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FF: Kabhie Kabhie Pyaar Main Epi11 Pg13 3 (Page 6)

safeplacetoland IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 02 October 2007
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Posted: 29 September 2008 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
sure I will....will defily update as soon as i update de oders okay?

safeplacetoland IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 02 October 2007
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Posted: 03 October 2008 at 7:39pm | IP Logged

Episode 5

Recap- Anita is still angry wid Kanya. Kanya and her other friends went bowling.


Kanya and her friends have settled down at a posh restaurant to eat. Shanaya, Kripa and Sonia are sitting with Ayaan, Amit and Sunny. Kanya and Ranbir are left with no option but to sit together.

Kanya- Guys jaldi order kar! Khana khane ke baad mujhe Ani ke ghar jaane hain!

Sonia- Kanya please why are you going behind her when she is so not interested in you then why are you so intend on getting back to her like a tail?

Kanya- Sun please! Ani is my BFF! My best friend in thw whole world. I have to go to talk to her. Bichari bahut upset hain and I am the reason for that. I should have informed her before or asked her to join me and Ranbir. My mistake. I so miss her.

Shanaya- Ayaan tum kya khawoge?

Ayaan- Kuch bhi Shanaya!

Shanaya- Batawoooooooo naaaaa!


Shanaya- Okay Sorry!

Kripa- Sunny baby what do we do now?

Sunny- Matlab?

Kripa- Kuch nahin! Leave it!

Kanya- Ranbir! Will you take me to Anita's place?

Ranbir- Sure thing Kanya!

Kanya- Guys order karo naa!

Shanaya- Okaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!

Kanya- Shanaya just shut up!

Kripa- Yaa! Shan just keep quiet!

Shanaya finally stops talking. They all finalise on what they want and they order their meals.


Kanya and Ranbir are in the car and Ranbir is driving Kanya to Anita's house!! Kanya is speaking to Pammi on the phone.

Kanya- Hey mom I am staying over at Anita's place tonight! Please don't take tension. I will be alright! Bye!

Pammi- Ttheeke! Kal aana ghar!

Kanya- Okay mom. Rakhti hoon.

She keeps the phone.

Kanya- Ranbir I really appreciate you taking me to her place!

Ranbir- C'mon Kanya its my duty!

Kanya- What do you mean by its your duty?

Ranbir- You are my friend and you are a girl.

Kanya- So?

Ranbir- You know that famous line?

Kanya- Kaunsa?

Ranbir- Akeli ladki khuli huwi tijori ki jaisi hain!

Kanya and Ranbir both burst into laughter

Kanya- Arre arre ruko! Anita ke ghar yahi hain. Ruko naa!

Ranbir- Okay. Bye take care! See you at college on Monday.

Kanya- Bye. Plan yaad hain naa?

Ranbir- Sure thing! Bye!

Kanya (getting out of the car)- Bye!

Kanya goes inside Anita's house. She is greeted by her mom. Anita's mom will be referred to as AM.

Kanya- Hello AM!

AM- Hello Kanya!

Kanya- Aunty I want to apologise to Anita.

AM- Kanya beta!! Jao! Andar jao. Pata nahin Anita kya bahwas kar rahi hain andar! Pagal ladki!

Kanya- I am going! Thank you AM!

AM- Anytime beta.

Kanya goes inside to Anita's room. She shocked at seeing her.

Kanya- Anita?

Anita- Tum? Tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho?

Kanya- Anita please reomve that nasty make up and change.

Anita- Why?

Kanya- Ani just listen to me and stop playing around. Lets talk.

Anita- Okay.

Anita goes in and changes into a slacks and loose top.

Anita- What do you want to say?

Kanya- Ani I am sorry for what I did. Ab maaf kar hi do naa!

Anita- Okay. Aur kuch?

Kanya- Yes. I am staying over tonight.

Anita- Okay. Why?

Kanya- Anita tell me why you did all this weird shopping?

Anita- Because I want to fit in?

Kanya- Fit in?

Anita- Yes.

Kanya- But why?

Anita- Everytime I hang out with you guys people stare at me all the time. They make fun of me seeing me with you all. They say hans ke saath kauwa bhi hain.

Kanya- Anita! Aise baathe math karo.

Anita breaks into tears.

Anita- Aisa hi hain Kan aisa hi hain! Sab mujhe nafrat karte hain coz of my silly appearance.

Kanya- Nobody hates you.

Anita- See even Sonia, Shanaya and Kripa hate me.

Kanya- Now ways! They don't!

Anita- They do kanya they keep making fun of me.

Kanya- They don't Ani! They love you. They are just a little crazy that's why that behaviour. They love you just as much as I do. They care about their image that's why they behave like that.

Anita- Sachmuch?

Kanya- Yes.

Anita- Oh. Kanya can you…….

Kanya- Can I what?

Anita- Nothing.

Kanya- Aww! Ab sharmao math. Bata bhi do!

Anita- Can you give me make over?

Kanya- Sure thing….but…

Anita- I knew you would add the but.

Kanya- But only after something fantabulous happens to you!

Anita- Matlab?

Kanya- Anything like getting a 100% in a test.

Anita- That's no big deal. 100%'s in tests are no big deal to me. I get them all the time. I grown out of getting happy for that.

Kanya- Then?

Anita- I don't know Kanya.

Kanya- Surely something will happen.

Anita- If you say so Kanya. Lets go to sleep. I am tired.

Kanya- Sure. Oh mom's calling me. 1 sec.

Anita- Okay.

Kanya goes out of the room to talk to Pammi.

Kanya- Haan mama? Kya? Sachmuch? I am so excited. I will be on my way right away!!!

Pammi- Okay.

She keeps the phone and runs into Ani's room.

Kanya- Anita I have to leave.

Anita- Magar kyun?

Kanya- Emergency situaution.

Anita- Kya hain?

Kanya- Kal college main patah chalega. Please call Ranbir and tell him I wont be going to college with you guys. Byeeeeeeeeeee!

Anita- Okay bye! Pagal ladki!

Kanya was aldready out of ear shot.


Kanya is getting the house ready. Pammi has fallen asleep. Kanya is so excited she cant keep herself from shouting. After everyting looks perfect she lies down to sleep.

Kanya- I cant believe it. I cant believe it he is finally coming. After all these years of wait. My first friend. He is so gonna be here. I seriously cant believe. All these years I have waited for him. Oh my god! I know how he looks but boy he will be so shocked to see me!!! I cant believe it! Kanya tu so jaa. Nahin toh tum unke liye tayyar nahin honge!

Kanya switched off her lamp and goes to sleep.

Scene fades which means the epi is over! Hope you liked it! I want comments. I will try to update the next part today itself other wise tomorrow!


Hope you liked it.


patel12345 Groupbie

Joined: 12 August 2008
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Posted: 03 October 2008 at 7:47pm | IP Logged
cant wait to find who kanya's friend is
so plz update sooon
punjabi.princes IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 February 2008
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Posted: 03 October 2008 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
great update
a new guy in the story?
plz continue soon
safeplacetoland IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 02 October 2007
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Posted: 03 October 2008 at 11:04pm | IP Logged

Episode 6

RECAP- Kanya and her friends dine at a posh hotel. Then she decides to go to Anita's place to spend the night there. Anita explains her probs to Kanya. Kanya promises to give her a makeover if something fantabulous happens to her. Then Kanya receives a call from Pammi and she goes home. Kanya's good male friend is coming.


Kanya has woken up extra early deciding what to wear. He would be here any moment. She looks through her closet and finally finds the perfect outfit.

Kanya- Perfecto!!!

The outfit is

Kanya- Wow I look cool!!!!

Then she looks at a hairstyle book and decides her hairstyle. It is-

Then Kanya wears makeup in a flawless manner. Then she chooses her sandals and sits excitedly in her room.


Pammi opens the door. She greets him and asks him to sit down. Then she calls Kanya.

Pammi- Kanya wo aagaya!

Kanya- Mama aari!

Kanya checks herself once more in the mirror and then runs down. She runs upto him and smiles.

Kanya- Looking handsome……..

Guy- You look gorgeous Kanya. God how much you have changed!

Kanya- So…….

Guy- So…..why are you not calling me by my name? Nervous to meet an international star I guess!

Kanya- No ways!! Okay I will call you.

Guys before she does let me introduce you to the guy.

Drake Bell. Famous actor. Drake Parker of Drake and Josh. Kanya used to stay in USA till she was 5. Then she and Drake were best friends. Even after she moved to India they kept in touch through phone calls and stuff. Kanya knew how he looked coz she used to see his acting and loved his acting.

Kanya- Okay Drake ready to go to college?

Drake- Yes. I couldn't bare the college problem in US. I had so many fans that studying and moving around was impossible. Then I thought I could move to India, partly coz you stay here and I would be able to bond with you and getting into college would be easy.

Kanya- Mmmm. So you were here yesterday. Then you thought we would go to college together.

Drake- Yes.

Kanya- Why didn't you inform me before?

Drake- Coz I wanted to surprise you honey!

Kanya- Sweet! Anyways lets go to college.

Drake- Cool with me!

Kanya and Drake get into Kanya's car and they go to college.


Ranbir has arrived to pick her up. Anita is sitting inside his car.

Anita- So why isnt Kanya coming with us?

Ranbir- She isnt telling me either. Anyways what are your plans for lunch?

Anita- No kyun?

Ranbir- Why don't you go to the caf with me?

Anita- Sure.


Kanya takes Drake to her friends and intoduces him to her friends. Shanaya runs upto him and hugs him.

Shanaya- You are such a marvellous actor! I loved your work in Drake and Josh!

Drake- Thanks Shanya.

Sonia- It is Shanaya not Shanya. I am Sonia.

Kripa- I am Kripa.

Sunny- I am Sunny.

Amit- I am Amit.

Drake- Pleased to meet you guys.

Kanya- Hey Drake there is Ranbir and Anita. Ani! Ran! Come here!

Anita and Ranbir come upto her.

Anita- Drake Bell?

Kanya- Yes Ani that's why I went home yesterday. He is my friend.

Drake- Hey!

Anita- I am Anita.

Ranbir- I am Ranbir.

Drake- Great!

Kanya- Anyways Drake lets go for class.

Drake- Sure!

So Drake and Kanya and the rest of them go to class.


Kanya comes home. Now lets have some song time. Just click the link below to hear. You must-

She starts singing.

mere dil ko ye kyaa ho gayaa, main na jaanooN kahaaN kho gayaa
kyon lage din mein bhi raat hai, dhoop mein jaise barsaat hai
aisaa kyoN hotaa hai baar baar
kyaa isko hi kahte hain pyaar) -2

Then she runs up the stairs and throws her backpack on the floor. Then she jumps into her bag and hugs her pillow tight. Then she runs down sliding and takes a drink. Then she throws the half-drunk can away.

ho sapne naye sajne lage, duniyaa nayee lagne lagi
pahle kabhi aisaa na huaa, kyaa pyaas ye jagne lagi
madhoshiyoN kaa hai samaa, vo jhukne lagaa aasmaaN
Khaamoshi bani hai zubaaN, chheDe hai koi daastaaN
dhaDkan pe bhi chhaayaa hai Khumaar
aisaa kyoN hotaa hai baar baar

Then she runs out of the house and buys flowers. After that she gives the flowers to different people (homeless). Then she throws away loads of money to the people. Then she goes under a tree and carves out her name.

ho aaine mein jo dekhaa tujhko, aayee sharam aaNkhen jhuki
dhak se meraa dhaDkaa jiyaa, ek pal ko ye saaNsen ruki
ab chooDi sataane lagi, raatoN ko jagaane lagi
main yuNhi machalne lagi, kuchh kuchh badlane lagi
jaane rahti huN kyon beqraar
aisaa kyoN hotaa hai baar baar
mere dil ko ye kyaa ho gayaa, main na jaanooN kahaaN kho gayaa
kyon lage din mein bhi raat hai, dhoop mein jaise barsaat hai
(aisaa kyoN hotaa hai baar baar
kyaa isko hi kahte hain pyaar) -2

Then she takes out her mirror and sees her face…then she sees his reflection. Then it starts running. She opens her arms and runs around in the rain, splashing water everywhere. Then she runs further and he comes up from behind and hugs her. When she turns back she realises she was imagining. Then she once again imagines him.


Kanya sees him and runs upto him. She coudnt believe her eyse sight. She wanted to tell him. But she didn't. She knew she coudnt. But she hugs him tight with passion and he too hugs her in the same manner.

Scene fades. Which indicates that the episode is over.!!! Sorry for leaving you in a cliff hanger position but I had too! For you all to guess!


Hope you all liked it!


spate22 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 December 2007
Posts: 11384

Posted: 04 October 2008 at 12:02am | IP Logged
I can't believe you brought Drake Bell into this story?!!!!Shocked I find it strange!!LOL  So is he the one Kanya is excited about in the end or is it Ranbir?!! Or is it someone else?!!  I thought maybe Kanya liked Ranbir?!!Confused  However, I wonder what happens next!!Wink
miss.sonia Senior Member

Joined: 02 July 2008
Posts: 790

Posted: 04 October 2008 at 7:10am | IP Logged
muje esa loyn lagta hai ke kuch galat ho ne wala
like kanu loves drake

Then she runs up the stairs and throws her backpack on the floor. Then she jumps into her bag and hugs her pillow tight. Then she runs down sliding and takes a drink. Then she throws the half-drunk can away.

because she did this after meeting drake
and i know tahat doing this stupid things has
onely on reason loveDead 
sweet cherry IF-Rockerz
sweet cherry
sweet cherry

Joined: 01 April 2008
Posts: 6022

Posted: 04 October 2008 at 7:21am | IP Logged
omg dat was awesome
lets hope anita fall in love with drake lol
continue soon

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