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Dare To Love#1 (DMG) Parts 1- 28 on Pages 150-154

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Hey everybody. Its hardly been a month since I have joined IF and already fell in love with the site. I love reading all the wonderful fanfics that you ppl write so thought that why not share my thoughts in the form of a fanfic with u all. Mind you I am not a writer, this is the first time I am writing something other than the essays at school, so criticism is welcome at all times. Its an AR fanfic coz they are my fav couple and theirs is the only show that i watch on the telly. Hope you like it. 

 Heres the link to the second thread,

Armaan Mallik : Only son of rich parents, spoilt brat, studying to be a doctor at Sanjeevani Medical Institute, College President, has his own gang at the Institute, nobody messes with him and his motto in life; Its my way or the highway. Although all girls are mad about him, he is not in any serious relationship. He respects girls, does not use them or treat them like shit, but he also does not fall for any of the girls charms to entice him. Brilliant student. Sumit Kapoor is one of his close buddies. His best friend is Rahul Garewal.

Riddhima Gupta : Youngest daughter of rich parents. Pampered by her family and elder sister. She used to study medicine in London but got transferred to Sanjeevani Medical Institute at her family's insistence. She is a strong girl who can stand up to people boldly if she feels something is wrong and does not allow anyone to misbehave with her. She is a carefree, independent girl who lives life on her own terms. Boys are crazy about her but she is focused on her studies and believes she has no time for a serious relationship. Her best friend is Muskaan Chaddha.

Sumit Kapoor : A part of armaan's gang at Sanjeevani Medical Institute. One of his close buddies. He met riddhima when they were in school together and since then loves her a lot, he still hopes to have a commited relationship with her and often dreams about her. He has told only armaan about this but he has not mentioned the girl's name.

Anjali Gupta/Joshi : Elder sister of riddhima, convinced her to study in Sanjeevani so they could remain together. Loves her sister a lot and cannot see her hurt. She is married to Atul and is a doctor at Sanjeevani Hospital.

Atul Joshi : He is Anjali's husband and a brother like figure to riddhima. Treats her just like his younger sister and is very protective towards her. He is also a doctor at Sanjeevani Hospital alongwith his wife.

Rahul Garewal : Another member of armaan's gang at college. He and armaan are best friends, they have been together since school and share everything with each other. Secretly likes Muskaan and fights with her because that is the only way in which she will talk to him.

Muskaan Chaddha : She is a student at Sanjeevani Medical Institue and best friends with riddhima. She is very excited as riddhima will soon be joining her college and they can be together again. She hates rahul because he keeps fighting with her for no reason.

Part 1
London Airport.............
Riddhima with two huge bags in tow is fighting a battle with the passersby at London's Heathrow Airport to reach the check - in counter on time while at the same time there is a fierce battle going on in her head with her smart ass irritating conscience("Well Well Well what did u expect that the crowd would just disperse for you and bow down and let the Great Riddhima Gupta pass by, ofcourse not u idiot thats why I told you not to stay up late and party but noooooooo when have you ever
listened to me?" Listen for the last time I said I am sorry, how many times do u want me to repeat myself, i know i should have got up early, I know I should have packed yesterday but I did not, so there is no point in shouting at me now because I cannot change what has already happened, now instead of fighting with me and giving me a bigger headache, you can help me catch the flight." Missy don't you dare blame the headache on me, its because of the nasty hangover that you are so
desperately trying to hide, but failing miserably and for GODS SAKE, the counter is to your left not to your right"). Riddhima for once listened and thankfully made it on time. She even shuddered to think what would have happened if she had missed this flight, not only would she have to listen to a
ranting by her loving elder sister but would also have to bear her conscience's crude remarks.
Sitting confortably in her plush first class seat, Riddhima finally heaved a sigh of relief,"Man, what a hectic week, for one second there I thought that I would never be able to wrap all this work, but thank god now its over. I still can't believe that I could be such a gullible person, or maybe its Angie Di's and Muskaan's terrific persuasion powers that I am taking this drastic step all of a sudden. I mean I thought that I could win the best award for emotional blackmail hands down, but my own sister beat me at my own game and as for my "best friend" I am just glad that I stopped recieving those horrific threatening messages on my answering machine. GOD was Susan scared, it took me three hours of long, detailed explanations before she finally decided not to call the police".
Lying down on her seat, Riddhima decided to get some sleep after staying awake like a zombie for almost a week now. But as soon as she shut her eyes the face of her dean staring at her flashed before her eyes and invariably Riddhima smirked, "Boy, was he shocked when I first told him about my decision to discontinue my studies in my final year. I had to repeat myself almost three times before the message finally sunk in his large head. We had a long discussion on how I should reconsider my decision and not leave the course but I guess my mind was made up. (Hey maybe I am not that gullible after all LOL) All I knew was that I was leaving the city of London and that knowledge gave me immense happiness. I was finally going away from London".
3 years............three long years in London and still she had never been able to call it her home. When it rained here, she always closed her eyes and tried to smell the beautiful scent emanating from the wet earth, but all she could smell was an odour mixed with beer, burgers and cigarette smoke. Now finally, after years she would be able to smell that pungent smell, feel the black smoke on her face, hear the loud honking of the traffic and be at a place which she could call her
home...............Yes she is finally coming HOME.
Meanwhile in Mumbai.................
Armaan was sitting on the steps of the college and trying not to get a headache seeing Rahul pace up and down before him. Finally when he could take it no longer, he got up and stood right behind Rahul.
Rahul turned and nearly crashed into Armaan. Steadying himself, he shouted,"Salle, kya kar raha hai, abhi mein gir jata, dikh nahi raha mein busy hoon".
Armaan rolled his eyes and looked at Rahul rather fiercely,"Adhe ghante se tera tamasha dekh raha hoon. Chal tu raha hai lekin tujhe dekh kar sar mera hil raha hai, sau baar keh chuka hu andar chal, par janaab sune tab na, wo aa jayegi, aaj kuch kaam ho gaya hoga isliye late hogayi, hum bhi to kitni
baar late aate hai, tab......"
Rahul cut him,"Lekin yahan hamari baat nahi ho rahi hai, hum to hamesha late hote hai, lekin Muskaan itne saalo mein aaj tak kabhi late nahi aayi aur......."
Just then they heard the sound of running anklets and both turned to see Muskaan rushing towards them.
"Le aa gayi ab khush, ab to andar chal, ya pure din yahin khade rehna ka irada hai!"
"Arre ruk to sahi, madam se puchoo to zara ki aaj itni late kyu aayi hai?"
Muskaan looked up to see both of them staring at her intently and cursed her bad luck,"Uffho bhagwanji, subah subah aapko aur koyi nahin mila jo is kankhajure ka thopra dikha diya, ab pura din ganda jayega. Pata nahin gate pe khare ho kar kya kar raha hai, andar kyu nahin jata".
While Muskaan was busy cursing, Rahul had a big smile on his face and Armaan had turned his back and went to attend his class. He knew both of them too well, and he just was not in the mood to play mediator yet again.
Part 2


Muskaan ignored Rahul and walking a bit swiftly started going inside, but Rahul came and stood right in front of her smiling widely. Muskaan wanted to punch his face right then and there and wipe that idiotic smile off his face, but thought it better not to lose her temper, specially today, so she managed a small smile which was more of a grimace and ignoring him went ahead.
Rahul was momentarily taken aback by her sudden gesture but recollected himself,"Aye Miss Teekhi Mirchi, aaj itna late kyu aayi?"
Muskaan stopped in her tracks and stared at him. Trying to keep her cool,"Tujhse matlab, mein late kyu aayi isse tero ko kya farak parta hai, tu apne kaam se kaam rakh."
"Mujhe bohut farak parta hai, students ko hamesha time pe aana chahiye, ye koi club ya park nahi hai jo jab mann kara chale aaye"
"Oye phitte mooh, apni bakwaas band kar, bol to aise raha hai ki khud kabhi late nahi aaya ho, dekh mujhe gussa mat dila, subah subah tujhse behas karne ka mood nahi hai mera, samjha?"
"Ha to kyun chapar chapar boli ja rahi hai, ek taraf kehti hai ki mooh nahi lagna, dusri taraf khud itna bolti hai, hai bhagwan, sachhi yeh kitni confused ladki hai"
"Rahul ke bachche, tere bolne ka matlab hai ki main bolti hoon, mera bas chale to mein kya meri patialawali jooti bhi tere se baat na kare"
Rahul was totally enjoying this conversation with Muskaan,"Acha teri jooti ko bhi baat karna aata hai, wow kya mast jooti hai yaar, kaha se li?"
"Urrrgghh Rahul, apni bakwas band kar, dekh aaj na, mera mood bohut acha hai, usse kharab mat kar samjha" And before Rahul could answer, she went inside the class and sat at her seat. Rahul meekly followed her inside and seated himself beside Armaan looking at Muskaan continuously.
"To pata laga aaya ki aapki madam aaj kyun late aayi?" Armaan asked Rahul and immediately doubled up with laughter. Rahul shot him a dirty look but before he could retort, the professor entered the class and the lecture began.
At the end of the day in the last lecture, Rahul saw Muskaan fidgeting in her seat and looking at her watch from time to time. Nudging Armaan he said,"Aaj isse ho kya gaya hai, aadha ghanta late aayi hai aur ab baar baar ghari dekh rahi hai"
"Shayad apne boyfriend se milne jana ho"
"Lekin maine to uske saath aisa koi bhi plan nahi banaya"
Armaan looked at Rahul exasperatedly and chose not to reply. Try as he may he just did not understand Rahul and Muskaan's relationship. He had tried many times to get Rahul to confess his feelings but Rahul just would not budge.
He ignored Rahul for the rest of the class and started taking notes when he saw Sumit beside him with a faraway look on his face."Kyaa kismat payi hai maine, do pagal aashiq ke beech mein na jaane kaha se phas gaya. Aik Rahul hai jo pyaar kam jhagra jyada karta hai aur aik Sumit hai jo bas apni school sweetheart ke sapne dekhta rehta hai"  Muttering to himself Armaan tried to pay attention to what the professor was saying.
As soon as the bell rang Muskaan grabbed her bag and fled towards the exit ignoring the confused look that Rahul shot at her.
Meanwhile at Mumbai International Airport Riddhima was trying to wade through the throng of people blocking her way when suddenly she was lifted in the air and twirled around. Riddhima giggled wildly,"OMG jijs, its so gr8 to see you." Atul put her down and enveloped her in a bear hug,"I missed you so much Ridzie, its been such a long time, you havn't changed a bit except maybe put on a little weight" he added with twinkling eyes."Jijs, how rude, u mean to say that I am fat?' Riddhima asked with a pout. Atul chucked,"No my dear little sis, I think its me who has to work out a bit more to lift you up now."
"Jiiijs, by the way where is di?"
"She had a last minute emergency at the hospital so she could not come"
"What? You mean she did not even come to pick me up after harassing me for so many months to come to India, how could she? I am so not talking to her"
"Really, you promise you won't talk to me?" A voice behind Riddhima asked.
Turning around Riddhima saw her sister with arms open looking at her. She dropped the bag she was carrying and ran to her di. Both of them hugged each other tightly as if assuring each other that this was not a dream.  
Part 3
"Where the hell is Muskaan?". It had been almost an hour since Riddhima had landed and still there was no sign of her best friend. Riddhima was fuming inside, she was muttering all kinds of curses under her breath, ready to give Muskaan a piece of her mind as soon as she got here.
"Ridzie, I told you she won't be able to make it, her last lecture just ended half an hour ago, lets just go home and you can meet her there". Atul tried for the umpteenth time to convince Riddhima while Anjali just stood there silently. She knew how stubborn her little sister was, and no amount of coaxing would convince her to change her decision.
"But jijs she promised that she would be here, lets just wait for a few minutes plssssssssss"
"Pretty Please with a cherry on top"
Anjali looked at Atul amused and he nodded his head smilingly and hugged Riddhima with an "Awww, ofcourse Ridzie, anything for you." Her husband could never resist that babyish face of Riddhima and her sister used it too her full advantage. Anjali had seriously comtemplated on learning this art but
somehow it had never had the desired effect when she did it. She was jolted back to reality when she heard a whining voice somewhere near her knees and looked wide eyed at the scene in front of her.
"I am sorry, sorry, sorryyyyy, pls forgive me, I promise that it will never happen again, pls pls plsssssssss". Muskaan standing on her knees kept apologizing to Riddhima while Atul and Anjali had gone to the carpark acting as if they had no idea who the two crazy girls.
Riddhima looked at her best friend bowing down in front of her and getting on her own knees, hugged her tight. "You stupid, idiot moron, you were supposed to be here like ages ago, do you have any idea how much I have missed you. I have been waiting to hug you, tell you stories, hear your
voice till it resounds in my head".
Muskaan gave a shaky laugh and hugged Riddhima tightly ignoring the weird looks they were recieving from onlookers who were astounded to see two girls standing on their knees and hugging each other.
They finally got up and went to the carpark talking excitedly about tomorrow when Riddhima would join Sanjeevani, and both of them would be together again.
"Riddhima, do you have everything you need?"
"Yes Di!!!!, you know its not like its my first day of college, I have gone to medical school before in London, I know what to take and what to do, so pls stop worrying about me and you don't have to wait for me, Muskaan is gonna pick me up, go with jijs otherwise you might be late for your duties".
Anjali opened her mouth to retort but was dragged by Atul towards the car. Riddhima waved them from the doorway and called up Muskaan.
"Don't worry Anjie, she is not a kid, she will be fine" Atul tried to reassure her.
"I know Atul, but its not the same as it is in London, here medical schools are different, the students are different, they gang up and harass each other, specially the new entrants".
"I know but Ridzie is not a new entrant and she has Muskaan with her, although she does not need anyone to protect her, she can very well take care of herself, GOD help the person who tries to act fresh with her".
Smiling Anjali said,"Ya I guess you are right, she will be fine".
Walking side by side with Muskaan, Riddhima looked at Sanjeevani in awe. She had always been amazed by the huge campus and never had in her wildest dreams thought that she would ever study here. She had only visited the campus when Di was studying there. Even her conscience was excited
and there was a full blown conversation going on in her head.
("OMG, just look at the place, is'int it simply wonderful and you being an idiot thought that you would never make it here. I mean you seriously underestimated yourself missy, I have to hand it to you, lady, you ROCK!!!!!")
Riddhima's thought process was interrupted by a loud shriek. Looking around she saw Muskaan running with her shoes in her hand behind a guy. Riddhima's eyes popped out, seeing the sight in front of her, she ran towards Muskaan trying to stop her.
Armaan who was watching the scene in front of him with half amusement and half irritation froze as he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen come between Rahul and Muskaan. He had never seen a girl like her, dressed in a simple jeans and tee she looked angelic. Forgetting his surroundings he simply stared at her with his mouth slightly open.
"MY GOD, how can anyone be so beautiful? I mean just look at her, she looks so cute and innocent just like a doll..............My doll"
Surprised with his own thoughts Armaan shook his head and tried to clear his head of the weird emotions running through him. What the hell is wrong with you Mallik, you sound as if you have never seen a pretty girl before. Stop staring at her, if she sees you she will seriously think you are mental.
Just then Rahul toppled over, taking Armaan with him and both lay on the ground wincing in pain.
Riddhima saw the two men lying on the ground and felt guilty as it was her push to seperate Rahul and Muskaan, that made them fall, extended her hand towards Armaan.
"Is she extending her hand towards me, does this mean she likes me too, yipeeeeee!!!!! No Dude, you have got to be imagining, why the hell would she do such a thing, she does not even know me. And when did you decide that you "liked" her"
Riddhima watched Armaan sitting on the floor muttering to himself and looked at him with concern. ("SHIT!!!! I hope he did not hurt himself too badly, looks like he bumped his head. Well who told you to push the guy so hard? How the hell was I supposed to seperate them, I mean they were strangling
each other. Well, don't just stand here talking to yourself, go and help him")
Riddhima walked towards Armaan while he just sat on the ground trying to get his heart beat back to 86 seconds per minute.
Part 4

"Ummm, are you ok? I am really sorry I did not mean to push you so hard.......(biting her tongue and correcting herself) I mean push you at all."
Armaan looked up to see where the sweet melodious voice was coming from and looked at Riddhima peering at him with her small beautiful eyes.
"Thump, thump, thump. Ok what is that????? I think it is your heart. Why is it making so much of noise? It sounds as if it is gonna burst right through my body. Stop! Stop! Seriously, this is too much, its making so much of noise, I bet everybody can hear it"
"Do you need some help?"
Just then Muskaan grabbed Riddhima's hand and tried to drag her away. "Oyye, in logon ke mooh mat lag, chal mere saath".
Armaan finally got up and looked at Muskaan dragging her away, impulsively and without thinking he came and stood in front of her and extending his hand said, "Hi, I am Armaan, Armaan Mallik".
Releasing herself from Muskaan's grasp, Riddima smiled at him,"Riddhima Gupta" and shook his hand.
As soon as Armaan felt her soft hands in his, a strange warmth spread through his body and he gave his brightest smile with all his dimples showing and his eyes twinkling.
Riddhima looked in Armaan's eyes and could not move her gaze away from him, it was as if time had stood still for them and both kept looking at each other without realizing where they were. They were bought back to planet earth when they heard loud shouts around them and tearing away their gazes from each other faces looked at Rahul and Muskaan who were yelling at each other at the top of their voices.
"Saale teri to, teri himmat kaise hui mujhe dhakha deni ki?"
"Aise", saying Rahul pushed Muskaan and she fell on the ground with a loud "THUD".
Muskaan was livid now, getting up she started beating Rahul with all her might, it took all of Riddhima's strength to get to stop her. "Ridzie mujhe chor, aaj to main ise chorungi nahin, iski to, samajhta kya hai apne aap ko, aaj to teri shaamat aayegi Rahul ke bachche"
And then it dawned on Riddhima, leaving Muskaan she looked at Rahul wide eyed, "YOU ARE Kankhajura??????"
Riddhima could not believe her eyes, when Muskaan had told her stories of a boy who she had nicknamed Kankhajura, she imagined a boy with lots of hair, maybe spectacles and most probably fat.
"Boy, did Muskaan get it wrong, calling this boy a Khankhajure? I mean he looks so smart and good looking", Riddhima thought in her head while continuing to stare at Rahul in astonishment.
Rahul wanted to jump up atleast 20 feet in the air, he could not believe that Muskaan talked about him to her friends, while Armaan was looking highly pissed seeing Rahul get all of Riddhima's attention.
"Helloooo, does she even know I exist, why is she staring at him like that, he is such a stupid git, why does'nt he go away, hmmmm what should I do to get her attention back at me?" Armaan started ticking off options in his head not even realizing that Muskaan had once again got hold of Riddhima's hand and dragged her to class, and this time Riddhima did not even protest, just staring at Rahul and trying to comprehend what drove Muskaan at giving this Rahul guy such a weird nickname.
Rahul was totally oblivious to Armaan's state of mind and walking up to him tapped him on his shoulder. But Armaan was doing some serious thinking and did not even look up. Rahul had to shake Armaan vigorously by his shoulders to finally get his attention. When Armaan finally looked up, he saw Rahul staring at him with a disgruntled expression and Riddhima nowhere in sight.
"Arre, wo kahan gayi?"
"Kaun Riddhima?"
"Wohi idiot, jisne tujhe Muskaan ke haatho bachaaya, kahan gayi woh?" Armaan started looking around him to find her.
"Oh woh, uska naam Riddhima hain? Acha, lekin woh to class mein........."
Before Rahul could complete his sentence Armaan held his hand and ran towards the class. On entering he saw Riddhima sitting with Muskaan on the last bench. He went and sat at the bench right next to theirs and flashed Riddhima a smile. He almost fainted when Riddhima smiled back at him and ignoring the class kept staring at her with a dazed expression.
"Armaan, Armaan, ARMAAN!!!"
Armaan jolted and looked towards a concerned Rahul. "Teri tabiyat to teekh hai na aaj?"
"Ha, mujhe kya hoga, tu aise kyu pooch raha hai?"
"Kuch nahin, bas subah se tu kuch ajeeb sa behave kar raha hai isliye, jaane de, tune Sumit ko dekha kya?"
Armaan looked around him at the class and realized that Sumit was not present today. "Nahin yaar, meri usse koyi baat nahin huyi, shayad dusre lecture me aayega" and without waiting for Rahul's answer kept giving sidelong glances to Riddhima.
"Ye Mujhe ho kya gaya hai, kyu meri nazar uske chehre se hat nahi rahi hai, uski aankhein kitni pyaari lag rahi hai, aur uske lambe baal, mann kar raha hai ke uske baalon mein apna chehra chupa loon, uske laal gaal, kitne cute hai, aur uski smile, aisa lagta hai ki poori duniya roshan kar degi".
Armaan kept on gazing at Riddhima's perfect face without paying any attention to the professor or the lecture.
Riddhima could feel someone's gaze on her, and turning her head she saw Armaan looking at her dreamily. Riddhima looked at him and could not help but smile. (GAWD, he is sooooooo cute. Wait!!!! Did I just say that. I think you did, infact I am damn sure you did, I can even bet my life, oops I mean
our life on it. But since when did I start thinking of guys as cute?????? I guess a minute earlier. Oh, will you pls shut up, seriously, this talking in my head has got to stop, it is driving me nuts.)
Armaan was ashamed of himself when he realized that Riddhima had caught him looking at her. He sheepishly turned his head away and tried to concentrate on anything but the gorgeous girl sitting just a few feet away from him. Even to himself his actions were weird and abnormal, he had never
felt anything like this before. "Jab usse dekhta hoon to dil ko kitna sukkon milta hai, lagta hai ki bus usse dekhta rahoon". Vigorously shaking his head, Armaan closed his eyes to get rid of his thoughts, but as soon as he closed his eyes, Riddhima's smiling face flashed before them and he hurriedly opened them muttering to himself," If you do not get a grip on yourself you will definitely be on a one way ticket to the best mental asylum, Armaan Mallik, so get a hold on yourself before I am
compelled to bang my own head against a wall".
Strangely Riddhima found herself not minding Armaan looking at her and this shocked her. If it would have been any other guy she would probably have smacked him hard on his face and said the most choicest of curses. "So, why don't I mind this guy looking at me, is it because he is not looking at me in a cheap or disgusting manner, but with a certain respect and awe. Now since when have I been able to discern how boys look at people, seriously I am going mad, I knew all this talking to
yourself would have an adverse effect, and how do you know that the guy is even looking at you, I mean you are in a class of atleast a 100 people, he could be looking at anybody, I tell you Riddhima you need to get yourself checked by a psychiatrist".
Through the corner of his eyes Armaan saw Riddhima muttering to herself,"There she is probably thinking of good medical institutions to recommend to you, hope you are happy now, you big duffer, awesome way of making a first impression".
Part 5

As soon as the bell rang, Armaan practically ran to the exit while avoiding looking at Riddhina so as to not make a much bigger fool of himself. Rahul, by now was completely
confused by Armaan's abnormal behaviour & feeling concerned quickly followed him. He was so worried about Armaan that he ignored Muskaan for the first time since they had met and ran after Armaan to talk to him. Both Muskaan & Riddhima looked at both the boy's retreating backs & felt mixed emotions running through them. Muskaan was shocked that Rahul had not said a word to her, forget speaking to her, he had'nt even looked at her today during the class. Whenever there was a class, he would sit staring at her and make faces to distract her but today he hardly glanced at her.
"Pata nahi kya hogaya he isse, waise to mujhe ulta seedha bolne se peeche nahi hattha, lekin aaj mere taraf dekha bhi nahin. Lekin mujhe isse itni kyun problem ho rahi hai,
mujhe to balki khush hona chahiye," Muskaan was highly confused and had no idea why she was not liking the lack of attention given to her by Rahul, while Riddhima was feeling
a bit disappointed seeing Armaan leave so abruptly, she did not know why, but she thought or rather she had hoped that he would come and talk to her.
"There what did I tell you, he definitely was not looking at you, if he would have, would'nt he come and talk to you now. Thank God you did not go up to him, otherwise you would have made a proper fool out of yourself and that too on the very first day".
"Chal Ridzie, main tujhe pura campus dekhati hoon," Muskaan said trying to divert her mind from Rahul's odd behaviour and more from her odd emotions.
"Hey that sounds cool, tell you what, why don't you go ahead, I will just come from the washroom, ok?"
"Madam, ab tu India mein hai, London mein nahi, teekh se hindi mein baat kar na," Muskaan chuckled.
"Offho, fine tu chal mein aati hoon, is that ok?" Riddhima asked with a heavy English accent.
"Baap re, tu to poori angrez ban gayi hain," Muskaan teased her.
"Hey, its not fair, mein kitne saal baad hindi mein baat kar rahi hoon, thori to problem hogi na, waha London mein kisse baat karti hindi mein?" Riddhima pouted angrily.
"English Babu se, aur kisse?" Saying Muskaan laughed loudly while Riddhima stood highly disgruntled, but she could not stop herself from smiling when she saw Muskaan. These were the things that she had missed the most when she was in London, joking around with her best friend, laughing and teasing each other. Muskaan saw Riddhima smiling at her and calmed down.
"Chal chor, aaj tera zyada mazak nahi urati, ek kaam kar tu, washroom hokar aa, mujhe library mein kuch kaam hain, tu direct wahi aajana, library ka raasta to pata haina, right?"
Riddhima nodded her head and picking her bag went to the washroom while Muskaan headed towrards the library. When Riddhima came out she saw a huge crowd had gathered
in the corridor looking at her. Ignoring the crowd, Riddhima started going ahead but stopped suddenly when a pair of boys blocked her way & a male voice boomed out.

"Aye you, miss new girl".
Turning around Riddhima saw a guy with long hair standing in front of her with a smug look on his face. He snapped his fingers in front of Riddhima's face saying,"So you are the
firangi gal, huh, nice". Riddhima saw the guy looking at her from head to toe and felt her blood boling.

"Riddhima, Riddhima Gupta", she told him through gritted teeth.
"I guess you failed to hear the professor when he called out my name, so I am just informing you that if you wish to speak to me or call me, use my name".
"O Miss Angrez, I don't have time to remember your name, as if I don't have anything better to do, chal ye faltu baat chor aur canteen jakar hum sab ke liye garma garam coffee la, Samjhi?"
Riddhima stared at the guy in front of her thinking where to hit him so that it hurts the most. But her inner voice told her to ignore him and go to the library and not create a scene on her first day.
"Ooho, lagta hai madam ko hindi samajh mein nahi aati, theek hai aaj aapka pehla din hain isliye hum aapko maaf karte hain, Get piping hot coffee for all of us from the canteen, ok?" The boy told her as if explaining to a five year old.
Riddhima knew that if she would continue standing there, she would definitely do something which she might regret later and there was no saying what would be left of this guy standing in front of her, so controlling her anger she turned around and walked towards the library. Just then she felt a hand grab her making her come to a stop roughly. (Ok, this is it, first day or last day, this guy is dead meat now). Turning aroung Riddhima saw the guy holding her hand.
The sound of slapping resounded in the silent corridor and everybody looked at Riddhima who was burning in rage. She took her hand out of the guys grasp and with a dangerous
glint in her eyes pointed her finger at his chest making him back off a bit.

"First things first mister, never ever again dare to touch me, otherwise I swear I will make your life, a living hell".
"What the hell is happening here? Why are all of you blocking the freaking corridor," Armaan suddenly burst into the scene and his eyes popped out seeing Riddhima and Chirag.
Riddhima turned to look at Armaan and unknowingly felt a touch of gratitude that he was there. She did not know why but she felt really happy seeing him, she felt that she had
someone with her.
"What are you upto now, Chirag, I guess last week's warning was not enough, maybe getting you expelled would make you behave," Armaan walked towards them and stood in front of Riddhima blocking her from Chirag's view. Riddhima was surprised seeing Armaan in front of her and the way he stood protecting her from the guy Chirag's angry gaze.
"Listen Mr.President, I did not do a thing, infact it was her who slapped me, how dare she go around slapping people." Chirag said looking daggers at Armaan. He hated Armaan for his popurality and also since he had lost the post of President to him, he kept making trouble so that the dean would get angry on Armaan but it would never work and Armaan would always emerge victorious. This fact pained Chirag a lot and he waited for an oppurtunity to get back at Armaan in some way or the other.
"Chirag, I know you think I am a fool, but I am not going to believe your every concoted imaginary story", Armaan said.
Before Chirag could answer him back, Riddhima
interrupted him."I did slap him and I am not sorry for it, I would love to do it again, this weasel deserves it," Riddhima said looking at Chirag.
Armaan was shell shocked when he heard Riddhima. Man, this girl has some guts, I can't believe she actually hit this stupid Chirag, Damn, can't believe I missed it, I guess she is not just a pretty face but a lot more, I would love to see her hitting him again, hey maybe I should ask her to action replay. No, you baboon, you cannot do that, you are the President, you can't go about asking girls to hit guys and that too in front of you, you are supposed to control this situation not make it worse.
Chirag was fuming, not only had this girl hit him in front of the whole class but had also called him a weasel, he wanted to do something horrible to her but could not with Armaan standing in front of him. He knew Armaan would not leave this oppurtunity to get him expelled since he had been bothering him and the last thing he wanted was another embrassment. So swallowing his anger he looked at Armaan who was still staring at Riddhima incredously.
"There you heard it from her own mouth, what is the meaning of this, you have got to get her punished, is this a way to behave".
Riddhima could not believe this guy, first he orders her around, then he tries to force her and now he is blatantly lying. She turned to Armaan to give him an explanation but he
held up his hand indicating that no explanation was required. Riddhima felt a gush of relief and immense pride when she saw how Armaan believed her, without her having to say
"Dekh Chirag, mujhe bewakoof mat samjh, zaroor tune koi batameezi ki hogi, isliye isne tujhe thappad mara. I am sure you deserved what you got and before I take any action
against you, get away from here".
Throwing murderous glances at both of them Chirag left. Soon even the large crowd that had gathered dispersed thanks to Armaan's presence, although each one looked at Riddhima as if seeing a girl for the first time in their entire life. Armaan grinned knowing why she was recieving such looks, it was hard to believe that she had picked up a fight with the bully Chirag Dave, most would just give up and do whatever he demands unless Armaan was around, nobody had the guts to stand upto him except Armaan. Riddhima started fidgeting when she saw the looks people gave her and regretted losing her temper, but she could not help herself, she still felt angry at Chirag and was glad that Armaan had come at the right moment to salvage the situation otherwise God only knows what she would have done to him, maybe shred him to tiny little pieces and fed him to the street dogs she thought in amusement and smiled.
Armaan saw Riddhima smiling to herself and grinned,"You know, any other girl in your situation would probably be bawling loudly by now and here you are smiling".
Riddhima's smile broadened,"Well, are'nt you glad I am not like other girls, otherwise you would have a hell of a time trying to calm me down". She giggled loudly. Soon both of them started laughing remembering Chirag's expression.
"God, you should have seen his face when I slapped him, he looked as if he would cry", Riddhima added and they continued to laugh while holding on to their stomachs.
"I can imagine, you know I was so disappointed that I missed out on you slapping him, I almost asked you to do it again so I could watch his expression", Armaan confessed.
Riddhima's eyes shot wide open when she heard Armaan, she looked at him laughing, he looked so cute with his dimples, just like a small kid. Just then she heard a voice which made her heart stop and she froze.
Armaan looked up and saw Sumit staring at Riddhima, his eyes shining brightly while Riddhima just stood there as if stuck to the ground looking at Sumit, hardly believing her eyes. Sumit came forward and hugged her tightly, Riddhima jerked in his arms finally waking up and realizing what was happening, she wiggled in his arms trying to free herself and finally managed to do so.
"Oh, um hi Sumit, wh....what are you doing here?"
"Ridzie, I study here".
Riddhima could not believe her ears, it was as if a bolt of lightning had struck her, she simply stood gaping at Sumit. Armaan felt as if the earth had been removed from his feet.
He was speehless, when Sumit had hugged Riddhima, he felt a surge of jealousy pass through him and wanted to tear them apart and take Riddhima away. But he simply stood
and stared at both of them. Sumit nudged him and pointing towards Riddhima mouthed "School Sweetheart" excitedly. As soon as the words registered inside Armaan, he felt a
pain that he had never experienced before, as if he had lost something very precious and a lone tear dropped from his eyes.
Part 6 

"Ridzie, I study here", this line kept resounding in Riddhima's head like a mantra. She could not believe that Sumit Kapoor, the guy who she had been avoiding for so many years now was back in her life and standing before her. For the first time after coming to Mumbai, she regretted her decision and wished she was back in London, atleast she would be away from HIM.
Sumit could not believe his luck. After so many years he was seeing Riddhima and she still looked the same, she was just as beautiful as the day when he had seen her for the last time at the Airport when she was going to London. He was heartbroken when she had left, and could not help rejoicing after seeing her.
"What are you doing here Ridzie? When did you come back from London? Why did'nt you call me? Oh God I missed you so much. You are still the same, just as ravishing when I
had last seen you", Sumit kept talking not even realizing that Riddhima was not replying and had gone very stiff.
Armaan looked towards Riddhima and saw that she had gone completely white. Feeling concerned he placed a hand on her shoulder, "Riddhima, are you ok?".
Riddhima woke up from her reverie and saw Armaan looking at her. She looked at him and felt her body relax. He is here, nothing to worry. Somehow Armaan being there made
her happy and glad. She managed a small smile at him and turned towards Sumit who was blabbering on without realizing that nobody was listening to him.
"Uh, Sumit, I, um, just joined today. I got myself a transfer".
"Really, you mean we both will be studying here together, wow yaar that is so cool, come I will show you around". Sumit extended his hand towards Riddhima in glee.
Riddhima immediately backed off and banged into Armaan. Clutching his sleeve she spoke a bit nervously,"No Sumit, its ok, actually I, um, yeah, Muskaan is waiting for me, will see you around, bye". Saying she ran from there before either of them could utter a single word. Armaan's eyes followed her till she turned left into the corridor and disappeared from sight. He looked at his sleeve where Riddhima had held him and smiled, her touch ignited a glow within him which soothed him and excited him at the same time. He wondered what it would feel like to hold her in his arms, WHAT THE HELL Armaan, what are you thinking, she is Sumit's, remember, Sumit loves her, his school sweetheart who he keeps dreaming about, how can you do this to him, no, she is out of bounds, feed it in your head and stop thinking about her. But she did not seem to like him, a voice reasoned in his head, did you see how she backed off and literally ran away from him. Whether she likes him or not is none of your business buddy, Sumit loves her and that is all
that matters, you cannot hurt your friend, understand mister, his brain told him but his heart was in no mood to listen.
"YESSSS, did you see her, did you? Maine kaha tha na meri Riddhima sabse sundar hain, or woh yaha hain, mere saamne, OMG, I can't believe it". Sumit kept talking while walking beside Armaan, on the other hand a fierce battle was going on between Armaan's brain and his heart. Yes, she is the most beautiful girl ever, STOP thinking about her man. I am not thinking about her, I am just agreeing to what Sumit is saying. Ya right! As if I am gonna believe that. You better coz I am not thinking about her, I am not thinking how pretty she looks even when she is angry, how her cute little nose wrinkles when she is thinking, how her hair falls on her face, how her face lights up when she laughs, how she fiddles and plays with her fingers when she is nervous.
"STOP IT", Armaan shouted suddenly scaring Sumit out of his wits and making him stop in his tracks. Armaan felt like tearing his hair apart, he looked at Sumit apologetically,"Sorry yaar, woh thora sa tension hai, main tujhse baad mein milta hoon, bye". Sumit saw Armaan walking away hurriedly and simply shrugged his shoulders and went.
Armaan walked aimlessly in the corridor, disturbed by his thoughts about Riddhima, he just could not understand what was happening to him. Why did one look at her make his
heart beat so fast and his pulse race so high. There you go still thinking about her, I mean it man, you have gone completely bonkers today, maybe you should go back home and rest this stupid head of yours.
Armaan stopped in his tracks when he heard the shrill scream. Walking back he tried to find where it had come from. Entering an empty classroom his eyes popped out when he saw Riddhima strangling Muskaan who was gasping for air. "God, what was it with this chick, apne first din mein hi do logon ko maarna chahti hain, pehle Chirag aur ab Muskaan, pata nahi aage jaakar kya hoga," Armaan thought. In all these years that he had known Muskaan he had never seen her scared as she looked now when Riddhima finally let her go. "Hmmm, lets see, to listen or not to listen," Armaan was in two minds, part of him definitely wanted to know why Riddhima was hell bent on murdering her best friend and part of him told him that it was rude to listen to two girls chatting about something that sure as hell looked personal. While his mind was contemplating on what to do, Armaan's body had already come to its decision and his legs took him behind the door, hiding him from view.
"How could you so this do me? I can't believe that you of all people tricked me," Riddhima yelled at Muskaan who she had dragged out of the library a few minutes earlier.
"Yaar Ridzie, main to woh.............," Muskaan began not knowing herself how to tackle the situation and calm the angry young woman in front of her.
'Don't Ridzie me, Miss Muskaan Chaddha Angry".
Muskaan knew she was in for it. Riddhima only used her full name when she was mad at her.
"That jerk, moron, idiot person is here, HERE," Riddhima yelled at Muskaan who immediately cowered down.
"What the hell is he doing here, I mean......... aargh, why did'nt you tell me that even he was studying here, I can't believe you, all these years I have been trying to avoid him and
now I have to study with him in the same college, in the same classroom," Riddhima was livid.
"Sorry Ridzie, woh main bhool gayi," Muskaan tried somewhere knowing herself that it would not really work.
"Tu bhool gayi, tu bhool kaise sakti hain, ek 6 feet 100 kilo ke aadmi ko tu bhool kaise sakti hain?"
"Theek hain baba, main maan rahi hoon ke mujhse galti ho gayi, maine jaanbujhkar tujhe nahi bataya, agar bata deti to tu yahan aati kya? Bol mujhe, nahin aati na?"
"Ha nahin aati, kabhi nahin aati agar mujhe pata hota ke Sumit yahan par hain".
Armaan's eyes widened when he finally realized who they were talking about, till now he had absolutely no idea what they were talking about and why was Riddhima so mad. "To iska matlab hain ki Riddhima Sumit ko pasand nahin karti?" As soon as he said this, a strange happiness filled his heart and he wanted to jump around and yell as loudly as he could.
"Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! Big smile She does not like him, she does not like himDancing". Armaan's mind was in full celebration mode, he could not remember when he had been so happy. The
simple fact that Riddhima harboured no feelings for Sumit gave him great joy.
Meanwhile Riddhima had calmed down a bit and sitting on one of the benches held her head in her hands. Muskaan came and sat beside her. Riddhima turned to look at Muskaan when she felt her hand on her shoulder.
"I am sorry Ridzie".
Smiling Riddhima enveloped Muskaan in a hug. Muskaan was glad, she knew Riddhima's anger very well, it came and went in a flash. One second she would be very angry and immediately in the next second she would calm down.
"I am sorry too Muski, pata nahin mujhe kya hogaya tha, when I saw him I just lost it, I am tired of running away from him, I thought that in all these years he would have forgotten me and moved on but he has'nt, you know when he saw me he hugged me, God, I could hardly breathe he held me so tight".
"Jaanti hoon yaar, har baar wo mujhse tere baare mein poochta tha lekin mein taal deti thi, aur maine tujhe isliye nahi bataya kyunki main jaanti thi ki phir tu kabhi wapas nahin
aati, and I was missing you Ridzie".
"I was also missing all of you, thats why I came back but ab kya karoon, wo to phir mujhse chipakne ke liye tayar hain," Riddhima said making a face remembering how Sumit
used to follow her around and irritate her in school.
"Kya karoon kya? Arre wohi kar jo school mein karti thi, usse dekh aur bhaag, waise bhi school mein usse bhaagte bhaagte running champion ban gayi hain". Muskaan could not help laughing when she remembered how Riddhima used to run away seeing Sumit. Once she even knocked down one of their teachers when she abruptly turned around seeing Sumit coming to talk to her. When Muskaan had turned around she found both the teacher and Riddhima on the floor. Luckily, the teacher was a jovial one so he had brushed the incident aside but Muskaan
always had a good laugh remembering Riddhima's embrassed expression.
"Has madam aur has, mujhe is musibat mein fasakar has tu," Riddhima said shooting a nasty glare at Muskaan. Even she remembered that incident clearly, she had not been able to attend her classes for a week before everybody finally convinced her that the teacher did not mind at all.
"Arre yaar, kya problem hai, usse avoid karne mein tu to expert hain, phir kyu tension kar rahi hain, chill maar yaar".
"Easy for you to say missy, you are not the one stuck in this situation".
"Haan jaanti hoon, aur hona bhi nahi chahti, teri tarah mujhe nahin hain practise bhaagne ki," Muskaan doubled up with laughter while Riddhima started hitting her. Both of them
ran around like small kids banging into tables and chairs, having the time of their lives, soon forgetting all their worries.
Armaan saw them and invariably smiled,"Yeh dono to chote bachcho ko bhi maat de dete hain, bachpana karne mein". Shaking his head he left leaving both the girls having a
gala time, hardly realizing they were in college.
Next Morning................. 6 AM.................
Armaan could not believe he was up so early. He had hardly slept last night, Riddhima's laughing face as she ran behind Muskaan kept going around in his head. On the other
hand he was also feeling guilty remembering her conversation with Muskaan. It was evident she did not care at all for Sumit. Strangely this fact made him happy and sad at the
same time. Happy for himself and sad for Sumit, he knew how much his friend cared for her and he did not want to see him hurt. He just could not figure out his emotions. At this
rate he would surely go mad and maybe even become an insominiac.
"Ok, Armaan this is a new day, start afresh, forget everything that happened yesterday, just delete it from your memeory," he muttered to himself while jogging.
Just then a basketball came bouncing and hit him on his head making him stop and wince in pain.
"OUCH!!!!!! What the................., who the hell is it? Khelna aata nahin to khelte kyun ho," looking around trying to find the culprit.
"Oh God, are you ok, I am so sorry," came a voice.
Armaan froze, his hand in his head. That voice, that same sweet melodious voice, turning around he saw Riddhima standing in front of him looking gorgeous in her jogging suit.
No, no Armaan, it can't be, it is not her, hadh hogayi yaar ab tu dusri ladyikon mein bhi usse dekhne laga, sar par chot lagi hain lagta hain seedhe tere brain mein damage hogaya hain. Armaan shook his head trying to clear his image but Riddhima still remained standing in front of him smiling sweetly, finally irritated with himself and his wayward thoughts he stood in a huff.
Riddhima could not believe that she had hit Armaan twice in the 24 hours that they had known each other. Great impression you have set on him Riddhima, now he will probably get double insurance seeing how you are hell bent on hurting him, ooof why do I have to be so clumsy. She saw Armaan standing there with an angry expression on his face and gulped," Armaan I am really sorry, actually I was shooting and the ball just slipped from my hands, pls don't be angry, does it hurt a lot?," saying she kept her hand on his head to see if any serious damage was done.
Armaan jerked when he felt Riddhima's soft hands in his head. It is HER, OMG, so I was not dreaming, so maybe I am still sane, Oh thank you God. Armaan sent a quick prayer
to the almighty for not making him mad so young and turned to Riddhima who was still examining his head hoping he was not hurt badly. Seeing her concerned look Armaan decided to have some fun.
"Ouch, oh my God, it hurts so badly..........aahhhh," Armaan cried. Riddhima looked at him shocked. Seeing him crying out in pain she felt so gulity.
"I am sorry Armaan, here why don't you sit, maybe you will feel better".
" head", Armaan was enjoying seeing Riddhima's worried expression, she looks so cute and her hand feels so soft and the way she is touching my this sensation man.
Riddhima bit her lips when she heard Armaan moaning. Cursing herself she thought on how she could lessen his pain while Armaan continued with his theatrics not knowing that he would be in big trouble when his fake cries would be known to Riddhima Gupta.
Part 7 is below 
Thanks Mini.

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Part 7

"Kya yaar, kitna zor se maara, kis janam ka badla le rahi ho mujhse, kal Rahul ko gira diya mere upar aur ab is ball ko, lagta hain London se wapas aayi ho mera death certificate
haath me lekar, tell me Miss Riddhima Gupta aage kya karogi? What is your next move so I can prepare myself, huh?," Armaan held both her hands and smiled cheekily.
Riddhima felt a tingle down her spine when she felt Armaan's hands on her wrist, looking up she met his gaze. Time stood still as both looked at each other wondering why a small
touch effected them so much. Suddenly Armaan released one of her hands from his grasp and lifting his hands, gently tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Riddhima jerked in reaction when she felt his hand on her face and immediately moved away from Armaan creating some distance between them, Armaan came to his senses and just stood there staring at her not knowing what to say.
"DAMN IT yaar, there I go again, why can't I freaking control myself in front of her?".
"Uh..........Armaan, my house is nearby only, come I will put an ice pack, you will feel better and maybe jijs can look at it and see if there is any bleeding, I can't see anything but
just to be on the safe know".
"KYA!!!!! To ab tum mujhe apne ghar le jakar apni poori paltan ke haatho maar khilaogi, na baba na, tumhara koi bharosa nahi, main nahi aane wala tumhare saath, mujhe to ab
tumse darr lagne laga hain..........brrrrr," Armaan shivered in fear.
"Armaan!!!!!!!!!". Riddhima could not help laughing seeing him shaking in fear, he looked just like a little kid who was being taken to the principal's office for a good beating. Seeing Riddhima laugh made Armaan want to smile too (there is something about her laughter, its like a virus, but in this case it spreads happiness not pain).
"Pata hain tum haste waqt bahut achi lagti ho, hamesha aise hi hasti rehna, tumhe dekhkar acha lagta hain," Armaan said before he could stop himself and then bit his tongue, (Oh God, why did I say that, I hope she does not misunderstand me).
Riddhima blushed when she heard Armaan. (He just complimented me, he likes my laughter, yessss, now I will always keep laughing. Ya keep laughing and end up looking like
an idiot. Oh just shut up, you are just jealous coz he likes me and does not like you. Uh Madam, if he likes you then he has to like me too, coz I am a part of you, incase you are forgetting. Well, if he knew you, he would definitely not like you, so thank me that I am here to cover up for you, and for the last time SHUT UP).
Suddenly remembering that he was hurt, she became concerned again,"Armaan ab tumhara dard kaisa hain?".
"Arre woh, woh to kab ka theek ho gaya, main to bas tumhe chirane ke liye natak kar raha tha, hahaha, tumhara chehra dekhna layak tha, too funny man," Armaan kept talking
not seeing how Riddhima's face had gone completely red.
"Tum, tum jhooth bol rahe the, aur mujhe laga tumhe sach much..........................aargh.................I won't leave you," saying she started hitting him while Armaan ran for his life
dodging her blows. Both of them ran like little kids around the basketball court. Suddenly Armaan stopped which made Riddhima bang straight into him.
" idiot, bolke nahin ruk sakte the, agar main gir jaati to?".
"To kitna maza aata, hai na," Armaan cheekily replied.
"Armaan Mallik, you are so dead," she lifted her hand to hit him across the chest but he held both her hands firmly and with his other hand started tickling her. Soon, Riddhima forgot everything and laughing loudly tried to free her hands. She was an extremely ticklish person and Armaan was taking full advantage of the fact, seeing her wriggling and laughing. She looked just like a little angel and the early morning rays made her face glow giving her a radiant look.
"Hehe..........Armaan....................plsssssss................stop baba stop".
"First say, you won't hit me".
"Armaan.............hahaha..............leave me".
"No, first say it, tumhara kya bharosa, haath churate hi mujhe maarne lag jao to".
"Acha baba..........I promise I won't hit you..............hehehe.................ab to choro?"
Armaan finally stopped tickling her and freed her hands. Riddhima leaned her head against his chest to regain her breathing, and after some time looked up at him cheekily.
Armaan was just lost in her beauty and seeing her so close to him just wanted to wrap his arms around her. Seeing Armaan lost an idea struck Riddhima to take revenge. Hmmm
Mister, aapko bhi to pata chale ke aapne Riddhima Gupta ke saath panga liya hain, itni asani se chorne wali nahin hoon. So, taking advantage of the moment Riddhima started tickling Armaan. Armaan came out of his dream world when he felt Riddhima's hands around his waist tickling him, he tried to remove her hands but she held on firmly and in the process Armaan lost his balance falling to the ground with Riddhima on top of him, still tickling him.
"Stop...............hahaha............seriously Riddhima...............can't take it anymore.................hahaha.................stop it".
Riddhima had never seen a man laugh so much. She guessed that Armaan was just as ticklish as she was and continued on with her acts enjoying the funny look on Armaan's face.
"No, first say sorry".
"I am still waiting, say sorry".
"Sorry, sorry, sorry..................hahaha.................there happy?"
Riddhima stopped tickling him and got up,"Very happy, and remember next time you pull a stunt like that I won't leave you", she said pointing a finger at him and trying to look
"Acha, oohhhh, I am scared, what will Miss Phoolan Devi do?"
"What, what did you just call me?"
"Miss Phoolan Devi, aur kya, gussa tumhari is choti si naak me rehta hain, pata nahin kab prakat ho jaye aur sabka vinaash karde," saying he pinched her nose and laughed loudly. Riddhima just looked at him, she could not believe how close she had gotten to this guy in a single day, looking at them nobody would have guessed that they had met yesterday only, it seemed as if they had known each other forever judging by how free they were with each other.
"Acha yeh sab choro, tum yahan par kya kar rahi thi, aur woh bhi itni subah subah, basketball se kisiko maarne ka plan bana rahi thi kya?"
"Armaan, stop it, bahut ho gaya, jab se aaye ho, bas mera mazak ura rahe ho, ab aur kuch kaha na to main.........main..........," Riddhima pondered in her mind thinking of a good threat.
"Madam, itna mat socho, apne is chote se dimaag par zyada zor lagaogi to yeh sehan nahin kar payega...........hahaha".
Seeing him mocking her again Riddhima stomped her foot and began walking away angrily from there. "Idiot, stupid, samajhta kya hain, apne aap ko?".
"Arre Riddhima, dekho tum phir se gussa hogayi, chalo apne yeh gusse ko wapas apni naak mein ghusa lo?", Armaan could not help teasing her, she looked so cute pouting like a little kid.
"Armaan, I won't talk to you, you are so mean," saying she folded her hands and stood there muttering curses under her breath to Armaan.
"I am so sorry," Riddhima looked up to see Armaan holding his ears and smiled. Shaking her head, she said,"You know nobody can remain angry with you for a long time if you
make such a face".
"I know, its called the Armaan touch, nobody can escape from it," Armaan replied arrogantly and continued,"So seriously what were you doing with the baketball?".
"DUH!!! Armaan, what do people do with it, play ofcourse".
"I know what people do with it, but I wanted to know what Riddhima Gupta did with it?". Riddhima shot him a look as if daring to say any further and he had it.
"Ok, ok, Peace," holding his hands up in the air,"Playing basketball huh? Want some tips? I would love to teach a novice".
"A novice? And how did you assume that I was a novice, for your kind information Mister Mallik, I have been playing the game since I was ten, and as for tips, you might wanna
take some from me, I am that good," Riddhima said a bit proudly.
"Really????? well then how about a match to see who really needs tips from whom?".
"You are on".
They played a fierce game and both had to admit that they had underestimated each other. Armaan was shocked to see Riddhima play so well, he tried blocking her several times but failed miserably, her footwork was awesome and her goal perfect, he had never seen a girl play basketball so well. Riddhima was equally surprised seeing Armaan play so nicely, she had played with many boys before and had beaten them flat, but Armaan was different, he played a good game and it was getting very challenging for her to score.
Soon the score was 20-19 with Armaan leading by one point. Armaan flashed her a cheeky smile hiding his astonishment from Riddhima who was clearly miffled. She was used to winning at basketball and there was no way that she would lose, specially to Armaan, he would make life hell for her by teasing her.
Thinking of ways to beat him, Riddhima dribbled the ball towards the goal while Armaan tried to block her. Suddenly she shoved the ball between his feet and running behind him,
caught the ball and threw it throught the hoop scoring a two pointer. Armaan was left stunned by her actions and gaped at her with his mouth open, he had never seen anyone play
basketball like her.
"Yayyyy!!!!!!!!! I won, I won!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!"
Riddhima danced around the court in glee, for one second there she thought that she would definitely lose, so winning the game at the last moment felt ecstatic. Armaan slumped his shoulders and walked towards the exit of the court dejectedly. She beat me, she beat me. Great going Mr. Overconfident, you just got beaten up by a girl in basketball, can't believe A GIRL beat you, wait till the whole college finds out about this, you will be the laughing stock of the century.
Riddhima watched Armaan walking away and could not help shaking her head. Male Ego I tell you. She rolled her eyes and called out to Armaan,"Hey Mr. President".
Armaan turned around expecting Riddhima to rub her victory in his face but instead he found Riddhima smiling sweetly at him.
"Don't worry, I won't tell anybody that the GREAT ARMAAN MALLIK lost a basketball game and that too, to a GIRL", saying she laughed loudly wondering how silly men were.
Armaan's eyes shot up when he heard her. How did she know what I was thinking? Can she read minds? Naaa, she is just a smart girl, Armaan and you are the biggest fool on this planet, instead of congratulating her you were thinking of your stupid reputation. Admit it, she is damn good and she knows it.
"I am sorry, acted like a typical male, you were great and you deserved to win," he said sincerely.
"Awww Armaan thanks, you were awesome too, I had great fun playing with you".
Before Armaan could reply her back a beeping sound started, confused he looked around to find the source of the sound. Just then he saw Riddhima take out her mobile to switch off the alarm.
"Hey Armaan, thanks for a lovely game, but I gotta go, was thinking of studying in the library a bit to catch up with the class, will see you in college, ok?".
Armaan nodded and waved her goodbye, when he remembered that Sumit goes to the library every morning to study there before college and without thinking he called out to
"Hey Riddhima Wait".
Riddhima turned around when she heard Armaan and lifted her eyes as in asking what.
"Ummm, Riddhima I don't think that you wanna go to the library now".
"Coz Sumit is there now".
Riddhima looked at Armaan and shifted her feet nervously wondering how did Armaan know about her and Sumit. He was there yesterday remember when you ran away as if you
had seen a ghost, maybe he understood. God, if he could understand then why not that stupid chap Sumit get the message.
"Ummm, Armaan, how did you...........I mean why?"
"I kinda heard you and Muskaan talking the other day".
Riddhima's eyes shot up when she heard him. Ok now that was a conversation that I hoped nobody would ever find out about, and he was there, oh God why do you do this to me,
he must think I am such a prat. Seeing Riddhima look worried and shocked Armaan immediately corrected himself.
"Don't worry, I did not hear everything I just was passing by when I heard how you wanted to stay away from Sumit so I thought that maybe I should warn you lest you bump into him
A wave of guilt passed through Armaan as he lied to Riddhima, then he remembered Sumit and felt like kicking himself. He was supposed to help Sumit get her, not drive her away from him, so why did he just warn her, maybe if they had met and got talking she would have started to like him. Armaan suddenly shuddered at the thought of Riddhima having any feelings for Sumit, he did not know why, but now that he knew Riddhima did not like Sumit, he definitely did not want them together. Just thinking about both of them together as a couple was annoying and frustrating to Armaan.
Part 8

Riddhima felt like hugging Armaan at the moment. She could not believe her good luck, she had just narrowly escaped meeting Sumit all alone where she probably would not have a good excuse at running away or avoiding him. At the same time she felt a bit embarrassed knowing that Armaan heard her yesterday. Oh God, I just hope he did not see me murdering Muskaan, warna samjhega ki main sabko maarti phirti hoon.


"Don't get me wrong Armaan, its not as it sounds, actually me and Sumit," Riddhima fumbled not knowing how to explain the situation to him. She did not  want him to get any wild ideas about why she was avoiding Sumit and also could not figure out the best way to make him understand her problem.


"Hey, its ok Miss Phoolan Devi, actually I have a better name for you, Basket", Armaan teased her trying to make the situation normal and forget Sumit.


"What?", Riddhima could not believe her ears, this guy did not leave a single chance to tease her.


"Ya, and neways I am sure Phoolan Devi did not play basketball, so naam to change karna padega na yaar," Armaan said seeing Riddhima turn red. Wow yaar, its so easy to  tease her, kitni jaldi gussa se laal hojati hain, maine kabhi nahin socha tha ki koi ladki gusse main bhi sundar lag sakti hain, par lagta hain Basket ki to baat hi alag hain, aur kya  naam nikala hain bilkul isko suit karta hain, wah Armaan beta wah, you deserve a thump on your back.


"Mere naam mein kya problem hain, why can't you call me Riddhima just like the others?"


"Kyunki Basket, Armaan Mallik sabse hatkar hain, isliye".




"Kya hain, chila kyu rahi ho, main behra nahi hoon yaar aur naahi mere kaan mein koi network problem hain".


"KYA? Tum kya bol rahe ho, kaisa network problem?"


"Offho, network problem, you know jo mobiles main hota hain".


Riddhima could not take it anymore, this guy was driving her nuts with all his stupid talk. She could not believe how anybody could talk such crap while keeping a straight face.


"Armaan enough, tum kitna bolte ho, main ja rahi hoon, tum khare raho yahin par apne stupid network problem ke saath.........hmph", saying Riddhima turned around shaking her head.


"Arre Basket, suno to?", Armaan called out to her seeing her walking away.


"Kya hai, jaldi bolo?", Riddhima whipped around making Armaan a bit nervous.




"Armaan tumhe kuch bolna hain ki bhi nahin".


"Ha, woh, kaisi ladki ho yaar maine tumhari madat ki aur tum bina Thank You kahe yahan se jaa rahi ho", Armaan said regaining his composure. Riddhima just stood and stared at the guy in front of her, he did the most astonishing things at the weirdest times.


Smiling slightly she said," Thanks Armaan, I really don't know how to thank you enough".


"But I do", Armaan said grabbing the oppurtunity.


"Huh?" Riddhima wondered what he was upto now, she had understood this by now that with Armaan, you never knew what came next.


"Kal subah, same time same place Basket, I can't stay alive knowing that a girl beat me in basketball, ab tum isse male ego kaho ya kuch bhi, I don't care".


Riddhima burst out laughing when she heard Armaan. God, this guy was so funny, she had never laughed this much as she had with him. He just had to say a thing and she would laugh, all his stupid talk was so endearing and sweet.


"Sure Armaan, I would love to, see you in college, bye", saying she waved him goodbye and went home still laughing.


"Bye Basket".


Both went with a smile on their faces to their respective homes still cherishing the moments spent together and basking in the glory of a new found relationship.


"Hey Good Morning Ridzie," Anjali called out to her when she saw her enter the house.


"Hi Di, Good Morning, jijs kahan hain?".


"So, did you have fun?"


Remembering her morning with Armaan,"Yup Di, I had loads of fun, ab to main har subah college jaane se pehle jogging karne wahan jaongi, lekin jijs kahan hain, hospital chale  gaye kya?".


"Sounds cool, as for your pyare jijaji, mujhse jhagra karke abhi upar gaye hain, tayar hone".


"Jhagra karke? Par kyun? Kya hua?".


"Kuch nahin, you know how he is na, always paranoid about stuff, keh rahe the, how could you let Riddhima go out alone like that? What if something happened to her?", Anjali said rolling her eyes.


"Baap Re, jijs is the limit, main koi choti bachi hoon kya jo akele nahin ja sakti".


"Exactly what I told him, but meri sunta kaun hai? Meri to aadat hain na bak bak karne ki".


Just then Atul came out of his room after having a bath and still looking a bit worried, "Riddhima", Atul exclaimed loudly as soon as he saw her and running towards her hugged her tightly.


"Thank God, tu theek to hai na?", he asked still hugging her.


""Jijs............cough............can't...........breathe...........cough". Seeing Riddhima turning red due to lack of oxygen Anjali ran to save her little sister.


"Atul leave her, kya kar rahe ho, let her breathe". Atul backed out of the hug and Riddhima heaved a sigh of relief.


"I am sorry Ridzie, but main kya karta, mujhe kitni tension ho rahi thi, ek to Anjali ne tujhe akela bhej diya, upar se ek ghanta hogaya tha aur tu wapas nahi aayi thi".


It was Riddhima's turn to roll her eyes. Try as she and Anjali might they had never been able to make Atul understand that she had grown up and was an adult. He still treated her like a little kid who needed constant protection.


"Jijs, Puhleassse, give me a break, main teen saal akele London main rahi hoon, aur aap ye keh rahe hain ki main ghar se 5 km door akeli nahin ja sakti?"


"Woh sab mujhe nahin pata, yahan Mumbai main tu kahin akeli nahin jayegi, apni di ko to lejati, waise bhi usse exercise ki zyada zaroorat hain".


Riddhima was flabbergasted while Anjali was looking at Atul murderously who had no idea what he had just spoken.


"KYA, what did you just say Dr. Atul Joshi? Main moti ho gayi hoon, haan tell me? How dare you?", saying she walked of in a huff while Atul realizing his statement immediately started apologizing.


"Arre Anjali, nahin wo to maine galti se bol diya, tum aur moti, bilkul nahin, balki tum to itni patli ho ki tumhe zyada khakar apna weight barana chahiye," Atul tried appeasing his wife following her.


"Listen Dr. Joshi, mujhe apse koi baat nahin karni, SAMJHE!!!!!," saying Anjali went to their bedroom slamming the door shut behind her while Atul kept standing outside cursing his big fat mouth and Riddhima who had been controlling her laughter till then burst out laughing at the scene in front of her.


Meanwhile Armaan with a huge grin on his face walked up to his apartment which he shared with Rahul. Entering he saw Rahul sitting on the couch eating cereal. Rahul looked  towards Armaan confusedly,"Tu ghar pe nahin tha?".


Hitting Rahul with a cushion,"Saale sharam kar, hum ek saath rehte hain aur tujhe yeh bhi nahin pata ki main ek ghante se ghar ke bahar hoon, agar mujhe kuch hojata to, koi mujhe utha ke lejata to?", Armaan said dramatically.


"Bhais ki aulad, kisi ka dimag nahi fir gaya, jo tujhe utha ke le jaayega, aur khudh musibat ke upar, musibat kabhi nahin aati, ab is main meri kya galti hai, 8 baje ke pehle teri aankh kabhi khuli hain, earthquake bhi aajaye na tab bhi tujhe koi farak nahin parta, aise ghore bechkar sota hain tu, aur itni subah tu gaya kahan tha?"


"Jogging karne", Armaan replied coolly. Rahul had had enough. Since yesterday he had seen Armaan behaving weirdly and he could not take it anymore and now he was waking up early and going jogging of all things.


"Bas bahut hogaya, kal se dekh raha hoon tujhe, ab to mujhe paka yakin hogaya hain ki teri tabiyat kharab hain".


"Arre jogging karne gaya tha, tu itna kyu bharak raha hain, isme aisi kya baat ho gayi?"


"Main batata hoon tujhe kya baat hogayi, agar main tere saamne ajeeb tarah se behave karne lag jaon to tujhe tension nahin hogi, haan? Bata mujhe?"


"Ajeeb tarah se? Matlab?"


"Matlab ke, samajh agar maine ek din Muskaan se baat nahin kari to? Tujhe ajeeb nahin lagega? Bol?". Armaan eyes widened when he heard Rahul, he would definitely think that something was wrong if Rahul did not tease her or fight with her. Was he behaving so abnormally. Even to him his actions were confusing, he just could not understand what was happening to him and why. Since yesterday he had felt emotions that were entirely alien to him. Yaar jab main khud nahin samajh raha, to tujhe kya samjhaon?


"Dekh Rahul mujhe abhi teri koi baat samajh main nahin aarahi hain, main nahane jaa raha hoon, warna college ke liye late hojayega," saying Armaan walked off before Rahul could protest.


Rahul stared at Armaan and muttered to himself,"Hmmm, kuch to baat hain, lekin kya, pata to lagana parega". He then went to get ready himself still thinking of what had  happened to Armaan all of a sudden.


"Shit, shit, shit, we are so late, all because of you," Riddhima said shooting an angry glance at Muskaan who was running beside her.


"Meri wajah se, maine kya kiya, madam khud dus ghante lagayegi tayar hone main aur phir mujhe blame karegi", Muskaan retorted almost out of breath.


"Muskaan, agar tune us taxiwale se jhagra nahin kiya hota, to hum time par pahuch jaate, samjhi".


"Oye, dekh us phitte ka naam mat le, agar tu nahin hoti na to main to udhar hi usse uski nani yaad dila deti, samajhta kya hain apne aap ko, ullu ka phattha".


At the same time on the other end of the corridor, two young men ran as if the devil was after them. Well to be specific the earth version of the devil, their professor, Siddharth  Singh. Both knew that if they were late again for his lecture it would mean a direct First AC Class Ticket to HELL.


Suddenly BANG & BANG




Forgetting their surroundings, all four gazed at the beautiful pair of eyes that beckoned them to an unknown world which was perhaps even holier than HEAVEN itself.
Hey here's part 8, hope u like it.
Another thing for me, both KASH and KASU make AR, I consider both Shilpa and Sukriti as Riddhima, thats why I have posted both their pictures, now it is upto the reader to decide who is Riddhima for them.
P.S. Credit for the pics goes to rima791, ramsha 247 and angel77.
Part 9 is below.
Thanks Mini.

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Part 9
Forgetting their surroundings, all four gazed at the beautiful pair of eyes that beckoned them to an unknown world which was perhaps even holier than HEAVEN itself.

Armaan looked at the beautiful girl in his arms with her hair all over her face and her eyes speaking volumes to him. He was enchanted, just yesterday he had been dreaming about Riddhima in his arms and he could not believe that his wish was fulfilled. A sense of deep contentment filled his heart. She belongs here in my arms. Riddhima looked at Armaan's handsome face and the way he held her close to him with his eyes boring into hers. I wish he would just hold me like this for eternity.

Holding her waist steady with one hand, Armaan lifted one hand to push back her hair behind her ears. Feeling his touch on her face, Riddhima closed her eyes and wished for the moment to just freeze right there. His touch was magical, she did not know what was happening to her, all that she knew was that she had never felt this good and contented in life before. Perfect, they both mumbled and looked at each other's smiling faces. Coming back to her senses Riddhima entangled herself from Armaan and stood looking at the floor, not having the courage to face him.

Armaan sighed and looked longingly at Riddhima, when he suddenly felt a movement beside him. Turning around his jaw dropped open seeing Muskaan on top of Rahul.

Rahul looked at Muskaan on top of him looking at him with bewildered eyes. Muskaan had no idea what just happened. One second she was running and the next second she was on top if Rahul. She expected him to poke fun at her about her weight or some similar stupid comment, what she did not expect was Rahul looking at her with a dazed expression and something in his eyes which she could not understand. Rahul moved his hand towards her face to assure himself that he was not dreaming. Muskaan looked at Rahul's extended hand for a second and then she placed her hand in his entangling their fingers together. This feels right.

Armaan grinned at the scene in front of them. Finally, kuch to story aage bari, warna yeh dono to puri zindagi jhagra karte karte hi bita dete, not bad Bhagwanji, shayad aap bhi tang aagaye hoge in dono ka roz ka tamasha dekhkar. Great seeing you take matters in your hands, keep it up.

Riddhima followed Armaan's gaze and looked at Rahul and Muskaan holding hands and smiling at each other. Helloooo, what is this? Kal tak isse maar rahi thi, aur ab iska haath pakar liya, Muskaan this is not good, wake up, before you make a complete fool out of yourself, Oh God, looks like I have to help her.

"Muskaan", Riddhima tried.

No response, scene continues

"Muskaaaan", Riddhima tried again, a bit agitated seeing Muskaan not responding to her calls and still staring at Rahul. Armaan looked at Riddhima telling her not to disturb them but Riddhima ignored him.

"MUSKAAN", Riddhima shouted loudly finally losing her temper.

Rahul & Muskaan jumped and looked up, realizing their position they hurriedly got up and moved a bit away while avoiding looking at each other. All four stood silently still trying to figure out what happened in the last couple of minutes and accessing their weird feelings.

Finally Riddhima decided to break the unnerving silence,"Uh Muskaan, chale, I think hame late ho raha hain".

"Huh?", Muskaan was still a bit lost after her close proximity with Rahul.

"Chale?", stressing on the word and moving her eyes to make Muskaan understand.


Riddhima and Muskaan turned to leave while Armaan and Rahul still stood their tongue tied. As soon as the girls left both sat down on the floor resting their backs against the walls. Armaan had no clue what was going on in his head, this was the second time he had lost control over his emotions with Riddhima. He just could not understand the feelings she arose in him when she was nearby, he could not stop himself from touching her, feeling her.

Rahul still could not believe that he was so close to Muskaan. After so many years of waiting, pining for her he had her in his arms today and she did not even protest. He remembered how they had held hands and could still feel her touch in his own. She was special to him and he would make her realize this. He could not imagine a single day without her, he was in love with his Teekhi Mirchi and it was time to make her his.

Suddenly Armaan mumbled something bringing Rahul out of his reverie.

"Huh? Tune kuch kaha kya?"

"Maine kaha ke main pagal ho jaaonga", Armaan said a bit irritably.

"Kyu? Kya hogaya?"

"Agar mujhe pata hota to main yahan bhaith ke apne aap se baat nahi kar raha hota".

"Lekin tu to mujhse baat kar raha hain, apne aap se nahi," Rahul asked confusedly.

"Tujhse baat karna aur apne aap se baat karna ek hi baat hai, samjha," saying Armaan got up in a huff muttering to himself. Rahul looked at Armaan's retreating back and wondered what had happened to him. He knew something had been bothering Armaan since yesterday and just could not figure out what. Still thinking Rahul got up and went to the class only to hear a long lecture about discipline and time management from his Professor.

Two months had passed since Riddhima had joined Sanjivani. She and Armaan had become the best of friends due to their morning basketball games. In such a short span of time both had come immensely close and bonded with each other. Their games were their private secret, nobody knew about them. At college they did not interact much because it would raise many questions specially for Armaan from Sumit & Rahul.

Riddhima knew that Sumit was one of Armaan's closest friend but she did not mind because he never tried to get them together, on the other hand he helped Riddhima to avoid Sumit and made sure that both their paths did not cross in college. Armaan found Riddhima's behaviour regarding Sumit a bit different. With the other guys she would be all bold and daring but as soon as Sumit's name was mentioned a look of fear came over her face. Whenever Riddhima encountered a problem she would look for Armaan. Previously if she had a doubt she would ask Anjali Di or Muskaan, but gradually she leaned towards Armaan for every solution.

A drastic change was seen in Rahul & Muskaan, well Rahul mostly. He no longer fought with Muskaan or irritated her. Whenever she would mock him or try to pick a fight with him he would just smile at her. Muskaan was shocked to see the change in Rahul. First she thought that it was one of his tricks but as the days went by and he still remanined the same Muskaan became puzzled. When he smiled at her she just kept looking at his face confused. Slowly even she stopped trying to fight with him, instead when he smiled at her she managed a small smile not knowing the effects it had on Rahul and how he would eat up Armaan's head the whole day telling him about Muskaan's smiling face.

Armaan & Riddhima soon started spending many hours together in the library after college talking and discussing about their day to each other. Rahul & Muskaan sensed the change in their best friend's attitude but did not probe much. Muskaan felt that she and Riddhima did not spend time together as they used to but shrugged it off as nothing serious. But Rahul was very curious about the change in Armaan's behaviour, many days he spotted Armaan and Riddhima sitting in the library alone after college chatting and laughing with each other. He finally understood what was bugging his best friend.

Since the day Riddhima Gupta had arrived his best friend Armaan Mallik had fallen head over in heels love with her and his only problem was that he had no idea about this. But that is something I can totally take care of, Rahul smirked as he saw Armaan and Riddhima walking together towards the library probably for another chat session.

"Armaan, I am not so sure about this diagnosis maybe we should refer other books, what do you think?", Riddhima turned around to see Armaan nowhere in sight. Confused she looked around and saw Armaan standing at the entrance of the library with a girl, and not just any girl, but Sophia, THE S**T. Riddhima fumed in anger seeing her holding Armaan's hands and talking animatedly with him while Armaan smiled at her. WHAT THE, I will teach you to hold my man's arms, woman.
Thanks Mini Big smile
Remaining parts are on Page 50

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The intro sounds fab!
I like the Armaan-Sumit-Riddhima triangle!
Do begin soon!
And please PM me wen upd8!
Luv ya!
saridena Goldie

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nice intro
update soon
can u pm me when u update next time

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wow amazing loved it sooo much
plzzzzz PM me
and nice to see a love triangle
nidha1983 IF-Sizzlerz

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awwsomeStar too gudSmile plzz continue it soonWink and pm me when u update it u dont hv any problemEmbarrassed

"Always have a unique character like SALT, It's presence is not felt but it's ABSENCE makes all things 'TASTELESS'!"

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luvd d intro.. waitngg 2 read more.. do contd soonn.. n pm me nxt tym u update

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