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last part. half truth half lie (Page 6)

x-Ridzzie-x Senior Member

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Posted: 02 September 2008 at 5:06am | IP Logged
sorryy 4 da late comment....
i cudnt find yur ff...
buh thnx 4 da pm
and i read both da parts.....part 2 was really glad ridhima trust armaan that much dat she let him stay at her house...
dis ridhima is so soft nd sensative...i wonder wat da real truth is...
till nw i luv ridhima's and armaan's relationship....
nd i luv minnies character...
continu soon
luv ya

sheena_12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2008 at 5:53am | IP Logged
hmmm....really intrestin...i wounder watz the truth n y do she wantz 2 hide it frm armaan?....gr8 concept
plzz contnue asap n plzzz PM me
simran1285 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 May 2006
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Posted: 03 September 2008 at 7:02am | IP Logged
wow interesting....I wonder how Minnie and Ridz are actually related can't wait for the next update and thanks for the PM
asmara19 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 September 2008 at 8:22am | IP Logged

Part 4


"so kiya kaha ap ne arman bhaiyya se??" Minnie asked her while doing her homework at the evening when ridhima had returned from her clinic.

"kiya??" ridhima asked who was studying some case file besides Minnie.

"mujhe pata hai k arman bhaiyya ne apse kuch kaha hai jiski wajah se ap chup chup ho jb se main ayi hun. Batao na di"

"usne mujhse hamare ghar walon k baray main pucha"


"usne yeh bhi pucha k hum dono yahan kiyun rehte hain jb k baqi sb England main rehte hain."

"or ap ne yakeenan adhi bat batayi hogi" said Minnie not leaving her pencil and kept writing in her norebook.

"to puri bat batati??"

"nahi." Said Minnie in a casual tone that gave ridhima a relief that at least her sisiter was always in favour of her thoughts and decisions, "per thorda hint to deti"


"matlb ye k thorda to batati k ap yahan kiyun ayi. I mean you know, I know, that it wasn't just because of mama that you came here so you should have given him a hint"

"na Minnie. I can't do that. I have already seen enough of all this and I won't be able to handle any more"

"ye ap keh rahi ho di? Jisne itna sb itna bravely face kiya to isse bhi guzar jao na. hone do ek baar jo hona hai. Pehle bhi to jo kuch kiya wo sochay baghair kiya tha na. agay kiya hoga wo nahi pata tha to ab bhi kiyun nahi. Why are you getting weak now?"

"Minnie I'll try to you know give him some hint but until the right time is here I can't tell him the whole truth."

"fine na di main ne kb kaha k usko sb bata do but now smile na atleast. I want to see my happy di"

"your di is always happy when she is with you meri jan jalaibi"

"yummy, I love that when you say that to me" said Minnie and moved forward to hug ridhima who was now happy and her heart was all lightened.

        A few more days passed juts like they were before. Arman had asked ridhima about the guest room all arranged with a guy's things and she had told him that it was atul's room when he once came to India to see ridhima and Minnie and after he had gone ridhima hadn't touched his things. Ridhima was now feeling that people around her house were now talking about arman and ridhima meeting in nights at the park and she didn't liked that. She hadn't told this to arman but silently in her heart she was feeling that this was all not right.

         One fine evening when ridhima and Minnie were as usual sitting in the study room doing their respective tasks, suddenly the door bell rang. Ridhima walked up to see who it was. She opened the door and saw arman standing there.

"array arman tum yahan??"

"errr…han ridhima…wo actually na mere kuch friends aye hain"

"what??" she asked shockingly

"yeah… wo actually mere ghar pe mere kuch stupid sousins aye hue hain to I decided k main unko…apne friends ko, yahan le ata hun. I hope you don't mind" arman stepped sideways and four handsomely strong, good looking guys stepped in front of the door. Ridhima looked at arman with a panicked gaze and stepped aside to lety them come in. her heart was falling to the floor. She felt as if she had silently surrendered herself to these guys…but wait… Minnie?? Oh no I can't let this happen, was what ridhima thought. She closed the door and quietly led them all to the drawing room.

"ridhima this is josh. This is mohit, rohit and yash."

"hi ridhima" they all said in a chorus and ridhima weakly smiled and without looking at arman as she was really angry she went inside the study room while arman wanted her to look at him. She went inside and arman followed her there.

"Minnie you just stay right here until I myself come back here to get you. Ok. Arman apne kuch doston ko le k aya hai"


"yes. Don't ask anymore just lock up the door and stay there quietly" said ridhima and came outside the room after shutting the door.

  Arman was standing outside there. Ridhima looked at him and said,

"tum jao apne friends k pas, main kuch khane ko lati hun"

"per ridhima…" but she didn't stopped and went in the kitchen. She didn't her anger to explode but arman wanted it to explode. He wanted to see what was inside her that she was hiding from him after such a long time she still was hiding a lot from him. It wasn't a matter of flirt anymore to him. He wanted to know who actually was ridhima. He followed her in the kitchen and asked,

"ridhima kiya hua?? You didn't liked my friends coming here??"

"arman stop acting so innocent. Akeli lardki apni behan k sath ek ghar main rehti hai who never expects any guests like this who she doesn't even know and tum is tarha char lardkon ko yahan le aye. Itni closeness, itni frankness to nahi thi humari arman. how can you do this to us?? To me??"

"ridhima they are just…"

"they are whatever…it's not about them… it's about you and me." Arman felt as if she wanted to say something. She wasn't looking at him instead she had started preparing some batter in a bowl. Arman took her arm and asked,

"what is it ridhima?? It's not just about me bringing my friends here that is disturbing you na! it is something else. What is it??"

"arman I am… I am scared of strangers. Mu…mujhe dar lagta hai anjaan logon se apne liye bhi or Minnie k liy bhi and right now…honestly I see you as a stranger as well who I don't know. Arman I wasn't expecting this from you"

"ridhima how can you say this??"

"yes I can arman. please aenda istarha apne friends ko mat lana. Right now just leave my kitchen and attend your friends." She said and returned to her cooking while arman took slow steps back to the drawing room. He was realizing that what he did was wrong.

      He was sitting with his friends and they were talking when ridhima came and placed the tray quietly on the table and went back in the kitchen,

"yar arman can't we also spend a night here?" asked josh and ridhima heard it from the kitchen. Her heart got struck in her throat and she felt as if she couldn't breath.arman was shocked and looked up at josh harshly and turned his head halfly to the kitchen where he saw ridhima standing beside the wall.

"josh mind what you are saying!" said arman

"what yar this is unfair na.we should be given a chance too" said mohit with a wink at josh"

"acha chal raat na sahi atleast friendship to kara de" said rohit

"han wo to baat bhi nahi kar rahi balkay aisa laga k 'fittay munh' keh k chali gayi humain. Humare munh pe ye khane ko mara or gayi k ye khao or niklo is ghar se" said yash and all the four friends gave each other high five.

"hum ye soch kar to nahi aye thay na yahan" said mohit.

        Ridhima was standing statue still with the wall and knew that what she feared was right. she was too shocked to react but she waited for arman's reaction.

      This was too much for arman. as his friends took the glass of juices from the tray, he stood up and took the glasses away from their hands and placed them on the table and said,

"utho yahan se"

"now what man?? Don't tell us you minded what we said about that girl!" the four of them laughed

"main ne kaha niklo yahan se" said arman

"takay tu ek or rat yahan guzar sake??" said yash and laughed loudly. This was the limit now. He grabbed yash's collar and made him stand. The other three also stood in anger in support of yash.

"arman yeh kiya kar raha hai yar?? Chord yash ko" said rohit. Arman left him and said,

"niklo is ghar se"

"zabardasti hai kiya?" said josh

"zabardasti tu ne dekhi nahi hai abhi josh. Mera hath agar uth gaya to acha nahi hoga"

"us lardki k liye??"

"han usi k liye" said arman harshly to josh.

"matlab now she means to you more than we do. I mean what kind of girlfriend she is. Teri baqi sari girlfriends to itne ache se or itne shauq se milti theen humse or ye hai k…"

"BAS JOSH BOHAT HOGAYA AB… ye sari bakwsa ghar se nikal k kar. Chal ab yahan se"

"ok bhai hum to chale tei ex girlfriends k pas. Usne to waise bhi humain bulaya tha club main hum to aenwaen agaye thay yahan teri nayi wali ko dekhne" said mohit and as he said this, he received a hard blow on his face by arman. the others held arman and arman hit them as well and pushed them on them floor. In this fight he also got some blows.

"ARMAN!!" ridhima came running out of the kitchen and all arman's friends went out of the house leaving arman there on the mercy of ridhima. Ridhima helped him sit up and closed the door she went back to arman and helped him stand up and sit on the couch.

      She brought the first aid box and bandaged his wounded lip while he looked at her. She was quiet but tears of fright and anger were running down from her eyes.

"im sorry ridhima" said arman but she said nothing and stood to go back inside but he held her hand and said,

"ridhima I do realize that what I did was wrong now please forgive me"

"only on one condition" she said still not facing him

"kuch bhi. Kuch bhi kaho karunga" arman stood up and stood in front of her.

"mujhe kal wo stall wali kulfi khani hai" she said folding her arms on her chest and still looked sideways.

"stall wali??" he asked confused.

"han wohi." she said with a smile and shine in her eyes and looked at arman.

"per wo to kitni unhealthy hoti hai or tum to…"

"main to kiya han?? Ek to wo ajeeb ajeeb dost le aye or ab main ne itna sa kaha to wo bhi nahi mante. Wahan main jati hui achi lagungi wo kulfi lete hue??" she said getting a little childish.

"acha baba per I thought you only ate healthy food!" he was now trying to test her innocence.

"kiyun dieticians unhealthy cheezain kabhi kabhi nahi kha sakte?? Or han Minnie bhi chalegi sath"

"ok. 8 baje?"

"perfect. Main tayyar rahungi" she said happily,

 "acha main Minnie ko le k ati hun. Dar k maray main ne us bechari ko bhi kab se kamre main band kar diya hai. Pareshan horahi hogi wo." She passed arman to walk away but he held her arm again and brought her close to him and said bu looking in her eyes,

"im really sorry ridhima"

"aenda mat karma aise, mujhe sach main bohat bura laga"

"ya I know and I really apologize for that"

"yeah its ok" she said with a smile and went away.


        Ridhima walked upto minnie's room and as she opened the door Minnie came running to her,

"DI!!" and she hugged her di from her waist, "ap theek to ho na? main kitni dar gayi thi k pata nahi kiya hogaya. Main ne ap ki cheekh ki awaz bhi suni per ap ne mana kiya tha isliye nahi nikli" Minnie was crying. Ridhima kneeled down and wiped minnie's tears and said,

"main ek dum theek hun Minnie bas thori dar gayi thi"

"or ap dar kiyun gayi thi?"

"Minnie wo arman k dost…"

"arman bhaiyya!!" said Minnie as she saw arman standing at the door, "ap apne dost kiyun le k aye? Di kitni dar gayi thi apko pata hai!"

"Minnie main arman se baat kar chuki hun is baaray main. Usne mujhser maafi bhi mangi hai and its ok na rani. C ghalti to sb se hojati hai na. koi baat nahi" said ridhima to Minnie by holding her shoulders lovingly.

"per ab punishment to milegi na. ghalti jo ki hai"

"han punishment to milegi. Isiliye wo  kal humain kulfi khilane le k jayenge" said ridhima happily and looked at arman who was quietly standing at the door looking at both of the girls smilingly.

"ufff di yeh bhi koi punishment hui? Punishment to aisi hoti hai k pushups karne ko do, hath bandh k kharda kar do barish main, etc" said Minnie

"matlab agar meri saza tumhare hath ati to tum mujhe ye saza deti??" arman asked shockingly.

"han! Ye to di hai jo itne maze ki punishment de deti hai" said Minnie quiet casually and arman and ridhima smiled to eachother.

"ok then main phir kal aonga 8bje" said arman, "bye"

"bye" said Minnie.

"chalo main chalti hun tumhain darwaze tk chordne" said ridhima and went with him at the door.



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ridzie4u2nv Senior Member

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Posted: 03 September 2008 at 8:41am | IP Logged
m first 2 post it was a wonderful part keep up the gd work
mishti4maan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 September 2008 at 9:34am | IP Logged
gr8 part. continue soon!!!!!!!!
-Cherry- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 September 2008 at 9:48am | IP Logged
amazing part sweety
plzzzzzzzzzzz continue soon
x-Ridzzie-x Senior Member

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Posted: 03 September 2008 at 11:45am | IP Logged
im sooo glad armaan...did beat up his so called friends...
i hope ridz nd armaan get along to be real good friends den later on dey can take a step forward....buh for now...ridz still dont trust armaan much, i think....
plzzz update soon
nd dont 4get to pm me
luv ya

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