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Caryn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 August 2008 at 5:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by atina

go ahead and what not.......for one more week.........   That is the spirit Atina Big smile
vaazhga en makkals.....their suttram.....and soozhal......... than 700 clicks on this thread....????? with in four days that too.....??????? ennnaaaa.......anbu........ennna paasam..............Wink  Paasam appideye valiyuthu
Really my sincere thanks for all your love and support for me....... You're welcome

atina IF-Rockerz

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Grilled by jasunap
vera postil kandu atina velare relaxed aanunu.  adhu kondu jnan vera questions chodikkaam! choolu eduthondu ende puragil vararudhe.. chodiyamgal chodhichittu njan olichu oduva!

1. according to you which the most pretentious word??

2.  a brit adopting an american accent or an american adopting a brit accent...which will be funnier?? why???
an american adopting brit accent........why? erh...I wish I could record the audio here.......sorry I can not write and explain!!!!!!! Please theri parayalleh ketta....gnan paavam aaneh.....kutty......

3. You can horse around, feel sheepish that you are so easily cowed, or doggedly hound somebody who's acting fishy;  You can be a snake in the grass or crafty as a fox, as stubborn as a mule or eager as a beaver. You can wolf down your meal or eat like a bird.  why do we use so many animal metaphors??

because you are playful like a

you are wise as an                      

4. Why do we capitalize the "I" in I, and not the "y" in you, the "u" in us, or the "w" in we?
ayo kadavule..........entha kutty.....aaga thala chuttrunnu ketto....ithu athara seriyailya...........

5.  what is every woman's worst nightmare???
When something goes wrong with
their marriage
their kids made me answer your questions so seriously......what can I do dear????????

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atina IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 August 2008 at 10:39pm | IP Logged
Grilled by Caryn
Well done Atina.  Nice and humourous answers. Smile
Thanks Caryn
Question, weren't you a MOTW before?  Sorry, Meli, I thought she was one of the first ones to be MOTW.  Maybe I am mistaken.  So what... round 2 will do nicely. Big smile
Meli can answer to this question.....Wink
Atina buddy, I had to encourage because I don't see you in other threads anymore, or even if I do it is very seldom.  So what a better way to get to know you all over again. Big smile  See, I did not know you were a teacher (or maybe I forgot)
I am sorry Caryn........I do visit all the sections when ever I get time.......but I do not post any thing....thereCry.....for one good reason.....about the serials...which i DO NOT WATCH...I can not join you all know one thing,.....if you think you want to see my message in any section....please send a Pm with a link.......I will immediately post there........roja and meli normally do this.....Clap
Btw, I loved one of your answer - Netra - Kolaphangal Ranee..  very true. ROFL
Yes....I hereby bestow the title of KUZHAPAL RAANEE upon netra
I palagraised Jaz's questions, and now she palagraised my name! AngryAngry copycat!
Anyway Atina, my questions are:
If I were to come to America and visit you, (knowing this buddy) what are the places you will be recommending me to see in US.
my back yard and front yard.......he he he heClap
If I was guest in your home, what kind of food you will be serving me?  LOL  And drinks! Wink  Narathar reh keep quiet!  No PMs to Atina. Angry
defenitely very good food....hey come on people say that I am good cook.........I can serve you Indian/Thai/american/chinese /mexican food .....depends on your taste.....and I will see that you will gan atleast 100 lbs before you leave my place.....gnan petra inbam ivaiyagam peruga.......i AM NOT AT ALL SELFISH YOU SEE.....
In your list, you named Malaysia is second bottom in the list (at least Malaysia one step ahead of UK, Usha! LOL).  What are the reasons that you least like Malaysia?  Care to share  your thoughts?  Why Brunei on top of the list and not your home land?  Evil Smile  what is great about US and not about other countries? I wrote from most liked to mistake.....
In fact I like Malaysia and Singapore equally.......when I arranged it took the place just above the last one UK.......
Why Brunei is on top......??? I spent my prime years there.....I have/had tonnes of friends students are there.....who are now serving Brunie as Minsters.......directors of departments etc.........
Home land......Yes...india comes next to Brunei for me.......because I did my schooling and my undergratuation there......Just puriyaatha student life.......and after that I left for higher studies......etc......then came back got married and went to got my points......dear...I live like an Indian....and I will never forget my routes.......
What is great about US..?? Clean.......air.....and no body bothers about every thing you do and say.......and great churches........
There I have asked the questions,  So I am going back to work. 
Thank God
Btw, Meli, I asked only 3 questions,which has Part 1, Part 2, Part 3........ so it is within 10 Cool
netra_rama IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by atina

Btw, I loved one of your answer - Netra - Kolaphangal Ranee..  very true. ROFL
Yes....I hereby bestow the title of KUZHAPAL RAANEE upon netra
Aiyo D'oh idhe yellam too mucha teriyellai.....Shocked.. Naradar title maintain penneredekei time illai, idhelei innone titile arr. Caryn AngryAngry
atina IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 August 2008 at 8:16am | IP Logged
Kosuru Grill by Caryn
See Atina, there is so much we did not know about you. Smile Meli, extend this for 2 weeks.  Well, we satharna people.  Royal people ellam konjam extra/special aa....... irukunum Big smile
I liked your answers.  Keralites - UNITE!!!Big smile
yup......I did not know that there are some keralites who are good in Tamil too ) like me )........yahoooooo!!!!
I was really laughing with your answers Atina.  I thought Suram was a "he" too.  ROFL  Until someone told me differently. 
See Suram.....I am not the only one...buddyWink 
Anyway, my question is...... Your daughter calls you and says "amma, I am coming to visit and bringing a special guest".  This sentence alone can put any mother on excitement level.  So I can imagine what you would be doing, the preparation you are making etc.  Now your daughter appears, and behind her comes her special guest who is her boyfriend.  What would your reaction be if that boy is tattooed all over, with spiky red coloured hair, pierced from head to toe and has the ugliest set of teeth?  Evil SmileIthu eppadi?
Kadavule....even to read this I feel so yuckeeeeeee........but since this is an imaginative answer will be I will send him for further tattoing and piercing.............and send him to a dentist to pull out all his teeth......until re runs away from us....Wink
Then your son calls you up with the same message and ........ what would your reaction be, although I will tell you the scenario later.  LOL
my main idea would be to chase these bad elements such scenario later please.......unless you want to get killed......AngryAngry
Okay, while you are thinking about that some short questions............
Your favourite bolly/holly/holly actor
 - ditto - actresses
Bolly : Sharuk & Kajol
Kolly : Surya & Assin
If you are given a chance to play a role in a English movie, which role you want to take and from which movie and why? 
Uma Kill Bill......appathaan....parandu parandu ungali ellam nalla adikkalam.......especially....Suram....Netra & Jasunap
 Btw, that was an interesting offer for you to act in a leading role.  You should take it maa.... then just like Nadiya, you will spend time in India/US
What about my job and house...and my darling husby......vendaam fact I was tempted.....since I love all this see.....Cry
Which is your favourite spot in US and why?
niagara falls....It is so breath taking....view.....both from US side and from Canada side.......I love water.....falls....lake.....river....beaches....Luckily here in Champaign ..IL we have many lakes in our neighbourhood itself......whenever I get time I just take a book and walk to the nearby lake and sit and read....and I can spend hours and hours like this......but I do not do that time for thatCryCryCry anymore
Btw, I liked the way you said about watching birds.  Now which birds do you watch?  I mean the animals - birds or human birds (hunks) mind you.  Big smile
We have three bird feeders in our back yard and one in the front yard.....and our patio is covered with trumpet vine with bright peach colour flowers....which attracts humming fact people go and put tents in some places to catch these birds in their camera.....but I can do that sitting in the swing in my patio......isn't it amazing.......
normally a lot of cardinals, sun birds, robbins and yellow finches come for our bird food.....
Who do you want to be your partner if you should act in serial (don't ask for Kabilan as I know he is close to you) Big smile  Btw, how does Kabilan looks? Embarrassed
Without doubt Shivakumar
8 questions only.  Never mind - TBC - thodarum Tongue
 innum todarumaaa..............have mercy on me....buddyyyyy
sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 August 2008 at 9:04am | IP Logged
its fun to read ur answers very funny ones so decided i will ask some que too

1. what will u do if u r left alone with say bandham's hero???


2. what is ur weirdest fantasy??

3. if u r a man what will u be then-what profession??

4. if u r just 10 yr old kid what will be the first thing u do??

5. one thing u can't live without???

Edited by nallu - 15 August 2008 at 9:36am
netra_rama IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 August 2008 at 9:07am | IP Logged
Looks like ur doin a great job madam .... here goes another set for you .........Wink
1. do you judge a person when you meet him/her for the first time? if yes how??? if no, why not???
2. How did you celeberate Valentines Day?
3. if you could exchange your social status (only status) who would you exchange it with and why?  
4. you are at a pricey, classy joint for dinner...the kind has long table cloths that reach the floor...and in the middle of of an exquisite bite of an enchanting dessert...your leg gets look down and you find someone sitting there....what would you do??? (this question is to let you explore your wild side )
5. if you were a bird for a day....who would be the first person you would hunt down to poo on??? pick someone from the IF (but not me !!)  Wink
6. what is the best excuse you can give...after you have given a lousy kiss???
7. If you were not sitting on the hot seat right now what would you be doing?
8. if you came with instructions...what would it say???
9. what would you do if a flock of chicken suddenly raced into your house and pointed guns ar you and said "take me to your leader" (yes you can understand them.) 
10. if i keep plying you with questions like these will i cease to be your Nethu kutty or will you ask meli to close the thread??? and if i threaten you with more, what will you do??

Feeling hot atina?? need a kattadi LOL 

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Atinnnaaaaaaaaaaa maaaa yenna escapaaaaaaaaaa ROFL

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