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last part. half truth half lie (Page 7)

Jodubai Goldie

Joined: 11 December 2007
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Posted: 04 September 2008 at 1:45am | IP Logged
Amazing part....
God knows, why he got his friends there?? what was he trying to prove???
this punishment of taking them for ice cream....good
will wait for next part
to reveal what Ridz is trying to hide

asmara19 Senior Member

Joined: 11 April 2006
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Posted: 04 September 2008 at 9:44am | IP Logged

part 5


after they had had icecream arman drove the car to the opposite side of their home.

"arman ye hum kahan jarahe hain??" asked ridhima and Minnie kept looking outside from the window from the backseat.

"bhaiyya shayad mall pe jarahe hain" said Minnie

"per tumhain kaise pata chala?" ridhima asked

"woe k bar school k trip k sath yahin se guzre thay to yahan agay ek mall hai"

"per arman hum wahan kiyun jarahe hain?" ridhima asked

"apni saza lene" he said casually

"per this wasn't the part of your punishment"

"so what I just want to take it"

"arman take the car back" said ridhima


"comeon arman don't be stupid. Wapas chalo"

"ridhima main wapas nahi jaonga is liye better yahi hai k chup chap bethi raho"

 At this ridhima sat quietly sulkingly while Minnie shook her head and said to herself,

"bachon ki tarha larde hain itni si baat pe"


     When they entered the mall arman said to Minnie,

"Minnie I want to buy you a gift!"

"Anything" said Minnie happily

"chalo wahan us toyshop pe chalet hain" said arman taking minnie's hand.

"Main koi bachi hun k oys se khelungi!"

"To phir?" arman asked looking at her with a smile.

"Mmm…wahan wo bookshop pe chalte hain na. di ko bhi books pardhne ka bohat shauq hai. Hai na di?" Minnie asked turning her head towards ridhima but she turned her head sideways.

"Really??" arman asked naughtily to ridhima but she dint replied.

"acha tum mujhe batao k tumhari di ko or kiya kiya pasand hai??"

"di ko…"

"minnie!!" ridhima stopped her from telling arman and at this Minnie grew a little sad that ridhima was angry at her as well. Arman saw this and took Minnie quickly to the book shop while ridhima walked around the mall looking at things. She kept glancing at arman and minnie who were really happy with each other which made her smile.

 They were looking at books and were trying to see which the better ones were.

"nahi, this is not right" she stopped there at the very spot, "I have to get away from this, I can't let this happen"

"but you let this happen yourself"

"ghalti. Shayad sirf ek ghalti hogayi mujhse per main isko theek kar dungi"

"tumhain lagta hai k ye itna asaan hai??"

"main asaan kar lungi"

"koshish kar k dekh lo but now it's too late"

"kuch der nahi hui sb pehel jaisa hojayega"

  These were the voices inside her mind speaking to her. She took her mind away from the two of them and started walking again in the mall. She walked in front of bridal dresses and saw a dress there. It was sky blue in color and was all embroidered. The dupatta was of georgette and was also embroidered. She was mesmerized by the beauty of it. The top was sleeveless with a deep neckline and the lehanga was with a beautiful huge fall. She imagined herself in that dress and smiled to herself.


Arman snapped his fingers in front of her eyes and she stepped back in surprise. Arman had tried to call her but she was so lost in the dress that she dint heard his voice. He had seen the dress as well.

"di dekho na hum kiya kiya laye!" Minnie showed her some books happily and then looked at arman

"thanks bhaiya"

"you are welcome Minnie" and he hugged her. Ridhima liked the way he hugged her but then suddenly her thoughts enclosed her again and she said,

"ab ghar chalain!"

"per di ap ne to kuch liya hi nahi" said Minnie

"nahi I don't want anything"

"common ridhima…"

"arman mujhe ghar jana hai. Chalo"and she started towards the car while arman and Minnie winked to each other. Arman was noticing the change in ridhima and wanted to know the reason but he thought he wouldn't ask her right now. As he dropped them at home. Ridhma and mionnie said bye to arman and went inside. Minnie bid happily while ridhima just said that due to formality and dint looked back. Arman was worried because of her behavior. The next whole day went like this. Arman was disturbed and there ridhima was all quiet doing her job at the clinic and after that the household chores.

     Arman thought that tonight at the park he would ask her that what was disturbing her but ridhima dint came. It was now 1a.m since arman had been waiting for her. When she dint came he walked upto her house and rang the door bell. It was ridhima who opened the door. She was looking quiet tired,

"tum park main kiyun nahi ayi??"

"wo arman mujhe aj ghar pe bohat kam tha or subha ek show k liye jana hai is liye usi ki preparation kar rahi thi"

"per kuch der k liye a to sakti thi na"

"arman I was really tired"

"ab andar bhi nahi bulaogi"

"oh im sorry. Come inside please" she said looking down and stepped aside. He glanced her face and felt as if she might have been crying but he said nothing.

"tum betho main Minnie ko dekh k ati hun k wo sogayi ya nahi" she went to her room and saw her lying peacefully on her bed. Ridhima kissed her forhead and was about to turn off the lamp when Minnie called her,


"han Minnie. Kiya hua??"

"arman bhaiyya aye hain na!"

"hmm" said ridhima sitting beside Minnie

"kiyunk ap aj park nahi gayi na!"


"di unko bata do sb"

"nahi Minnie. Mujh main itni himmat nahi hai" and ridhima stood up to go out.

"pls di. Ap bhi upset rehti ho or ab wo bhi upset honge. Bata do unko sb kuch"

"kiya kahun main usko Minnie??... kiya kuch kahun??... ye bata dun k main yahan sirf mom ki zid ki wajah se nahi ayi balkay kisi ka pyaar mujhe yahan khench laya… pyar bhi nahi just a stupid crush ya phir infatuation…" ridhima had started crying and she sat down besides minnie's bed.

"di please atleast don't cry"Minnie sat up on the bed and held ridhima's face with her tiny hands.

"to or kiya karun Minnie.bata dun usko k main uskay liye yahan ayi thi. Usko England main dekha tha hospital main jb wo surgery k liye aya tha kisi. Us k bad tv shows, articles,har jaga dekh dekh k pagal hui jarahi thi main or phir jb mom ne shadi ki bat cherdi to lardte lardte munh se nikal gaya… k… k mujhe uska intazar hai or phir tb se aj tk har roz mom taunt marti hain k wo nahi ayega. Per dekho na… aj wo aya to kaise aya k uskay har taraf girlfriends hoti hain or shayad mujhse dosti ki to bhi yahi soch k k I'll be his… kuch bhi nahi keh sakti main usko Minnie kiyunk ye sb meri bewakufi ka nateeja hai. Roz usko dekhne k liye wahan park main jati thi after hearing mom's taunts k shayad wo ajaye per jb jb usko dekhti thi tb tb marti thi k ye main kiya kar rahi hun or mujhe yeh nahi karma chahiye. Or us raat jb saari umeedain chord kar bethi thi or mom ki baatain sata rahi theen tbhi wo achanak mere samne agaya. I hated him at that point and myself as well per kuch keh na saki…"

"Pls di ek baar"

"Nahi Minnie. Kabhi nahi. Balkay ub se I'll try k main usse door hi rahun and tum bhi usse door hi rahogi. Ub so jao ok. Good night." She wiped out her tears and tugged the blanket around Minnie and went outside after closing the door. She walked in the drawing room but saw arman nowhere. Instead she saw a gift on the table wrapped beautifully. She picked it up and opened it carefully. She saw some books and beside them was placed a small beautifull box in which there laid a beautiful and delicate locket. She picked it up and looked at it and placed it back in the box as it was before and took it in her cupboard,

"Per arman istarha bina bataye kahan chala gaya?" she didn't bothered to call him up and went to sleep in her room.



"Ridhima mere liye yahan ayi thi… aise kaise??... per usne to mujhe kaha tha k wo apni mom ki…jhoot…jhoot bola tha…or ab wo isiliye mujhe avoid bhi kar rahi hai cuz hm close hote jarahe hain… fine then main bhi usse milne nahi jaonga… samajhti kiya hai wo k mujhse jhoot bol k wo aisa kar sakti hai?? Wo to acha hua k main ne sb sun liya kamre k bahar" arman was driving back to his home.


The next few days past without arman and ridhima meeting eachother. A lot of times ridhima had thought of calling him up but stopped herself and there arman was getting restless because he hadn't met her. He didn't want to meet any of his friends or girlfriends. He was quiet frustrated and irritated even his colleagues noticed that. He wanted to talk to ridhima but couldn't because now he knew the truth.

"arman kiya hua??" one of his colleague, shubhankar, asked him, "kayi dino se dekh raha hun tu bohat pareshan hai"

"shubhankar agar tujhe pata lage k koi insan tere liye apna sb kuch chord k tere pas ata hai per tujhe ye nahi batata k wo tere liye aya hai or phir tujhse door jane ki koshish kare k shayad ye uski bewaqufi thi k wo tere liye aya to…"

"dekh mere dost! Itni confused harkatain sirf lardkiyan kar sakti hain. Tere liye kiya kisi lardki ne aisa kiya??"

"shubhankar main bas tujhse puch raha hun"

"well agar such main mere sath aisa hota and agar meri zindagi main kirti pehle se na hoti to, main us insane ko apne se door kabhi na jane deta kiyun k pehli bat agar wo mujhse mil kar mujhse door jarahi hai to definitely usko kuch aisa feel hua hoga k usko laga k jo kuch usne kiya wo ghalat tha and that she doesn't belong here and that can be nothing else but love…"

"oh shut up man. Ye love ko nikal k bat kar"

"yahi to problem hai na teri k tu kabhi aisi feelings ko consider karta hi nahi. Per yahan humari ya teri feelings ki baat nahi horahi. Yahan us insan ki bat horahi hai jo yeh sb feel kar raha hai and whoever she is, is definitely in love."

"per usne to aisa kuch nahi kaha"

"because she herself is confused with her own feelings right now or uska best rasta yahi dikh raha hai k wo us insan se door chali jaye jiskay liye usko yeh feelings horahi hain"

"tu itna sure kaise hai??"

"kiyun k kirti bilkul aisa hi karti thi kuch maheenay pehle tk but now she is perfect with me now that she has sorted out her feelings for me"

"or tu ne ye sb kaise kiya??'

"it was really easy for me cuz mujhe bas ek bar kirti se sukun se baat karne ka moqa mila and I confessed my feelings to her and she confessed hers so all was easy"

"really?? That easy?"

"ofcourse. Kirti is not a difficult person you know."

"hmm thanks dude. Best of luck for your life and wish me luck too. Bye" arman stood up. Took his lab coat from his chair and walked out of the room leaving shubhankar saying,

"per isko god luck kiyun chahiye?? Wo jo koi bhi hai isse pyar thordi na karti hai!! Khair ye to hai hi pagal"

     Arman drove to ridhima's house saying,

"Minnie is time neighbours main hoti hai or ridhima ghar main akeli hogi. I'll go and just talk to her k usdin main ne uski saari baatain sun li theen and its ok that wo wahan se mere liye ayi thi per now we can be friends. Cool man. Im the dude man."


As arman stopped the car in front of ridhima's house he found the door opened. He went inside and saw the entire house decorated with flowers. Fragrant oils were turned on. Furniture was polished and the setting was changed as well. Curtains were changed and at a far corner ridhima was arranging flowers in a vase. She looked like a pretty angel dressed in white skirt and dark purple top. She was wearing a stole around her neck and had tied her hair in a lightly tied ponytail. Her two bangles were making noise as music as she would move her hand for flowers to be decorated. Arman was once again mesmerized by her beauty. He knocked the door lightly and ridhima trembeled suddenly by this sudden noise. She turned around and found arman standing at the door. She was quiet surprised by seeing him. After he had left that night, she had thought that he would never come back again but here he was again.

"hi" said arman with a smile.

"hi" ridhima replied with a little surprised tone.

"shocked to see me here?" he asked. Ridhima nodded her head lightly and then suddenly shook her head and then hit her head and said,

"ao betho na"

"itni tayyari kiyun?? Birth day hai tum dono main se kisi ka??"

"nahi aj rahul or muskaan arahe hain" she said happily and turned again towards the vase to give it a final touch with green leaves.

"kaun??"arman asked confused.

"oh wo actually rahul mera colleague tha England main or muskan bhi. Muskan anjali di ki choti behan bhi hai isliye hum teeno ki bohat achi friendship hai. Kuch dino ki chutiyon pe arahe hain yahan to main ne socha k unko apne pas hi rok lun"

"oh to isliye ye sb tayyari?" arman didn't knew why he felt suddenly a little down by hearing that ridhima had other friends too.

"han isiliye" she looked at arman and smiled at him happily.

"how can she forget everything that she said the otherday?"arman thought to himself, "koi baat nahi I'll just talk to her right now"

"errr ridhima…" arman called her.



The bell rang.

"oh wohi dono honge"said ridhima and walked out to the door to see who it was.

"hey muskaan rahul. How are you guys??" arman heard ridhima's voice.

"hi. Hum ek dum theek thak hain. Tu suna?"said muskan. A curly haired, pretty girl.

"ek dum cool as ususal and you rahul??"

"haye sb chord… tu to pehle se bhi ziada sundar lag rahi hai" came a guy's voice.

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-Cherry- IF-Addictz

Joined: 17 December 2007
Posts: 66287

Posted: 04 September 2008 at 10:34am | IP Logged
amazing part sweetie
i loved it soooo much
plzzzzzzzzz continue sooon
meow23 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 April 2008
Posts: 7825

Posted: 04 September 2008 at 10:51am | IP Logged
gr88 prt.. simply superb n luvd it.. waitngg 2 read more.... do update soonn.. n pm me nxt tym u update
x-Ridzzie-x Senior Member

Joined: 25 October 2007
Posts: 992

Posted: 04 September 2008 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
awwwwwwwwwww das da reason y she cme here....omg das like sooo sweeet.....u knw i was actually thinkin dat but den i didnt think dat cud happpen n it was sumthing big...buh it was....omg i hope armaan does love her too...
nd i hope ridz has enough strengh to confess her feelings too...
thnx 4 da pm huunnn
plzzz continu soon
luv ya
revna Senior Member

Joined: 13 January 2008
Posts: 957

Posted: 04 September 2008 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
it was sooo awsumee luvedd it !!
please pm me once u update!!
luvs revna
.BlackJack. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 December 2007
Posts: 5286

Posted: 04 September 2008 at 3:26pm | IP Logged
hey nice ff. plzz continue soon & if u can plzz pm me when u update. tc x
sheena_12 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 October 2006
Posts: 8581

Posted: 05 September 2008 at 7:08am | IP Logged
wow nice update
so ridz was here fr armaan! Kool
now waitin fr their confession
thanx fr the PM frm next do PM the link

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