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*Sexy Shabbir Ahluwalia FC*

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Shabbir Ahluwalia
Shabbir first found fame with his portrayal of Rishi Garewal in the BT soap Kahiin To Hoga. He was born on August 10, 1979. He currently plays the role of Milind Mishra in the Star Plus soap, Kayamath. He has also worked in other soaps on Star Plus Kasauti and Zee Tv's Kasam Se. He has also acted in movies Shootout at Lokhandwala and Mission Istanbul. He hosted the first season of the Nach Baliye.
Also said to be dating ahem ahem *Panchi Bora*CoolTongueLOL..his leading female co-star from KayamathEmbarrassed
Television Serials
    2007  Shootout At Lokhandwala
  • 2008 Mission Istanbul



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Shabbir Ahluwalia Articles

He is sly, he's brash. He's a party animal, he's a Casanova.God knows how many girls he's going around with. And how can we forget that he even tried drugs? On screen, of course.

Frankly, it was a surprise to see him getting the 'Best Devar' award at the Star Parivaar nite. How can the Best Devar impregnate a girl and live-in with her sister? Pat comes the defense. "Still, there's something loveable about Rishi. That's why you are here, aren't you?" Can we argue?

A hardcore Mumbaiite, Shabbir Ahluwalia, Rishi of Kahiin To Hoga to his several fans, would have been a great sportsman if not an actor. He's played soccer for Bombay University, baseball at the national level. "I also used to play a lot of cricket. But now, there is no time for sport," laments Shabbir. His day, nevertheless, still starts with a game of squash or badminton followed by a swim, "if I have not had a very late night shoot."

"Some girls come up and say,'serial mein to bahut sexy bante ho,asal mein kya ho jata hai tumko?
That can be very embarrassing

Lounging in a casual tee and jeans at a suburban Cafe Coffee Day on a lazy Sunday afternoon, he orders a cold coffee. While I'm still dithering between a latte and a mocha, he takes us by surprise, saying, "I know what you want to know. Is the real Rishi as flamboyant and naughty as the reel one?" Bingo! But those twinkling eyes are loath to reveal more. "That's for you to guess. I am not here to disclose everything about myself," he shoots back laughingly.

One more sip into the cold beverage, the youngest sibling of an ex-army personnel says, "Believe it or not, I am a very shy and reticent guy. No girlfriends, no bikes, no parties. I would rather spend my free time with my parents or catch up on some film on DVD."

Apparently having noticed my wide eyed expression, he grins. "It's just a role that I am playing. Ekta Kapoor does not flesh out characters whose personal life matches the requirements of her script."

But he plays it so convincingly, especially the sly smile, the shake of the head, the mischievous glint in the eye. He outdid himself when he disguised himself as Mrs Braganza (the track which was meant to be a two-day affair was extended to 15 days, the soaring TRPs having taken the call!).

"That's simply acting, yaar. I knew I had to leave some impression with this role, else I would have ended up as an also-ran," he explains. Sour memories of the abrupt end to his character in Kyunki....? For those with a memory that needs jostling, he played Suhasini's son, Aniket.

"Rishi will continue being Rishi. Does a man ever change?"

He elaborates, "You tend to forget that I don't have the same mannerisms in Kahaani... where I (Soumil) am diametrically the opposite of Rishi. I have been lucky. Soumil is this very nice, sophisticated, enterprising guy... He's got values, he is a good businessman- someone who every father would want his daughter married to. Again, I am not exactly like Soumil.''

But we can't digest the fact that such a handsome hunk does not have a girlfriend, or rather, girlfriends.

He again laughs and it's some time till he can talk? "Again my character is doing the trick. Believe me, I strongly believe in the institution of marriage. I will fall in love only when I have marriage in mind. And I abhor the casual attitude of today's youngsters who change partners with every season. Casual sex and live-in relationships are not my cup of tea," he points out. Phew!

Go on, tell us you don't even get any messages and calls too, huh Rishi, err, Shabbir?

Pat comes the reply. "Did I say that? Of course I do," he straightens up. "Actually, I receive umpteen messages and calls from girls who say that they want to go out with me, blah, blah, blah," and he blushes, but quickly recovers, "But I cut them short. It may sound rude, but I can't misuse my popularity.'"

Is Shabbir less popular with females than his counterpart Rajeev Khandelwal (Sujal)? "I don't know how many messages Rajeev gets every day, but I know for sure that I am a very contented soul today. Being popular with females when you play negative roles is not easy. Think of it, I am enjoying the incentive. Thank God no female knows my email id as yet. Else my mailbox would have been spammed," he winks.

Films? "Yes. I am talking to a filmmaker who wants me in the lead, essaying a very crazy character. I hope it works out, so that I can go ahead and adjust my dates," but quickly adds, "I will never stop being Rishi till Kahiin To Hoga ends. Even if I get a plum offer in Bollywood, I will adjust my dates and balance both."

The guy who does not mess with girls, follows a similar pattern with his directors. "I don't question my director. I don't demand more scenes and dialogues. For me, one scene is enough every day," he says.

Will Rishi who pulls off the role with such style, ease and charm, despite no formal training in acting, ever change? Plainly speaking, will he mend his ways? On date, the chances seem pretty high; last week he wedded Sanjana. He lets us in, ''So what? Sanjana or no Sanjana, Rishi will continue being Rishi. Does a man ever change?"
Point taken, Mr. Incorrigible Flirt.


Vivek Oberoi is a dear friend: Shabbir Ahluwalia

July 4th, 2008

Shabbir%20AhluwaliaShabbir Ahluwalia, the famous Rishi of Kahin to Hoga and the most lovable Milind in Kayamat, has shown his mettle in films, too. This star, who had made his filmy debut with Apoorva Lakhia?s Shootout At Lokhandwala, is all set to team up again with the same director for Mission Istanbul. Let?s check him out with his new mission.

Q. How different is your character in Mission Istanbul from the one you played in Shootout at Lokhandwala?
A. It?s very different from what I played in Shootout. My character in Mission Istanbul is of a terrorist whose name is Khali. First time I am playing something which is so black and negative. Khali is a born negative character, a very hardcore one.

Q. Are you feeling the pressure with your second film after been appreciated for the good performance in your first film?
A. There is no nervousness at all. The whole process is enjoyable, it is like taking care of baby after getting the script till the film?s release, preparing the character and so on which is a complete journey. Filmmaking is always enjoyable.

Q. Whereas in serials you have to give fifteen to eighteen shots in a day, in films it?s only one shot. As an actor how do you take it?
A. As an actor I feel serial is more demanding than films any day. But nowadays even in serials I give two?three shots with a view of giving my best in them. Now the working hours and process of working in films and serials are more or less same with only difference is movies get completed within two-three months while serials go on for one or one and half year.

Q. Your first meeting with Apoorva?
A. Apoorva first saw me in Kahin To Hoga and after that we met each other where he told me about the character along with a presentation for Shootout? and I said ?yes? to him at that very moment looking at the script and the cast in it.

Q. Had you have ever though about films at the time you were busy for television?
A. Yes. Of course, because when you are in this line you really think of films. Every actor wants to be a part of films. So, films were in the back of my mind but at the same time I also believed that I will do only those films with the subjects in which I really believe.

Q. Any special preparation for the character you are playing in Mission Istanbul?
A. Before playing this character I thought that I will meet the biggest terrorist in the world but unfortunately I didn?t get the chance (laughs). Jokes apart, you can?t prepare for this kind of roles. Whatever one knows about a terrorist is through television or internet. So whatever you present on screen is all your imagination.

Q. How was it working with Apoorva?
A. I think he is the finest director we have in our country now. He is young, enthusiastic director and it?s always fun and nice working with him.

Q. Your chemistry with Vivek Oberoi as you have worked with him earlier also?
A. Vivek is a dear friend and it?s very nice to work with him. He is a fine actor as well. I enjoyed working with him in Shootout? and now it?s pleasure working with him in our second film.

Q. Your fans, especially ladies, love you for whatever you do. What would you like to say to them about you playing a negative character again?
A. Now I am feeling a little nervous that my fans don?t get disappointed with me (laughs). I started my career with a negative character called Rishi in Kahin to Hoga, but still everyone liked me. So audiences love their actors for their presentation and not only for their characters. I will try and do whatever makes my fans feel good about me.

Q. Any unusual incident with any of your crazy fans?
A. I have all different kinds of fans and I have a special place for each one of them, so I would not like to comment on any of my fans.

Q. How do your fans react to you when they come to meet you?
A. When I was doing Rishi I got different reactions and now when I am playing Milind I am getting different reactions altogether. So it keeps changing. But the love I used to get from them is still with me and I am happy with that only.

-Sabir Rahman (SAMPURN)

When Shabbir Ahluwalia hurt his sister

August 9, 2006
I can't remember a specific incident related to Raksha Bandhan, but there's a somewhat unrelated event that I'll never forget.

An India-Australia match was being shown on television and India was losing. A soft toy -- a monkey -- that belonged to my elder sister, was lying next to the TV. When India lost, I got very angry and unleashed it on the soft toy. I made it wear an Australian jersey and burnt it!

My sister was so hurt when I did this and she did not talk to me for one whole month. That included the Raksha Bandhan day!


Shabbir Ahluwalia at Faceball event

23rd December 2007: Action Force PaintBall has been offered to the city by three dynamic and adventurous individuals - Chetan Hansraj, Jujhar Kochhar and Bangalore based Kiran Soans. Last night they played host to an eclectic mix of people who came in and battled out with splashes of paint at Khar Gymkhana grounds.

Spotted teaming up and indulging in this strategic sport that enhances one?s quick reflexes and ups the adrenaline rush were Shabbir Ahluwalia, Bakhtiyar Irani, Manav Goyal, Kushal Punjabi, Shilpa Sakhlani and Apurva Agnihotri, Baba Sehgal, Rakesh & Rajiv Paul, Amit Sareen, Pooja Ghai Rawal, Pooja Pariani, Anusha, Urvashi Dholakia, Manoj, Suved Lohia, Praveen Sirohi, Asif Bamla and the like.

AFPB is the first to bring this extremely exiting sport of Paintball into the city of Mumbai. Three true adventurers Chetan Hansraj a television actor /Adventurer & also winner of Fear Factor in 2006 , Jujhar Kochhar a businessman from the liquor trade and Kiran Soans, Owner of Mercureal Adventures which is the first company to bring Paintball in India in 2005 have got together in partnership to introduce this sport.

The first of its kind, Action Force Paintball adds yet another feature to adrenaline pumping adventure sports with a new venture that is guaranteed to make you paint your town a bright red. Professionally set-up and productively managed, this field sport can be played with a group of friends, colleagues, and families. Apart from that, it can also be an effective team building activity for organizations and corporates. And what?s more?

Paintball makes Stag parties, Birthday parties and Hen parties much more entertaining and creative?


Shabbir Ahluwalia madly in love with his co-star, Panchi Bora

The Valentines Day might well be behind us, but the 'priceless' cupid has cast a magical spell on the 'Bad Boy' of Indian Television, Shabbir Ahluwalia. The star of Kayamath is said to be madly in love with his co-star, Panchi Bora. While reports have spread all over about the actor's attraction towards the leading lady of the show, Panchi remains unaffected.

The Bitch's source informs, "Shabbir has fallen big time for pretty Panchi. He follows her around everywhere. But Panchi doesn't seem to be interested. He has been seen trying to spend time with her in the vanity van. She tries to dodge the uncomfortable situation every time and he simply refuses to give up."

Their on screen chemistry is just awesome and the popularity that the Jodi of Milind-Prachi commands from the viewers is just mind-blowing! Together, the love birds have been christened 'MiChi(Mi from Milind and Chi from Prachi) by their loyal fans. It has also been reported that their fans had sent petitions to the channel demanding the union of the most-loved couple, during the tough phase where the duo were to get divorced in Kayamath.

This serial brought in a remarkable change with the introduction of Shabbir in Prachi's life. When the serial had begun, it was Neev-Prachi(Jay Bhanushali plays Neev) love story that was being talked of. But the story took a turn when Prachi got married to Milind and there has been no looking back for the actors, as they have gone from strength to strength in showing a sparkling chemistry to their viewers.

The Bitch tried to get in touch with Shabbir, but obviously he remained unavailable for comment. 

Well, it looks like the amazing on screen chemistry has enthused Shabbir to go all out in real life too!! 



Ekta has a soft spot for Shabbir Ahluwalia
The latest buzz doing the rounds is that Ekta Kapoor has a special ?something? for one of the favourite Balaji boys ? Shabbir Ahluwalia. A little birdie tells us that the twosome has been spotted at numerous special occasions and parties together. Ekta Kapoor is even financing the movie which has Shabbir making his Bollywood debut ? ?Shoot Out At Lokhandawala.?
Apart from Kaahiin To Hoga, Shabbir made a fleeting appearance first in Kasamh Se and now a more solid role in Kasauti Zindagi Ki. The soap queen has even confessed about her closeness and emotional bonding with Shabbir along with Anita Hassnandani. For now it?s clear that Shabbir has a great future ahead with this strong backing behind him.


Chetan and Shabbir join hands for Kasautii?
Kasauti Zindagi Kay was the last amongst all the Balaji soaps to leap forward.

Chetan Hansraj: The big baddie!
And now if all goes well the show which recently took a five year leap will have Ekta's blue eyed boys Chetan Hansraj and Shabbir Ahluwalia entering the show as negative characters..
"Yes I've been approached for a negative role. But we are still working out the details of the character and the look. So it will take a few more days to decide if I am on," smiles Chetan Hansraj who is currently seen in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki as Sasha Prior to this he was seen as Garv in Kkusum and Anthony Kaun Hai. Chetan also has 24x7 Bombay Saloon Unisex in his kitty.
Shabbir Ahluwalia was unavailable for comments as he was busy shooting.

For both Chetan and Shabbir, their claim to fame as villains has been working in Kahaani? and Kahin Toh Hoga respectively. The entry of both the hunks will definitely be a coup of sorts for the love saga, which has consistently been a TRP raker for more than four years; sometimes even racing ahead of Kyunki.

Shabbir Ahluwalia: Doing what he does the best!
One of Ekta's favourite shows, the plucky producer has always added zing to it by weaving in new plots and characters to sustain viewers interest.
Recently Hiten Paintal and Smita Bansal were roped in to spice up the soap opera post the five year leap.
So, will the two baddies give Komolika and Debonita a run for their dear money?
Well only time will tell.


If you didn't have enough of Shabbir Ahluwalia and his histrionics in Kahin To Hoga or found it difficult to stay awake so late to catch a glimpse of him, here's something for you. The actor has made a dramatic entry in Kasauti Zindagi Kay.

The role will see Ahluwalia play a sports car enthusiast-cum-businessman. Apparently, Ahluwalia is a sports car enthusiast and racing a passion ' little wonder he finds it easy playing the role of Omi.

Kahiin To Hoga actor swaps serials
Talented Indian television actor Shabbir Ahluwalia is to make a dramatic entry in Kasauti Zindagi Kay.
The actor, who currently plays Rishi Garewal in Kahiin To Hoga, will be playing a sports car enthusiastic businessman. Shabbir is already a great fan of sports cars and playing the role of Omi will be something that he will relish.
Shabbir is one of the most popular actors in Kahiin To Hoga and his character of Rishi Garewal is always on-screen scheming and flirting.


Also in the city with Sai Deodhar today were Shakti Anand, who plays the male lead in ?Saara Akash? and Shabir Ahluwalia, who has found home in the character of Rishi Grewal in Ekta Kapoor?s ?Kahin to Hoga?.

Promoting their serials, the actors spoke elaborately about the respective strengths and weaknesses of their characters.
Shabir, for his part, is still gaining ground at Balaji. The actor tells of how he worked hard in the past to procure a diploma in management and then search for a job. ?Acting was an easy bet. I auditioned for the serial and was taken in,? he says, adding that he is enjoying life which is more of a rollercoaster ride these days. Ask him how it feels to play the bad boy all the time and he is quick to mention, ?It?s elevating.? Well, Shabir is surely living Rishi Grewal to the best of his ability.

We love him, we hate him-he's the bad guy parents warn us about.
With an in-your-face confidence and just-perceptible swagger, he's the quintessential
bad boy.
But he didn't set out to be so.
Ahluwalia intended to make his mark in sports(baseball, cricket and soccer), but it
wasn't an east career to pursue in this country.
Comparatively, even acting made more sense. Active in his colleges's drama and dance
socities, he gambled on his good looks and decided to give modelling a shot.
After a brief trip to check out education opportunities in Canada, he came back to an
audition offer from Balaji, for Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi........
After that success, Kabhi Toh Milenge and Kahin To Hoga followed- and his star
status was sealed.
And stardom sits slightly on his shoulders-after all, he always expected it to happen.
"This is just the inception of my career. I have always told myself that, whatever I do,
I have to be a success," he declares, toning it down with, "I also consider myself lucky
for al the viewer-appreciation."
Ahluwalia has everything planned, from short-term goals to long-term dreams.
But he plays his cards close. "I am a little media-shy," he side steps.
Some prodding later, he reveals he's currently shooting for his first movie,
Shootout at Lokhandwala.
"The movie has a huge star cast, including Sanjay Dutt and Vivek Oberoi.
But i have a good role in it. I wish to do movies but only if the script and role
are worth my time and effort," he pronounces.
And negative roles don't disturb him: "It doesn't matter whether I'm doing films or TV,
playing comrdian or anti-hero- as long as it interests me, and my audience,I'm fine."
He agrees that one has to work the social circuit. And as for preserving those looks,
" I do it for myself. When I Feel good, I know I'm looking godd too!"he says with
aplomb. Well, he certainly has the attitude in place.
STAR STRUCK:"Success hasn't affected me much. It's the people around me who'e changed-
they treat me differently.....you know what I mean?"


Who is to blame for the Ekta-Shabbir rift?

Shabbir Ahluwalia and Ekta Kapoor
All?s not well on the Shabbir Ahluwalia and Ekta Kapoor front. The Balaji grapevine has it that these two close buddies have stopped talking to each other. And it has been for quite a while. Those close to the czarina of the small screen will vouch for her affections for Shabbo ?-as Ekta fondly calls Shabbir.

So what was the reason for drifting apart? Apparently Shabbo rubbed Ekta the wrong way. The first whisper came soon after Shabbo attended Nausheen Ali Sardar?s birthday bash. Shabbo and Nosh (that?s what Nausheen is called) were quite an item at the bash.

Apparently Shabbo refers to Nausheen as Naushad ? he considers her as a buddy. Knowing Ekta?s thanda vibes for Nausheen post her walkout from Kkusum, the queen of soaps was not all amused by the Shabbo-Nosh dosti. And had her say on it ? after which Shabbo stopped talking to Nausheen.

Though Ekta and Shabbo patched up ? it was not for long. What really upset Ekta was when she was not getting Shabbo?s undivided attention and his bonding with the other Balaji folks.

This time Ekta was in no mood to patch up with Shabbo. Last heard, the cold shouldering was enough to form a glacier at Sankraman Studios.


By: Joyeeta Basu
DATE: August 5, 2004

If the Balaji bandwagon has the nation hooked to a chain of soaps, they have also established new faces on the screen.
One of their better finds is perhaps Shabir Sebastian Ahluwalia.
This 24-year-old resident of Lokhandwala says he loves the world of acting and enjoys his space in the industry.
Playing the characters Rishi and Soumil in Kahin To Hoga and Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, respectively, Shabir says he feels a kinship with both the reel life characters.
?When I was in college, I featured in a few episodes of Hip Hip Hooray. I then auditioned for Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and acted in two episodes. I then got offers for other serials and landed into the roles I?m currently playing.?
Shabir, who has also featured in advertisements for Microsoft and Euro Tiles, says he prefers to do something more concrete and fulfilling. ?Advertisements are only a few seconds long. People watch them and then forget them. So I would like to act in television serials and films so that I am able to create a lasting impression in people?s mind,? he says.
A national level baseball player and university level soccer player, the lean Shabir says sports had always been his first love till he discovered acting. ?I wanted to pursue a career in sports but that world is seeped in politics and it really got to me and I decided to do something else,? he says.
Shabir then headed to Montreal, where he worked with a shipping company for a year. However, he came back to India and pursued a diploma in multi media and eventually got into acting. ?I was always interested in theatre and acted in a few plays when I was studying in National College.
When I decided to pursue acting as a career, my parents were extremely supportive, especially my dad. He has always been my inspiration,? says Shabir.
Busy shooting seven days a week, he does not get enough time to unwind. ?My parents tell me they see me more often on television than in person,? he says. But whenever he gets time off from shoots, Shabir says he unwinds by going on a long drive and listening to his favourite music ? Enya and Robbie Williams.

Al Pacino is my inspiration?
Shabir says life has been kind so far and stretching it far would mean acting in a film directed by Ram Gopal Varma or Karan Johar. He reveals, ?Al Pacino?s role in Scarface is the kind of character I?d like to play.?
Speaking of competition Shabir says he has to face everyday he says, ?Competition is good. It brings out the best in people. I am a very hard working person, and that?s my USP,? he says.

Shabbir Ahluwalia-Top Ten Actors

Shabbir Ahluwalia who was adjudged the ?Style Icon of the year? at the Indian Telly awards had a great 2005.
The guy who once aspired to be a sportsman has become one of the best
loved guys of Indian television. He first found popularity as Rishi Grewal of ?Kahin To Hoga? by Balaji.
This year he was also seen in ?Kkavyanjali?. Known as Ekta?s blue-eyed boy,
he is slated to feature in plum roles in her forthcoming ventures.
One show that really rocked for Shabbir this year was ?Nach Baliye?.  


Recently, TV actor Shabbir Ahluwalia (Rishi of Kahiin To Hoga) received tips in body-building from none other than Munnabhai. Shabbir was shooting with actor Sanjay Dutt for the film Shootout at Lokhandwala and the two hit it off from day one. Sanjay?s intense fitness regime and long workouts are well-known, and Shabbir was quick to make use of his co-star?s expertise.

At first, Shabbir, who?s a complete sports freak, initially didn?t feel comfortable with Sanjay Dutt?s method of working out. ?I just couldn?t handle the heavy weights and the machines. They?re not my style. I believe in sweating it out by swimming, playing table tennis, squash, badminton, etc,? says Shabbir.

However, during the shooting, Sanjay asked Shabbir to join him in his workout. ?I accepted because Sanjay has the best body in the business. I wanted to see how he manages to keep himself so fit,? says Shabbir. ?Anyway, I hadn?t stepped into a gym for ages.?

Now, thanks to Sanjay, Shabbir has hit the gym once again. The actor is trying to shape up for Ekta Kapoor?s new show Kis Rishte Se. ?It?s my next big show after Kahiin To Hoga,? he says.

When asked if he was intimidated while working out with Dutt, Vivek Oberoi and Tusshar Kapoor, Shabbir replied, ?I?m a very secure person. These actors are big. But I?m not bad either,? he says.

As Rishi of Kahiin To Hoga, Shabbir has a great fan following among women. Is there a special someone in his life? ?I?m not dating anyone,? he says. ?I don?t feel the need to date. Love can?t be planned. It?ll happen when it has to.?

Shabbir talks about his experience with KAHIIN TO HOGA
Kahiin To Hoga completes 2 years

Shabbir Ahluwalia
KTH is really important for me, because of what I have learnt here, and the people.
It?s a set of very genuine people, which is very hard to find these days.
I am grateful and very lucky to be with this unit, because
when you spend close to twelve hours here and it becomes your second home.
It?s very important that you have positive energy around and have good people.

TV stars let their imagination run riot. They reveal whom they would love to get their hands on, if given a chance to go on a dream date. Reena Thapar Kapoor eavesdrops on their fantasies

Shabbir Ahluwalia

I don?t like anorexic girls. My date has to be
someone like Ayesha Takia. I will be careful not do
anything to put her off. I believe that girls like us to
take it one step at a time so I'll be a complete
gentleman and make her feel comfortable - before
getting a green signal from her.

Extracting an interview from Shabbir Ahluwalia takes lots of phone calls and loads of patience. The guy is a complete recluse. ?What is there to talk about?? questions Shabbir when I finally pin him down for a Q&A. Here?s Shabbir unplugged on his plan for the year, his hide and seek with the press, and his first crush??..

Define 2005. Personal and professional level??
It wasn?t that hectic for me as I got a chance to travel abroad as well. I went to Malaysia twice and also had short trips to UK and USA. Overall I would say I had a peaceful year.
My family also had no complaints, since I spent decent time with them too.

You seem to run away from interviews?
I really don?t know what to talk about. My work speaks for itself. It?s not that I have an allergy to the media, but I prefer maintaining a low profile.


Tell me about Karmic Connection?
I play the role of Mukul who has his own television company. During the course of the show he gets involved in some paranormal incidents, and starts developing interest in occult and such. I am going in for a clean-shaven look and will be dressed in casual clothes, unlike Mulder in X-files to which people draw comparisons with. I think other than the interest in the world of spirits; I don?t share any traits with Mulder.

You haven?t taken on anything after Kahiin To Hoga. Why?
I have been getting loads of offers, but nothing has excited me. I have to be kicked about the project if I am doing it. At the moment I am more than happy playing Rishi. Let?s see where the road leads and what kind of work comes my way.

Is it true that you have notched yourself a Bollywood project?
There are scripts and roles I am looking at, but nothing has finalized yet. I definitely want to do films, but don?t want to jump into anything for the sake of it. I want to do crazy stuff, where I could be a hero, a villain, or even a character role. I am open to anything that gives me a kick and challenges me. If everything works out fine, then very soon I would be working in a movie.

You?ve won awards for your style. Define your style.
Comfort comes first. I like to have a relaxed style of dressing, where I can wear denims and a t-shirt and just lounge around. I love chappals, you will see me wearing them even on my sets.

Let?s talk about the Nach Baliye experience.
When I was offered the show, I was totally clueless about it. In fact I didn?t even get back with a ?yes? right away. But when I decided to go ahead with it, I gave it my best shot. It was an amazing experience. There were some emotional moments for me, when some of my friends were voted out. It was heart-breaking. Can I dance? Let me just say that I can survive on the dance floor. Working with Sangeeta was fun, she has no hang ups and is chilled-out like me. I like being in the company of people who are relaxed.

You?ve managed to stay away from any link-ups. How come?
I am very clear about what I want from life at this stage. I don?t want to get involved in any emotional business. I definitely want to settle down at a later stage, but right now I don?t have time for a girl. My work and career is my Number One priority. Once I realize the goal I have set for myself, I can think about my love life.

Ekta named you as one of the persons she can?t live without. Comment.
Ekta is one of my very close friends. She is also my philosopher and I respect her for what she has achieved at such a young age. There are times when she gives me advice, praises my work, at the same time corrects me where I go wrong. She takes a personal interest in every show, and makes sure everything is up to the mark. I really look up to her.

You don?t get along with the new Sujal ? Gurpreet. True?
Completely untrue. Gurpreet is a very hardworking guy and is really sweet. I have no issues with him whatsoever. In fact Rajeev was also great to work with.

What are friends for?

Ekta Kapoor gifts friend Shabbir Ahluwalia the lead role in her new show
Those who are close to Ekta Kapoor will agree that
the producer is extra concerned about her friends
and that she also loves to pamper her actors.

"I admit I do so but I don't let my affection for my
friends interfere with my work," she says. "What's
important for me is the character in the show. If I
think a particular actor suits the role I sign him. And
if that actor happens to be a friend, then nothing like it!"

This time, Ekta gifted good friend and actor Shabbir
Ahluwalia the lead role in her new daily show, the
working title of which is Kis Rishte Se. "Shabbir is
apt for the role. When I was briefed about the
character I realised that the role was meant for him," says Ekta.

And Shabbir is glad. "I'm looking forward to playing
my first ever lead role in a show. Living up to Ekta's
expectations doesn't scare me as my own
expectations are higher," he says.
the process of losing a few kilos for the part. "It's a
positive character, something that I'm not used to
playing on television," he says.

The word is that Kis Rishte Se is inspired by the
book Arif. "It's very loosely based on Arif. It's a TV
show and will require loads of alterations and changes," says Ekta.

Apparently, Kis Rishte Se is a story about two step-sisters and the two men in their lives.
The actor playing the second lead is Karan Wahi from Remix.
"My team has already started the pre-production work on the show.
It should to go on air by Dussehra," says Ekta.

The serial will be aired on Star One. However, the hunt for the two leading ladies is on.
"I'm looking for two new faces.
We have also tied up with Bajaa.com to help facilitate our search," says Ekta.
She has also roped in film script-writers for films to write the serial.

The show will have Ronit Roy playing a younger character in a cameo.


Ronit Roy and Shabbir Ahluwalia
This will be the first time Ronit Roy and Shabbir Ahluwalia will work together on a Balaji show. The duo is slated to work together in Ekta Kapoor's new drama titled Koi Apna Ban Gaya (earlier titled Kayamath).

Kahani behenon ki

Giving details about the cast and the subject, creative head Shivangi says, "It's a family drama that involves two step sisters. We believe that all relationships last for a lifetime but there are some that don't go so far. This is the core of the show. We are still working on the script and the story line but the cast is almost in place."

Revealing the actors, she says, "Shabbir and Ronit will be working together for the first time. New faces will play the roles of the sisters. We also have Shernaz Patel (from Black) playing an interesting role."

The drama will be going on air on Star Plus and will most likely go in the late-night slot. When asked about his role on the show, Ronit said, "I am doing a role on one of the new shows, but haven't yet been briefed about it."

At the moment, Ronit is all excited about Mr Bajaj in Kasautii Zindagii Kay. "Since he's back, we are planning a new look to give him. In a couple of days, we will be clear on his complete styling."
Ekta's boys party hard in Mauritius

When Ekta Kapoor flew the cast and crew of Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka to Mauritius last week,
she thought it would be all work, and no play — but the boys in the cast thought
otherwise, and partied hard on the outdoor.
Tashu ruined it
"Yes, it's true that Eijaz (Khan), Shabbir (Ahluwalia) and Sanjit (Bedi) had
an all-guys party last Sunday," said Ekta. "In fact, the three of them, Tashu
(Natassha) and I partied together till 1 am, but I went back to my hotel, as
I was feeling tired.
Then the boys wanted to go out on their own, on a boys' night out, but
Tashu insisted on going with them, so their night was ruined. Tashu didn't
understand that they wanted to be alone. They partied till 8 the next
morning, and Eijaz went straight to the shoot from there."

Says Shabbir, "Eijaz and I have known each other for a
long time, so when we met up in Mauritius, Sanjit, Eijaz
and I decided to party together. It was an impromptu decision."
decision." But doesn't Eijaz hate the sight of Shabbir and Sanjit?
"That's not true at all. Eijaz and I are great pals," refutes Shabbir.
So where was the party held? "We had dinner and went to The Beach
House nightclub, at the Grand Bay. It's a hotel on the beach, with singing,
dancing and karaoke. The party broke off at about 6 am. We even danced
on the beach," laughs the actor.

Beached spirits
They must have been pretty drunk to do that. "Yes, the spirits were high
that night. We had a blast!" laughs Shabbir. But what was he doing in
Mauritius? "I have a guest appearance in Nimmo, and was shooting for that."
Adds Kapoor, "Both Tashu and Shabbir have guest appearances in Nimmo."


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Shabbir Ahluwalia Pictures


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Bonaaa.jesssu...you guys are sweetheartsHug
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Originally posted by Grateful Dead

Bonaaa.jesssu...you guys are sweetheartsHug
thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks jaaaaaaaaaanu Hug luv u Embarrassed

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