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delo IF-Sizzlerz

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 (Harshad  checked FC # 26 and 27 and he lovedd it..Embarrassed
He read every message here...And found it too cute...And he loved the theme too..and all the messages...
He thanks everyone here at the FC from the bottom of his heart)Smile



"A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside."



You would think that a smile is just that a smile, nothing more nothing less.


But on Harshad a smile is so much more than just an expression of pleasure.

Amazingly, he can use that one smile of his to evoke countless uniquely different emotions.


 And there is a special secret behind why his smile has the kind of affect it does, why it dazzles and touches something inside, why it is the kind of smile that makes us smile in return.

Harshad is the one person whose smiles reach his eyes.

When he smiles his eyes smile too and as soon as that happens you realise that this person carries innocence and joy on the inside.


Who wouldn't be swayed by a smile that reflects genuineness, sincerity and warmth?

What's even more astounding is the number of ways he can smile.


So far I have witnessed a smile of compassionate tenderness, of satisfied triumph, a smile of steely determination and of sensual seduction.

I have seen on him the sad smile of one who is hurt and the gentle, wistful smile of one who is walking down memory lane.


And the one smile that always makes me break out in a grin is his infectious naughty smile.

What else should we have expected from the winner of Grasim Mr India's 'Best Smile' title?

It wasn't his perfect teeth that won him that title, it was the fact that his laughingly adorable grin conveys the message to all those that see it that life always has a cheery side and there's always something to smile about.
                                                                          Specially written by Sara (S_sara)


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delo IF-Sizzlerz

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'Keep smiling - it makes people wonder what you've been up to.''


When I saw Harshad for the first time'.I think that what caught my attention at once was his ''smile'''.It was something that was just so innocent'.true'no pretentions... a smile which directly reached his eyes'.No wonder my most favourite picture of Harsh is the one from his modellling days'.The one where he is all smiles'I guess nothing can ever surpass that'. 

The best thing about his smile is that it its genuine...Something that comes straight from his heart'.Its so endearing and it can just lighten up a room..His smile shows what kind of a person he is'Absolutely humble'rooted and down to Earth' 

He has potrayed a wide range of emotions in his shows'.He has this superb ability to even potray different kinds of emotions when it comes to his smile'.Each day is a discovery'.as we get to know so much about him'.the various kinds of expressions he can give'And how his smile just highlights his personality'

The 26th FC is a prove of that where every page has discussions on his smile'Something which can just take your breath away' 

I wish and pray that may he keeps on smiling like this forever'spreading joy and cheer around like he always does'.And that smile never fades away'


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Harshad's Smile

Many of us have pondered long and hard as to what sets Harshad apart from the rest.  Today, after seeing him in the Independence Day celebrations, I think I've come to a conclusion.  Its no mystery that Harshad's incredible personality, humility and sincerity set him apart, however, I believe that one thing that truly makes him a par above the rest, is his smile. 
His Smile instantaneously causes his eyes to Gleam Radiantly, making it evident that it comes straight from within.  His inner luminosity comes out in his smile, causing his entire face to light up brilliantly.  There is a childlike purity in his smile that so endearing that it demands your affection.  It is a smile that you can't help but adore....one that makes you helpless...forces you to forget all else, and smile with him.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
a sweet expression, takes but a moment...but sometimes lasts for a lifetime....One needs a pure heart and a clear conscience to be able to smile like you do Harsh...Your wonderful personality gets reflected through every beautiful smile of yours....So glad to come across such a wonderful person like you...Heres wishing upon you more and more reasons which will make your smiles last forever...


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Dil kay taar jaye choo
Roshni bikharaye har soo

Pathar bhi pighal jaye
Dil se jo woh muskuraye

Sau diye jaise jal jayein
Jugnoo jaise jhilmilayein

Sitare jaise jagmagayein
Dil se jo woh muskuraye
Kabhi halki si shararat
Kabhi dabbi si muskurahat

Kayi bekhandiyan jis pay nisaar
Dil gayein jis pay woh haar

Kuch rakhi bhejne ko nahi tayar
Sawaal hain un kay paas beshumar

HC has a very genuine smile
Which is very dil se and honest and thats it y it has that effect...
And Prem ki smile which is synonymous to HC ki smile.. has so many variations its amazing just like his eye expression and their variation..
From the faint si heart breaking wali smile.. the wistful smile.. the naughty smirk... the sheepish grin.. the infectious si oh so perfect teethies wali BIG smile....and more

Wishing him loads of more smiles  and sunshine.. And dhair sarey reasons to smile...
He sure has given lots of his fans reasons to smile...
So HC and HC FC-ers Keep Smiling and Keep Rocking!!


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delo IF-Sizzlerz

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"A winning smile makes winners of us all."


It often crosses my mind as to what it is exactly that I like about Harshad - as a person and as an actor. Today, I just attempt to answer that question. Think, I found the answer to it, while uploading some pictures on the FC. The answer I think lies in his smile. It is said that a smile is your first introduction and when we see harshad smiling, I realize how apt this quote is.


What I know of Harshad is how he represent yourself in interviews and on screen. One makes a perception about a person, on the basis of their attitude, how they talk and they way they dress. Harshad is slightly different here. Because where the personality is reflected by a person's attitude, Harshad's personality is reflected by his smile. I can safely say that when he is giving interviews, he often breaks into a smile. I can say it is as its there as one of the key points of telephone etiquettes - Smile, the caller will hear it in your voice. And we can hear/see it in the voice when he give tephonic interviews/or to the media.


Harshad has different expression to emote. In the same way he has different kinds of smile, each having a distinct character.


There is a sad smile which reflects pain and sadness. This was the smile reflecting on prems face when there was a kind of emptiness in him, whether it was when heer wasn't present in his life or then when he had heer but didn't have his family. It was this smile that prem used as a weapon to hide his feelings from the world. Then there is a happy smile, which was depicted in Ali's face or then in Akshat's when he was around with his friends. It was reflected in Prem's face too, when he is with his brothers. This smile reflects joy and happiness, the feeling of being protected with the loved ones around.  There is an angry smile and a courageous  - which one saw whenever we saw heer rebuking prem. This smile tells ere is a courageous and gutsy smile - which one saw when Prem took a stand against his family


The next is a naughty or a mischievous smile, one that is reflected in prems face during the ''raasta roko'' scene. This smile tells us of your sheer brilliance and radiance. It also makes one wonder, what prem is thinking :) *wink*


We have also seen a flirtatious smile, which is a killer smile, which is the kinds reflecting these days on prem. It is this smile, which tells us of sensuality and tenderness, of softness in the heart.


There is a denial smile and then there is a tragic smile (which we saw during the heers death scene), there is also a faint smile. This smile is used to get others to smile as well. It tells us that there is always something in life to look upto to, no matter how rugged the smile. It tells of sheer determination, courage and conviction.


Oh, and how can I forget the romantic, dreamy smile which has us all swooming and all dreamy eyed. This smile tells of the warmth and purity in his heart. It speaks of joy and glow.


The best smile of all is the open smile, one that is reflecting these days, one where there is a spark in the eyes and as glint of mischeviousness too. This smile tells is of how happy he is, how comtent he is. This is the ''khulke ke hasne'' waala smile, without any inhibition, one where he is just smiiling and letting his eyes do the talking...ooops dancing, where the lines of the lips are touching the eyes, where the eyes then close, and the smile breaks into a grin and then into a laugh. This kind of smile tells of the goodness and sweetness in him. It is this smile that lights up the lives by its sheer vibrance. This is also his winning smile - the smile of a winner.


I believe that a smile is a gateway to ones soul and a true depiction of ones personality. Harshad's smile tells us about the kind of person he truly is. One who is mature, receptive, and genuine. It speaks of purity and it reflects honesty of the mind and the heart.


Harshad's smile is like ''Munnai Bhai's Jaadu ki Jhappi''... It makes one day... Its contagious and I think part of it has to do with the person he trule is. 


Keep Shining and Keep Smiling Harshad, for in this world where there is conceit, deceit, lies and hatred and fakeness, I'm glad that there are people like you who are real, giving, pure, genuine and true, one who smiles from the heart and pass this smile around.


People love you for the person you are (Harshad the person) and not for who you are (Harshad the actor.) Your smile isnt fake. It's real and its contagious.


P.S. - I think I have just done a thesis on your smile... and wont blame you, if you think of me as some pagal si ladki.... but all I would like to tell you is that a smile is the universal language of the world - hence its contagious. Keep Smiling, for its the best gift one can give and recieve. Keep Smiling, for its the smile that is the true reflection of your soul.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The impact of Harshad's smile is incredible.

I remember there was a time in the show, when Prem would no where be close to smiling. Initially he we would be crying for Heer and post 18th june he would be crying for his dad. There were some straight 6 episodes in which all Prem did was cry and stand helpless . We would come down on the FC, sulk and cribb on seeing Prem cry.
The immediate impact on the FC post a Prem-crying episode would be a very unpleasant one. We couldn't help but bash Lallu,those involved and quiet ironically, even the mood of the FC itself would get affected, sad, and mad. We would ofcourse snap out of it after 2-3 hours but the fact being, how simple and small expressions can affect the way we feel and make others feel.

The first time we saw Prem smile from within him after 24th June(the shirtless episode lol) was during the prayers he makes with Heer at the dargah. I had missed that episode and when I came down on the FC for the update, I remember Daisy telling me 'He was smiling all thruout today..The much in love Prem is back' and Misty telling me 'It's a must watch episode'. The episode had nothing to do with the storyline but the fact tht it had Prem smiling made it one of the most memorable ones for us. It's amazing how we have gotten ourselves acquainted to the myriad of expressions HC demonstrates.


There was a huge gap after tht yet again before we were treated with Prem smiling last week and this time the outpour was even better. The fact that we raced through the 25th and 26th  FC's is privy to this. A cheerful crazy jubilant air held sway in the FC and HC smiling/enjoying the Rang de India and Superstar episodes was like the icing on the cake. No wonder we have enjoyed Harshad's guest appearances/interviews in other shows like SBS, Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar and Aaj Tak more the Kis Desh itself.


They say that beauty is power and a smile is its sword. And who else but Harshad can do justice to this expression. I don't think I have to go on over how cute his smile for I believe this is common knowledge. But what makes it even more pleasant is the fact that he smiles from within, making others smile in the process. I take his smile as a message in its own right- that this life is beautiful, enjoy it to the T and live it for wht we have been blessed with.


Here is wishing/praying that he continues smiling like this always and is gifted with many more reasons to do the same. Last but not the least(its crazy I know hehe) but I would also like to thank him for bringing those smiles on my friend's faces as well.

Keep rocking

God Bless



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delo IF-Sizzlerz

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''I've never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful.''

Harshad's smile is like a  shower of rain in the desert....

It brings all the relief to ones soul...
It reflects his inner beauty...

When he smiles I always see a innocent child in him...so real.... nothing artificial...his smile is like a garden full of beautiful roses..his smiling is infectious..the person seeing it must definitely smile back...his smile is like a gift to us everyday..his smile is the sword that kills us everyday...his smile brightens our darkest day...we feel happy seeing him happy.....



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks. Everytime yu smile....there's something different in you...ur smile makes me smile....and when your heart smiles....I can see ur eyes smiling along....the small wrinks tht shows when ur smiling....shows how much yu enjoy that very moment...and how yu and me wish it stays like that forever....

Everytime you smile at someone...it is an action of love...a gift to that person...a beautiful thing.....and i am sure you'll continue making us all happy...coz you and your smile and your happiness means a lot to me and us!!!!....


Luv Nandini


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delo IF-Sizzlerz

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 "There are hundreds of languages in the world but a smile speaks them all."



If at times you feel you want to cry
And life seems such a trial
Above the clouds there's a bright blue sky
So make your tears a smile.

As you travel on life's way
With its many ups and downs
Remember its quite true to say
One smile is worth a dozen frowns.

Among the worlds expensive things
A smile is very cheap
And when you give a smile away,
You get one back to keep.

Happiness comes at times to all
But sadness comes unbidden
And sometimes a few tears must fall
Among the laughter hidden.

So when friends have sadness on their face
And troubles round them piled
The world will seem a better place
And all because you smiled.

Just Smile! 
Pile on those smiles

Piles and piles many miles

They bring brightness to the face

While sadness doesn't even have a trace

They make your sorrows go away

and smile all the rest of the day

You don't let go once you have it

and stand there and just smile for a bit

Then others see you smiling and they do too

and pass them on to a few

Then pretty soon everyone's chins are high

And they smile and wave all their sorrows goodbye!
The Value Of A Smile

It costs nothing, but creates much.

It enriches those who receive without impoverishing those who give.
It happens in a flash, and the memory of it sometimes lasts forever.
It cannot be begged, borrowed, or stolen, but it is of no earthly good to anyone until it's given away!
So if in your hurry you run across someone too weary to smile ~ leave one of yours.
No one needs a smile as much as he who has none to give.
There's Sunshine In A Smile 

Life is a mixture of sunshine and rain,
Laughter and pleasure, teardrops and rain.

All days can't be bright but it's certainly true,
There was never a cloud the sun didn't shine through.

And you'll find when you smile your day will be brighter
And all your burdens will seem so much lighter.

For each time you smile you will find it's true
Somebody, somewhere, will smile back at you.

And nothing on earth can make life more worthwhile
Than the sunshine and warmth of a beautiful smile!


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Our first ever Harshad FC on IF was started by ''Rajeev Ki Heer'' on 28th July, 2006'Well we were not familiar with the idea of FC's then'and moreover I was more of a silent member'.That FC was inactive since it was started'


Well around July 2008, Yoj made a new Harsh FC'But the mods closed it saying that a FC already exists'So we revived the old one'We had only 4 members then'Yojana'Swati'Vaishu and myself with a few members visiting us from time to time'


Then finally I made the 2nd FC on 14th August 2007'.Since then its been one long journey and there has been no looking back'


I always tried to make something different and according to me our FC had to be the best'We handful of people carried on, with a hope that members will join in'But that didn't happen very soon'But we were not complaining'We enjoyed each others company..It was a place to relax and talk about Harshad and Ali and just support and be with him'.

We got immense support from Harshad too'Being an absolute sweetheart that he is'.He always made a point to log in and visit his FC and give us the bestest comments which has always motivated us to carry on'He has not missed his single FC till date'


Then there was a phase when things started to go haywire'The FC's started slowing down'But then I have always been here since the start'We made it a point never to let it die'It had to go on no matter what'We held on together and didn't let it go'There were tough times in Harshad's career as well'But there was again a great moment when he bagged ''Amber Dhara'' and we had so much to cheer and celebrate'Then unfortunately that too didn't work out'


But we knew that Harshad is born to be a star'and he will survive all odds'Like our FC's did'

Around November-December 2007'.The FC went through its weakest phase'It almost took us 2 months to finish 1 FC'


But 2008 brought a new beginning'A new beginning in the career of Harsh and a new beginning to our FC's'.


When Prem hit the screen'.We had so many new members joining us'I was so happy to finally see everyone loving and appreciating Harsh and his work and our FC's'.Our new members gelled in so well with us'They have been so kind to me and Yoj and shower us with the sweetest of compliments'This is also something that has motivated us and always cheers us up'


Its been an over whelming experience for me actually'I never imagined that we would reach here so soon'I have literally gone through each and every post of all our FC's till date'.I have never been so passionately involved in anything like this before'The FC means the world to me and I always try to make it the best place for our members..Touchwood'We have been known to be the most peace loving people here'Apart from 1minor incident''there has never been any trouble'I hope our FC is always away from any sort of controversies'


We have such amazing and talented members here'and have won 2 contests in a row'Thanks to all our members for this'


And all this also would have never been possible without my dearest friend Yojana and the immense love and support of Harshad'..I actually am in loss of words'I don't know how to thank him actually'for all that he has done for us and has always been there'He means a lot to us'I take this opportunity to tell him that he means the world to us and I wish him the brightest future and may he get everything that he deserves'

'Harshad you are the reason why I am here'I am blessed to know you'''


Well Yoj and I have always tried to make the first page different'with various themes, a message and a visual treat for all'I hope we have managed to create that a bit..


I take this opportunity to thank all our old members'Our amazing new members'And all our inactive members too'


I wish Harshad all the best for his future'and I hope the FC continues for ever , even if I am no longer active here'


Congratulations and Cheers !!!! U guys rock BIG TIME




Hey Everybody..We finished 114 pages of the very very special 25th Fc..I hope u guys remember me..Yojana here..


Daisy I Loooooooooooooooooved the FC..! Its amazing..I read all the messages and realised ppl missed me and its strange that they still remember me..Its been ages since I posted anythin on the FC!! I miss everyone else sooo much tooo.. Its been a very very looong time gap but my college and my internet doesnt allow me to come online.. Today i was a lil free so i grabbed the opportunity and here I am!!


I Loved the FC Daisy..U seem to have worked such a lot on it..Its Fabulous..I also know that Harsh loved it..Its extremely special for all of us..Silver Jubilee..!


I feel so good that its the 25th Fc and never realised how time went by sooo soon..It feels like it was just yest when we started the Harshad FC.. I soooo miss watchin the serial but i try to keep myself updated!!


I jus wanna thank Harshad for visitin the FC's religiously and motivating and keep us going. we wouldnt have reached so far without his support.. Owe it to him..Lovee him for all that he has said so far and those extremely cute comments..!!


I know this mite be Daisy's last FC where she wud be activ but am sure its a memorable one..I am sure the new members will keep the FC going and will keep rocking it forever


I dunno how often i wud be able to visit the FC but i will surely try to visit whenever i find time!!


I hope the Fc continues on forever and ever and we will have many more FC's to come!!


Hoping that Harsh is successful in each of his endeavours and will always love him and support him thru out!!


Love Yoj

Firstly,Congratz!!!! for completing a magnanimous 25 FC's''Even though I haven't been associated with the FC at all''..I have seen all the 'Behind the Scenes' activity , if I may call it that''The long conversations with Delo and Yojana are privy to that fact'.All the FC making'..Siggy searching'..Article posting'.hahahaha! And tones more !! And here I am to congratulate my dearest friends on this occasion which holds soo much importance for them !!


Hmm'..Now coming to the centre point of all the celebration '.Yup' 'Harshad''..The initial response of mine towards him'..if described in one word would be 'Intriguing'''.His character in LRL'.His shyness'.His quiet charm'.! It was something very sweet which really make me sit up and take notice'.The other cadets led a loud life off-screen if I may say so'.Making news for reasons other than work '.While he was the one who remained media shy with no extra-curricular activities to make news about'hahahaha!!

Infact, the only cadet, I really noticed in LRL'..Which is quite a surprise ,coz in Rajeev's serials'.I do NOT look at anyone else'..hahahaha! He had made it to my daily LRL analysis quite a lot of times'! And his scenes with Rajeev'even though very few'Had managed to strike a cord with me !'.Infact Me ,Delo and Yojana thought of making a Rajeev - Harshad Fanclub'! But we didn't go ahead with the idea due to the lack of scenes between the two of them'.We knew the FC would go nowhere after we had dicussed those rare few scenes !!


And as, everyone must have noticed'..The Fan Club  consists of a lot of people who are common fans of both Rajeev-Harshad '.And Very few times in life it happens that without knowing a person , U wish the best for him!!'.. '''And that bond I think I do share with Harshad ,as whenever I hear anything about him '.which I hear quite a lot'.courtesy Delo, Yoji and Swathi''.I always go 'God Bless Him''.So those inherent 'feel good' vibes are present and will always be..

Infact I have had the opportunity of interacting with Harshad twice I think'..and was talking with him only about Rajeev''hahahaha!! In the end I ran away thinking I bugged the hell outta poor him''But he was amazingly sweet all through the conversation'..A super cute person''.!


Harshad''I wish you 'All the Best in Life'''And Heartiest congratulations on your successful show and your tremendous fan following, from this 'well-wisher' of yours ! Among all these fans of yours'There is one 'Me''..Who will always wish u well and the best in life'.Always!!!'No matter what !!






On Yoj's birthday you sent us a message and wondered at the strength of the connection between you and your fans here. You wondered at what exactly it was that binds us to you unconditionally, whether you be on air or off, portray evil or good, be going through the ups of life or downs'I'm going to take the liberty of answering that question for you today. Ofcourse since I can't speak for anyone else this is my personal opinion alone'

The tie, the connection, the bond, it is all wrapped up within one word that  I hold synonymous with you and that is your GENUINENESS.

 You're going to have to see yourself through my eyes to understand this.Fans all over the world love one star or another at any given time and keep changing who they like as often as they want. So why is it different with you? Why do your fans stay with you no matter what?


 They stay because YOU are different. All celebrities have good looks and designer clothes. But what you have is as rare as a gem and just as precious. Despite the fame, the money and the glamour Harshad, there is something about you that makes one feel you have substance. You personality, your actions and attitude are all REAL, not fake, made up or crafted just for the camera. And that sense of a person who is not putting on an act, whose laughter seem infectious and whose smiles come easily can be seen in everything about you.

Your genuineness shines through in a way that nothing else does. The sincerity inside you as a person is astoundingly reflected on your face. When I look at you on screen everything tells me that this is a real person, a humble, down to earth, honest,dedicated and fun loving guy. I see in you dreams and aspirations but more than that I see that you are not the kind to want somebody to hand those dreams to you on a platter. Rather I see devotion and the will to work hard for your dreams.


It is entrancing that in a world of artificiality and an industry which is all about the superficial you are not fake at all. There is no trace of malice, superiority or attitude in you in the least. How you have managed to stay like this is beyond me. If you were a star with good looks and nothing else I would like you today and forget you tomorrow but your down to earth persona, your real-ness and genuine warmth and sincerity are qualities that appeal to the soul not just the mind.

 And that is the one reason I like Harshad the person better than Ali the cadet, Akshat the friend or Prem the lover.

 Wishing you contentment, peace and inner satisfaction'and hoping to always see you the way you are.

Although my association with this FC has not been very long in terms of the days I have been here. But it surely does seem a lot more than that.

How I came across this FC was through Delo and Yoj. I remember seeing Delo's post at the AD forum at the time Harshad had to leave the show. I have never been a 'fan fan' of any celebrity, per say. As I could never relate to the concept of the fanatic fan. But the genuiness and sincerity in Delo's post was way beyond any usual or ordinary fan. Its something that amazed me, impressed me and touched me. 

And then I actually got to talk to her know at the KDMHMD forum. And I found her to be a complete sweetheart and a true gem. Then I came across Yoj and Mehndi, and felt I had known them forever. So for me the non-fan, it was first becoming a fan of Delo and Yoj and their comittment to Harshad and his FC, then maybe coming close to even calling myself his fan.
I hopped on the FC missing these three only. And I m soo thankful I did so. It was truly wonderful knowing all the Harshadian's who are a truly unique brand of fans all of them - Sara, Priya, Mehndi, Vaishu, Siddy, Nandoo, RuRu and everyone. Be it the jumpy jumpy karring after the good scenes or the getting annoyed and disappointed at the crappy ones. Be it the khushi or the resentment, we were together. It was truly being a pleasure to be a part of this FC.

Wishing you guys, the FC and Harshad many more such milestones..
Keep Rocking! BIG time!

Lots of Good Wishes


Dear Harshad,

Aap hi ne kaha tha ke humare beech ke is "connection" ko define karna ahsaan nahi hai, par is rishte ko naam dena zaroori bhi nahi hai.  

Some of your fans have been fortunate enough to be a part of your journey from day one, others have joined you along the way.  No matter what the case, you have touched each and every one of our lives in a significant way. 
Your dedication and hard work make us feel as though we should push ourselves harder with each new day.  Your determination makes us feel as though with each defeat, we should only strengthen our will even more for the next time. 
Your outlook on life makes us see that we should give thanks for each new day, take full advantage of the opportunities it presents, and make the most of every situation that comes our way.

You dared to follow a dream against all odds and worked hard to acheive it despite the numerous obstacles you faced along the way.  At such a young age, you've accomplished astounding heights of success. 
With each passing day, you continue to better yourself, not only as an actor but as a human being.  Surely you are aware of of your own attributes, but what you perhaps fail to realize is that all these things lead to one ultimate conclusion:  You are a man that deserves Respect.  Today, I can proudly say that I respect you simply because you are you.

The simplicity and truth with which you portrayed Cadet Ali Baig was endearing.  As Akshat, you gave back to your fans by attempting to fulfill their wish.   With your flawless depiction of Prem, you've stolen the hearts of millions.  Now, as Arjun, you will tackle a role so very different from the rest.  As you venture into the unknown with "KHMK", I wish you success, and hope that in Arjun, you find a new sense of creative satisfaction.

Congratulations on the accolades you rightfully recieved for your immaculate portrayal of Prem.  May you continue to reach newer heights of success in the future.

Remember, your fans will always be here for you.  We will continue to love and support you indefinitely.  

Thank you for being a ray of sunshine in the lives of many.  May you go on to touch the lives of and inspire many more.  

 I wish you all the very best in everything that life has to offer.  You deserve so much more than you could ever imagine...
Baag ki har kali, khushboo de aapko
Suraj ki har kiran nai roshni de aapko
Hum toh kuch dene ke kaabil nahi
Par dene wala har khushi de aap ko.

When I look back on my journey so far with this FC, how it all started, there is no question in my mind that its the members that make it possible.  Being a lofty person, I always thought of being someone's fan as somewhat odd, let alone being a member of an FC.  For me, not possible, especially if we discount the amazing members we have here.  The members, HC's fans, really make this FC.

Why are we so different from the rest of the fans?  I guess it has a lot to do with the kind of person Harshu is.  He's immensely talented, very successful, but never did he try to act larger than life.  He's always just let his work speak for itself.  Today, Harshu is in the same league as India's topmost actors.  He has an international fan base that covers a wide range of age groups.

Despite such huge successes so early in his career, he has never been boastful.  This simplistic quality of his makes him relatable to fans from all walks of life.

My own first trip to the FC was merely out of curiosity.  I wanted to find
out more about Harshu.  At the time, I didn't know much about Harshu's work, let alone knowing any of the members of his FC.  I had only seen a few scenes of Harshad as Prem then.  Nothing more.

After the initial visit, it took only a few more visits for me to really understand the essence of the FC.  From then on, til date, this incredible journey has been one of the most memorable times of my life.  For that, I have the members to thank. 

I must especially thank Daisy and Yoj, Zainu, Payal, Mehu, Sids, Nanz, Misty, Prii, Vaishu, and Bhavna.  Above all, I must thank the man, Harshu himself for giving us common ground'if not for him, we wouldn't be here. 

Harshad Chopda, you don't rock, you rock big time! 


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delo IF-Sizzlerz

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Well it still hasn't even been a year since I have joined the India Forums site, but I have found friends here who are always there for me through all situations!
And I am sure u girls know who you are and what is the oh so famous reason why I have joined this site and force myself to stay up till 5:30am to chat here (Since I live in Canada)...HARSHAD CHOPDA!
Thanks to my cousin for introducing me to the serial Kis Desh' I didn't have the channels so I watched it at her house and the first time Harsh came on screen all I could say is "whoa! who's that!?" from then on my Prem/Harshad deewangi began.
I watched LRL... Amber Dhara and now of course Kis Desh all thanks to my wonderful computer who never gave up on me even after holding so many pictures and videos of Harshad until the shirtless scenes started to come then my computer blew up! But then again who can take Harshad's hotness...After all Daisy, he is too hot to handle right? 

I have done the most craziest things no one can imagine for Harshad and that will remain disclosed since my girls at the FC know it and so does Harshad'. 

I have seen learned and talked a lot here and am happy I have discovered a place where I can be completely insane fully knowing there are other girls out there drooling over Harshad...BUCKET FULLS! 
So to sum it up I have gone completely insane, I have converted people from the ages of 2-70 to adore Harshad, my computer is crashed, my dads laptop is on the verge of crashing without him knowing after sneaking it to my room every night,
I have lost all sanity and most of all I have had the experience to have met some amazing personalities who I will always keep in touch with and I can promise I  will be here for many more years to come! I LOVE YOU GUYS! (u know who u are!) After all we have gone through ummm...14 FC's together supporting the one we love most!
Harshad FC is my 2nd home where I found many genuine friends'..So far my journey on Harsh FC has been awesome. At the start of this FC, we are only crazy four i.e. myself, Swathi, Yoj & Delo and now its 101 & count is going on & on'.


Well, This FC is very precious for me as we are celebrating silver jubilee of this FC'.It's a record itself in FC world for Harshad within a year & will soar new heights in near future'.


One day Yoj made Harsh aka Ali FC, but it was closed by moderators as it already exists & finally we  found the existing one & after that its  history which will smash all  records in near future. So Keep Rocking & Have Fun!!!!






I saw Prem's entry in the show and was completely bowled over by him'.The very next day I came across Delo's post about the FC while browsing through the KDMHMD forums'..that's how I landed here and from I have had an amazing experience at  the FC.
 I met really sweet people and made lot of good friends here'.although its been only 4 months since I joined the FC but I feel like I have been here from ages, if I don't come here for 1 day, I feel like I've missed out on something really important and it's a fact because in this short span of four months, the FC and you people have become an extremely important part of my life.
The members make the FC really special, everyone here is really sweet and welcoming and make everyone feel really comfortable and I think that's what makes the FC really unique and the fact that it is Harshad's FC makes it even more special lol.
Congratulations to all the members for our 25th FC'..I hope we move towards the 50th one really soon and a big thank you to Delo and Yoj and all the members for making this FC so special.




If you ask me, I am not a very starish person. I could never relate to the idea of Fan clubs, fan sites and wasting my time and energy on stars. Of my 3 year entourage in this forum, I had never joined any FC. I never felt the urge to do so.

Harshad's FC is apparently the first and the only FC i joined. Simply because I haven't really taken Harshad in the league of just any "star". He is a star by being the simpleton he is and the genuineness that commands him. Had it not been for his simplicity, the guy next door persona, and that warm ever friendly nature, I doubt I would have even given this FC a second look. So ya it goes unsaid that I embarked here coz of Harshad-The Man not coz of the character he plays or has played so far.

My journey through the FC has been a smooth sailing ride. I joined, i was new. I took time, made friends before finally getting addicted to it and ensuring that I drop in atleast once a day. The maturity and sensibility that prevails in the FC is what makes it safely one of the best things on IF. It has barely been a victim of any controversies and the very little of it, that came in its way were dealt extremely wisely.

Another thing that makes it stand out are the healthy discussions. We dont give in one or two liners in our posts just for the heck of it. We discuss and put the point across, decent and affective.

Oh ya and how can I forget this FC is also devoid of the unnecessary overtly annoying drool-o-meter on Harshad..Its there but its subtle and decent. All in all, my association with this place has been no less than a treat- courtesy the lovely members, the discussions and Harshad himself. I hope and aspire to continue being a part of this FC for as long as it lasts-forever
God Bless



It often crosses my mind that since I am not a starry person and don't give a damn about any star, what is about Prem that takes me to different world altogether.  Well, I am still trying to find the answer to this question. Not very used to the idea of fan clubs, having not joined one ever since I started watching serials as a way to have some entertainment and eat some popcorn.. Harshad's FC is perhaps the only FC, I joined and will perhaps ever join and be a member of. 

 I got to know of the Harshad FC one afternoon, through Sidra & Yoj (Siddy gave me the link when I was at home, trying to get over a highly irrestible Prem Juneja and Yoj gave it to me when I was at work i,e practice session, motivated by Harshad, trying to modulate my voice in the midst of a singing session of a soprano). I think it was the 16th FC when I joined the bandawagon. I still do not know the reason as to why I joined the fan club.

Whether it was because I realized that the Prem ' o - mania had caught me, hook, nook , shelter and all other ways.... or then whether it was because of the simple, innocent, next door boyish charm , the overall personality and the way he conducts/markets himself, the genuineness that surrounds  Harshad' It's these things and more that go a long way into making Harshad being the person that he is, the man that he is. 

What I do know that I wouldn't have given this fan club a second look had it not been for Harshad the Man, so I guess its safe to presume that I joined the FC for Harshad the Man and not Harshad the Star. I can say this as I don't venture into any other Fan Club ' don't feel the need to.

My journey so far here has been a roller coaster ride till now. What I love about the FC is the fact that all of us are treated like one, since there are so many of us here , the fair exchange of ideas and thoughts and hence different views and perspective. Somehow I don't feel like posting on the forums any more...you can say I have found my abode here

There are no fights, no controversies and the ones that may have existed have been treated with utmost dignity and maturity. It's just been healthy discussions and healthy conversations Its strange that when I am down and out, all I need to do is log on to the FC, read the posts and somehow I feel spirited again. Don't know what it is, the love that is surrounding here, the feeling that we are there for each other or the positive vibes one gets from here ..Don't know what to call this association/relation.

Deep Down, I guess I have to thank Harshad  and Kis Desh for getting me in touch with you guys again... for if it wasn't for these two, I don't know where I would be now.... One thing is for sure, that you all here rock !!!



I learnt about the Harshad Chopda FC from the Kis Desh forum and it's been amazing ever since I've joined it. I was only a newbie to it but everyone was so friendly from the start. I've met some great friends here who I'll never forget... Delo, Priya, Yoj, Siddy, Zainab, Nans, Reva, Sara, Mehndi, Sarah... You all have made the FC special to me. I just love our jokes, games and endless discussions about Harshad. But above all, it's you guys' friendship and sincerity which have made it unique!

Delo and Yoj, I can't mention the FC and forget you two! The FC is where it is specially because of your dedication and sincerity. The efforts you have put in the Harshad Chopda FCs is extraordinary! : )

We've reached the 25th FC and I can only wish that we reach the 50th very soon! ; )



I love the FC because there are so many lovely people. You feel never alone and talking about Harshad and all is fun. I am a fan of Harshad after watching him in KDMHMD. I have never watched his previous serials.



So we have entered our 25 FC first of all congrats 2 all the members, My journey through the FC has been very beautiful and memorable, I have made memories which I will cherish throughout my life.
Thanx to Yoj and Delo who started the FC and made us feel close to our hottie Harshad, passed on our messages to him and brought his messages to us'Yoj and Delo you both are the angels for me.
As quoted "Journey is of a thousand miles begins with one step" We started off slowly but I am sure we will go on and on and will soon celebrate double golden jubilee of our FC'




I didn't start with the first FC which had been my loss..Nor while joining it, had I any clue that it wud take me into another dimension..

Werein the world will be too small to describe our feelings and thoughts.....I have had the pleasure of meeting the mature and purest minds here...After all the with whom was I kidding..This FC is of the person whom I wud consider as calm..pure..serene .....determind...as the holy water of ganges...
My journey here has been like a pilgrimage to a holy place were the destination is not far if we know the right path and our mind is in it's purest forms.....
The aura of this FC is captivating....It had been a journey of thoughts...a journey of imagination.. a jouney of purity..a journey of sanctity..a journey of peace...a jouney of my own world...a journey of solace....a journey of impressions and expressions...a journey of zest...a journey of life..a journey of powerful thinking....a journey which once started knows no bounds ...a journey beyond eternity..a journey which I will cherish till my last breath.........though there had been no contribution from ma side in this journey but am honoured to be associated with it..For it has added a new leaf to my life......

The man beacuse of whom we have started this journey is no less than an angel in disguise....a man of wisdom and strong determination.....He's tied us all in one thread whose one end is held by him and another by his soul..This thread is stronger than any thing in this universe for its the thread of love and feelings.....

My heartfelt thanks and deepest regards to Delo di and Yoj di for introducing me to such an etheral journey and making me a part of it..Also i thank Nandini di for introducing me to the show KDMHMD........

Last but not the least I appreciate the views of members here who post with utmost sincerity and maturity..I really like the level-headness and the sanity in people here..........
Delo di and Yoj di words are less for thanking u two for mainting this FC...which has always provided me with a new jest and confidence....

May this journey of ours set a landmark and attain newer dimensions and also the person to whom this FC is dedicated..Harshad bhaiyyu...May god be the mentor in our journey...ameen

Luv Atop

Congratulations everyone for completing a Silver Jubilee
I hav been there around from the  past one year and I have so many wonderful memories and moments that its really really difficult for me to express a few...I had a great time here on Harshad FC...

I think Harshad is a very hard working guy...and am really happy that he has won 3 awards this year....

I hope we complete a golden jubilee very soon!



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Heylloo Gurls and Only Gurls..EmbarrassedLOL

I have a Very Special message by Harsh...the Man himself for all U FC members..Embarrassed

Now without boring u all more will proceed to the truth now..LOL


Here is the message..(Dated:-1st June 2008)

"I Still remember the days when I used to think I have no fans and now the 17th FC has started..

I went through ups and downs and was off air also..

They say Out of sight is Out of Mind...

But U guys kept me alive and didn't let me die..

I don't know what  exactly to say and what the connection is but you guys have always been kind to me..

Just want to say thank you very much.."


This shows how much he loves and cares about his fans..He is a great person and I feel so proud and privilege to be his fan..

Just wanna let him know we'll be there for him always..

In good times and bad times (hoping he doesnt have bad times ever in his life)..

We'll always lovee you and support u whenever u need us or even if u don't need us..LOLLOL


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