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Episode 43
  Location: Mottai maadi,under the watertank.
 Divya and Shakthi were talking their sweet nothings.Divya's head rested on Shakthi's shoulders.He was stroking her hair.She felt like heaven.
   Divya in a dreamy mood "Shakthi..."
   Shakthi in a dreamy mood too "hmmm.."
   Divya "Shakthi..."
   Shakthi just as if coming out of his dreams "What sweet heart? u r repeating my name again and again?"
    Divya "Will heaven be like this?"
    Shakthi "I dont know but I dont think it'll be any better than this"
    Divya touched by his response says " I love you Shakthi"
  Shakthi kisses on her forehead as an acknowledgement.
  Divya shows her cheeks next. Shakthi obeys her happily.
  In a few moments Shakthi lifts his head and shooks his head.
    Divya asks "what happened Shakthi?"
    Shakthi "No Divya this privacy is not safe.I dont think i'll be able to control my feelings for u.Pls try to understand and talk somethng serious"
 Divya feels proud about Shakthi.She strokes his cheeks with lots of luv and care.
 Shakthi takes her hand in his "u can do this at the right time not now pls"
 Divya gets her note there. She just laughs lightly.
    Shakthi "Ok. y did u call me here for only this" He points their physical proximity.
Divya stares at him with fake anger,unable to continue her act she laughs a bit louder this time.
    Shakthi closes her mouth with his fingers.Divya without hesitation kisses his fingers.  Shakthi is mesimerised and he cud'nt take his fingers off her lips.
   Then Divya stops being playful and takes Shakthi hand in hers.
    Divya "Ok shakthi I wanted to talk about athai mama to you"
   Shakthi with slight irritation "Omg not again. I saw u talking with my mom.U've told me several times tht u like them wat next?"
   Divya "What Shakthi u r so lucky to get wonderful humanbeing as parents,u never told anything about them"
   Shakthi "Yes I accept they wonderful individuals. But that alone doesnt make them good parents"
     Divya "What do u mean?"
     Shakthi "I said they hav not proved to be good parents"
      Divya  "I thouht I've understood u.Now I dont see y u r talking like this about them"
     Shakthi "Divya, my dad left his job just to be a good son.Did he ever think of his role as a father? U know how bad I felt when we left Mumbai"
     Divya is silent thinking he has a point.
So he continues" I did not any friend in my teenage. U know how much friends mean for a boy in tht age. I did not even hav company to play cricket."
      Divya "U hav a reason to blame ur dad but wat abt ur mom?"
     Shakthi "I like my mom a lot.She can make out my mood just from my walk.But I feel she sud've convinced my dad to settle down in some city atleast for my sake. She uses her psycolgy only to understand them.She doesnt use to change their views"
   Divya with a smile "Shakthi u sud feel happy tht athai had never been selfish though she cud've run her life as her wish"
    Shakthi now sees about her mom differently.He's happy about tht finding.But he didnt show tht out to Divya.He knows if he says tht she'll always have the feeling tht she has a better vision than Shakthi.
     Divya "Again mama also has given u enough freedom to choose ur profession,unlike my dad"
    She xplains him how her dad convinced her to take engg.
    She continues "My dad seem to give enough freedom thts bcos we r doing wat he actually wants"
   Shakthi though not convinced about his dad,doesnt argue anything about this to her.
    Shakthi "ok Divya enough of our chat.We shall go to sleep.Tomorrow is our engagement,so athai wants us to go temple in the morning"
    Divya "So she has told u directly... i think she wud've foundout tht u were the who's making me forget" 
     Shakthi "adipavi atlast u blame me for everything"
  They go to their respesctive rooms with a smile on their face.

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Episode 44
 They go to temple early in the morning.Divya is wearing a maroon with mustard colour border mysore silk,simple jewellery. She was a feast for Shakthi's eyes.Wink
     Divya blushes as Shakthi was staring at her non stop. She just to change the topic "This temple is my favourite temple,Shakthi"
    Shakthi "Hereafter mine too.Cos this is first temple we r visiting b4 marriage"
    Divya and Shakthi pray well to their fav god.
They reach home. Bagya shows Divya her engagement saree and designer blouse.
    Divya in surprise "Athai were u so confident tht we will not reject each other?"
     Viji "We had doubts.Thts y I asked her not to buy this saree before knowing ur wish.But Bagya said if u accept the proposal then this will be ur engagement saree otherwise she said this is just a gift for u"
    Divya liked her pratical and "take it easy" mother in law.
Elders asked Shakthi and Divya to take rest in noon.They wanted Shakthi and Divya to look fresh during enagement.
   They had invited only a few close family friends for engagement. Both Chandru and Velu were not interested in inviting close relatives as they wud always suspect whether its luv or arranged marriage. For Chandru it is a prestige issue. He is known for bringing up his girls with all traditional values.TongueSmile
    Shakthi was dressed in dothi and silk shirt.Divya was dressed up in a yellow silk saree.
    The engagement ended peacefully. Bagya and Velu gift Divya with a necklace,earring set.Divya "Y athai all these?"
   Bagya "Its our practice to gift the girl with gold on engagement".
   Aish seeing the jewellery says "It would have been very good if u had 2 sons. I wud've married the 2nd one".
   Velu in a comforting tone to Aish"Divya is our DIL but u r my daughter.U have more rights than her".
Aish is delighted.
   After dinner Shakthi signals Divya to come to open terraceWink. The elders are aware Shakthi's signals but they decide to ignore it.Big smile
   Shakthi and Divya meet again in open terrace. Today Shakthi was very casual with her. He took her hands in his with confidence.Tongue
   Divya "What Shakthi,yesteday u were so tensed? Today u seem to be so cool?"Smile
   Shakthi "U know engagement means half marriage. So I'm entitled to do half the duties of a husband"WinkWink
    Divya in a teasing tone " My legs r paining so y dont u massage my one foot atleast?" WinkLOL
    Shakthi in a shock "so will u ask me to do this after marriage?"Cry
     Divya "Then wat did u think?Marriage is not a joke"
They laugh.Shakthi suddenly becoming serious,"all these days u were upset about me leaving to Thenkasi.but today i feel bad"Cry
    Divya is also upset now" Shakthi pls stay for few more days"
    Shakthi "How can i say this to my parents? This is not possible Divya"
     Divya resting her head on his shoulder "I will miss U Shakthi"
     Shakthi " Me too sweet heart"EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
They go to their bed early as Shakthi's family is starting to Thenkasi early in the morning.
Next day morning Velu,Bagya pack their luggage and r in living room.
They r looking for Shakthi,his room is still closed.
Bagya knocks the door non stop. He doesnt open the door. Divya who comes there at tht time calls his mobile. Its ringing and he is not picking up.All are tensed ...ConfusedConfused

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Episode 45
Shakthi opens the door,tired.
    Bagya "What happened Shakthi?"
    Shakthi "stomach upset"
    Velu thoughtfully "U did not any outside food yesterday.How come?"
    Viji "Please give him medicine first. he looks tired"
    Chandru "Go Shakthi take rest."
He then turns to Divya who was looking at him speechless all the time.
     Chandru "Divya bring some medicine for Shakthi"
Divya goes to chandru's room and brings a tablet for imm relief.
      Velu "Bagya we need not go today.We shall travel day after tomorrow"
Divya who was crossing living room to Shakthi's room heard this. She was happy but at the sametime was a bit worried about Shakthi.
     She goes to Shakthi's room.He is lying on the bed but awake.
     She gives tablet to Shakthi.She "Is it paining a lot Shakthi?"
     Shakthi with a serious face "Yes Divya.I'm tired walking to bathroom from the morning"
      Divya says "Mama has postponed the trip Shakthi."
      Shakthi "I'll have the tablet and rest for sometime."
      Divya "Ok Shakthi if u want anything pls call me"
She leaves the room and closes the door behind her.
Chandru with some doubt asks Divya "How is Shakthi?"
    Divya "He's still tired appa. He said he'll have the tablet and rest for sometime"
    Chandru "Ok Divya u inform the travels tht Thenkasi trip is postponed to day after tomorrow"
    Divya "Sure appa I'll inform"
    Divya goes to the other room to make a call leaving Velu and Chandru alone in tht room.
    Chandru to Velu "Now I accept Shakthi is very smart"
    Velu "What do u mean?"
    Chandru "Shakthi said tht his stomach is upset so tht we wont be able to check"
Velu was reileved on hearing this as he thought Shakthi was not well.
    So he asks Chandru "How come u r so sure?"
    Chandru "Didnt u observe the happiness on Divya's face when I asked her to inform the travel about cancellation? I feel its their plan"
    Velu " So do u still suspect tht r they hiding something from us?"Confused
    Chandru "I'm not suspecting tht they r hiding something purposely.But there's something beyond our imagination"
Aish is happy tht Velu n co have postponed their trip to Thenkasi.
    She says to Velu "Mama shall we go to MGM theme park.We can hav fun there."
    Divya "Shakthi is not well.we cant plan such picnics"
    Chandru with a little sarcasm "I feel Shakthi will accept this plan,by this time his stomach wud've become normal" Tongue
     Divya understood what his dad says.She doesnt like his comment. She goes to Shakthi's room to complain about her dad's comment.Shakthi was awake in his bed listening to all these things.He just winked at her proving Chandru correct Tongue.But Divya cud'nt digest the fact tht its his drama.So Divya went near Shakthi n slapped him.She was wild with him both for this drama and hiding it from her. All this time she was very much worried about him. Shakthi was shocked.Shocked
     Divya did not want her parents to know about Shakthi's drama.She felt if they know this Shakthi's image will be destroyed slightly. Aish will not stop teasing Shakthi thereafter.     
    Divya in a lower voice,but with anger" U deserve even more.But this is not the right place"  Smile
    Shakthi "Hey what did I do? I wanted to stay with u for few more days.What's wrong in tht?"
    Divya "See Shakthi,ur action should not degrade ur image at my home. I hate if my dad or Aish comment anything about u.Even if they do it in a lighter sense I'm unable to bear it. So please stop such cheap dramas".
    Shakthi is silent cos he is convinced.
    Divya said firmly "Now I'm going to tell them tht u r not well.So u'll have only liquid diet.To prove our act,u'll be staying in the room till evening and
I will not come to ur room till evening"
Both Shakthi and Divya seemed to bother about each other's image.That is what is true love.
  Divya went out and told all the elders "Shakthi is still not well,I've given him tablet.He is taking rest".
   She turned to viji,Bagya and said "Please give Shakthi some liquid diet from time to time".
   She said to Aish "Sorry we cant go to MGM today."
   Velu seeing Aish's face with a little pity says "If not today we'll go tomorrow"
   Aish "Thats my mama.We can go to themepark tomorrow".
Shakthi and Divya met each other in private only at night in open terraceEmbarrassed.They somehow managed to hide their lie to maintain their so-called image. They are not aware tht already both their parents have some doubts about them.Tongue
    Divya was wild with him for sometime,Shakthi cheered her up few konjals,kisses etc...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
They were happy and Shakthi somehow convinced her for MGM trip the next day.
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Episode 46
  They had lots of fun in MGM.Shakthi and Divya went together in all the rides. He helped her in getting in/out all the rides. Divya was holding Shakthi tightly in most of the rides even if they are not scary. Tongue
   There was a lucky draw (3days and 2 nights at Kodaikanal) for people if they were more than five in number.At the end of the day Shakthi,Divya family was lucky to win. Aish was jumping with happiness. But the elders were not at all interested.
    Aish to Chandru n Velu"We shall go to Kodaikanal together"
    Velu "Sorry Aish its not possible now.We can go someother time after Shakthi-Divya marriage".
    Shakthi and Divya looked at each other. They after this MGM rides seem to have become close with each other physically too.Blushing
    Divya felt like heaven whenever she rested on Shakthi's shoulders.
One part of Divya wanted to accept Kodai trip,next part felt it was not fair to go b4 marriage.Smile
Shakthi understood her feelings very well. So he was waiting for the right time to talk about this to the elders.He waited until night after they reached home. Velu n Bagya after reaching home started to pack to Thenkasi.
   Shakthi said "Amma why dont we go to Kodai?"
Velu and Bagya never expected this from Shakthi,before they cud answer Chandru said "Shakthi we hav lots of work.U have asked for imm marriage.So we need
to make arrangements for tht. We'll have to see an astrologer to decide the date and decide abt number of people we r going to invite.So we cant imagine a tour now"
   Shakthi "Mama we can do all these things from kodai.We can plan everything in Kodai.Athai and amma are all the time in Kitchen.So u ppl are not able to
discuss properly.If we go to Kodai they can contribute their ideas also. Auspicious days and availability of manadapams can be checked online."
    Chandru was hesitating " But Shakthi..."
    Shakthi "Mama please I have never seen appa so happy like this.Atleast for his sake we sud go"
Velu was touched as Shakthi for the frst time thinking about Velu's happiness. Shakthi also said this sincerely as he has already changed his opinion about his dad.Though his childhood happiness was lost bcos of his dad,Velu was the one who brought the real happiness in his life thru Divya.He has already forgiven his dad. Chandru cud'nt refuse cos Velu's happiness  was very important for him too.
So they all left to Kodai (instead of Thenkasi) in the morning.
  Velu n family decided to leave to Thenkasi from kodai.
  Divya thanked Shakthi with her eyes. He winked at her as an acknowledgement.Wink
They went till Madurai by train and then to kodai by car.
They got a fully furnished huge suite with three bedrooms and a living room.
Aish and Divya took a room,Shakthi one room and Bagya,Viji the last room.
Chandru and Velu were comfortable in living room.
After reaching Kodai all the others except Divya and Shakthi were tired.So when they were taking rest Divya and Shakthi went for a walk with their locked
in each others. They didnt talk with each other for sometime.Their togetherness seemed to be more than enough.
   Divya breaked their silence as they reached a safe place "Shakthi shall I ask u something?"
   Shakthi romantically "Whatever sweetheart.I'm ready to give u in loads".
   Divya "Please Shakthi be serious"
   Shakthi "Its not fair Divya,I cant think anything serious in this romantic place".He put his arms around her shoulders.Divya initially resisted,but later she rested her  head on him. BlushingHug
    Divya in a low voice "Shakthi.."
    ShaKthi "Yes sweet heart?"
    Divya "Initially I thought I'm lucky to get u as my life partner.Later I was happy seeing ur mom and dad,felt I'm luckier than my friends. Now after feeling
the elders luv and understnading,I doubt whether I deserve this happiness.I'm scared Shakthi. If something goes wrong somewhere,I cant bear to lose any of them"
Divya eyes are moistened when she said this.
Shakthi didnt answer.Divya realising this looked up into his eyes just to see the same fear as hers.
 Divya got emotional even more and hid her face in his chest as if she wanted to get lost in him.Wink
Shakthi stroked her shoulders with care. Then he said "Ok Divya its getting late.Lets go to our room.Dont worry about anything.Our elders might suspect if u look upset. Cheer up.Tomorrow we should take the elders some where out."
Divya and Shakthi leave for hotel.But now both are slightly tensed about their marriage. Day Dreaming
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Thanx guys for ur support and instant comments Tongue

Episode 47
 Divya and Shakthi when they reach the hotel,they find the whole family waiting to have dinner with Shakthi-Divya.Both Shakthi and Divya happily join them.Shakthi and Divya did not feel like talking,for them this togetherness seemed more than enough.Tongue
 They all have dinner together.Then they all sit in the living room. Chandru n Velu in one sofa,Divya-Shakthi in another sofa opposite to chandru n Velu and the rest 3 women in another three seater in between.Aish who is non stop nonsense started  to interview Chandru and Velu about their friendship.
 Chandru "We were staying in the same village,same street we used to spend most of the time together"
 Velu "We went to school together,played together"
When they said this everyone could feel the happiness in their voice.
Shakthi, Divya n Aish became curious to know why did they stopped talking with each other and why that long break.
  Aish asked to Chandru "If u were tht close with him,then why havent u told anything about him all these days?"
Chandru face changed as if someone has slapped him on his face.
Velu was feeling the same pain and his eyes were moistened.
Shakthi and Divya were shocked to know tht there's some untold truth in their freindship.
All the three young people were waiting for the words from their dad's mouth.But they were silent.
Bagya and Viji seem to have known the truth,so they were like why to talk about this now...
  Divya broke the silence "Appa I want to know the truth u both r hiding.Pls tell us becos till now u both were friends but hereafter me and Shakthi are going to share our life together.We cant start our life with some confusion"
 Chandru "I had an elder sister and Velu had an elder brother"
  Velu  "When we both were doing engg final year,Chandru's dad had arranged marriage for his daughter.We did not know tht my elder brother and his sister luved
each other.At the time of marriage they eloped.Chandru's dad cud'nt face it.He arranged people to kill both.But my dad insisted that they should forgive  both.Chandru's dad did not have the heart to forgive.So he continued with his orders to kill.They killed both.My dad cud'nt digest the fact that his elder son is killed.So he wanted Chandru's dad to be punished.Before anybody could punish him,Chandru's dad committed suicide."
Both Velu and Chandru were in tears as if it happened just yesterday.
  Chandru continued "Me and my mother left the village and then I completed my engg.I got a job in Chennai,from then I did not go to vilage"
  Divya "Why did u both stopped talking?"
  Chandru "We went to diff engg college.My friendship with Velu got cut after we left village. I did not want any rememberance about tht unfortunate thing happened.I missed Velu's friendship a lot.I did not have any close friends after tht.He was my only friend who did everything for my happiness.He wud do anything to make me laugh.Wish I had not stopped talking with him" He cud'nt talk after tht cos he became emotional.
 Velu "It was the same with me too.He was only one who understood me very well,not even Bagya.Bagya did everything I wanted just because she luvs me. But Chandru was the only one who can understand the reason for my actions.I need not even xplain why I behaved like tht or why I did tht" Velu told these things
with a pride in his voice.
  Velu continued "I could very well understand Chandru's feelings.He needed a break.I knew even if we dont talk with each other our feelings for each other
will not change.We lived in each others mind to give strength in each n every challenge we faced.If we had lived just in each other heart then definitely
it would have made us weak."
Now the room was silent.Each one was fighting against their tears.
  Chandru "I thank god and one of my clients.I had been to railway station to get an important document signed from my client who was going on a holiday to Kuttralam falls near Thenkasi. Velu was in the same train,same compartment to Thenkasi..."
  Velu continued with a joy "We were very happy and speechless on seeing each other.We just hugged each without saying a single word.Like tamil movie climax I got down from train to continue my journey in life with our friendship"
  Bagya "Though I havent met Chandru anna I've heard him(Velu) telling about the friendship tht spoiled because of a luv marriage.So when I saw him it wasnt
like meeting him for the first time.So my friendship with Viji also clicked instantaneously"
 Viji "Ditto here also".
 Viji turned to the girls and said "Thats y girls always I have insisted about our values and tradition to u.I knew ur dad cannot stand another luv marriage.Now I am really proud of my bringing up,esp Divya".
 She comes near Divya and strokes her head and says "Even after staying away from India my daughter has believed and stood by the values I have taught". She turns Divya's face towards her face and says "you have made me proud.Thank you darling"
 She then kisses Divya on her forehead.Divya cries with lots of guilt.But Divya's tears are misunderstood for the unfortunate luv story of her aunt and
Shakthi's uncle and Velu-Chandru's friendship.But Shakthi understood the meaning of Divya's tears.He for the first time regrets for suggesting  living together...
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Episode 48
  The next day elders decide to cheer up the younger ones. So they all go out for sight seeing.Divya is slightly disturbed cos of her mom's trust in Divy (not bcos of flashback).She is unable to become normal. Shakthi, Divya, Aish seem to have taken the flashback lightly.
They all wanted the future to be pleasant for tht they'll have to stop thinking or talking about the past.
  First they go to a restuarant to have break fast. There they happen to see a family with a girl of Aish's age. Aish becomes friendly with her. Tht girl also like Aish had started feeling the elders company boring.Aish senses this.
  Aish says her dad "Appa it'll be nice to have their company"
  Chandru "Not now Aish. We are here to discuss about Divya-Shakthi marriage arrangements"
Aish is disappointed.
   Chandru on seeing tht "If u wish u can go with them"
   Chandru goes and talks with tht girl's dad. He is very friendly.He accepts to take Aish for sightseeing and promises to leave Aish in Chandru's hotel in evening"
The elders and Shakthi-Divy all go to park to talk about marriage without any disturbance.
Marriage Venue:Tirunelveli a town few kilometers away from Thenkasi.
Date: Exactly 2 months from tht day.
Shakthi and Divya felt 2 months was a longer period.
  Shakthi to elders"Mama is there any auspicious day b4 tht?"
   Chandru with a smile"I can understand ur feelings Shakthi,but we need atleast a 2 months time to arrange this marriage"
Shakthi seems to be unconvinced.
   Chandru continues "Divya is my 1st child and u r the only son to ur parents.So in any case marriage should be grand.So we need 2 months time"
Chandru says this in a firm tone tht Divya or Shakthi did not feel like opposing it.
   Bagya "We will start marriage arrangements tomorrow after reaching Thenkasi."
Divya's face becomes even more sad after hearing tht Shakthi is moving to Thenkasi the next day.
On seeing this Chandru to cheerup Divya says "U know Divya me and Velu wanted to come to Kodai for honeymoon.We had planned to get married in sametime.we wanted to come here at the sametime.Our wish got fullfilled just now.So this is our actual honeymoon"
All laugh with full joy.
  Shakthi says "U people r lucky to have a professional photographer to take ur honeymoon photos. Come on amma appa u pose first"
Shakthi starts taking photos of both the couples separately and then together.Divya also became enthusiastic and helped the elders to pose.
All have good time,teasing and praising each other. Seeing both the couples Shakthi and Divya wished to have the same luv and understanding.Definitely Shakthi and Divya r greater lovers than the elders but they r aware of it.The elders r aware of it and they've now started admiring their love for each other.The photo session was over and now Shakthi remembered their final photo session in Singapore.
He wanted to take some photos of Divya in private.
  Shakthi in a teasing tone "Mama when u ppl r here to enjoy ur honeymoon we dont want to be a hindrance to tht" He says this and takes Divya by her hand and leaves tht place.
The elders laugh and admire Shakthi's smartness.
He took her to a private place and started taking photos together.They saw few honeymoon couples.
  He with a wicked smile asked "Shall we take some photoslike them?"
   Divya "What Shakthi r u crazy?"
   Shakthi "Divya many of them get this kodai trip before marriage? pls divya" He tried to hug her.
Divya resisting him "No shakthi pls".She tried taking his arms away from her cos she knew if he asks her with his magical touch,she will obey him.Blushing
  Somehow Shakthi convinces Divya and take few stills with her cheeks on his cheeks,his hands around her waist,his lips on her cheeks etc.
  He says "On the day of our marriage,I'll decorate our bed room with these photos.Even if u r tired on tht day,u'll regain the romantic mood seeing these photos".
  Divya "How come Shakthi u plan about FN so sincerely but not about our life?
  Shakthi "Divya u r mistaken,our life starts from there(FN).So I'm planning from the start".
  Divya "Shakthi u r impossible."
He tires to kiss her,she unable resist accepts the first but imm says "lets go to our room.U r becoming romantic and I sense something dangerous"
   Shakthi "If we go to room its even more dangerous,cos appa,mama will be out till late evening"
Divya realises tht what he says is 100% correct. She holds his hands and goes for a walk in the park.
Divya walks silently in his arms.
   Shakthi breaks the silence " sorry Divya".
Divya understood y he said sorry. She stops walking and turns to face Shakthi.She looks into his             eyes,caresses his cheeks and says"Dont be.I enjoyed being with u as much as u enjoyed my presence.I felt bad cos I have disappointed my mom.I cant imagine facing her,if she comes to know about this"
Divya ended with a fear and tension "what will happen if elders comes to know"
   Shakthi "Divya its a husband's responsibility to save his wife from all crisis,even if she had done something wrong.So this is my headache.They will not know about this anytime.Even if they come to know about it,I'll take care.U dont owe any explanation to anyone.U r mine sweet heart."
   He said this and he puts a hand on her waist,brings her closer "Sweet heart I will never let u down.I'm here to take all ur burdens.Just relax."
   Divya was moved by those words.She kissed him on his cheek,he turned to show his lips and he wasnt disappointed.
After sometime they wanted to go some restaurant or atleast some crowded place,tht seems to be safe now.

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Thanx guys for ur support.Sorry for the delay
Episode 49
 Shakthi and Divya went to the hotel in the evening. Aish also had come back.She had plans to go visit "Guna caves" and other attractions the next day with her new friend.The elders want to stay back in the hote. No one asked about Shakthi-Divy and its obvious tht they want to be alone till they start from Kodai.Shakthi n his family will be leaving to Thenkasi and Divy's family to Chennai.
 Shakthi and Divya did not want to waste even a single minute.They both get freshened and sit with the family for dinner.
 After dinner Shakthi says to Velu "Appa and mama u both can sleep in my room today"
  Chandru "Where will u sleep?"
  Shakthi "I want to watch TV for sometime.I'm not feeling sleepy today"
  Chandru to Divya "R u feeling sleepy or do u want to watch tv?"
Divy "Appa nothing like tht.I'm feeling sleepy.If i dont get sleep I might watch tv". After saying this she sees Shakthi and gives a meaningful smile.
  Velu "Shakthi and Bagya its better if u start packing now.We'll have to start by 6 pm"
  Bagya "Me and viji will do the packing tonight".
   Divya "Ok amma pls pack for me and Aish too. Aish,Shakthi and me will watch tv till u pack"
  Aish "If u want to watch tv with ur lover do it.Why do you want to include my name too? I'm feeling sleepy and I'm going to sleep.Good night"
  Bagya "Divya we understand tht u both want to talk with each other all night. We may not allow u to talk for long hours.But definitely u can talk for few hours.We hav given u permission and we wont disturb u"
All the elders leave with a smile.
  Shakthi smiles at Divya and gestures her to sit beside him.
 Divya sits in the same sofa but not very close. He keeps her hand on her shoulder.She takes it off with a fear and tension,as all the elders are in the next
room only.
 Shakthi "Divya our parents are decent and I know my limits.Pls come near me.Tomorrow we'll be going in different directions"
 Divya sat very close to him as soon as she heard about tomorrow.
Shakthi put his arms around her. He asks in a very low voice "Divya I still remember the moment when u accepted to stay with me"
 Divya also starts thinking of those sweet moments. (For those who've forgotten how Shakthi went crazy when she accepted to live with him )

 Shakthi "U know tht was the most wonderful moment in life till now".He gives a stress to the word till now
 Divya "Y tht till now?".
 Shakthi with a mischevious smile "After marriage I'm expecting more memorable and wonderful moments"
 Divya blushes "oh pls Shakthi"
 Shakthi could resist Divya's anger,luv everything but suddenly he felt the way Divya blushed has turned him on Blushing .He imm took his hands off her.
 Divya was confused by his sudden reaction and asked "What happened Shakthi?"
 Shakthi "Nothing Divya.I feel 2 months is a longer period. I cant manage without seeing u.Shall we go back to Singapore.We shall tell our parents tht our leave got cancelled"
 Divya "I dont know about my proj Shakthi.I dont even know whether my manager will send me to Singpre to support tht proj,we've completed just now.Even in tht case how we say the elders tht both our leave got cancelled.They can definitely findout.Def my appa and athai will find out."
 Shakthi "Then what shall we do Divya?"
 Divya "Anyway I'll  have to join here in Chennai first after my I will cancel my leave and join in Chennai next week.If they send me to Singapore again,u cancel ur leave and come to Singapore asap.Then we'll come for marriage together".
 Shakthi "Thts a very good idea.Ok if they r not sending u to Singapore then wat shall we do?"
 Divya "Simple.Extend ur leave for another 3 weeks.Come to Chennai often to take wedding saree,jewellery etc.Plan a trip every weekend.If they dont extend ur leave then resign it and take up the other opportunity which u got b4 we left Singapore"
  Shakthi "Oh my sweet Divya.U think so well.Any previous experiences in love?"
Divya says a "hey..." and hits him lightly.
They both laugh.
 Shakthi "Divy I want to take u the lake tomorrow.We'll start early in the morning and we can come back around 4 or 5 in the evening.We'll have break fast lunch everything together.Tomorrow we are like other honeymoon couples ok?"
 Divya agrees happily as both have only onething in mind "We should not waste even a single minute"
Shakthi "Ok Divya try to sleep atleast for 3 hrs.I know it difficult but try sweet heart ". He kisses on her forehead and sends her to her room.
He tries to sleep but their moments together haunts him and doesnt allow him to sleep.

   Ninaivugal Thodarum...

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Thanx a lot veda,netra,nallu,ambi,giri and g3 for ur comments and support.

Episode 50 
Shakthi n Divya waited to dawn impatiently.They got ready quickly and before Aish cud leave for sightseeing.Elders were magnaimous to allow Shakthi n Divya for outing till evening. Shakthi was about leave with Divya.
 Chandru teased Shakthi "What Shakthi all these days u were carrying ur camera like kangaroo,now u seem to have forgotten?"
 Shakthi "Mama i did not forget it.We've taken enough photographs.I dont want to waste our time in taking photographs"
  Chandru felt very happy on hearing this.He thought his daughter is very lucky to get a husband who is madly in luv with her.
  Shakthi took Divya near the lake. Shakthi was wearing a designer shirt and Divya a beautiful skirt.
They looked like made for each other.
They've seen honeymoon couples in bicycle ride the previous day.
 Shakthi n Divya both smiled at each other when reached the lake.Shakthi imm got a cycle and took her for a ride around the lake.
  Divya was sitting in the front .Both enjoyed the closeness.It was cold and both forgot their warm clothings.But they didnt seem to need any warm clothes.
  Shakthi's as usual had his 3 days old stubble. Divya was so close to him tht her cheeks felt his stubble everytime she turned to say something to him..So she tried talking to him often.
  Divya's hair was still damp,her shampoo smell filled Shakthi's nostrils. A cool breeze blew,Divya felt too cold.So she dig her face in this chest.She could smell him and it was intoxicating.
 Shakthi shivered as Divya dig her face into him.
He did not have any problem in riding,cos there was no traffic in Kodai,tht too in the early morning.
It was like a dream for both,they both decided not to think about the evening and separation.
In hotel Viji,Bagya were busy packing.Chandru n Velu were talking their good old days.Asih had left with her new friend for sight seeing.
   Velu "Chandru if we wish anything sincerely and if we deserve it definitely we'll get it no matter how long it takes"
   Chandru "What velu u r suddenly talking philosophy like Bagya?"
  Velu "Chandru it was our wish to come to Kodai together,see we got the trip by luck and tht too with the kids."
  Chandru "Yes Velu even if we had planned,we cud'nt have done it any better than this"
  Velu with much enthusiasm "Chandru I want to see all the photos,Shakthi took yesterday.I want a blow up of a snap with all 4 of us alone"
  Viji and Bagya "we will select the one to be enlarged"
All laugh and take Shakthi's camera and laptop to select the photos.
Shakthi and Divya finished their bicycle ride.
They both seem to have become very close even staying away for a minute seemed impossibe.
Divya's eyes were wet with tears.
  Shakthi "Comeone Divy even i'm feeling bad.But we'll have to undergo this we cant escape this"
  Divya "I know Shakthi.But I dont know today somehow I feel i cannot stay away from you".
  Shakthi "What to do Divya? mama said about grand marriage,I cud'nt object"
  Divya "Shakthi Please y dont ask mama and appa for a simple marriage and a grand reception?"
  Shakthi "Hey this seems to be a good idea. But I doubt whether we can convince them or not"
  Divya "Shakthi u can convince anyone.When u could make this kodai trip,u can do anything"
She carressed Shakthi's cheek while telling this.
  Shakthi enjoying her touch "Divy u know how to convince me"
  Divya "Ok then Shall we go the hotel now?"
  Shakthi "Pls Divy give me just one K.I'm afraid we'll not be able to say even a proper bye to each other"
Divya was in the mood to advance their marriage date.So she said "Shakthi if u convince i will give u 10.I can manage the privacy.Now we sud talk with our
parents that is important"
Shakthi follows Divya with a smile.
 In hotel Velu started to see the photos from Shakthi's memory card in Shakthi's laptop,which had Shakthi-Divya photos in Singapore too....Confused

         Ninaivugal Thodarum.....

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