands her MIL's efforts and goes to her in-laws room
 Divya was recd by Shakthi with a broad smile.
 He understood tht Divya was feeling shy cos of the elders outside.He wanted his Divya to be normal.
 He said "What Divya do u feel comfortable? Is it sultry?"
She trying to be normal, said "Yes Shakthi.I'm comfortable.Its surprising to see A/C in all the rooms in this old house."
 Shakthi sees her chain and asks "Hey Divy,is this the one mom gave u today?" He tries to separate tht chain from her other chains and looks at tht sincerely.
It took sometime for Divy to understand tht Shakthi is not scrutinising her jewellery actually. EmbarrassedWink
She hit his hand hard.Shakthi did not expect this from her.
He said "Good start Divy..." with disappointment.Ouch
Divya laughed aloud.Now she has forgotten the tension she had earlier.Smile

   Nigazhvugal thodarum....

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Episode 63

 Shakthi woke up first to see his love sleeping beside him.It was 7 in the morning,she was still asleep.He luved to just watch her sleeping in his bed. He kissed her on her cheeks.

  She said "Mmm Hi Shakthi".
  He kissed again her and said "Hi sweet heart"
  Divya in a sleepy voice "Whats the time Shakthi "
  Shakthi carelessly said "May be 7 or 7.30"
 Divya is feeling emabarassed for sleeping till 7.30. She pushes Shakthi aside and gets into the bathroom imm.
 Thanx to her mom and MIL who had kept two sets of Shakthi-Divya dress in tht room.She took bath and got ready quickly.
 Shakthi hugged Divya before he entered the bathroom.The soap and shampoo smell was intoxicating. Divy knew if she doesnt stop him now,she will endup staying in the room for few more hrs.So against her own wishes she stopped his fingers from playing with her body.
 She said "U get ready soon Shakthi.I will wait for u outside.Come soon"
She went out without waiting for his answer.
 Viji and Bagya were happy to see the glow in Divya's face.They both smiled at each other.
 Divya at first seeing them blushed.Then she soon became normal.
 The break fast was ready. Shakthi had finished his bath then.He also looked at his best.All the elders were happy.
 The elders asked Shakthi-Divya to have break fast first.But Shakthi-Divy insisted on having it together with both the families.
 They had their break fast with lots of fun.Everyone seemed to be on their best mood.
 There was a surprise guest for Shakthi-Divy.It was Sree.Shakthi-Divya were happy to see him.
 Sree behaved very well before the elders.
 Shakthi said to Velu "Appa we need to arrange for Sree's stay"
 Sree said "Sorry Shakthi.I'm going to Chennai imm.I have come on a short trip.I just came to greet u ppl in person"
 Velu and Chandru felt touched.Bagya,Viji also gave Sree best treatment as he has come from Singpre just to attend Shakthi-Divy's marriage.
 Velu asks Bagya,Viji "Have u packed for both Shakthi and Divya?"
 Viji "yes anna.At time will the car come?"
 Velu "In another 30 mins"
Shakthi-Divya look at each other in confusion.
 Chandru clarifies "Shakthi,u both will hav lots to talk.So we hav arranged for ur honeymoon in Kodai.Ur flight from Tuticorin to Madurai is in another 3hrs"
Velu continues "Ur cab to Tuticorin is ready.Sameway a cab from Madurai to Kodai is also arranged.Have a nice time"
 Chandru gives Shakthi the tickets and details about hotel reservation.
Shakthi-Divy both were thrilled about going to Kodai.They hav lots of hot memories in Kodai.
 Shakthi looked at Divya.She smiled happily thinking of those cycle rides and sweet kisses.
 Shakthi said to Sree "Thanks da for coming.Pls feel free to ask appa whatever u want.Pls dont feel bad tht we r leaving for Kodai when u r here".
 Sree said "Dont worry about me.U both have a nice time."
 Shakthi-Divy left for Kodai.

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I've posted 2 chapters.Dont forget to read epi 63 first  Smile
Episode 64

  Shakthi-Divy reached Kodai safely.

   Initially they thought their parents hav chosen Kodai cos that was the nearest honeymoon spot for them.After reaching there Shakthi-Divya understood the elders reasons.
  First of all after reaching Kodai,Shakthi-Divy were reminded of those pleasant memories together in Kodai.
  It was like they visited just yesterday.This made them forget the separtion.Both did not remember tht separation.
 Next reason is if at all Kodai reminds them of getting caught and reminds only unpleasant memories,after this honey moon its going to be different.
  Last reason is they need not waste time in sightseeing.They were sure tht elders hav discussed a lot even in chosing the honeymoon spot.
 Shakthi and Divya reached he hotel in late evening.Divya was feeling tired cos she did not sleep for the past few days.Shakthi understood her and ordered a
light dinner.They slept with Shakthi's arm around her.As they knew each other very well,they had very good compatibilty.
  The next day morning,Divya woke first.She felt a huge weight on her body.Shakthi's left leg was on her waist.His hand on her neck.She freed herself from him.Its going to be the same everyday hereafter she thought.Embarrassed
She decided to take bath before Shakthi wakes up.
  Divya came out with the robe,provided by the hotel around her.Shakthi was still asleep.At the middle of her dressing,she was hugged from behind.Embarrassed
 Divya said "Shakthi,i thought u r sleeping."
Shakthi did not answer her instead carried her to the bed.
 Divya resisted and said "Shakthi u get ready.we'll hav coffee first."
 Shakthi "U r the first one to ask for coffee in honeymoon"
 Divya in a teasing tone"oh is it? How many honeymoons have u had till now"
 Shakthi kissing her "Dont distract me."
 Divya "Shakthi please I am desperate to have a coffee"
 Shakthi "But I am desperate for u dear"
Divya after few moments lost herself in him.Her desire to have coffee seem to have gone completely.She was aware of only his fingers and lips.His fingers
mesimerised her.
 After sometime he kissed her lips with complete satisfaction and said "Good morning sweet heart"
 Divya smiled and said "Good morning.Can I have my coffee please?"
 Shakthi "yes sure dear but only after a shower together dear"
 Divya did not feel like disappointing him.
 They both got ready and had break fast with coffee in room.
 Divya said "Shakthi I want to go for tht cycle ride again"
 ShaKthi "Hey Divya r u nuts to ask for cycle ride?"
 Divya "Y Shakthi u enjoyed it last time"
 Shakthi "Divy tht was before marriage.I didnot hav license to touch u.So we made use of tht cycle ride.Now whats the need?"
 Divya blushed and hit him on hands.
 But she convinced him to go out for a walk first.He then promised her to take for a cycle ride in the evening.
 Everyday was a new experience for them.They understood each other very well.They enjoyed every bit being in Kodai.
 It was here they were given a hard test by their parents. Now they've started their life together in the same place.
 How many of them get this chance to continue their life from where they left.They felt fortunate.They thanked their parents whole heartedly.


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%3cimg src="" align=textTop>


 After 4 years of marriage....
Shakthi-Divya have a 2 years old daughter.They named her Vibha after both the mothers.Vi(ji)Bha(gya)
She is the darling of the family.
Bhagya and Velu shifted from Thenkasi to Chennai.
Shakthi-Divya came back from Singapore after Vibha's entry into their life.
Aish has married a guy working in US.She has moved to US.
Sree,Vani still continue their friendship with Shakthi-Divya.
Sree and Vani married cos Vani felt known devil is better than unknown angelBig smile
Sree continued to flirt with girls but within limits.
Chandru,Viji who live near Shakthi-Divya's house spend most of their time with their grand daughter Vibha.
Vibha resembles Divya in looks and behaves entirely like Shakthi.
Viji,who felt lonely after Aish's marriage,comes to her daughter's house daily.
Divya starts going to office again leaving her wonderful daughter Vibha to the elders.
Shakthi-Divya's life has all the flavours.
But always they both will remember an advice given by Bhagya to Shakthi-Divya at the time of Vibha's birth.
At the time of Vibha's birth,
Bhagya said to both of them "Shakthi,Divya I know very well tht u both havent told all the details of ur living together.But I believe you.I give u tht
space. U both have all the rights to hide from us.But I have always guided u both to correct path.There is a lots of difference in guiding and interfering.
Always U both sud remember the space i gave u.When ur child becomes an adult,believe her,give her freedom,at the same time guide her when does something
wrong.Never dislike ur child when she does something wrong"
Divya's respect towrds her MIL increased.From that day Bhagya was her role model.


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all fan fictions have been archivedWink

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