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Lyf In college: masti tym.[SK/AK/AC]prt 7 UD pg 10 (Page 8)

Devotion. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 October 2008 at 8:24am | IP Logged
gr88 part gals..!! relli hilarious.. bohot mast tha..LOL .. awesome..!!Clap....nd plzz continue soon swthrts..Ouch
Inu-13 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 December 2008 at 8:03am | IP Logged
Big smilethanx vaishu diHug, chinuHug , pihu Hug, angel 16Hug for liking the part..!! n soo showie for posting nxt part late...!!
Recap: seeing dat girl manu sing:[he sings slowly but his bad luck girl n all oder 5 hear hi singing.. ]

Ek ucha Lamba Kad[song from welcum]

hearing dis all 5 turns towards manu wid shocked expression n eyes n mouth openShocked...where as girl repliesEmbarrassed

Duja moti vi main had
       Teeja chappal meri cham cham kardi ni

Part : 5
Scene 1: Girls hostel.!!
CR:[common room]
7:00 Pm
only three girls in CR watching Tv...
TWo of them crying silently while one's[who is sitting in b/w d oder two] getting irritated by the show cuming on the tv..!!ConfusedConfused
jus den :
The girl sitting in the middle says: kya yaaar/..!! hum isse kyun dekh rahe hai..!!pleeejj room set karne chale..!!Confused
and d oder two starts sobbing.!!CryCry
the girl in middle : okie okie guyss chillll...!! dekho dekho.. main kuch ni keh rahi..!!
jus den her phone rings..!!!Wink
girl thinking: shukar hai...!! phone aya ..!! me bach gai..!!
girl[phone uthate hi]: thank u!! thank u!! thank u!!
on oder side[phone on speaker]: helloo..!! and thank u kisliyee nehvii..???
Nehvi[charu]: areeyy yaar yash[angad] tu ni janta tune mujhe doobne se bacha liya..!!WinkTongue
Yash[angad]:doobne se..??Ouch kya keh ri ho..?? tujhe kya huaa aaj humara asar tujh par kaise..!!Confused tum yeh uut patang baate kyun kar       rahi ho..?? aur baaki dono deviyaan kahan hai.. wo phone kyun ni utha rahe..!!???Confused
nehvi: arey yash un dono deviyoon ke tear gland itne activate ho gaye hai na ki kisi bhi waqt yaha flood aa sakta hai!!
yash: floood..?? tear gland?? lekin kiski itni himmat ki stuti ke tear glands activate ho gaye..!!??
jus den nikhil[rajeev] and manu[akshat] shouts from the back :: abee.. time dekh kar phone kiya kar..!! kyunkii saas.... [while singing in tone] chal rha hai..!!
nehvi listens dis n four of them starts laughing..!!LOLLOLLOL jus den dey hear a shout..!!
sanya[kashish]: nehvii tujhe hussi aa rahi hai yaha baa ki death hone wali hai..!!
boys [on phone]: haan haan nehvi very bad manners..!! sharam ni aatii..!! tujhe hussi aa rahi hai and four of dem starts laughing even more loudly..!!LOL
stuti[kripa]:(while sobbing) nehvi tujhe samajh ni ata..!! yaha kyunki khatam hone wala hai bus 3rd last epi hai n tuuu..!!AngryAngry
n both stuti n sanya starts crying loudly..!!Cry
n boys are unable to control their laughter on hearing their crying sounds..!!Big smileLOL
and nehvi falls from the sofa while laughing..!! and wid fall .. kyunki...episodes also end..!!
and now both sanya n stuti realises that nehvi is on phone wid oder three boys on d line.!!
yash: oye!! nehvi put the phone on speaker..!!
nehvi puts it on speaker..!!
stuti n sanya hear them laughing.. n getting irritated..!! n says: agar tum sab ki laughter therapy ho gi ho toh kaam ki baat karoo..!!
3 boys:yaaar chaloooo naa walk par chaltee hai..!! we getting bored..!!
nehvi: haan haan seriously i need some fresh air now [starts giggling]LOL
manu[akshat]: lekin jayegein kaha..??
nehvii: akkiiiiii hum walk par ja rahe hai .. kahiin movie shovie dekhne ni ki jayegein kaha..!!
nikhil[rajeev]: wait wait guyss un doo dukhi aatmaoo se bhi puch lo..!!
nehvi: arey wo dukhi aatma..!! oooppss i mean wo dono ko le chale tum aoo na..!! abhi wo saadme mein hai..!! chaloo we will meet at 7:45 pm at gate no.1..
all boys: ryto...
All six meet @ gate no. 7:45 n begin to walk widout knowing where dey r going..!!
All were silent and it was borken by
manu[akshat]: kya yaar..!! tum toh or bore kar rahe ho.. 10 min ho gaye hume aise he chaltee ..!!

nikhil[rajeev]: kyaa akii.. don't u realise kyunki sass bhi [saying it while looking towards stuti n sanya] khtm hone wala hai..!! and acts like crying..
yash[angad]: awwww nikuu don't cry ..!! yeh lo apne anmol aansu punchlo..!!
on hearing dis now nehvi laughs loudly n dis sudden laughter of nehvi leaves confused stuti
stuti: u guys na..!! can never understand feelings..!! huh....
sanya: exactly tumhe kya pta bhavanaye kya hoti hai..!
yash: saii mein nikhil very baadd.. arey yaar bhavnaooo ko samjhoo !!
and except stuti n sanya all 4 bursted into laughter
stuti n sanya: u guys na.. n starts running to beat 4 of dem..!!
n while playing dog n cat race for around half an hour dey reach their respective hostels around 8:20 pm.
while girls went to stuti[kripa]'s room to set and on d oder hand..
yash[angad]: yaar pehle kuch kha le bahut hungry feel kar rha hoon main
nikhil[rajeev]: yaar same here..
manu[akshat]: toh tenshion kis baat ki pehle pet pujaa baaki sab baad mein...!!
and enter the mess to do their pet puja!! afetr dey r done.. while going to manu n nikhil room's nikhil picks up lays packet wid him..!!
now @ both side mission room set take place..!! lolz hehe!!TongueBig smile
one side the girls entered the room facing lots of dificulties as room was in mess..!!

sanya[amna]: stutiiiiiiiii[shotuing] yeh kya hai..
nehvi[charu]: wat a stupid ques sanya.. obviously room hai..
stuti laughs n sanya: wo mujhe bhi pta hai but itna messssssssssssss..!! tumne toh girls ki neat n clean wali image kharab kardi..!!
sanya: chaloo ab jo hua so hua..!! kisi ko btana mat ab..!!
while one d oder hand..!!
boys entered the room widout any difficulty.. n yash[angad] was in full shocked after entering into room..!!
yash: eeeuuuuuuuuuuu!! yeh kyaa yeh tumhara room itna well organised kaise..!!tumhe zra si bhi humari image ki fikar ni jo itna organised room..!!
nikhil[rajeev]: dekha dekha manu[akshat] maine kaha tha na itna organised na rakh..!! yash mera koi kasoor ni saab isska [ pointing towards manu] kasooor hai..!!
manu[akshat]: making confused expressions..!!
yash: chalo ab jo ho gya soo ho gya..!! buss kisi ko pta ni lagne dena..!!
manu: shut up u both..!! band karo apni nataunki..!1 n hume ajj he ki date mein room set karna hai..!!
wid dis guyss our part also..ends..!!!1 hope to recieve ur comments n hope u like it..!!..!! EmbarrassedTongueWink
wid luvEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
neha n vinny.!!EmbarrassedBig smileTongue

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Sumi_162710 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 December 2008 at 11:29pm | IP Logged

Wow awesome UD n gr8 fun!!! Thnx that u comtinued. I thought u wont. But thnx a lot that u did. Its a fantastic FF.

togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 December 2008 at 6:49am | IP Logged
Hey that was a cute part.........Muhahaha !! Wo horror show kyunki saas end ho gaya finally !!
spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 04 March 2009 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
cont story......
Inu-13 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 October 2009 at 3:02pm | IP Logged
Hieeeeeeee frndzz..!! hehe v knw u must have forgotten abt dis FF n its whereabt as we too heheh WinkTongue..
Actuaaly we got sooo bussy wid our univ dat sumtimes wen we get time dat time we feel too lazy to type so we were bitten by lazybugs..!! Hmmm we think no one missed dis FF ..UnhappyUnhappy.. as no comments to continue it uaan..!! Unhappy..

chalo now we back wid our FF .. since we were not able to recall the charac. sketch soo here's its shorter version for our reader...!!

Character sketch :

Rajeev khandelwal as Nikhil aka niks
Iqbal khan as yash aka
chaitanya(akshat of kth) as manu aka champ

Aamna shariff as sanya
charu of kth as nehvi
neha bamb as stuti aka kiddo

ab thoda recap bhi : In last part we saw kya dekha thaTongueBig smile .. ohhh yaa yaad aa gya..!! dere hostel room setting n yaa abt dat kyunki serial...!!

Now here cumes a fresh part..!!
                                             PART : 6

Aftr few hrs camera again shifts towards their rooms..!!

TIme : 12:00 AM

BOYS ROOM: Walls all painted wid blue colour except one wall dat was having a beautiful blending of colours cortsey : Yash

Floor flooded wid streams of various colors..!!In short dere room was very colorfull including dem..!! n aftr doing soo much hardwork dese 3 were having sound sleep but on colorfull floor since dere bed was occupied wid their things n dat too on each oder beds.!!

GIRLS ROOM : scenario here was at 180 degree's.. floor well cleaned..!! walls well painted wid greenish clr..!! Dey too were having a sound sleep but on bed..!!

Like dis with dere masti mood full on..!! days passed on.. n Now d exams were knocking at dere doors..!!
Dese 6 too get serious wid their studies as dese were their FIrst exams in colg but not dat serious ..!!

Now lets see wats happening in BOys' hostel i.e Nikhil n manu's room

Time: 9 PM

two boys are deeply engrossed in studies..!! One solving sumthing very seriously and oder one having fun while reading comic books hiding b/w the books ..!!

Manu[chaitnya] : oye nikhil ..!! 9th unit ka 10th sum solve hua??

nikhil[RK]: hmmmm

manu: kaise kiya .. ?? 8x ki value put in ki na..??

nikhil : hmmmmm

manu : phir ans. kyun ni aa rha..??

nikhil : hmmmm

manu : wat hmm hmmm.. tu sun raha hai ya ni..??

Nikhil: haan haan sun raha hoon.. ek baar phir boliyo kya bola tune..pleeej repeat [making puppy face]

manu [in anger] : closes his books wid bang n asks nikhil .. tu kar kya raha hai..??

nikhil : also closes his books n says: arey kuch ni kr rha tu bta kya hua..? abhi solve kar deta hoon...prob bta too??

manu : [goes towards nikhil bed n opens his books n take out comic book n throws on floor] n says: ye hai meri problem.. bol kaise karoon solve..??

nikhil : [by standing up] teri problem kya hai??..faltoo mein kyun hyper ho rha hai..??

Manu : Tumhe har cheez he faltoo lagti hai..jab dekho mazak mazak mazak..!! har cheez ki ek limit hoti hai..!! !pyaar se bhi samjhaya ja sakta hai lekin nai.. tum sab ko mujhse superior he banana hota hai .. jab dekho ladai..!! chal use of saying dis kisiko kya farak padhta hai ki how i feel..!! wid dis he started sorting out his n nikhil's things from the beds..n start throwing niks things while doing soo nikhil's most precious thing [His mouth organ] also falls on the floor..

Till now nikhil who was in confused state n was maintaining his calm ... too looses his temper n gets angery..!!

nikhil : Mujhe ni maloom tujhe hua kya hai... jo karna hai kar... n thanx for dis..he picks up his mouth organ n goes leaves the room..!!


There was no fight b/w nikhil manu dis time.. inshort dey were not talking.. dey reach their deprt. on time.. n no masti was going on ..!!till the oder 4 enters n b4 dey can ask anything teacher also enters..!!

as soon as teachers leaves dey all started doing masti except manu n nikhil who were not participating in anything..!!

yash : oye tum dono ne maun vrat rakha hai kya..??

stuti[neha bamb]: aisa kabhi ho sakta hai ki yeh dono maun vrat rakhle wo bhi ikathe .. jinka ek bhi min. widout behas kiye ni nikalta..!!

Manu : kuch ni hua .. yu guys carry on..[and he leaves]

yash : chalo koi toh bola...!!

Before yash completes his sentence manu was out of site

Nehvi[ charu] : oye use kya hua...??

nikhil : mujhe ni pta n he also leaves from there..!!

sanya : chodo guys inka roz ka kaam hai.. subha ladai ka shagun dekar aye hongein ek dusre ko.. abhi theek ho jaygeien..!!

yash [ in thought]: kuch toh gadbad hai..!!

nehvi : oyee kiddo abb tujhe kya hua..!!tune kyun roni suraat bna rakhi hai..!! tension na le wo dono normal ho jayegin..!!

stuti : kuch ni yaar m missing my mom n dad..!! wanna go home..!!

All the classes get over n 2 of dem were missing from dese classes..!!

all 4 : itna kya imp. kaam ki in dono ne classes ni attend ki..

yash : inki pakka phir koi bet lag gai hogi.. n he leaves as well

n meanwhile sanya gets a call from a teacher n she goes..!! nehvi n stuti goes downstairs n finds manu sitting in basketball cort

nehvi: Itni kya imp hogi basketball ki classes miss kardi..

stuti: na na nehvi iski pakka nikhil k saath koi bet lagi hogi..

nehvi :den bet toh pakka niks he jeeta hoga btw wo hai kahan...??

At dis manu gets irritated n start shouting on dem.... due to which stuti gets more upset n leaves from dere while crying..!!

Sanya who was coming downstairs sees stuti crying n running from dere..!! n asks nehvi : hua kya..??

nehvi: pta ni .. iss manu se hi puch jiska dimaag pta ni kahan ghumne gya hua hai.. kya kya boli ja rha hai shayd isi ko ni pta...!!
n she goes behind stuti..!!

n here sanya goes n asks manu wats the matter..!!

And wid dis our boring part also ends..TongueBig smile.. hope we haven't bored yu much..!!Big smile.. pleeej feeel free criticizse us..!! we will b sooon back wid our part 7..!!

wid luv:
vinny n neha..!!

Edited by rajeev-bigfan - 07 October 2009 at 3:12pm

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Iqbal Neha1 IF-Dazzler
Iqbal Neha1
Iqbal Neha1

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Posted: 07 October 2009 at 3:17pm | IP Logged
great part
pinky901 Goldie

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Posted: 07 October 2009 at 10:56pm | IP Logged
nice part
pls cont soon

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