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In the rain of love - fan fiction

soni595 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 October 2005 at 6:41pm | IP Logged

I was bored, so I decided to write yet another fan fiction and update my old fan fictions.

Hope you all like it!


In the Rain of Love

Part One

She is sleeping exactly like a doll.  Peep peep peep… THE, HORRIBLE, YELLLLLING ALARM went off, the girl groans sleepily and reaches out her hand and turns the alarm off and she carries on sleeping cozily.

After an hour Gayatri Sharma rushes up the stairs and barges into the girl's room.  Gayatri looks at the girl exasperatedly, and puts her hands on her hips, and then she goes and pulls the covers off the girl.
Gayatri: Kripa
Kripa turns away and continues sleeping.
shouts Kripa!!!!!!
Gayatri: ma, just ten more minutes… and she goes back to sleep
Gayatrii: you said the same thing an hour ago. Now get up!!
Kripa (groans) and gets up sleepily. I was dreaming about something sooo nice and mama you ruined it.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx
Three houses away, on Savni road, lives a happy family in the elegant double-story in, house 525.
Inside the house, a girl with shiny brown hair rushes down the stairs. She gets annoyed looking at the time in her watch. She dials a number on her cell and is frustrated to know it is still engaged. While walking down the stairs, she drops her file and all her papers scatter out.
Girl: off ho, she frowns in despair. The girl gathers up her papers and is about to walk out of her house when a attractive looking middle aged woman clad in a beige sari stops her
woman: Alia, before you go, eat some food, as it is you wake up soo early and do so much work, don't you ever feel hungry?
Alia: mom, I am already so late
Damini: why are you always rushing off somewhere, she says more to herself than to Alia because Alia is
already out the door.

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soni595 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 June 2005
Posts: 12240

Posted: 04 October 2005 at 6:49pm | IP Logged

 In the rain of love...

Part Two
Meanwhile, in house 555, Kripa takes twenty minutes selecting a salwar, and then another hour to shower and then comes downstairs.
•Gayatri is making alloo parathas. 
•Kripa comes into the kitchen, hmmm, what smells so good ma, she goes and sits on the chair.
•Gayatri: do you ever worry about anything; you always take your time in doing something?
•Gayatri: ma, because there is only one life, I don't want to lose anything in life, I want to live every memory, I want every moment to be special, I want to count every beat of my heart, I want to smile every second..
•Now, if I am so busy all the time, I can never be able to enjoy this one, precious life.
•Gayatri : enough! You're gone back in your fantasy world. I don't know what will happen when this fantasy of yours breaks, you will be heart-broken.
•Kripa: ma, this is not a fantasy this is life!
•Gayatri: rolls her eyes and places the parathas in her plate and places a glass of lassi beside the plate.
•Kripa: my favorite lassi and parathas, yum..
•Kripa: ma, you're the best ma in the entire universe,
•Gayatri: okay, remember Kripa, you must come home early today, The guy and his family are coming to see your cousin, Harshini today. They are a very rich family and they want to make relations with us. So, no masti today, okay!
•Kripa just smiles.
Movie Magic theatre
•Alia is waiting for someone outside Movie Magic theatre and impatiently looks at her watch for the twentieth time. Suddenly, she sees a glimpse of a person in a pink salwar, who is pushing through the crowd. Her longish brown hair flying behind her.
•Alia shrieks: Kripa!!!!!!!
•Kripa comes up to Alia.
•Kripa: hi, sorry I am late but..
•Alia: Kripa, do you know what time it is, you're a full hour late, we've missed half the movie.
•Kripa does not show any sign of regret instead cheerfully says to Alia; Don't worry, we'll watch it next time, how about we go to Swan beach.
•Alia: how come you never get upset with anything in life?
•Kripa: because I love… life…….
Swan Beach
•Swan beach is a place where physical beauty shallows and inner beauty broadens. It is where tears reach freedom. Souls unite. Spirits rest in peace.
•It is a place where loners look for peace, where lovers find romance, where friends make up for lost time and sinners ask for forgiveness.
•It is an ocean which has waves rapidly flowing back and forth, where the winds blow in different directions, where the sunset reveals it's seven different colors and most of all it a place where memories seek guidance. It is a place that takes you into reality and far away from fantasies.
•Alia and Kripa reach Swan beach and walk to their favorite secluded spot on the beach. This spot is surrounded with rocks, it has trees hovering around them and it has a clear view of the wide blue ocean.
•Kripa and Alia sit on the rocks. Kripa takes out a notebook and pen from her bag and Alia takes out her sketch board and colors.
•While Kripa writes poems filled with happiness and love, Alia draws the surroundings around them. They both are engrossed in their own passions.
•Someone walks to them and taps Kripa on the shoulder and she looks at him. You!!  It is Josh, Kripa's one and only brother.
•Josh: yes me, who else. Then takes his hand from behind his back that is filled with beach sand and throws it on Alia and Kripa. They both scream and run after him into the water.  They all have light moments of masti in the water, with water splashing all over and the atmosphere filled with melodious laughter.
•The sun sets and reveals its beauty.
•Alia: oh no, I am late; dad's gonna kill me.
•Kripa: I have to light the lamps at home. And oh ya…oh some people were going to come and see Harshini
•Alia: Kripa, where is Josh?
•Kripa looks around, oh no!! He left us stranded again!
Preview: Someone climbs through the window, dripping wet and faces three strangers in her house

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soni595 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 June 2005
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In the Rain of Love

Part Three

Sharma House, No.555
The guy and his family are welcomed into the house by the Sharma's.
The guy looks around at the house, and it's like he is suffocating from these traditions. He is dressed in a long sleeved white shirt and black denims with a thick silver chain hanging from his neck. His coal-brown eyes search around the house and he finally sits down on the sofa with the rest. After, they are seated, Harshini is brought in. Harshini is wearing a yellow sari, with yellow bangles and nice jewelry.
The guy looks from top to bottom at girl and tries to act sincere. He does not seem impressed with all this formal talking and this arrange marriage thing. Harshini is seated next to the guy.
Mr. Dilip Khanna: Angad, whatever you want to say, say it, and then don't say I didn't give you a chance.
Gayatri Sharma: I think they're feeling shy talking in front of us, Harshini take the youngsters in the study upstairs., I will send for the tea for all of you. Harshni gets up shyly and Angad gets up hesitantly, Angad's friend get's up as well Angad's sister.
Josh follows behind them.
Gayatri looks at all of them and wonders: agar sab hi upar jayenge, to une dono baath kaise karpayenge? Aur waise bhi humari Harshini to kitni sharmeeli hai!

Once upstairs, they all sit and there is a strange calmness in the air. No one utters a word.
Angad looks at his friend Prithvi, and can see his irritated as well.
While, Angad is blessed and is drop dead gorgeous, with his bad boy looks, Prithvi has an innocent, handsome face.
Angad breaks the silence, So Harshini what are your hobbies?
Harshini looks at Angad and feels as if no one could have been made so perfectly, his eyes, his body, his voice.
Harshini: um, I like to cook food and I also love pottery. A sudden noise in the backyard grabs all of their attention.
Kripa and Alia – it starts raining outside
Kripa and Alia are soaking wet by the time they reach Savni Street.
Alia: we should have taken the car
Kripa: relax, and she dances in the rain
I love rain. Let's stay out for a while.
Alia: don't you have to go home?
Kripa: ya, but, it's amazing na? Kripa dances away, letting the raindrops tickle her skin.
Alia: how are you going to face your parents? You may not be worried but, I am, I need to reach home before dad reaches home.
Kripa: ya, you go, I will go home too.
Alia goes.
Kripa thinks to herself if I go from the front Ma will be angry at me as, I was not there when the guests came to see Harshini. Let me climb through the upstairs window and act like I was sleeping.
Kripa places the ladder against the window and climbs up, all the while dripping wet from head to toe. She climbs through the window.
Angad is about to ask something else to Harshini when he sees someone climb in from the window. Everyone turns to look at the wide open window.
Kripa screams lightly
Kripa: yeah!!
Then she looks up and to her utter shock she sees Harshini, Josh, and three other people gaping at her like she was mad or something. The two guys and sister look at her dripping wet from the rain and are surprised because they did not expect this.
Kripa: Oh no, Oh no.
Kripa stumbles in awkwardly not expecting anyone to be there. She walks to the side and sees Josh trying to go downstairs and she runs and pulls him back. Bhaiya please, this was your fault anyways.
The others just look on at her.
Kripa goes to Harshini and says Harshini you know I was coming, but then Josh bhiaya came and delayed us and then it began to rain and bhaiya went away with the car, leaving us stranded.
Josh: how is it my fault? I am here on time, aren't I?
Kripa: yeah, after leaving your poor sister and friend soaking in the rain, she says dramatically.
Harshini looks at her and quietly says, why did you have to go anyways? You could have stayed home even.
Kripa starts off with her poetry.
Kripa: Harshini, I have only one precious life, I don't want to lose anything in life, I want to live every memory, I want every moment to be special, I want to count every beat of my heart, I want to see every sparkling star, I want to smile every second.. I don't want to miss a day of this beautiful life. Learn to love life like me, and then you will get my point.
Harshini: rolls her eyes.
Angad is impressed with her speech and thinks to himself, I thought this whole family is full of rules, traditions and restrictions, at least someone in the family is lively and knows how to live life.
Prithvi looks at Kripa and is a little surprised with Kripa's outburst. He thought she would be scared out of her wits of being caught.
Angad's sister Anitah thinks that Kripa is just an attention getter.
Angad says Hi! To,Kripa.
Kripa: looks at him and is amazed by his looks!!

End of Chapter 1

Preview: Zeb is introduced, and Harshini has her first lunch date with Mrs. Naina Khanna


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soni595 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 June 2005
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Posted: 04 October 2005 at 6:54pm | IP Logged
No one liked this fan fiction??? Cry Cry Cry
Maybe I shouldn't continue

happe IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 April 2005
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Posted: 04 October 2005 at 7:17pm | IP Logged

No soni, you have to continue.

Please continue now

I loved it.

and i think you need to change shreya to kripa Confused

shagun_luvs_? Goldie

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Posted: 04 October 2005 at 7:19pm | IP Logged
I loved it soni. Please continue.
Please don't make Prithvi marry Harsho.
hrithick_luvr IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 October 2005 at 7:25pm | IP Logged
great job...i loved it plz continue soon and keep up the great work
gagoo Senior Member

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Posted: 04 October 2005 at 7:26pm | IP Logged
plz continue soon. i loved it.

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