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India Updates 01/10-13


Kareena apologises for handing over the wrong sheet.Neelu tells her that she was shocked that Mrs.Sood had 'Such'thoughts.Kareena says that it was not she who had written it but RJK that RJK had given it to her.Neelu is unable to understand.Kareena explains that RJK had come to their office to invite Tushar for her show as chamatkar was one of  their sponsors.Neelu tells her that they would take back their sponsorship, as she didn't like what RJK was talking[micro mini, bikini]Neelu praises MRs.Sood for her simplicity and Kareena says that the inspiration was from neelu.Neelu is flattered, introduces her to all her friends.[all the discussion takes place infront of the members of the Tigress club]


Tribhu is as usual 'speaking 'with his'eyes' to a female seated on the opposite table.She  too is responding, gets up from her seat.P.K comes by and before he could  diagnose Tribhu , tribhu says he is feeling ill and sends him to fetch medicines from the car.He then closes his eyes to greet the female and gets a reply from Neelu. She has come over to his table.She says that she had never expected him to do this.He looks guilty.She says he would never give up eating sweets.Tribhu heaves a sigh of relief, says he was guarding them for P.K.

P.K comes , tells he couldn't find the medicines. Neelu tells that it was in her bag with her.


Kareena has locked her cupboard.Her mom sees this and asks her what she was guarding with locks daily and asks to see it.Kareena tells her that they were important office documents ,if went missing , or if someone robbed it,she would be responsible and so had to protect it.

Neelu tells Tushar about RJK's letter,tells the contract was off. Tushar convinces her to give her one more chance. She agrees on the condition that RJK never mention about Bikinis …..and so on.He then calls Pammi, tells her she shouldn't have done what she did .Requests her not to speak about such things in future at the show.Pammi is thinking now what Kareena  had done.


Kareena tells Prem about the previous night. Prem is worried and is thinking of his mom's reaction. Neelu calls ,tells them they would give them a second chance if Kareena minded what she said at the show.Prem and Kareena are relieved.

Kareena begins the show with an intro about bikinis , minis, and so on and that some people didn't like to even hear about it, the peoples views regarding this .Neelu who is listening to this gets angry.


In the morning, Tushar calls Pammi.Tells her he was going to give her a surprise.Pammi who is hardly awake, asks him what it was.He says he was coming to meet her, then they would go out together to eat.She asks where, He says to her office Radio Curry.She agrees and goes off to sleep .


Pammi enters the bathroom but comes out screeming.She has a vague recollection of what Tushar had told her.


. Tushar calls her  from his car, tells her he was on his way and would reach in about 10 minutes.


Kareena doesn't know what to do is asking Prem for a solution. She decides to call Pammi.

Pammis mom [Suhasini ?]picks up, tells her she had gone jogging.

The show begins, Kareena is thinking , Prem doesn't know where to hide, Pat[the person who plays the songs]suggests he hide at the ladies loo.It was the only place Tushar couldn't find him.

Tushar has parked the car, comes out holding a bunch of flowers.






Tushar asks the receptionist RJK's office.She shows him the directions.He goes to towards the room, opens the door.Suddenly we are shown Pammi on the chair, hurriedly putting on the head phones.She is acting funny.Kareena is hiding behind the table on the floor out of Tushars sight. Pammi is telling Tushar to leave with signs, he wants to watch her.She plays a song [Om Jai Jagadish Hare]puts it off, Pat says she has a call.The caller has some problem, Pammi doesn't respond well to her problem, the lady is angry.Tushar is happy o see Pammi working.He is waiting for her. Finally the last song is played, she concludes the show by playing another song.Tushar is still watching her.Kareena is thinking )Pammi is going to spoil the show.Pat tells Pammi to send Tushar out.Finally Pammi manages to escort Tushar out. .She says they would eat at the canteen,.He wants her to show him the office.Kareena calls Prem, he is not in a good mood, shuts off the phone after speaking to her.


Prem is inside the ladies bathroom, cursing Kareena and himself.The receptionist enters, He closes his face.She sees him,shouts, he shows his face, she is shocked to see her boss there and apologises for having shouted .He tells her, it was ok , he was just inspecting if everything was working or needed repair.

Kareena comes out hides when she sees Pammi and Tushar .Tushar wants the meet her boss.Pammi escapes by telling he had gone out.

Kareena meets prem in the bathroom.He shouts at her.She ends up with crocodile tears, Prem feels bad, is convincing her with his arms around her, and suddenly Ruhi comes, sees them, misunderstands,shouts at prem even though both are trying to convince her about the truth.Prems mom enters, sees the commotion, sees Prem , asks him what he was doing there, tells him she wants to speak to him alone outside..Ruhi angrily exits the bathroom.Prems wants to follow, his mom forbids him , tells him to leave her alone.

She asks them what was going on in the office, Pat acted strange when she asked about 2 strang people coming out of the room[Kareenas room] that they were Prems friends, and now  she was seeing this.


Prem and Kareena overhear Tushar speaking to Pammi. Tushar invites him for dinner to meet his parents.Kareena obviously doesn't like it.




Kareena wakes up sees that it is Jan 12th, sees her mom preparing Kheer and looks upset.Her mom asks her to accept the fact and not be sad.Kareena is about to leave her house when Pammi comes in after her jog.Kareena is looking very depressed.Pammi calls her, tells her that Tushar had invited her to dinner to meet his parents and also had called her to confirm .Kareena tells in a disinterested tone :Congratulations, anything else?and leaves.

Pammi tells to herself:what was this reaction.



Tribhuvanji is looking at a poster :that of a body builder.Tushar comes by.Tribhu asks him if he looked old.Tushar tells him, he looked evergreen and not at all old.Tribhu is happy.P.K has doubts that his brother is after someone.He remembers his promise to his mom that he would always take care of Tribhu .

Kareena is not in a good mood.Prem is asking her what was wrong.He asks her if it was Pammi, or if Jia had done something , if her mother had scolded her , or was it her father.She stares at him and tells him something[I think she told he had expired.not surewhat she said.]

Kareena comes to the office, is greeted by the attender.she greets back in a sad mood.Same with Mongia.All are worried for Kareena.They hand over a letter to her.It says she has to go to London for some project.Signed by Tushar.They ask her if she was not happy.She says she was not going to London and it was not Tushars signature.Tushar drops by, sees the letter as well as the signature, is about to tell it was not his, sees his employees reaction , says the signature was his.Kareena asks them to leave her alone.


Tushar is in his cabin , with all the employees standing infront of him.He blasts them for having forged his signature,then tells htem that, infuture, if they were playing any pranks, they had to include him .All are happy.He asks one of them to find out what was wron with Kareena.She goes to her, tells her to confide in her , not as a colleague, but as a friend.Kareena tells her it was her fathers death anniversary.

She conveys the same to Tushar.

Neelu is shouting at Kareena for not having completed her work, tells her to produce the file before evening.

Tushar calls Kareena, tells her he had to attend an important meeting and she had to come along.She agrees.He takes her to the beach, stops the car, tells they would eat Panipuri.She asks if they were not late for the meeting.He syas they were not, and even if they were, it could wait.

She sees children playing 'hopscotch'remembers herself as a child playing it, falling down and her father playing it by carrying her.She wipes away the tears.Tushar orders panipuri for two.Kareena finds it spicy, again remembers how her father used to give her water to drink in such a situation.She suddenly tells him, she has eaten enough and that they had to leave.He takes her to the shore, they sit on rocks,she tells him that when she was in her 7th standard, her dad had asked her to run fast and win the first place in the 100 mt race..If she did, he had promised to clap and whistle the loudest in the crowd.She had run like anything, won the first place tried to sort out his claps and whistle in the crowd,but later was informed he was no more.

She says she was angry with him that he had left her , that he was her best friend and she had not expected him to leave like that.She is crying.

Tushar tells her that he[her father] was still telling her to smile and keep smiling.She tells him 'stop it'and says she had never cried like this, that too infront of someone.They spend the entire evening together.

Finally it is time to leave.Kareena tells him she was sorry they couldn't attend the meeting coz of her.He tells that they already had a meeting.

He tells her he wanted to confess something to her but asks her not to misunderstand him.That she was beautiful and he hadn't known she was married ,was bowled by her beauty and was happy that there was such a girl at his office when he had met her for the first time.He says Prem was really lucky to have her as his wife.Kareena is pleased.






Kareena's mom is packing and is asking Jia to help.She is asking her mom to let her relax as they would be leaving soon.

Neelu is appologising to Kareena, says she hadn't known it was Kareenas dads death anniversary and had behaved rudely with her.Kareena tells that it was her fault for having mixed personal problems with her work and says that she probably didn't deserve to work for Chamatkar.Neelu disagrees, tells her Kareena was her best employee and if Kareena wasn't already married,she would have happily made her [Kareena ]her daughter in law.Kareena is happy, but is thinking how she could tell her she was not married.She blurts that she would think about the matter.Neelu asks her what she had told.Kareena tells that she was also trying to find a match for Tushar.Neelu says, she had already found one: Swapnali, also she had invited Swapnali for lunch so that tushar would get acquainted with her.

 Prem is trying to contact Ruhi,but she disconnects his calls.He is disappointed.His mom happens to see this,tells him that Ruhi was behaving very kiddish.He says she was kiddish but he liked her.She says that kareena was not kiddish and acted mature.He says that though she was not kiddish , whenever she was around, he would be involved in a drama.She asks him to think about Kareena[Good !!]He says that they were just friends and nothing else.His mom smiles and leaves.

Kareena drops by at RCurry in her Chamatkar getup.Prem asks her what she was doing there at that time.She says that she had somehow managed to come there, she tells him about Swapnali.


Neelu is pulling Tushar towards the dining table.Tribhu is already seated there.Neelu tells that there was something special that day.Tushar asks what special could Maharaj[the cook]cook.Neelu tells him that Swapnali did the cookig that day.Swapnali come with a tray filled with food and hands it over to Tushar.Tushar is giving  an 'Oh!not again!'look.His mom tells him to taste the food as she had prepared it specially for him.Tribhu complains that Neelu had told the same thing to him.Neelu tells that since tribhu loved to eat, it made no difference.Swapnali tells Tushar she had prepared 9 dishes for him, and would feed him each dish 9 times.She stuffs him with food, he manages to escape.

He is at his cabin when Pammi calls to ask if he had told his parents about dinner.He says he would do so shortly.Neelu enters his cabin.He disconnects the mobile.Neelu is asking him who was calling, again Pammi calls, he says he would call her later.Tushar tells Neelu he liked a girl and had invited her for dinner .Neelu wants to know about her.He says it was RJK.She says it was impossible for her to let RJK  [who spoke about mini's bikinis ]to come home for dinner.Tushar is adamant,tells her that she had to say what her boss wantedand that personally she was entirely different..Tribhu asks them what was going on.Tushar tells asks him to convince her about RJK and suddenly stops but it is too late.Neelu now asks Tribhu if he had already met her and the reason for hiding it from her.He tells that she looked to be from a Khati Piti Ghar.Tushar tells her that he would call RJK to tell her the dinner was cancelled.Neelu finally  agrees to meet her.Tushar is happy.He calls Pammi, asks her to come home at 8 pm sharp and present herself so as to impress Neelu.


Kareena is telling Prem that tushar wanted her to arrange the food forPammi.Prem.has an idea.

Kareena calls P.K, tells him that Tushar had invited RJK for dinner, and that RJK would tell about her favourite food in her next show,he had to listen carefully and arrange for the food of her choice.P.K agrees.

P.K goes off to see if the radio is in working condition so that he doesn't miss the show.


Kareena is thinking of an idea to keep Pammi from listening to the show.


She is giving proper directions to a person dressed like an astrologer.He is getting confused, tells suhasini is the daughter and Pammi is her mom,She corrects it.Finally she leaves telling him that Pammi should not at any cost listed to her show.

He chants 'Om Namah Shivay'loudly.Suhasini comes out.He thinks it is Pammi and begins telling things.Pammi who has come out by now,tells him she was p;ammi.He says he already knew it ,it appeared as if he was speaking to her mom as he had a squint.Finally, Suhasini goes in to get something for them.He tells Pammi about her previous love, that she was in love with someone called Tushar.Now he has her attention.Suddenly she remembers the show.He asks her not to switch it on as it would prove unlucky to her and tells her he would teach her a way to get rid of the bad omen .He asks her to meditate with cotton plugged into her ears.


Kareena is speaking about food.All are listening at Tushars place[including Neelu and Tribhu]one caller says she loveed sweets and was diabetic.Kareena tells her to avoid sweets and consume bitter food thinking it to be sweet.Tribhu praises her .Neelu is not impressed.

Kareena then begins by telling what her favourites were:Bitter gourd, a glass of neem juice and so on…Tushar is surprised at her tastes.


Tusahr repeatedly calls Pammi who fails to hear it ringing.The astrologer is happy and by the time the show is over, he disappears.

Suhasini removes the plug fro m Pammis ears, and gives her an apple , tells her the astrologer had asked her to eat it.It is already 6pm,she sees that tushar had given her many calls.Reads a message sent by him:Food of your choice will be served ,reach at 8 pm sharp,wear a saree.

She is happy, and hurries to get ready.


Tushar opens the door, is somewhat surprised , welcomes her, Neelu sees her and has a similar expression, same with Tribhu.They call Mrs,Sood, who comes forward, sees Pammi wearing the black and white zebra print saree[which kareena wears]and exclaims:that she had worn her saree!!


[Kareena most likely will correct her sentence :she had a similar sareeL]

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Thanks for update it's getting interesting. Anshu did they show shah rukh khan show ?
mm21 Senior Member

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Many Thanx anshu,  for the updates. You are great as always.

cutereems IF-Dazzler

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Thanx a lot for update Anshu.Smile
sweetyvk Senior Member

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Thanks alot!!!!!!!Tongue

memsaab IF-Rockerz

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Oh My God.. these scenes sound like from the movie..

The Truths about Cats and Dogs


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thanks for the AWESOME updates anshu!
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the part when prem is in the ladies toilet was sooooo funny!!!!!!LOL

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