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Guys listen to the song as u read
Episode 51
Shakthi had taken the photos in their house where they were living together.
Velu and Chandru saw a photo of Divya first.Divya was posing in front of her room.The door had Divya's name in it.
  Chandru says "I think Shakthi had taken this photo in Divya's house"
Velu nodded in positive.
Then they saw a photo of both near a door which had Shakthi's name in similar style as Divya's name.
Then they started seeing everything in the photos except their children.It was obvious tht they were staying in the same house.
It was a shock for them.Both the ladies came near them to see what they were looking at. Bagya sensed what was wrong from her husband's shocked face.Viji though understood,she refused to believe what she saw.
  Chandru "What is this Velu? I dont understand were they both in luv with each other b4 we proposed?"
Velu was in shock to answer.
   Bagya "No I dont think so."
   Viji "I cant believe my daughter doing this"
   Bagya "Viji dont get emotional.We will have to ask them first on wat circumstances they lived together."
  Chandru "What is there to ask? If there's any unavoidable situation,they sud've informed us first"
   Viji in tears"Bagya I'm sorry.Even if u stop this marriage now I wont object.I'm ashamed of my daughter"
   Bagya "Dont be stupid.Divya has stayed with my son.If u feel Divya has done a mistake,even Shakthi has done the same.We r equals in tht.So dont feel sorry.
Whatever it may be they r our children.We cant stop luving them just bcos they hid something from us"
  Chandru "Bagya this is not a small thing.I cant digest this.I am disappointed with both."
  Velu "Chandru please we'll have to enquire them why they stayed together.Only aftr knowing the reasons we can judge them"
   Bagya "I will tell my decision.Divya is my DIL there's no change in it.My regards to her will not change after knowing this"
Viji looks Bagya in admiration cos her feelings for Divya has changed.She has doubts about her luv towards her daughter.
 Shakthi and Divya knocked the door.
  Bagya "Please dont show as if we have come to know about their mistake.We can be normal"
  Chandru "Sorry Bagya.I cant do tht.As u said Shakthi is my SIL there's no change in it.But they need to be punished for doing this and hiding it from us"
  velu "Pls Chandru u cannot punish them before asking their side".
  Chandru "Dont worry I wont behave the way my dad did.I want my daughter to be happy.At the sametime I want her to respect our values".
Velu looks unconvinced.
   Chandru explains "Look Velu,we can call us successful fathers only after knowing tht Shakthi-Divya will be successful parents.They will have to bring the children with the same values,we taught our children.Now if we forgive them,they will not bring up their children properly.Shakthi-Divya should be punished for staying until we feel that they regret and realise their mistake."
  Bagya and Velu together "Ok we agree to whatever u say as long as u dont break their hearts".
  Chandru with tears "They r my children too".
Except Viji all seem to have forgiven their children to some extent.
Shakthi-Divya without knowing this eagerly waiting for the door to open to talk about advancing their marriage.
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   Listen to the title song
Title Song[/mp3]' 
Episode 52
  Chandru opened the door controlling all his emotions. Shakthi and Divya entered the room. There was unusual silence in the room.Shakthi-Divya were confused by their silence.
  Shakthi "Mama were u discussing something serious? Did we disturb you?"
Chandru was very much disappointed with Shakthi. He wanted to shout at both of them before seeing them.
  But after seeing them,Chandru was unable to show his anger towards both.In this short term Chandru had developed strong bond towards Shakthi.This had happened without his knowledge. He could feel that he can never hurt Shakthi.Chandru realised his affection for Shakthi just then and it was a pleasure shock for him.So he could not answer Shakthi properly.He said "No"
  Divya "What amma anything serious?"
  Viji was just waiting for a chance to burst.She shouted "How do u want us to be after knowing that u both lived together all these days?"
  Divya was too shocked to react.
  Shakthi "Athai what are you talking about?"
Viji was silent as she did not want to shout at her son-in-law.
  Chandru turned to Divya "Divya i sent u to Singapore as u wished.I had so much confidence in u that I did not even bore you with advices"He paused as it was
a pain to watch Divya's unhappy and defeated face.
  Shakthi interuppted "Mama it was not her mistake.It was not mine too.Let me explain what happened and then u can judge Divya"
   Viji "What is there to judge after listening ur story.Whatever may be the reason I cannot accept.Please dont say these things to Aish.Atleast let her some values"
  Shakthi understood very well that Viji is more wild with him than Divya. To viji it was Shakthi who made Divya forget her values.Like all mothers she wanted to blame somebody else for her daughter's mistake.
  Shakthi "I know u ppl are wild with us.Please listen to our side.let me explain" He said in a firm voice and as everyone was eager to know what had happened they were silent.
  Shakthi took this as an approval to continue with his explanation.
  Shakthi started his version "We met each other as u ppl suggested. We wont say that we liked each other instantaneously.We had our own dreams about our life.
We exchanged our numbers but we did not talk with each other. One late night i got a phone call from Divya.I could not even recognise her voice.I'm saying this cos u ppl should understand that till that point I did not have any feelings for her." Divya was shocked to hear some new story.She just lifted her head to see Shakthi. All other elders except Bagya thought she's reacting for Shakthi saying no feelings for her initially.
 Divya realised Bagya's piercing stares and she imm put her head down,trying to control her emotions.
  Shakthi continued  
"Then after knowing tht its Divya,I knew something serious bcos she is not the type to call a man at late night.Her friend cum house-mate,Vani had left for mom's place in Malaysia for a week. Divya was not aware tht her friend had gone home to hid herself from her ex-boyfriend. That guy had come to Divya's house in search of Vani. Divya refused to open the door and he refused to leave the place. Divya had no choice but to call me.When I went there he was lying in the corridor near the door. Divya was too scared to talk. So I took her to my house and made her stay till her friend comes back"
Viji wanted to ask something.Shakthi stopped her saying "Please athai let me finish"
  Shakthi continued "Divya was relieved to come to my house for that moment. After tht she was feeling for the same values u ppl r talking about.She wanted to inform u about this incident.But I stopped her cos I did not know anything about u and my dad's friendship's depth.And I did not want anyone to think bad about Divya.It was then I felt I had some feelings for her."
   Chandru "But it doesnt seem tht she had stayed with u in an emergency.The room arrangements seem tht u ppl have planned well about living together"
   Shakthi "I havent completed yet mama.I still have some more to tell.We went to our house with an idea of staying in my house for only one night or atleast till she gets a better place.But suddenly the very next day I caught some strong infection and hence I fell sick.She stayed there and took care of me. At the end of those 4 days I did not show much interest in looking for a temparory place for her.Later her friend came back.So I went with Divya to leave her at her place.Divya was wild with her friend for not telling about her boyfriend.when Divya shouted at her friend,she asked Divya to look for
another house.I couldnt tolerate Divya losing her self respect anywhere.So I asked Divya to pack everything.Divya also obeyed as she had started liking me a
lot in that one week.After tht I convinced her to stay in my house separately to understand each other.Divya was feeling guilty and she did not like the idea. But it was me who forced her".
   Chandru "Still I feel what u ppl did is wrong"
   Velu "Yes it is Shakthi but I can understand ur situation very well"
    Viji "The first day was alright.The next day Divya should have gone to anyone of her friend's place"
    Bagya "U both are grown ups.There's nothing like 100% correct or 100% wrong. I can understand u both and ur situation.I just want to say tht I love you both"
Divya hearing Bagya say tht imm ran to her and cried on her shoulders.
  Viji could not tolerate what had happened and she says to her hubby "I am not convinced.All these days I was a proud mother.Now I am ashamed."
  Chandru knew his wife.He believed her values.So he said "Shakthi whatever u say,me and Viji are very much disappointed with ur act.Whenever our kids do
any mistake we dont hit them or hurt them physically.We always believe in punishment which will make them think about their mistake.That will prevent them
from repeating the mistake.Now I feel u ppl have done a mistake.I have a punishment for u both"
Shakthi-Divya were shocked...  

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Episode 53

Divya-Shakthi looked at each other in shock as Chandru started talking.
  Chandru "Until I knew about ur living together I wanted u both to get married at the earliest. But now I want u both to stay away from each other for a

   Shakthi wanted to object.Chandru stopped him saying "This is not for betraying us.Remember parents can never be happy when their children are in pain.This one year is a pain not only for u but for us too."
     Shakthi "Then why should we agree on this when its a pain for all of us? We dont regret on staying together.I feel we understood each other well bcos of this staying together.She knows both my good and bad habits.Infact she is feeling secured when she is with me.This confidence generally occurs much later in arranged marriages.We havent crossed our limits even after knowing that we are made for each other.We wanted to start our life with all your blessings.But We feel guilty for hiding it from u.Now we feel sorry for hiding it from u.We have explained our situation.Now I apologise for hurting ur sentiments and values.Do u still feel that marriage has to be postponed?"
    Chandru "Yes Shakthi I still feel that u both have to be separated for a year. Separation means that u both will not talk with each other,will not mail each
other and no communication thru' common friends too."
Now Shakthi and Divya are even more shocked.
    Chandru continues "In this one year u'll understand y I suggested this.I Know its a bit harsh and rude,but I want u both to prove ur love for each other.Now u both seem to luv each other a lot,but later after marriage when u r in a bad phase either of u might talk bad about each other for the same living together.For eg Shakthi might feel tht Divya is easily susceptible.Or Divya might suspect Shakthi tht he wud've convinced any girl proposed by his parents, to stay with him.this is just to reassure ur love to u both and us"
  Now Velu and Bagya both feels Chandru talks sense.They did not object.
Shakthi and Divya felt what Chandru talks is irrelevant to their case.But neither of them had the guts to object Chandru.
    Chandru continued "In this one year Shakthi should not even know about where Divya is and vice versa.Shakthi u can work anywhere in the world but not Singapore and the same to Divya too."
  Shakthi "But mama.. I have come on 6 weeks leave.My office is in Singapore only unlike Divya.So I have to go to Singapore atleast to get relieved without any problem"
    Chandru "I said u should not work in Singapore just bcos Divya should not know about ur whereabouts.So u can very well go now and look for another job in some other country and then resign ur singapore job.Please as soon as u reach Singapore send all Divya's things to Chennai"
Shakthi is unable to bear this punishment cos he cant even live in a place where he has pleasant memories of their relation ship.
  Chandru "I believe u both will not try to contact each other."
Shakthi is silent.
  Divya is feeling even more bad cos staying away from is one punishment and staying with her parents is another punishment.Her mother seem to behave differently with Divya.Viji's feelings towards Divya seem to have changed.Divya cannot even share this with anyone.She every now and then looks at Viji but Viji turns her face away from Divya. For Divya its a dual punishment.Cry
   But Shakthi was thinking only about his separation from Divya.He wanted to talk about tht to Divya.He walked towards Divya,took her hand,Divya looked at
elders in shock but did not withdraw her hand from him.
    Shakthi to Chandru "mama we accept ur punishment,cos we stayed even before engagement.But now I want to talk to my fiancee. I'm not asking ur permission to talk to her,I'm just informing tht I'm taking her out.Our punishment will be effective from tomorrow. We will come back in 2hrs."
   Shakthi leaves with Divya.
  The way Shakthi talked brings smile in Chandru,Bagya,Velu but not Viji.Chandru notices Viji's expression when Shakthi takes Divya.
Chandru is now worried about Divya-Viji relationship.
He signals Bagaya to come to the garden without Viji's knowledge.
  Chandru to Bagya"Do u think I was harsh on them?"
   Bagya "I felt one year was longer period anna.But ur reasons were genuine.Atleast I felt so."
   Chandru "I said one year just to satisfy Viji.Somehow we'll convince her and fix the marriage in another 6 months.Now I called u to talk to Viji.She is very upset with Divya.I'm sure she'll make Divya's stay in Chennai,a hell. Somehow convince her not to be harsh with Divya.
     And I told Shakthi to resign his job in Singapore cos I didnot want Divya to know about Shakthi's whereabouts.After going to Thenkasi ask Shakthi to decide his career as he wishes.I dont have any rights to control his decisions on his career.Please make him understand that I was a bit harsh with him against my wish.
   If I dont do this then definitely Viji's ego will be affected and that will reflect on her actions.Divya can never enjoy her stay in chennai with her mother and Viji might even show dislikes towards Shakthi.
    I want all of them to have a cordial relationship as we had before knowing this living together .I need this 6 months time to make Viji understand about Shakthi-Divya love for each other.In the meantime I need ur help to make her understand tht Divya hasnt lost her values even after staying together."
  Bagya with confidence and determination "Anna I can understand Viji.Divya is my child too.I'll manage Viji dont worry."

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Episode 54

Shakthi-Divya were in the park.As soon as they reached a private place,Divya dig her face in his chest and cried uncontrollably.
Shakthi let her cry.He thought this is an advantage of being a girl,she can cry and i'm unable to do it.
Then he said "Divy dont cry.Remember I have the  same pain as u.U r crying but i'm not.Thats the difference." 

    Divya stopped crying and asked suddenly "Shakthi y did u say a lie about our living together on circumstances?"  
    Shakthi "Divy,when ur mom is not able to accept this story,what do u think her reaction wud be had she known true arrangement?"
Divya was silent cos of shock.
 Shakthi continued "Imagine if we had told ur mom about 'living together just to know about our compatibility'.We had plans to get separated if we hadnt liked each other.
     Will anyone of the elders accept this?And similarly my parents wud'nt have taken lightly if we had told the truth.Do u think my mom's feelings
for u wud've been the same?
    If we had told them the truth all the elders wud've reacted the same way as ur mom.And Divya this is something intimate between us.We need not explain everything in detail.We owe an explanation to them for staying together.But we need not tell the truth.Sometimes telling the truth might hurt our loved ones.If this lie could save us nothig wrong in saying it.Just imagine if he had told the truth?" Shakthi paused.
    Divya was scared even to think of it.
She asked "How did u manage to tell a lie so soon Shakthi?"
    Shakthi "I planned this imaginary story,the day ur mom praised u for sticking to ur values even after going to Singpre.And later u cried of guilt."
 Divya was moved by his care. He was so thoughtful about her.She felt it's going to be very difficult for her to stay away from him.
They sat in a bench in the park.Shakthi's arm around her shoulder.She was resting on Shakthi.She wished her she cud stay way thru' out her life.
 There was a deep sigh from her.Shakthi understood her feelings very well.He stroked her hair with lots of care and affection.
    Shakthi said "Divya as mama said this is going to be a pain for all of us.We'll have to cross this phase just to prove them about our love"
Divya "Its going be very difficult for me to stay with my mom.She hates me Shakthi"
  Shakthi "She hates me even more for making u stay with me"
  Divya "Is it? Its not fair on her part to hate u for my mistake.Shakthi I cant bear if she's ill treating you."
   Shakthi "Dont worry everything will become alright after this 1 year separation"
Divya dig her face in his chest as she heard the word separation.
   Shakthi hugged her tightly as if he's equally scared of this separation.Embarrassed
    Bagya forced Viji for a walk.Viji said "Thank god,Aish was not here when these things happened.If she asks about cancelling the marriage,I dont know
what to tell her"
   Bagya "Why do u say we've cancelled?We have just postponed.We can tell her tht astrologer suggested marriage after few months.We need not tell its 1 year."
   Viji "Yes tht wud be fine.Even all our family friends who attended engagement will ask about the marriage date and if we say tht we've postponed for one year
they'll not believe."
    Bagya was happy to hear these words from Viji.She said "Ok Viji we can plan for the marriage after 6 months or so.But we need not tell Shakthi-Divya about
this.Tell Aish not to tell Divya cos we want the marriage date to be a surprise for them"
  Viji suddenly "Why did they do this and put us in such a bad situation?"
  Bagya gave a thought look at Viji.She thought this was the correct time to talk to her.
   Bagya "Viji,tell me honestly, when did u start luving anna?"
Viji thinks..and says "I think after engagement i started liking him and after marriage...may be after a month or so I started luving him a lot.Now why
do u ask this Bagya?"
  Bagya "Our Shakthi and Divya liked each other in first meeting.After that both of them hav helped each other in crisis.Dont you think these things wud've
made them fall for each other."She paused for her Viji to think..
   Bagya continued "They dont have any opposition from parents for their marriage.If u had beed in Divya's position and anna in Shakthi's position,dont you
think u wud've believed anna the same way as Divya believed Shakthi?"
  Viji did not answer.She was thinking.
   Bagya continued "Viji we are talking about rules n values just because we were not given a chance to break the rules.we were protected all 24 hrs.We did not get chance as Divya or anyother girl of this generation.You should feel proud of Divya-Shakthi tht they havent crossed their limit even after staying
    They respect us and our values Viji.Understand tht.They have accepted the punishment when they have all the rights to object.They did not even argue. My love for them has grown even more.But u seem to hurt them.They are our childern Viji,we sud never let them down."
    Viji was in tears "Thanks Bagya for making me think.But I'm still wild with Divya.It will take sometime to fade away.She was my fav daughter.I've never had any small doubt in her.But when it comes to Aish I always keep an eye on her.It wud not have been such a blow for me if Aish had done the same.I dont say tht Aish doesnt have any values.She is also a nice girl but she does what she believes.She will not do anything for my sake if she doesnt believe in it.
Thats y always Divy had been my fav."
   Bagya "Still she deserves to ur favourite.U cannot hate her.Divya is hurt cos of ur words.Dont hurt her anymore."
   Viji "I dont know i'm unable to control my words.may be I can reduce or stop talking to her till I become normal."
  Bagya nodded her head in approval,cos she felt silence is for better than hurting words.Smile

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Episode 55

 Shakthi-Divya were walking towards the room from the park.Just few mins left for their final 2 hours.Both were silent and sad.
  Divya asked "Shakthi will u accept the Mumbai offer? cos dad asked u not to stay in Singapore.."
   Shakthi smiled and said "Mama said tht cos u should not know where i stay. Now if I tell u whether i'll be accepting this offer or not,then there's no point
in mama's strong decision.I'm not going to tell u my plans.And I will not ask about ur plans either"Smile
   Divya unable to accept "Shakthi I thought u'll talk with me in this one year. I did not have any idea of following it completely"Confused

    Shakthi "No Divya this time we have to follow them sincerely.I feel if we follow it truly they might reduce tht 1 year to 10 months or 9 months"
   Divya "Somehow I feel its going to very difficult for me.U seem to be ready for the separation.God should give me enough strength to cross this phase"
   Shakthi "Dont worry sweet heart.Everything will be alright.In this one year I want u to be the same egoist i saw in Singapore.I dont want this cry baby.It
doesnt suit u dear"
   Divya understood tht he says this to cheer her up.She just smiled at him.She knew she has become very weak minded after falling in luv with him.Shakthi lived
in her breath,smile,tears,thoughts,words.She was not sure whether she can survive for a year without seeing him or hearing his voice.
   They reached the hotel.By tht time Aish had come back. All the elders tried to be normal.Aish was not aware of what had happened.
   Aish was teasing Shakthi-Divya. She said to Divya "If u both talk everything now,u wont have anything to talk after marriage"Tongue
  They both just smile and are silent. Aish thinks tht Divya is sad cos Shakthi will be going to Thenkasi now.
    Velu says "Ok Shakthi go and freshen up,We'll have to start now"
    Shakthi just looks at Divya's face.Divya seem to control her tears.He feels bad to leave her in tht position.He knows Divya hasnt started talking to her
parents.And she cannot be free with Aish too.He was her only outlet.He cud'nt see her fighting her tears.
    Divya tried hard not to cry cos Shakthi cannot even smile for the one year if she is like this when he leaves.She tried hard to smile at him but she did not succeed.
    It was painful for Shakthi to watch his love looking totally lost.He cannot bear the pain of leaving her in this state.He wanted to be with her for few more mins atleast.He wanted to say bye to her in private.
    Shakthi gathered all his guts and said "Divya come with me.Pack my suitcase when i get ready"
  Divya without waiting for others words imm rushed behind him.Nobody objected.Even Viji felt bad seeing her daughter's face.
  Again Divya cried out burying her face in Shakthi's chest.This time Shakthi was feeling very bad for Divya.He started regretting very much for suggesting
living together.
     He stroked Divya's head and said "Sorry da.It was all bcos of me.I pushed u in this sorrow.I sud'nt have suggested living together"
  Divya cud'nt control crying.She was unable to talk.
   Shakthi did not know how to console her.He said "Please da I cannot be normal,if u cry like this.I'm feeling guilty da." When he said this his voice broke and he stopped talking.Divya was shocked on his reaction and imm stopped crying as Shakthi is very emotional now.
   Divya said "No Shakthi dont feel bad".
  Shakthi with tears "No Divya,I should'nt have suggested staying together"
   Divya "No Shakthi Dont feel guilty for staying together.I enjoyed being with u Shakthi.Those will be my precious moments in my life.I thank you for those
moments Shakthi."
    Shakthi still feels bad.But he's a bit relieved tht Divya is becoming normal.
   Shakthi "Divy try to talk with ur parents da.Dont be moody.I'm very much worried about you"
Divya is silent.
    Shakthi continues"Divy u just think of moments together.Feel happy and fortunate for getting those moments in life.Dont think of this separation"
   Divya "Ok Shakthi dont worry about me I'll take care of myself.U eat properly.Dont go to pub often just to forget these things.Where will I go?".
  Shakthi admires Divy's smartness and care even when she is down.
    He says "I will not go to pub to forget our togetherness my dear.Why would i do tht.They r precious for me too.But I wont skip my parties"
He winks at her.She laughs and hits lightly in his chest.Wink
    Shakthi wants to leave Divya in this lighter mood, So he kisses Divya on her forehead first then on her lips lightly and says "Bye Divy.I'll miss u a lot
sweet heart."
  Divya in a low voice "Me too Shakthi"
He takes his suitcase and goes out of tht room.Cry

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Episode 56

  Velu n co were ready to leave for Thenkasi.

  Divya wanted to get blessings of Velu and Bagya.So she requested them to stand together and she touched their feet.Velu blessed her that She should get everything best in her life.Bagya just stroked on Divya's head.Tht meant a lot.Viji seeing this was trying to become normal and atleast for Aish's sake she wanted to be normal.
    Shakthi went near Chandru,Viji and said "Please take care of Divya."He wanted to say more but Aish's presence prevented him from talking more.
    Chandru understood his feelings and replied lightly "Dont worry Shakthi.Remember she is our daughter.We were taking good care even before u know her"
    Shakthi went near Divya,took hand in his and said in low voice "Bye da.I'll miss u as much as u'll miss me.I promise to take care of myself.Sameway promise me that u'll take care of urself"Smile
   Divya just presses his hand hard as an answer.Shakthi is satisfied with it and gets into the car.Velu n co leaves for Thenkasi.Now Chandru n co have to start to Chennai.Divya with a deep sigh enters the room.Viji,Chandru observes her sigh and they look at each other.Chandru's face showed Divya's pain and
soon Viji's face also reflected the same.But still Viji was not ready to talk to Divya freely.
     They all started to Chennai.On their way to home Divya did not talk with anyone. She did not have the mood to talk to anyone.Whenever any mobile rings she was reminded of Shakthi. Whenever she saw any mobile phone she had the urge to either talk to Shakthi or sms Shakthi.It was now she felt tht its going to be very tough for her to stay even without talking or messaging him.She knew Shakthi wud've felt the same now.
     She pretended to sleep at first but she was fast asleep.Viji was watching her sleeping daughter for a long time.She felt sorry for Divya for the stress and tension she underwent thru'out the day.
     At Thenkasi Shakthi was moody.Velu and Bagya did not disturb him for few days. The silence at home was uncomfortable for everyone.
  Bagya said to Shakthi "Shakthi what r ur plans? When r u planning to join ur office?"
   Shakthi "I dont know.I have another offer in Singapore.I wanted to join tht company for a long time.But as mama had told tht I sud not work in Singapore,
I dont know what to do."
  Bagya "Sorry Shakthi I forgot to tell u about tht.Mama did not mean it seriously.He said tht for Divya's sake.He said tht he doesnt hav any rights to
interfere in ur career.He asked to work anywhere u want".
  Shakthi felt relieved.He wanted to go back to Singapore and wanted to stay in the same house where they both had lived.
 Bagya and Velu were happy to see their son's face becoming bright.
Shakthi from then tried to be normal.At times he went to his dreamland with Divya.But he tried very hard to make his stay pleasant to his parents.
    At chennai Divya joined her Chennai company.She was praised for completing her project successfully in Singapore .
   Her manager said "Divya the client wants anyone of our team members to support the project for one year.Would be interested to go again?"
  Divya would've jumped with happiness if Shakthi-Divya marriage had taken place as planned.But now she cannot go to Singapore.
    Divya replied "No I'm not interested.I want stay in Chennai for sometime"
    Her manager "Ok I will ask anyone of the other member to go to Singapore"
      At home Divya finds it very uncomfortable.Viji talks to her when Aish is around and is silent when Aish is not there.Divya is unable to tolerate this.
She doesnt know when her mother will talk and when she wont.
Chandru observes this but he is helpless.
    At Thenkasi Shakthi starts to Singapore.He has to come to Chennai to board the flight.Chandru is well informed about Shakthi's travel.Chandru goes to the
air port for send off. Chandru could see tht Shakthi has gone down in these 2 weeks. He thought Divya is also dull.
Chandru did not tell his family memebers about Shakthi leaving to Singapore.But as Viji and Bagya talk over phone after Divya goes to office,Viji is aware of Shakthi's movements.
  Shakthi lands Singapore.He entered his house and everything in his house reminded Divya.He went to Divya's room and he dig his face in her pillow.He cud
smell Divya's shampoo in it.He cud feel his eyes becoming wet....

  Ninaivugal Thodarum.....

annoo Senior Member

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Today I've uploaded 2 episodes dont forget to read the episode 56 first
Episode 57

  At Chennai Divya recieves a huge parcel from Sinagpore. Without opening it, she starts caressing it thinking Shakthi wud've touched this.
   Chandru says "Open it Divya.See whether u've recieved everything.We have to inform him before he comes back."
    Divya imm takes it to her room and checks randomly and informs "Yes appa he has sent everything."
    Then she goes to her room and checks the parcel one by one.She was happy to see his shirt in it.
    Divya takes the shirt and hugs it tightly.She feels Shakthi in tht.Till he comes back this will her partner she thought.

    At Singapore Shakthi meets Sree and Vani. He tells everything to them.
  He apologises to Vani "Sorry Vani I did not have any choice other than to damage ur image"
  Sree "Hai jolly hereafter Vani cannot tease me about my image.Well done Shakthi"
   Vani was fuming at Sree.But she turned to Shakthi and said "Its ok Shakthi.Friends r there just to help u in crisis.Though i was not physically present there to help u guys.I'm happy tht my name has helped u.Anyway I'm not going to meet ur parents in future so its not a big issue for me."
  Shakthi "Thanks Vani"
   Vani "Please Shakthi dont damage it any further"
  Shakthi smiled and said "No yaar i wont do it.Dont worry"
   Vani "How's Divya?"
   Shakthi "I dont know.Hope she is fine.She looked totally lost when i left Kodai.I dont know how she's going to manage.Atleast I talk to u ppl freely.But she doesnt have anyone to share with"
  Vani "Hello Shakthi dont feel too much.She was my room mate for the past one year.She is not the kind who shares everything with her friend.She'll manage.U
dont worry about her".
  Sree "Vani u dont worry about Shakthi I can make him happy"
Vani "Sree dont use this opportunity to get free drinks.Shakthi dont go with this Sree to pubs.Its not good"
   Shakthi who was thinking about something all this time said "Sorry Vani. Sorry Sree.This is going to be our last meeting.I will meet u ppl again only with Divya"
  Sree "what Shakthi wat happened? Just for avoiding buying drinks for me.U need not do this.If u want i will buy u da.My restaurant is always full now"
  Shakthi in slight irritation "No da when Divy is living in lonliness,I feel guilty to  enjoy ur company.Till I meet Divya I'll not contact any of my close friends"
Shakthi leaves the place.
Sree and vani feel proud of Shakthi.They knew Divya is equally good.
   Shakthi became very hard from then.He concentrated on his career and only career. He came home only to sleep and wash.He worked even on sundays.He worked till he was too tired to work.The minute he reaches home he'll drop himself on bed and sleep the next moment.
  He was scared to stay awake at home.Their sweet memories haunted him.He worked day and night to keep himself occupied.
  Shakthi's nights if he was awake,were like this.(He assumed Divys's also to be the same Tongue)
     He checked the calender often to know the number months left to meet his sweet heart.
   Bagya and Velu call him thrice in a week.They dont talk about Divya and he also did not have guts to ask anything about her.
  Today he recieved a mail from Velu.He had attached an e-ticket to travel the very next day.Velu had asked him to come on a short leave for 2 weeks.
He did not mention anything about his mom or Divya.
  Few more months were left for their punishment to be completed.He did not know y his dad had asked him to travel now tht to imm.
    Shakthi informed his company about 2 weeks leave and his emergency travel. His flight is next day morning.He cud not sleep.He was thinking about his Divya.
He was thinking about his previous travel with Divya...

Now the flash back is complete guys. Hope u all enjoyed it.

From now no ninaivugal...  
  Nadappugal thodarum....

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Episode 58
  Shakthi recd a fax from his dad's friend. It was a print out of e-check-in. He wondered why his dad is taking so much pain in e-ticket,e-checkin etc.
  That print out had mentioned only a hand luggage.He had smiled seeing tht cos he had planned to travel with hand-luggage only.He took a photocopy of the
print out and made his baggage ready.

    He tried to sleep for 2hrs atleast but he cudnt. He was sure everything was fine in his parents place and in Divya's place also.Otherwise his dad will not be doing this e-checkin etc.He wondered whether it was something to do with his marriage.The thought itself made him happy and light.He cud not sleep after thinking about his marriage.
   He bathed and went near the ward robe.He wore his fav Tee. It became his fav after he wore it on the day ,he left for India with Divya.It brought a smile on his face to think about those sweet moments.He felt he cannot wait anymore to see his sweet heart. He dont even know her phone number.All these days he
did not have this much urge to talk with her.Today,now he felt he cannot wait anymore.
   He left the house and took a cab to Air port.He knew it was too early but wanted to go to air port and sit in the same sofa where Divya sat next to him with her head on his shoulders. He missed those moments a lot.He wanted to think about those moments from the same place.
 He reached the air port.The travel to air port seemed much longer than the usual.He felt the time is moving slow.He walked towards the departure.
  When he crossed the arrival lounge,he was reminded of his visit to air port with Divya for the first time to recive the 5 orphaned kids.He thought about their trip together to Sentosa.He knew tht he has was in luv with her during tht time and knew Divya's feelings for him too.But both had ego to accept the fact.
  Checkout this for their Sentosa trip.Very romantic... 

   If only had anyone told his/her feelings,then they wud've  told a positive answer to their parents.Their parents wud've definitely arranged a imm marriage soon.He had unnecessary thoughts disturbing him and his craving to see Divya was becoming unbearable.

    Now he lost the small smiles he had in the early morning.He felt his luv for Divya is too much to bear at the moment.He went to the boarding lounge to find the same place where they sat earlier.
    He expected tht sofa to be empty but no luck some girl was sitting there with a book in her hand.She was sitting in the place where he had sat the last time.Anyway he wanted to sit where Divya sat,which was empty.But when there were so many seats empty and if he chose to sit near a girl,tht will look wierd.
So he wanted to ask tht girl to move to another one.
   He was not sure how tht girl will react.With a slight tension he said "Excuse me madam"
That girl took the book away from her face.
   He was too shocked to react because it was his sweet Divya sitting there. She was equally shocked to talk.Tears started coming from both the eyes.
  Shakthi pulled her hands and without any second thought she went into his arms,her fav place.
  She cried and asked "Were u staying here Shakthi all these days"
  Shakthi "Yes.Were u staying here all these days then?"
  Divya saw his eyes straight and asked "How long Shakthi?I've been here for the past four months"
  Shakthi "I'm staying here from the day i came back from my holidays"
     They both hugged each other again.For them their togetherness now mattered more important.Shakthi while hugging her felt some difference in her.He separated her from him.
   He saw her from top to bottom and said "Divya u have gone down terribly."His voice broke as he said this.He knew why she's looking so bad.
   Divya with a sad smile "Shakthi havent u seen urself in mirror properly? I can see only bones in ur face"
  Both laughed lightly.Divya again hugged him as if she wants to reassure herself tht its Shakthi,its real and she's not dreaming.
   For Shakthi, who was longing for her touch all these days esp today from the morning it felt like heaven.
  Both have got their heaven back.Now they know the difference between heaven and hell.
  Shakthi was stroking Divya as she hugged him.
  Suddenly Shakthi tried to take her arms away from him as if he has seen something.
  Divya trying to hold him again"No Shakthi,I want to hug u till i'm convinced that this is real"
  Shakthi still trying to resist her "No Divya mama.appa..."
  Before he cud complete his sentence,Divya in peak irritation "Ask them to go to hell"
A voice replied her "Why?For suggesting Shakthi to u,Divya?
  Divya turned quickly in a shock cos it was Chandru standing there smiling at her.
Viji,Bagya,Velu were standing with tears in eyes and smile in their face.

 Nadappugal thodarum.....

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