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last part. half truth half lie (Page 4)

asmara19 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 August 2008 at 8:00am | IP Logged


Part 2


    Arman and ridhima had started meeting each other just like at the nights in the park. They used to laugh about things and never talked about anything personal. Ridhima avoided any personal questions and arman noticing this, never asked anything personal. They both were now used to meeting each other and ridhima noticed that arman wasn't meeting any other girl in the park. in fact he would only wait for ridhima and sometimes ridhima would wait for arman. Few weeks passed and on one night they were, as usual, sitting there on the bench talking to each other. It was a cloudy night. Rain was about to pour anytime but both of them dint cared about the rain. All they cared was that they wanted to talk to each other. Arman sometimes noticed that ridhima was extremely hurt about something but as soon as she would talk to arman she would forget about that pain and that effected arman very much.

     Suddenly it started raining heavily at about 1.30a.m.

"Oh my! it's raining" ridhima screamed and jumped in rain. She started circling round in the park like a child and laughed loudly. Arman had never seen a girl so beautifully and innocently happy in rain. All his girlfriends would be conscious about their hair, make up or dress that it might get spoiled in rain and here was this girl who was freely enjoying the rain in the night with a guy alone. He was also enjoying the rain with her when she suddenly realized that he was staring at her. She ran to him rubbing her arms and said,

"chalo tumhain tumhari car tk chord k main ghar chalti hun"

"chalo" they started walking while arman kept looking at ridhima.

"tumhain barish bohat pasand hai??" he asked her

"yup. Hud se ziada" he smiled and as they reached his car, ridhima waited for him to drive away but his car wouldn't start. He tried a lot and finally stepped out and said,

"shayad pani chala gaya hai barish ka isliye start nahi horahi"

"it's ok tum mere sath ghar chalo"

"itni raat main??" he asked a little surprisingly as she had offered him after a long time to come at her home.

"han baba. To kiya hua??'

"ok chalo" his heart was leaping inside happily that she trusted him this much. So much time had passed and he had realized that he didn't need any girlfriend or neither wanted a girlfriend. He was satisfied with just ridhima.


           They went inside ridhima's home when a small girl opened the door with a towel in her hand. She was wearing a skirt and top. She had one of her hand on her waist and with the other one she handed the towel to ridhima as she entered inside.

"ye lo!!" the girl said a little strictly.

"oh thanks Minnie. By the way aj main apne sath kisi or ko bhi layi hun"

"thorda idea tha mujhe. Kaun hai??" said Minnie folding her arms around her chest. Ridhima moved inside and behind her was standing arman smilingly.

"array. Ye to…" Minnie was surprised

"dr. arman" said ridhima with a sweet smile as she introduced him to Minnie, "or arman ye hai Minnie. Meri choti si behan" ridhima hugged Minnie from the back who looked back at her by turning her head and shook her head and edged her eyebrows up in a manner of asking,

"ye sb kiya hai??" ridhima made a cute puppy face and when Minnie shot her a glare, ridhima stood back and looked down uncomfortabaly and said,

"arman tum andar ao na. Minnie tum arman ko guest room main le jao main abhi ati hun"

"di ap pehle ja k kaprday change karo. Thand lag jaygi nahi to or phir khana khane chalo main arman bhaiyya ko le k ati hun" said Minnie in a motherly tone.

"awww so sweet of you" said arman

"main choti bachi hun k sweet hun??" Minnie asked with her hands on her waist.

"nahi nahi main to ridhima ko bol raha tha" he said naughtily suddenly seeing the strictness of Minnie.

"oh to di k sath flirt kar rahe ho ap??"

"oh nahi baba main to bas…"

"rehne dain ap ab. Chalain guest room main. Di to gayi." Minnie took arman to the guest room and left him there.

       Then Minnie walked up in the kitchen where ridhima was making coffee. Minnie went and sat on the dining table and said,

"di ye arman bhaiyya yahan kaise??"

"Minnie tumhain to sb pata hai na. bas aj barish thi or uski gaardi kharab hogayi to main usya yahan le ayi"

"kb se chal raha hai ye sb??"

"matlab?" ridhima asked.

"kuch nahi. Bas yahi k ap kahin dobara hurt na hojana. Already ap itne barday steps utha chuki ho jo apko roz bhugatne pardte hain to ye…"

"na Minnie mujhe mere koi steps nahi bhugatne pardte. It's not my fault agar mom…"

"hey guys" arman said interrupting ridhima and Minnie and they both at once stopped their conversation.

"so whatsup??" he asked

"kuch nahi. Bas di coffe bana rahi hai ap k liye or apne liye or phi rap dono khana kha lena"

"or ap coffee nahi piyain gi Minnie ji??" he asked bending forward to her with a sweet smile.

"nahi main juice peeti hoti hun. You know thanda thanda fresh fresh healthy healthy jo di bana k deti hai mujhe."

"array wah apki di to bardi kamal ki hai"

"lo ap to abhi juice pe hi kehne lag gaye. Di to itna kuch banati hai k bata nahi sakti. Juices, pizzaz, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Indian, har tarha ka khana pakati hai di and itna kamal ka k bas. Or apko pata hai di kaprday bhi stitch karti hai."

"han!!" he said amused looking appreciatingly at ridhima who was pouring the milk in the cups.

"han ye jo di apne kaprday pehanti hai or even ye jo main ne kaprday pehnay hain ye bhi"

"array wah tumhari di to suchi main kamal hai" said arman

"acha ab bas karo tum dono. Minnie tum ne apna homework kar liya??"

"yes di ap khud hi to kara k jati ho sara kam or phir puchti ho"

"chalo phir good. Ab utho ja k change karo bath le k and so jao. Good night"

"ok di good night" she stepped down of the chair and kissed ridhima by pulling her down by her hand and went in her room.

"she's really sweet" said arman

"and she's my life. My dear life." Ridhima said by following her gaze to minnie's room, took a deep sigh and sat on the chair. They drank coffee and ate salad and talked about Minnie and ridhima's relationship that how friendly they both were and what fun they have with each other. Listened to ridhima like a wonderful audience and soon they both went to their rooms to sleep. Ridhima provided him some clothes that arman took without asking any questions but he was wondering who's clothes these were. That night was quiet peaceful for ridhima unlike the other nights when she would sleep by hugging Minnie on her bed and would weep the whole night.


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-Cherry- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 28 August 2008 at 8:19am | IP Logged
amazing part sweety
i loved it soooo much
plzzzzzzzzzz continue soon sweety
cool_pisces IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 August 2008 at 10:50am | IP Logged
Hey this was an awesome part, loved minnie's character, continue soon.
Iqbal Neha1 IF-Dazzler
Iqbal Neha1
Iqbal Neha1

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Posted: 28 August 2008 at 11:00am | IP Logged
amazing part
i liked the way AR relationship is progressing and they are getting comfartable with each other
minnie is a very sweet charachter
asmara19 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 August 2008 at 4:07am | IP Logged


Part 3


In the morning, arman woke up by the knock at the door. He was really annoyed by the knock as he wasn't used to the disturbance. He stepped out of the cozy bed and opened the door in anger,

"kon hai??" he didn't realized that he was in someone else's house so as he saw ridhima outside who at once got frightened and the fear was on her face he straightened his expressions,

"im sorry wo main…" said ridhima

"nahi nahi im sorry. Wo adat nahi hai na k koi asie darwaza knock kare to is liye"

"oh. Acha…wo nashta… nashta bana diya hai…kha lo" said ridhima still a little frightened. She turned back when arman stopped her,


"han" she turned around immediately as if fearing that he might shout at her again.

"im really sorry baba"

"array its ok. Kuch nahi hota"

"are you sure?"

"yeah I am. Chalo ab ajao fresh ho k"

"hmmm" he smiled and closed the door when ridhima had left. After she was gone, arman placed his hand in his hair and one hand on his waist and said confused to himself,

"ye itna dar kiyun gayi jb main chillaya to?" he pushed the thought out of his head and went to take bath. He found the closet all arranged with clothes, towels, shoes, simply everything that a guy would need. He was quiet surprised at this. He got dressed in his own clothes that he found washed and dried, his own shoes all sparkling clean. He was rubbing the towel in his hair when his eyes caught sight of two picture frames in the closet that he had left open. He took them out and one of the frame was of ridhima's picture and with some other girl who was also very pretty


Then he looked at the other one and saw a comparatively short height man beside a woman who had shoulder length hair, who was tall and beautiful and too slim while the guy was also handsome and fair. Beside the woman and guy, stood a middle aged couple. They too were a beautiful couple and in front of them all stood a small boy who was a little fat. He was about to put the picture back wondering who were all they as ridhima had said that Minnie was her only family, when he caught sight of the corner of the picture inside. It was folded inside. He opened the frame and unfolded the picture and saw ridhima and Minnie standing there. He was quiet confused by seeing the picture and at once decided that he would ask ridhima about it. The door knocked again but this time it was Minnie,

"arman bhaiyya!! Kitna time lagate ho tayyar hone main??" arman placed the picture back in the frame and opened the door finding Minnie standing there with a frustrated face.

"wo wahan di breakfast hi nahi kar rahi. Kehti hai k kitna buta lagta hai k arman akele nashta kare and by the way jitni de rap ne tayyar hone main lagayi utni to meri dib hi nahi lagati. Ap lardkay ho k itna time lagate ho. Mujhe school bhi jana hai. Chalo jaldi"

"ok baba chalo" arman closed the door and went with Minnie.

"Minnie ek baat to batao"


"tumhari dip e main aj subha anjanay main chillaya to…"

"kiya? Ap di per chillae?? Per kiyun?" Minnie stopped and looked at arman angrily.

"array neend main tha or zehan se nikal gaya to ghalati se chilla diya. Usko bhi sorry bola ab tumko bhi bolun?"

"nahi mujhe to bolne ki nahi zarurtat per di bohat ziada dar gayi hi kiya??" Minnie asked a lot upset and arman saw that clearly on her face.

"han kafi dar gayi thi. Kiyun?"

"wo di ko adat nahi na… k koi istarha un pe chillaye. U c" she said and arman caught her lie.

"hmmm" they reached the dining table and arman smelled parathas, pickle, halwa and channa curry.

"array wah ye to koi dhabba lag raha hai mujhe. Itne kamal ki khushboo" said arman.

"hmm that's my di's hands" said Minnie, "di jaldi karo na"

"sabar baba. Aram se. abhi pura ghanta parda hai tumhare school ko. Or mujhe hi chordna hai na tumhain to time pe hi chordun gi na"

"per mujhe bhook lagi hai" she said making a cute puppy face.

"ye le meri rani" said ridhima placing the plate and glass of juice in front of her and gave her a kiss on cheek.

"or arman ye tumhare liya" she placed the bowls of curry and halwa in front of him, the basket in which she had put parathas and the jar of pickle. Minnie looked forward at arman's plate and said smilingly,

"see meri di ne mujhe plate main dal k sb serve kiya"

"ahh that's cool. Lucky you"

"and unlucky you!" she pointed the finger at arman and they both laughed. The three had breakfast and then ridhima put minnie's bag outside in the car and called her out. Minnie went out followed by arman.

"array arman tum??"

"han wo minnie ne mujhe kaha k main bhi sath chalun usko drop karne"

"ahh sure" the three of them sat in the car and all the time Minnie kept talking about a little this a little that. When Minnie went to school after giving ridhima a kiss and a hug ridhima drove back. Arman asked her,

"ridhima aik bat puchun?"

"han pucho"

"wo tumhare guest room main I found a picture… may I ask you wo kis ki hai??"

"yeah sure… that's… that's my family."

"per tum ne to kaha tha…"

"what I said was half truth and half lie"


"ghar chalo phir sb batati hun" said ridhima and the whole way she was all quiet nd neither arman asked her anything.

      As they reached home, ridhima went in her own room and took out a picture frame. She showed it to him,

"ye jo short height wala lardka hai ye mera bhai hai, atul. This is anjali , his wife( the tall beautiful woman), this little boy is gappu, atul and anjali bhabhi's son and this is my mom and my dad, dr.padma and dr.shashank. atul and anjali bhabi are also doctors. Then its me and Minnie."

"to ye sb hain kahan?"

"ye sb England main settled hain"

"to phir tum dono yahan kiyun ho? I mean tum bhi to England main hi rehti thi na"

"han hum bhi wahin rehte thay." Ridhima placed the frame on the table, "arman meri mom was after arranging my marriage with someone I didn't knew and I didn't wanted to have an arranged marriage and when I found out about him he was a rich business man who already had married twice but my mom thought that I was the perfect one for him and she even tried to convince me and everyone that after me marrying him he wouldn't think of anyone else but nobody agreed with her silently as nobody had the guts to oppose her openly. She started forcing me to get married. My dad was with me but my mom was more to him as he loved her a lot and couldn't manage to leave her side. Minnie was too close to me to see me forced like this so she started defending me in front of mom. Finally dad decided k main Minnie ko le k India ajaon. Main yahan agayi to mom was too angry and she blocked all the expanses from dad to me so I had to work by myself. What I am today is all because of my Minnie and my dad. Atul sometimes mom ki side leta tha but anjali bhabi meri side leti theen. Yahan ayi to mom ne mujhe dhamki deni shuru kar di k Minnie ko wapas bhej dun and ab unka mujhse koi rishta nahi. Main to buri hun hi and apne sath Minnie ko bhi bura bana dungi and all. Kiya kehti unko fact is fact k wo meri mom hain and I have to give her respect that's why I listen to all this everyday quietly. Roz yahi sb hota hai."

"Minnie ye sb janti hai?"

"definitely. Wo ye sb janti hai that's why she defends me, support me in everyway she can. Choti si hai per hum dono ki jan ek doosre main atakti hai. Kabhi main uski maa ban jati hun kabhi wo bhi wo maa ban kar mera khayal rakhti hai. Aisa lagta hai hum dono ko kisi or ki zaroorat hai hi nahi. I just love her. Bohat samajhdaar hai… I feel guilty sometimes arman…" tears glistened in her eyes, "itni si…itni si umar main us maasoom si bachi ko main ne kiya kuch dekhne per majboor kar diya… is umar main bachon ko sivae khail kood k or kuch nahi ata… per meri wajah se meri Minnie ne itna sb dekha…itna sb saha usne…" she weeped with her head in her hands.


   Arman felt his heart weakening. He took ridhima's hands in his hands and said,

"ridhima look at me." She turned her face to him and looked in his eyes while tears rolled on her cheeks, "Minnie ko dekha tum ne k wo tumse kitna pyaar karti hai! Kitni khush hai wo tumhare sath. Phir kiyun tum itna guilty feel kiyun karti ho?"

"arman Minnie abhi choti hai. Kal ko usse uski pehchan puchain ge to wo ye kahe gi k ridhima gupta ki behan hai wo?? What about her parents?? Sirf nam k sath pehchan bhi chahye but uskay maa baap yahan usko sivae nam dene k or kuch nahi de sakte"

"dekho ridhima mushkil time ata hai har kisi per and you are brave k tum is sb ko is tarha se hans k face karti ho. Seriously agar main tumhari jaga hota to ab tk suicide kar chukka hota…"

"shut up" said ridhima and arman wiped her tears with his thumb and said,

"ab rona band karo. See Minnie is with you. She is your power"

"she is my weakness as well"

"make that weakness your greatest power. Minnie ko dekha hai? Choti si bachi tumhari power ban k sath chalti hai tumhare and you. Itni bardi doctor ho k aisa bolti ho. Kal ko Minnie kitni hurt ho sakti hai agar usne ye suna k tum guilty feel karti ho k tum usay yahan le ayi. She's happy with you ridhima. Jis tarha tumne usko apni family mana hai wo bhi tumhain apni family manti hai."

"yeah I know" she said

"chalo phir now smile" he said and ridhima gave him a soft smile which made arman want to jump. "and now I'd like to go back to my home warna as pas k log kuch ulta sochain ge" sadi arman naughtily and ridhima laughed hitting arman on his arm.


         She bid arman bye when he went to his car. She waved her hand at him and as he went away she closed the door. Slowly she slid down at the back of the door to the floor. Her mind saying to her,

"jhoot!! Jhoot bola na tum ne usse!"


"half truth half lie"

"per jhoot to tha na"

"such bata bhi to nahi pati na"

"to jhoot kiyun bola??"

"kiyun k ye sawal rishton main darad dal sakta tha"

"kiya Minnie or tumhara rishta tumhare liye kafi nahi hai??"

"SHUT UP… LEAVE ME ALONE…LEAVE ME" and she hit her head on her knees that she had folded up to her chest.



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mishti4maan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 August 2008 at 4:23am | IP Logged
gr8 part. interesting. continue soon!!!!!!!!
DivineDreams. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 August 2008 at 4:56am | IP Logged
awesome ff.Please pm after u update the next part
Jodubai Goldie

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Posted: 31 August 2008 at 5:34am | IP Logged
Awesome continue soon...I wonder if Minne is Ridz's daughter....

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