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i am moving it here so that ppl can read the story continuouslyWink

Episode 35

Sakthi and Divya decide to inform their parents about their decision to fly back home.  Sakthi first calls his parents in Thenkasi.  Divya, who was seated near him, could see the nervousness in his eyes.  He was finally going to agree to the marriage their parents had arranged, the same one he had once opposed, but it no longer mattered.  After all, he was getting married to the love of his life. 


Upon hearing the news of their son's arrival, Sakthi's parents were elated, and his dad insisted that he go directly to Divya's place from where he could leave to Thenkasi, the ticket to which would be booked by Chandru (Divya's dad).  Divya was happy that her lover would be with her for a few more hours than she'd expected. 


Now it was Divya's turn to call her parents.  She was a lot more calmer than Sakthi had been a few moments ago.  She received the same responses from her parents as Sakthi's, and everything seemed smooth till Chandru asked if she was with Sakthi.  Divya froze for a second, not knowing what to say.  Her parents would be let down if they found out about them living together.  Her dad's voice snapped her out of the thought.  Just then she realized that her dad was talking about the present time.  Without delaying any further she told him that they had just gotten together for dinner.  Upon hearing this, Sakthi's reaction changed - he couldn't seem to understand if Divya is regretting them living together. 


Silence prevailed in the living room after Divya hung up.  Both seemed to be in their own little world with mixed emotions lingering around.  It was Sakthi who decided to break the silence.  He reached for her hands and advised that she not worry about the past (live in relationship) and think about the future.  Even after his calming words, he could see guilt very much evident in her eyes, but this time with tears glisten them.  While holding her hands in one of his, he uses the other to raise her face up to his.  When their eyes met, "Divya, I loved you more than ever when you accepted my request for a live in relationship. I can never forget that precious moment when you gave me the positive response". 


Tears rolled down her eyes now.  'Sakthi, my decision to stay with you is toiling with my morality.  It has come to the point where I suspect my own ethics.'  Sakthi knew what exactly she meant.  After all it was not part of their culture.  In an effort to calm her down, he gently held her face in his hands, 'Sweetheart, the respect I have for your will not change a tat bit even after us living under the same roof.  What matters the most is the love we have for each other.'  Divya was happy to hear those words, love very much evident in her eyes.  She apologized for being confused. 


Sakthi took this moment for granted and asked Divya for a kiss.  Without any hesitation, Divya took his hand, and planted a kiss on it.  He frowned about not getting a kiss on his face, while Divya just laughed it off and reminded him about their last minute shopping. 


In less than half an hour, they were at the shopping complex.  As they walked in, their hands brushed, and soon Divya's fingers were linked to Sakthi's.  It seemed natural and spontaneous for them to hold their hands now a days.  It wasn't till the wee hours when they reached home after buying gifts for both their parents and Divya's sister, Aishwarya.  They rushed in and started to pack; after all, their journey to Chennai was only a night away.  While packing, Divya could see Sakthi falling asleep on the carpet/ floor itself.  She quickly brought in a pillow and a blanket and tugged him under it.  She then sat beside him and looked at him for a few more moment, thinking how lucky she is to get Sakthi.  She thanked her dad and most importantly God for bringing him in her life.  Soon after she walked to her room and fell asleep.  


Ninaivugal thodarum'.


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Episode 36


The sun struck through the window brightening the room, bringing discomfort to Sakthi's eyes as they lay shut.  Moments later he felt a soft hand jerking him.  As he slowly opened his eyes, he saw Divya standing a forth with a cup of coffee for him.  She looked beautiful as always, with strands of her silky hair covering parts of her left eye. 


Gosh, he thought, how long did he have to wait till she became all his.  Divya waved her hand across his face, and snapped him out of his thoughts.  He then straightened himself up on the sofa, while Divya seated herself beside him.  This closeness brought him happiness and he enjoyed every moment of it. 


While taking the coffee from Divya, he expressed that he be waken up everyday in this manner.  Divya right away informed him about her expectations; that in a week, if she woke him up thrice, then he'd have to accomplish the task for the next there days.  After all, as a man and wife, they had to share everything, be it happiness, sorrow, or even for that matter house chores.  He wasn't surprised by Divya's response, but instead decided to question her.  "So what about the remaining day?  Recall that a week has 7 days Ma'am." 


Divya, in a soft yet a romantic tone, "mmm….honey could you kindly do the fourth day's shift as well.  Please!  I love you da." 


Sakthi's heart melted hearing this, "baby, I can't deny if you use this tone", grinning after completing the sentence. 


Divya could feel the passion/ fire in his eyes and voice.  It wasn't safe for her to be so close to him, at least before marriage.  So she decided to part away, but before she could go far away, she felt a strong grip around her wrist. 


"Sakthi leave me.  We have to pack everything and I also need to make us breakfast".  He could clearly see the uneasiness in her, but decided to bug her anyways.  "Please sit down Divya.  We have plenty of time to pack and plus we can have cereal for breakfast."  


"Then what about lunch?" asked Divya. 


"We'll order", replied Sakthi. 


Not knowing what he wanted to do after they packed, she decided to ask him; "Sakthi, so what will we do after packing? Go out?" 


Sakthi nodded his head in denial. 


"Then what do you plan to do Sakthi?" asked Divya. 


"Well", began Sakthi, "why don't you go wear the tee we bought the other when we lost our keys." 


"Why" questioned Divya.  "If we're not going out, then what is the point of me dressing up Sakthi?"


"Well sweetie, if you decide not to dress up, I'm completely alright with it, in fact double ok with it", said Sakthi, with a wicked smile. 


Divya blushed hearing this.  She didn't know how she was going to handle his naughtiness.  Without much hesitation, she decided to go get changed, and just as she left, she told Sakthi that he was impossible.  Sakthi grinned.  He too went into his room to change. 


Both Divya and Sakthi felt comfortable talking to each other about anything and everything. 


As she was getting dressed, she pondered over Sakthi's plans.  He seemed very mischievous.  Just as she finished applying mascara, she heard Sakthi knock on the door, asking if she was ready.  At last, she was going to find out what he is up to.  She quickly reached to the door and found a smiling Sakthi with a camera on his hand. 


A confused Divya asked Sakthi "why do you suddenly want to hold a photo session Sakthi?"


"When we come back to Singapore, we'll be Mr and Mrs. Sakthi.  We'll no longer be two different souls, but rather one.  I want to capture snaps of this precious moment with my lady love.  Will you pose dear?" 


Divya sighed and began to make faces as Sakthi started to click away.  She too cherished the moment.  Soon Sakthi joined her, and they took many pictures, some with Sakthi holding her shoulders, and some holding each other's hands. 


Sakthi soon took the memory card and uploaded the pictures onto his laptop.  While he was putting the camera away, Divya whined about being hungry. 


"Let's go to Sree's restaurant to eat, and let's also take our baggage with us so we can directly leave for the airport from Sree's".


"That's great!  I'll call Vani and ask her to come to Sree's restaurant", as she said it, she reached for the phone.  Just then Sakthi thought about giving Ashwini a friendly call as well.


Prior to calling Ashwini, he informed Divya.  Hearing this, Divya requested him not to call.  Sakthi was confused, "Why?" he asked; "When I told you about her yesterday, you didn't mind it, but today?"


"Oh Sakthi, nothing like that!  What ever we talked about yesterday is different from this, and please don't call her.  I'll explain everything to you while we are on board". 

"Alright ma'am!  I'll obey you", smiled Sakthi. 


Divya smiled gracefully.  Her smile really got him this time around.  He unknowingly moved towards her.  As he closed in, he was tempted to kiss her.  After all, she was going to be his soon, so she wouldn't mind, he thought.  But his efforts went in vein. Divya tactfully got away and once far away from him, she urged him to book a taxi.  Sakthi frowned yet again, and soon told himself that he would make up for it after marriage. 


Divya loved his mischievousness, unlike what she thought earlier. She nearly felt like giving in but didn't know how she pulled it off in the last minute.  Perhaps if Sakthi tried to kiss her again, she wouldn't resist.  As these thoughts lingered in her minds, she sighed deeply not knowing that a pair of eyes was on her.

Ninaivugal thodarum…..


                         Credit to Annoo for a wonderful story line Clap




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Episode 37

The sun scorched down heating the city during the mid hour of the day.  Sakthi, Divya, Vani and Shree have already gathered at Sree's restaurant.  After greeting each other, Shree called one of his staffs.  As usual, Sakthi was about to place the order on behalf of Divya and himself.  However, to his surprise, Divya beat him this time around by ordering both of their favorite dishes altogether.  He was bolt struck by the fact that his lady love knew him so well, that too in a short span of time.  He never expected this to happen so quickly.  All he could do was look at Divya and smile. 


Divya knew the reason for his happiness, and reached to his side and whispered "So you never expected me to study you well fairly quickly eh?  Ever since the day I confessed my love to you, I could only think about you and care for you dear!"  Sakthi's heart melted hearing this.  He was even more surprised by her ability to read his mind.  Damn, how lucky am I, he thought and smiled broadly! 


Seeing the love birds mingle into each other, Shree waved his hands to capture their attention and said "Hello, don't forget that we're here as well.  You can continue this after you leave Singapore."  Sakthi smiled sheepishly, while Divya felt herself blush in embarrassment.  Soon all four laughed it off, with Shree and Vani giving each other high fives. 


Sakthi and Divya were surprised by the easiness between Vani and Shree.  For once the two weren't fighting and had a fun time.  Wanting to know more about this mystery, Sakthi asked "when did you guys become friends again.  I mean it is really nice to see you two in good terms." 


"Even though we might not be dating anymore, we are still friends" explained Shree.  To add to this, Vani began "I loved him, but due to misunderstandings we broke up, but it doesn't mean that I hate him entirely." 


Their casualness amazed Sakthi and Divya, yet their (Vani and Shree) mind set was a tat bit difficult to be understood, which they preferred not to delve into. 


The waitress brought in the food, and they all began to eat.  Vani soon inquired Sakthi and Divya about when their wedding was going to be held. 


"To be frank, we don't know yet.  We've let it up to our parents.  We might get married soon or we might just get engaged first and then get married later.  As for the time being, we're taking six weeks off since both of us have managed to finish our current projects" replied Divya. 


"So are you guys planning to come back to Singapore?" asked Sree. 


"Well Sakthi's been offered a project by another company, hence he might change companies after coming back.  I'm still unsure about my project.  I might end up staying in Chennai or may have to travel else where."  Her heart ached to talk about a possible, yet a temporary separation.  Those days away from Sakthi would be the toughest for her, and prayed to God to never let it happen. 


Sakthi too remained silent not knowing how he was going to handle the separation prior to marriage.  He was frightened. 


Seeing the two in silence, Sree tried to crack a joke; "Tell your parents that you'd rather have the marriage ASAP or at least the first night.  If I were you, this is what I would demand." 


Just as Sakthi prepared to give a piece of his mind to Sree, Vani interrupted, "Listen Sree!  Divya and Sakthi have good moral values that they abide by, unlike you.  You are too immature to understand things of this sort.  Grow up Sree!" 


Shree was angered by Vani, how dare she, he thought.  But before he could defend himself, everyone else were laughing at him.  As such he kept quiet. 


Soon after, Vani decided to talk to Divya and Sakthi about the issue that has been raised a number of times while she and Divya conversed.  She felt that this was the right time.  "I hope you guys don't mind me talking about this.  I'm well aware of Divya's father's nature and by the way Sakthi portrays his father, it seems as if both of them will not appreciate you guys living together.  It is important not to leak this out."


Silence crept in again, and fear was evident in both of their eyes.  Divya only wished that it was a dream. 


Vani continued, "Oh please guys!  Don't feel guilty about it.  Tell me Divz.  What would you have done if a guy other than Sakthi asked you to accept his living together proposal?  Would you agree to it?"


Divya stared blankly and slipped into a deep thought. 


"See for instance if Sree had been your dad's friend's son, and if he had invited you, would have accepted it?" clarified Vani. 


Divya instantly shook her head in denial. 


Sree could no longer take Vani's insults and spoke out.  "Hey Vani, if you want to scold me, then do it when no ones around.  Why are you spoiling my image, that too in front of my employees?" 


"Sree boy!  Why are you bothered about your image, when you have none!"  replied Sakthi, and then turned to Vani for clarification.  "So what are you trying to say Vani?" he asked. 


"Sakthi, I thought that only Divya was a tube light.  You too?" joked Vani. 


"Please don't change topics Vani.  What exactly do you mean by the last few statements of yours?" questioned Sakthi.  


"Well Divya accepted to live with you because she had already fallen in love with you a long time back.  She wanted to spend more time with you and hence agreed.  However, she was very adamant to accept the fact that she loved you." Vani could see the fear in their eyes slowly fade away, only to be filled with excitement. 


Vani was indeed correct, they thought to themselves and kept quite.    


Vani now turned to Sakthi and questioned him "Tell me frankly Sakthi.  When did you actually fall in love with her?  Before living together or after?" 


What was he to say, thought Sakthi, to lie like he had always done or to tell them the truth.  In the mean time, Sree put up his had like a kindergartner or rather a mad man wanting to say something.   As soon as everyone gave him their attention, he blurted the truth about Sakthi. "Miss Miss!!! I'll answer on behalf of Sakthi.  To be frank, it was love at first sight.  He truly, madly, deeply fell for Divya the moment he saw her during their second meeting, when she went to his office to apologize for being rude over the phone.  His love deepened as he was waiting for Divya's call during their 24 hour bet.  It was a sight to watch his heart shatter when she didn't call him right away" laughed Sree. 


"Alright then!  So if you guys were in love with each other, then why should you feel guilty for what you've done?  First you must learn to believe in your righteous acts, and then only will you be able to face people without feeling guilty.  So be happy and I wish you both a happy and a prosperous married life!" Vani threw her arms out to Divya. 


Tears rolling down her eyes, Divya tightly embraced Vani.  "Thank you for making me realize the reality.  You are my best friend and I'll treasure your friendship forever and ever dear."  She couldn't thank Vani enough for her soothing words. 


To cheer everyone up, Vani teased Divya.  "Oh please don't be so dramatic!  It doesn't suit you at all." 


"No Vani!  Whatever Divya said is completely true!  We really needed those clarifications.  I too would like to thank you for it" expressed Sakthi. 


Feeling left out, Sree asked Sakthi if he had forgotten him. 


"Who are you?  Do I know you" was all Sakthi said.  Laughter took over the moment. 


Ninaivugal thodarum….




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Episode 38


Divya and Sakthi have finally made it to Gate 12, from where they'll board the flight in about 60 minutes.  As they get seated next to each other, Divya rested her head on Sakthi's shoulder and linked her hands to his. Her heart felt much lighter after talking to Vani.  She no longer had to feel guilty about living together, but soon the thoughts about the separation rushed in.  Her eyes glistened in tears. 


Upon seeing this, Sakthi asked "What is making my princess upset?" 


"Sakthi, I don't know if we'll be able to talk freely when we are back in India." exclaimed Divya. 


In an effort to calm her down, Sakthi spoke out "Oh sweetheart, you'll be so busy with all those things we have to accomplish when we get back that those days will fly by quickly."  Even though he was saying this, he himself didn't know how he was going to spend those days far away from her. 


"No Sakthi!  I'm not myself when you're not around.  I can't function well.  I always thought love brought pleasure, but now I know how hurtful it can be.  My love for you is unbearable Sakthi."  Tears rolled down her eyes now. 


Sakthi instantly felt her pain.  After all, he was going through the same emotions; the only difference was that he was able to control it, unlike Divya.  He stroked her hair not being able to speak a single word.


For the next little while, they remained silent enjoying every moment of being close to each other.  However, this pleasurable moment was short lived with Sakthi's phone ringing.  It was Ashwini.  Divya had already noticed the caller ID, and Sakthi was looking at her, not knowing what to do.  "Can I can answer?" asked Sakthi.  Divya nodded her head and asked him to keep the conversation very brief. 


He answered the phone and told Ashwini that they were boarding the plane in 30 minutes.  Not wanting to talk to her any longer, he provided an excuse of receiving another call and hung up. 


Ashwini, on the other hand, couldn't believe this sudden change in Sakthi's behavior.  He used to always put her on hold, if he received another call, but this time, he hung up on her.  She could feel a gap in their friendship.  She blamed herself for her state.  Tears swelled in her eyes.  She was too late, and had no other choice but to move on in life. 

Back at the boarding lounge, Sakthi was pondering over what Divya had to share about Ashwini.  Not able to with stand the suspense, he decided to ask her right then.  "Divya what was it that you had to tell me about Ashwini?"


"Any girl would dread the fact that her lover is loved by another woman.  I mean I don't blame her or you, and please don't think that I'm being insecure.  I just feel that you shouldn't give hopes to her.  So how close were you to her, if you don't mind me asking you this?"  Divya asked now looking directly into his eyes. 

Sakthi still seemed a little confused as to where she was heading.  "Ashwini was among the few who helped me out initially when I joined the company.  We became fast friends and we used to share our problems" said Sakthi. 


"So what did you tell her about me, especially about our first meeting?" asked Divya. 


Sakthi felt very uncomfortable.  With much hesitation, he told her.  "Divya I told her that you were an arrogant and an egoistic lady, and how I could never image to marry you."  Too scared to face her, Sakthi looked down at the floor. 


Anger rose up Divya's nose, yet she felt happy that he told her the truth.  Amidst this mixed feeling, she clarified a few things for him.  "Sakthi, these things are more than enough to make her fall in love you." 


Sakthi was shocked to hear this.  After all, he had told Ashwini a lot more than this.  However, what stung him the most was the time when he told Ashwini that if he had known her really well before meeting Divya, then he would have given a thought about marrying her (Ashwini).  He totally regretted it now, and decided not to share this with Divya. 

"Thanks for the clarification sweetheart.  From now on I'll tell everyone that I'm engaged.  So please don't stress over it anymore dear" Sakthi said in a softer tone. 


The word engaged reminded Divya about something.  She soon reached for a box in her purse and took it out.  It was the same ring box that Sakthi had gifted Divya on the day they were locked out.  "Sakthi, I would like this ring to be my engagement ring.  So please keep it with you till our engagement day" said Divya handing the box over to him. 


It took him by surprise.  "Divya I never knew you had such a thoughtful and a sentimental side to you.  I feel great yaar" joked Sakthi, although he meant every word of it.  Divya slapped his arm. 


Soon they were seated on the plane (Jet airways).  They both watched DDIJ, and enjoyed every bit of it.  "This movie will remain close to my heart forever" said Divya, to which Sakthi replied that he too is becoming sentimental like her.  Divya slapped him on the arm once again.  Three hours passed by very quickly and the plane landed at the Chennai airport. 


As they walked towards the baggage claim area, there emerged an awkward silence.  Both lingered in mixed emotions.  Their minds kept telling them that they would soon be united, yet their hearts couldn't take the suspense of how long they would be away from each other. 


After collecting their luggage, Sakthi scanned through the glass screens and froze for a second in surprise.  Upon being inquired by Divya, he informed her about his parents being there as well.  Even before, this information could register in Divya's brain, Sakthi threw his hands in the air, waving like a 2 year old boy. 


As Divya's eyes turned towards the glass screen, she saw a lady, with a broad smile, waving back (Character enacted by Kuyili).  Behind the lady was a tall man (Ayya)!  Her mouth dropped, and mumbled "oh crap!" 


Sakthi is confused by Divya's reaction and asked her what the matter is.  


"Sakthi, is that your mom?" asked Divya. 


"Yes she is.  What is wrong dear?" replied Sakthi. 


"Why did you not tell me about them coming ahead of time?" tensely asked Divya. 


Not knowing why Divya was so tensed, he told her the truth.  "I myself didn't know about it.  Now what is wrong with them coming to receive us?" Sakthi asked furiously. 

"Oh Sakthi, look at my attire.  I'm not even properly dressed.  What would your parents think of me when they see me in this jeans and T?  God, if I had known, I would have worn a Salwar." muttered Divya totally frustrated. 

Sakthi was really confused now.  "Why is she so worried about her clothing, when it is completely fine" thought Sakthi.  After all, he didn't have any sisters or any girl cousins to know these formalities. 


Seeing her daughter in law tensed, Bagya assumed that it was her presence that was making Divya nervous. 


Once out the exit gate, Sakthi and Divya walked to their parents and greeted each other's parents, before hugging their mothers. 


Ninaivugal thodaurm....


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Episode 39
They reached home at around 6a.m. Aish recieves them with a broad smile. She starts opening Divya's baggage to see wat Div has bought for her. Both the parents ask Shakthi n Divya to get freshen up as they look tired. Divya goes to her bedroom in 1st floor. Divya's dad shows Shakthi his room in the ground floor.
Divya after her bath wears a simple,leaf-green color silk salwar.She looks beautiful in it.Divya is eager to know whether her in-laws liked her or not.Bagya seem to talk with Divya with so much of care and affection. Divya felt that she cannot bear if Bagya dislikes or misunderstands her. Divya started liking her instantaneously.
Both the parents are in the living room chatting. Divya cud make out from their conversation tht not only both the dads but both the mothers also know each other for a long time. She just wonders how come her dad has mentioned about this friendship to her.
It was a surprise for Div to see Shakthi so fresh even after travel. Shakthi sees Divya in salwar for the 1st time.
He is not able to take his eyes off her.Aish to Shakthi "Enough of ur romantic looks.Both the parents r here.mind it". Divya blushes Embarrassed and the
whole family laughs,there was so much of relief in Velu's(Shakthi's dad) laughter.Divya's mom gives Shakthi n Divya a coffee.
Divya sits near Bagya. Bagya asks Divya"Why did u get tensed when u saw me for the 1st time"
Divya is shocked,hence speechless "That..mmm"
Bagya " Divya ur face is transparent and u cannot hide ur emotions so tell me frankly"
Divya looked into her eyes and she knew tht she never lie to her eyes.
She told imm " Athai, as u r seeing me for the 1st time, I wanted to be in a traditional wear and not western wear. I thought u wud disapprove it"
Bagya caresses Divya and says "y to worry for tht. u were not wearing anything tht was indecent or provoking.But I might not approve western wear at Thenkasi."
Divya looks at her mother in law with lots of respect, cos she was so frank and straight forward.
Bagya "Tell me Divya do u like my son?"
Divya in a soft voice says "I'm lucky to share rest of my life with him and every minute I thank god for bringing Shakthi in my life"
Bayga eyes get moistened "Even Shakthi is lucky to get a wonderful girl like u"
Divya is very happy and her fear and tension all vanished hearing this.
Divya cud see Aish getting along well with Velu. He was the only one who listened to Aish's mokkai stories with interest. Cry
Chandru to Shakthi and Divya " Shakthi and Divya pls go and take rest. we will wake u directly for lunch"
Divya and Shathi go to their respective rooms.
Divya calls Shakthi's mob. Shakthi as usual left his mob in living room itself.Velu picks up the phone,sees tht its frm Divya.He with a smile gives it to
Chandru. He goes and gives the phone to Shakthi and says "What shakthi has Divya started torturing u with her non stop calls?" Big smile
Shakthi" Its not a torture mama. Its a pleasure to know tht someone really cares u"
Chandru " Initially it'll be pleasure later on u'll find the same as torture LOL LOL . I'm not scaring u, I'm just practical.Ok u call her otherwise she might
get wild." He goes out of tht room with a lighter mood.
Shakthi calls Divya. She picks up "Shakti,I like ur parents a lot"
Shakthi " Me too.So wat shall we do after lunch? Shall we go out?"
Divya " No. I dont know whether the elders will approve or not.They might have some plans."
Shakthi" ok. Hey u looked gr8 today.U looked like an angel. Good tht u didnt dress up like this in Singapore Wink "
Divya blushed Embarrassed and knew what he really meant. But wanted to hear from him. So in an innocent tone"If I had what u wud've done Shakthi?" Tongue
Shakthi had the urge to see her imm. He wanted to take her in his arms and stay like tht forever Embarrassed .
Shakthi"if u really dont know come to my room imm. I can show u Wink . If u dont hav the guts to come,u'll hav to wait till we get somewhere alone"
Divya wished she cud go to his room imm. But She wanted to stop this conversation as its not good for both.
So asked him to go to sleep and she also went to sleep with a smile on her face.
                   Guys here BGM "yaringu yaroo.. It had been a longtime since we heard it.
    Ninaivugal Thodarum.....
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Episode 40.
They woke just in lunch time. They had lunch together.
Chandru to Bagya " Have u told them abt our plans?"
Bagya " No anna not yet"
chandru to Shakthi Divya" We have arranged for engagement ceremony day after tomorrow"
Shakthi and Divya look at each other and smiled,tht smile had lots of meaning.Wink
Chandru with slight hesitation to Shakthi "Shakthi as we r doing this engagement ceremony in short notice,we are doing it simple,in our house.Hope u dont mind this simple arrangement"
Shakthi "No mama, I dont mind.As we are having marriage imm, there is no point in a grand engagement"Tongue
Chandru,Velu,Bagya all are shocked to hear this as they havent decided about imm marriage.Viji who didnt bother to think about these things asks Divya to take Shakthi to her fav temple.She says "Then go to ur fav jewellery shop.Both of u buy rings of ur tastes"
Chandru coming to his senses gives money to Divya to buy ring for Shakthi.
Velu gives money to Shakthi to buy for Divya.Chandru asks Shakthi"Do u want to use my motorbike"
Shakthi "No.we will go by call taxi. Bye all of u". Divya was dissappointed  as he said no to bike.They go by call taxi.
At home,Velu says" See how smart my son is. He has told us indirectly tht he wants imm marriage" Wink Clap
Chandru "thats alright.see we were not ready for marriage.Till yesterday we were not sure whether both will agree to marry each other or not".
Bagya " Thats wat anna even i'm surprised. when we suggested Divya to Shakthi,his imm response was negative. Now he seem to be head over heels in luv  with her" Confused
Viji "why to talk unnecessary things.Lets arrange for their marriage as Shakthi wishes"
Chandru "Viji I'm happy tht they are deeply in luv with each other,but the depth surprises me" Confused
Bagya "Yes,it is as though they were in luv with each other even before our proposal"
Viji " Now everything is fast in this world, may be this is normal as we belong to prev generation,we feel their luv n understanding is fast"
Velu " Chandru as Viji says we will stop analysing this and we will decide about marriage date,arrangements etc"
Chandru agrees to what Velu says but he still has a feeling that something somewhere is not transparent. Confused
In taxi Shakthi has his hand around Divya's shoulder.  
She "I thought of coming with u in bike.Why did u refuse?"
Shakthi says "U know this is more convienient" and sits closer than b4. Tongue 
Divya blushes but happy "u r spoilt shakthi"
Divya " Do we need to buy another ring for me Shakthi?"
Shakthi " We will buy one and let my mom decide which is ideal for tht ceremony"
Divya " If engagement in day after tom,then will u leave imm after engagement? Pls stay for few more days Shakthi"
Shakthi " I think my parents will plan to leave on the next day of engagement."
Divya "Please Shakthi somehow tell them to stay for few more days"
Shakthi "Lets c" and he caresses Divya's cheeks with luv.  
Divya points the driver and says "Pls Shakthi not here"
Shakthi is delighted cos Divya indirectly has agreed for a kiss Wink.So he takes hand back from her.Divya now takes Shakthi's hand in hers and says"Thank u"
Shakthi "It means tht u'll hav to pay me back with interest"
Divya "What Shakthi all 24/7 u are thinking only about this"
Shakthi seriously "Ok from now I'll not talk to u like this for 24hrs". He takes his hand back from hers.
Divya is very disappointed "Shakthi i wont agree for tht.U'll be leaving in 2 days and I will feel bad after u leave". Wink
Shakthi now with lots of luv puts his hand on her shoulders and says "Thats my girl".
They get down near the jewellery shop. Shakthi buys jasmine flowers for her.Divya gets it happily.
They choose rings for them.Then the next place where Divya takes Shakthi is beach. Wink 
They manage to get a nice private place to sit,chat...etc..

    Ninaivigal Thodarum.....


annoo Senior Member

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Episode 41
 Shakthi and Divya after spending some wonderful moments in beach they go home by auto.
While they were on their way Divya asks Shakthi" Whats ur plan Shakthi after marriage? Do u want to settle down in Singapore"
 Shakthi "Mmm.well, I havent thought about it.Hey I forgot tell u my close frnd is running an ad company in Mumbai.He offered me a job with attractive package.I'm just tempted"
 Divya "I never thought you'll like Mumbai,I'm surprised"
 Shakthi "There was a time when my only dream was to settle in Mumbai"
 Divya with a suspicious look "Y anyone spl is living there?" 
 Shakthi in a teasing tone pats her cheeks Embarrassed" No stupid.I was brought up there till my teenage.After tht we came to village.I didnt like tht place.Always I wanted to go back to Mumbai"
 Divya in a surprise"U never told me tht u were in mumbai"
 Shakthi in a romantic mood "u never asked me sweetheart"
 Divya wanted to ask y they left Mumbai and chose Thenkasi,by tht time they reached home. All the elders will be waiting for them.So she thought she wud talk about this later tht night.
 When she entered living room she cud see Velu helping Aish in her electronics paper.
That was a huge surprise for her. Before she cud ask about tht,Viji asked Divya "Give us the prasadam", as she had asked them to go to temple.
Divya initially didnt understand wat she asked,then she remembered her mom asked her to go to temple first.She thought"my god i forget everything when i'm with Shakthi".

From her facial expressions Viji foundout tht Divya forgot abt going to temple.
Viji was shocked to see Divya forgetting temple,as Divya is god fearing.For Divya the Pillayar near her house is just like her friend.She shares all her joy and fears with him.
 Chandru was happy to see Viji's shocked face,cos hereafter she will have to agree to Chandru's views about Shakthi-Divya relationship.
 Divya did not answer her mother's question instead says"please mom give us dinner we r hungry"
 Viji got the note from her mother tht she didnot go to temple.So without talking about it further she goes in to the kitchen.Bagya who was observing all these things asked Shakthi"Shakthi show me the ring u've bought for Divya"
 Shakthi "Amma,I want to tell u something.When I was in Singapore I bought a ring for her.Today I did not have time to discuss to u .I bought another ring here.Here these are the 2 rings.U suggest which is best for the engagement"
 Bagya looking into both the faces says "The one which u bought in Singapore is apt.I think this is wat u both wanted too.U cud've told me frankly when we sent u in the noon to buy rings"
 Shakthi,Divya smile broadly as an answer.
 By tht time dinner is ready. All had dinner with laughter and fun.Smile

   Ninaivugal Thodarum....

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Episode 42
  After dinner,Divya asks her dad in private "Appa I saw mama helping Aish in electronics...Is mama an expert in electronics?"
   Chandru little confused face asks Divya " What Divya dont you know tht he was a prof in electronics engg in a college in Mumbai? Didnt Shakthi tell abt this to u?"
   Divya getting herself ready for another shock,"No he didnt tell,Then athai?"
   Chandru " she was a gold medalist in psycology.Her father was a collector in Chennai. She was a famous coloumnist in those days"
  Divya now is all the more confused now.Then y did they settle in Thenkasi.She asked the same to Chandru.
  Chandru "Velu's father was like god father for most the families in their village near Thenkasi.He helped people giving financial supp,moral supp.When Shakthi was around 12 or 13 his grandfather's health was bad. So velu according to his dad's wish quit his job just to serve the village people.From then the fights in the village have been reduced considerably. My friend Velu sacrificed his career and happiness for his village people" Chandru got emotional Cry when he said these things about his friend.
   Divya is stunned to hear this and her respect towards her father-in-law increased considerably.She wondered y Shakthi hasnt disclosed any of these things to her . She wanted to ask him about this imm.So she goes to living room to see him. But she sees Bagya sitting with Viji watching TVConfused.On Seeing Divya Bagya gestures her to sit beside her.Divya obeys.Chandru calls viji for something so Viji goes leaving MIL and DIL alone.
  Bagya "What Divya u seem to look confused.Anything regarding Shakthi?"
Divya " Yes.I want to ask u something Athai"
Bagya holds Divya's hand  and says "yes ask without any hesitation"
Divya "Athai I never knew tht u were living in Mumbai.Shakthi did not tell me about this.I dont know why."
 Bagya with a smile "oh thts simple.Did u get tensed for this simple thing? He did not tell u bcos he didnt feel tht its important"
   Divya "He never told about mama's and ur educational BG also"
   Bagya " He always feels tht our education is total waste.He didnt liked the idea of settling in Thenkasi.he had lots of friends in Mumbai.He found it difficult to move with people in Thenkasi.So still he hates village.He doesnt hav any friends there.His only friend was his camera which he got as 13th b'day present.Initially photography was his hobby,later tht became his profession.Thts y he luvs his profession a lot".
   Divya "Athai,How did u manage village life after being in city from childhood"
   Bagya "Nothing matters as long as u r near the man u love EmbarrassedEmbarrassed. U'll understand this after marriage"
   Divya with a little fear "Do u  want us to settle down in Thenkasi?"
  Bagya knew tht Divya like Shakthi did not want to settledown in village. Even Bagya or velu did not have intentions of making them live with them. But Bagya wanted to tease Divya for sometime.
   So she said "Yes Divya r u not aware of it? after marriage u'll be settling down there" Tongue
    Divya "Athai I dont know all these"
    Bagya "Ur father is planning to build a house of ur taste in Thenkasi for u both to live. We dont want to interfere in ur privacy so mama and me will live in our house"
    Divya thought "my god everything is planned i cannot do anything about this"
   Bagya enjoyed Smile Divya's fear and she asked "So r u going reconsider ur decision of marrying Shakthi?"
    Divya imm without thinking "No Athai y should I? I will marry only Shakthi at any cost".
    Bagya now seem to be very happy and satisfied said "Dont worry Divy we will not force u to stay there.We will not force our ideas on you.Ur mama does not believes in forcing the ideas on somebody. Thts y he did not object Shakthi,when he chose photography as his profession"
   Divya thought how her dad softly convinced her to do engg when she had something else on her mind.
   To others from outside it will seem as though Velu is dominating and doesnt give freedom and Chandru seem to give full freedom.
But actually Chandru gives freedom as long as they do what he wanted.Now Divya started adoring her FIL.
    She had doubts whether she will be a wife like Bagya or not.She wanted to talk with Shakthi a lot. Next day is engagement so Viji asked all of them to go to sleep.Chandru and Velu shared a bed room to talk their good old days. Viji and Bagya in one room to talk abt their ssues.So Aish and Divya were in one room.
    All the 3 bedrooms in 1st floor were occupied thts y Shakthi had to stay in groundfloor.CryCry
   Divya wanted to talk with him in private Embarrassed. She waited till Aish goes to sleep.Then she sent a sms to Shakthi asking him to come to mottai madi WinkBig%20smile.Simultaneously she recd the same sms from him.She was happy tht both were thinking alike. TongueWink
   Ninaivugal thodarum.....

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