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Lyf In college: masti tym.[SK/AK/AC]prt 7 UD pg 10 (Page 5)

Iqbal Neha1 IF-Dazzler
Iqbal Neha1
Iqbal Neha1

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Posted: 24 August 2008 at 10:52am | IP Logged
amazing part
finally all six of them together

Tv-Fanatic IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 August 2008 at 11:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jyothi_cool

hey thanx for all d clappings..Big smile
@Iqbal Neha1 : yup atlastt dey all r togetehr..
anam.05 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 August 2008 at 10:41am | IP Logged
Hey dear,lovely part realy enjoyed it alot reading it  wonderful part by both of u Clap
heena_mehta IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 August 2008 at 11:34am | IP Logged
xcellent work........Clap..gr8  dear,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ClapClapClap
...anshu... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 August 2008 at 11:51am | IP Logged
hey hi
the innocent6 hmm...
it reminds me of my gang and my counselling
same story here bt we r not innocent6
i loved the concept
cont. soon
Tv-Fanatic IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 August 2008 at 11:40am | IP Logged

hey guys..!! no thanx for all d lovely comments.. but for silent readers we rqst dem to comment it will tke only 5 sec of urs but dey really encourage us...Big smileEmbarrassed

Part 3

All of dem head toward the notice board on which sum sheets were pinned up lets zoom the camera to see wats dat..all six wid confuuseedd look..!!!

yash[iqbal khan]: yaar hum yaha kya kar rahe hai...???

nehvi[charu]: sssshhhhhhhhhh....[pointing her finger on lips]

nikhil[rajeev]: kya sssssshhhhh ...sai toh keh rha hai wo hum class mein chalte hai yeh notice board ke saamne putle[statue] ban kar kyun kharee hai....

sanya[aamna]: achha kon c class mein jana hai.. lecture hall 1, 2 , 3  ya second floor par.. kuch pta hai..nai naa...!!?? toh chupp nehvi is chking out na..

stuti[neha bamb]: starts laughing n says yaar tum log baad mein jhagrna plz jaldi se TT note kro n chaloo. yaha bahut garmi lag ri hai...

manu[akshat]: ohhh..ab yaha AC kaha se laye hum..let me chk..niks n yash chk karo tumhare pockets mein ac hai....???

nehvi[charu]: tum log 2 min shaanti se ni baith sakte...

all 5: nopes as yaha koi chair ni hai baithne ko n starts laughing

nehvi: gives i will kill u all look agar ab chuup na huye.....!!!

den all get silent for micro second n all including nehvi starts laughing but dis laughter was not longer dan 2 sec as professers in d corridor started starring demthe notice which nehvi was trying to crack was like...
monday: beee:lec hall 3[snk]:8-9

           phy:lec hall 5 [shahi]: 10-11 

            maths:lec 2 [PM]: 12-1

            cs: lec 1 [tvs] 2-3

tuesday: beee:lec 3[snk]:8-9

           phy:lec hall 5 [shahi]: 9-10

             maths:lec 2 [PM]: 12-1

             cs: lec 1 [tvs] :10-11

             beee lab:lab 1 :2-4

wednesday: beee:lec hall 3[snk]:8-9
              phy:lec hall 5 [shahi]: 9-10
               maths:lec 2 [PM]: 12-1

               cs: lec 1 [tvs] :10-11

               cs lab:lab 2 :2-4

thursday:   beee:lec hall 3[snk]:8-9

              phy:lec 5 [shahi]: 9-10

              maths:lec 2 [PM]: 12-1

              cs: lec 1 [tvs] :10-11

friday:   beee:lec hall 3[snk]:8-9

             phy:lec 5 [shahi]: 9-10

             maths:lec 2 [PM]: 12-1

              cs: lec 1 [tvs] :10-11
             phy lab: lab 3 :2-5

nehvi[charu]: hey guys.. yeh toh pta lag gya ki aj 1st class 8 bje thi jo ki humne miss kardi...n nxt class 10 baje hai but wat r dese shahi,tvs,Pm,snk..??ConfusedConfused

yash[iqbal]: (hearing nme tvs yash immediately pays attention to wat nehvi saying): kya tvs i think wo humne iss lec mein tvs bike dengein to ride..

sanya[aamna]:yaash bus kar.. no need to use ur brains here plzzz...our univ is not......

b4 she completes her sentence nikhil interrupts..

nikhil[rajeev]: arey yeh kyaaa maths ke lecture raat ko 12 baje{maths:lec 2 [PM]: 12-1}.. yeh log hume ullu samjhte hai kya..

manu[akshat]: tujhe ullu samjhne ki kya zarrorat tu toh hai he as tujhe raat ko 2 baje chole kulche khaane hote hai.....n gives high five to stuti...

stuti[neha bamb]: hey guys apne lil akhrots[brains] apne cage mein wapis dal lo.. as wat r dese PM,snk..dese all r d shrt forms of our pujya teachers...

n all starts laughing at dere views..LOLLOLWink

nehvi[charu]: wah !! yaar kya zamana hai teachers also modren using shrt forms...n she reads d fullforms
  snk: sanjeev nigam kumar
  Pm: priyanka malhotra
  shahi: gurdeep mann shahi
  tvs: taran veer singh

nikhil[rajeev]: waise agli class royal sir ki hai na..???

all 5: royal sir..??? wo  kon hai ab..

nikhil[rajeev]: arey yaar shahi sir..likha hai na phy. shahi 10-11

sanya[aamna]: niks tum bhi naa.. abhi toh mat shuru hoo. aj first day hai.. kuch taras khaaao...

manu[akshat] n yash[iqbal]: hum par niii teachers par...n dey both laugh..

stuti[neha bamb]: lagta hai inka iraada agli class bhi lgane ka ni hai..arey nehvi ruko tum kaha ja ri ho..???

nehvi[charu]: mujhe agli class lgani hai...yaha baith kar satsang ni m going..

sanya[aamna] n stuti[neha bamb]: arey ruko we tooo cuming...dey hit all d boys wid register n tell dem to cum oderwise...

all boys give kya yaar first day n classes look..n starts heading towards d class n all meet to dere clasmates n attend first lec. of first day...

as dere royal sir leaves the class... scene is like:Big smileTongue

nehvi[charu]: busy in completing notes n helping sanya[aamna] n stuti[neha bamb]to complete dere lec.

nikhil[rajeev]: he is also busy in reading book and  his hand are covering his ears...

manu[akshat]: is also engrossed in book n reading it very carefully..

yash[iqbal]: watching books wid lots of interest...

jus den afetr 5 min 3 girls turn around n see dese three soo serious n starts laughin.. n notice dat dey r too engrosed in sumthing dat dey didnt pass comment on their laughter...dese all heads towrds the second last bench n shakes nikhil

all 3[girls]: niks.... wat r u reading ..?? sir ko gaye 5 min ho gaye...
wen dey get no response now nehvi removes the book from d table

n nikhil realised dat sumthing is wrong..he immediately removes his hands from d ears wid which headphones r also removed..

yup u r ryt.. nikhil was listening to songs thru headphones...LOLLOLWink

all 3 girls: tum tum!! gaane sun rahe the.. we thought tum me brains aa gaye ki u r studying...

nikhil: hahahaha !! arey yaar brains toh me , manu, yash locker mein rakh kar aye hai.. papers mein nikal kar use karegein abhi kyun waste karna..

all 3: huh..!! u r too... kuch bolna he ...n ab yeh dono kya kar rahe hai...

yash[iqbal]n manu[akshat]: kya yaar tumhari prob. kya hai ?? kya humne tumhe padhte wqt tang kara hai nahi naa

yash:den tum sab mujhe bikes ke baare mein padhte wqt kyun tang kar rahe ho...

manu: or mujhe basketball match dekhne mein.. final chal rha hai..[he is watching the final on  his mobile as he downlaoded it from net.] 

all girls sir par haath marte hai n says: inka kuch ni ho sakta ...

jus den sum group of studnets or say one class enters the room n tells dem

grp: we r ur seniors...n wana do sum interatcion wid u.. soo plzz cum to parking lot..!!abhi..

aditya:[clasmate of dese 6]: but we r having our maths lecture...

grp: soo ..its ur first dayy.. u can miss dem also..

all boys to eachoder: atlaasst koi toh mila humare jaisa.. yupiee..!!!

all girls give hard look to d boys....n aftr dat whole first yr folows their seniors...n miss dere maths class..

senior1: okie now give us ur intro.. n dat should b in shudh[pure] word in english n u will start all again..

seniors2: don't worry its jus part of ur pdp...nothing else..

first yr: give a strange look dat now wat is dis pdp..??

senior3: arey Pdp is just "personality development program" its jus inc. ur confidence as u interact ..n u hve to give us pdp as u have to take notes from us..

manu[akshat]:(very politely) yaar yeh azeeb hai yaha her koi shrtforms use karta hai.. inko pura bolne mein problem hai kya...

nehvi[charu] n sanya[aamna]: ssshhhhhh....

senior 4: but yaa u have to say in dis sequence only..
1) name
2)bith date
3) 12th marks
4) school name...

senior 1: so who is cuming first oderwise we have to choose randomly....

senior2: okie den u cum...[pointing towards person doing sumthing on mobile]...

person : mee.... my name...

b4 dat person completes sentence all seniors shout hindiiiiiiiiiiii....

person: mera naaam nidhi hai!
            mera zama teen[three]] feb. unis so unanwien[1989]
           mere baharwin[12th] mein assi[80] pratishat [%age] ank the..
wen she says pratishat senior 1:  pratishat ke percentage sign ko [dis sign=%] hindi mein bolo.. . anda[it signifies the zero in"%" symbol] tehda[slant ,it signifies the slant line in symbol "%"] danda[stick it signifies the line in "%" symbol] anda to dis "%".

and the oder studentas satrted laughing @ dis..

now nidhi continues..: maine apni siksha..bhartiye model vidhyalaya se ki hai..

senior2: model nahii usko bhi hindi mein bolo..

nidhi: model ko..???

senior1: haan model means namuna toh usko bhi hindi mein bolo..

nidhi: ok...maine apni siksha bhartiye namuna vidhyalaya se ki hai..

and at dis all starts laughing...n aftr dis cumes the turn of stuti[neha bamb]

stuti[while laughing]: mera naam stuti hai..
           mera zanam gyarah[eleven] septmeber unis soo unanwien[1989]
           mare baharwi mein 85 anda tehda danda anda

           maine apni siksha bhavan vidhyalaya se ki hai..
[and starts laughing very loudly] n hearing her laughter all seniors also start laughing

like dis seniors take introduction of all n had fun...aftr having introduction one of the seniors

senior: now its turn for ur shahi shonk [habits]

yash[iqbal]: ab hume kya pta uss royal sir ke kya kya habits hai...???

sanya[ aamna]: arey budhu dey r asking for our habits..

yash: ohhhh...
wen he says senior calls his name

senior: yash..u cum first n tell us abt ur shahi shonk...

yash: meee... n he steps forward giving confused look..

senior: soo tell us wat r ur shahi shonks..

yash: hmmmm i luv bikes n luv to ride dem...

senior: ohhh soo think dat u r on a bike n take the round of diss whole parking lot.. along wid d sounds..

nehvi[charu], sanya[aamna],stuti[neha bamb]....: hahahaha abb ayega mzaa..!!!!

yash takes the position n acts like he is sitting on a bike n makes a sound like bike is starting...

yash[iqbal]: dhrrrooooommm dhrrroooommm..!!!

n aftr making dis sounds he starts riding it...n takes the fulll round of parking lot..!!!

wen he cumes back from where he started he makes the sound...of skiddddd..n bends forward as if the back tyre of bike is in air...
n on asking wats dis..

yash: arey wo actually me was cuming wid very high speed na toh afetr applying break bike aage ko bend hui n uske saath main skidd ki awaaz aii..Big smile n giggles..

all seniors + juniors clap at dis n yash goes back to his place...

now it cumes to nikhil

seniors: soo nikhil g wat r ur shahi shonks...???

nikhil[rajeev]: hmmm nothing....

from back side all 5 says: jhooothhhhhhhhh he plays mouth organ very guuudd...n he's best in dat...
and nikhil turns back n give" all r gone "look to dem...n dey share a laugh...

senior 1: soo mouth organ haan.. but we don't have it here..but u have to play it for us now..

nikhil:but howww....ConfusedOuchn start thinking.. den he started playing it wid fingers only..n must say.. he plays it soo welll..

dat wo beechara buri tarah phas jata hai as seniors says to him ki u will give solo performance in ur freshrz...

like dis all students tell dem abt dere habits...n afetr dat seniors leave dem as now dere was no atmosphere amng dem to attend CS lecture.. so dey all agrred to bunk it...n all goe back to dere respective places...but but but as usual dese 6 r not gonna go so lets see wat dey r doing...

nehvi[charu]: hey!! lets go sumwhere ....

manu[akshat]: (shaking his head)wat..!!! wat u said..??? mere kaano[ears] ne saii suna na...??

nehvi[charu]: goes close to his ears n shout : I said lets goo outtttt sumwhere...ab sunaii diya...??

sanya[aamna]: hahahaha!! very gud nehvi...but problem is jana kaha hai...??

stuti[neha bamb]: i have an idea.. lets go for..........

isse pehle wo sentence complete karti all 5 shouts: noooooo shhoooppppppppiiinnnng plzzzzzzzz..!!!!

stuti: par maine kab kaha ki lets go for shopping i toh was saying lets go for eating icee cream, n makes puuppy face..Tongue

nikhil[rajeev]: hmm waise nice idea.. but usse bhi acha idea hai sanya brought 6 tiffins toh kyun na lets go on lake n celebarte first day wid tiffins..

all agreed to it but....
yash[iqbal]: yaaarrr but problem is i ahve only one bike n uspar hum sab 6 jaane kaise ayegein..??? beechari meri bike par reham khao...

sanya[aamna]: dumboo..teri bike par koi ni ayega not even u.. we all will go in auto.. okie..n chale isse pehle yaha [pointing toward nehvi] kisika mood badal jaye..

soo all dese went to lake in one auto...n njoyed dere.. did their pagalpantiya..n returned back to home n hostels..

n wid dis we also returning back to our bed as bahut neeni aying...hehehehheLOL hope u all nijoyed reading...Embarrassed

cuming up: "ik ucha lamba kaad" song...who sings for whom.. find out in nxt part...

regards: neha n vinny..Tongue

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Iqbal Neha1 IF-Dazzler
Iqbal Neha1
Iqbal Neha1

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Posted: 29 August 2008 at 2:56pm | IP Logged
amazing part
i liked the way u showed how the seniors ragged the freshers it was really good
cant wait 4 their day out of college
lrl rocks IF-Rockerz
lrl rocks
lrl rocks

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Posted: 30 August 2008 at 12:38am | IP Logged
amazing part nehaClapClapClapshudh hindi deekh kar apni punishment yaad aa gayi jo rk fc par preeti ne di thi hum 2 no ko...hahahahaLOLLOL

Edited by lrl rocks - 30 August 2008 at 12:40am

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