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The Green-Blue Hues~AR ff..UPD PART 20 PAGE 153 (Page 6)

cool_pisces IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 August 2008 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
Wow!!! I loved the first part of ur fanfic. Realy miss the drunk Riddhima and Armaan trying to control her. But it looks like they have switched roles in ur fanfic as riddhima is the extrovert while armaan is the introvert. Neways it still makes for awesome reading.
P.S. Loved the name of the fanfic, continue soon.

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Pebblez Goldie

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 21 August 2008 at 1:36am | IP Logged
Hey everyone!! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much for all your comments. They really mean a lot to me. I am sorry that i cant reply individually to all the comments, but that duznt mean that they dun mean anything. Thanks again. And yeah, from this part onwards the story is going to moveon a forward pace. Hope u guys like this part.

Riddhima sat on her sofa, biting her nails, looking at Rahul. They both had been sitting in her apartment for about 2 hours, and they both were quiet. Silence prevailed over the room, as both looked at the clock time and again. Sighing exasperatedly, and no longer able to control herself, Riddhima speaks up.


Riddhima: Do you think he's okay??


Rahul looks up, startled as she spoke. Then, hearing her question, he smirks a little.


Rahul: who…Armaan or Vivek??


Riddhima glares at him


Rahul: oh okay…Armaan? Yeah….definitely he's okay…Vivek doesn't stand a chance against him…(settling back into the sofa)


Riddhima: then why isn't he back yet…?? (biting her lower lip)


Rahul: Riddhima…don't worry yaar….he will be okay…perhaps got stuck in the traffic….


Riddhima puts a hand through her hair and sighs


Riddhima: Armaan must have beaten the pulp outta Vivek…(worry lines etched across her face)


Rahul: and why do you care?? (raising his eyebrows)


Riddhima: oh come on!! I dun care about that ba*****!! I care about Armaan…he beat him up in the university premises…might get into trouble…


Rahul: doesn't matter…what Vivek tried to do to you, he deserves several rounds of punching after that…


Riddhima: (biting her nails vigorously) I shouldn't have told Armaan…I knew he would do something stupid….he is going to get into so much trouble…


Rahul: tch…Riddhima…(holds her hand) don't worry…he's Armaan…nothing will happen to him…


Riddhima: Sure???


Rahul: Confident!! (nodding)


They both smile and start talking when Rahul's phone rings.


Rahul: Hello…??? Yeah, that's me speaking….oh hi!!! How are you…? Nah he isn't here…..yeah tell me…..WHATTT???


At his sudden shout, Riddhima looks up startled and scared.





Armaan entered the house and saw no one around. He looked in the kitchen and the lounge to check for Riddhima, but didn't see her anywhere. Lightly blowing onto bruised hand, he took two steps at a time and went up the stairs and towards his room. Surprised to see the light on, he opened the room and was surprised to see what was happening in the room.



Riddhima was taking out clothes from his wardrobe and putting them into two bags she had put on the bed. His room was in a drastic mess, and she herself wasn't looking in a good state. Her hair was all over the place, and her eyes looked like she had cried. Tentatively stepping into the room, he closed the door behind him and stepped closer to her. As she folded a pair of his jeans, he stood behind and quietly whispered to her.


Armaan: umm…Ragz??


Riddhima turned to look at her. Armaan was surprised to see her bloodshot eyes. Instantly, his hand went up to her shoulder as his eyes furrowed in concern.


Armaan: what happened…are you okay??


Riddhima bit her lower lip and nodded


Armaan: are you sure…?? What happened….why are you crying…?


Riddhima sighs loudly to calm herself down


Riddhima: ye…yeahhh!! I am fi—fine….


Armaan: doesn't seem like it…(puts a hand on her cheek) is this about Vivek…


Riddhima's eyes meet his and he sighs, knowing the issue of her concern


Armaan: look Ragz..i didn't mean to hurt him but the moment I saw him, something burst into me and I…I just couldn't control myself…seeing him for the first time after what he did to you…I just couldn't…


Riddhima: its okay Armaan…I understand…(sits down on the bed)


Armaan holds her hand and sits down next to her


Armaan: look Ragz…I think its high time we talk about it now….I know you really loved Vivek, but he just wasn't worth it…he was never in love with you, he was just lusting after you….you remember I tried to warn you about him but you were so much in love with him that you didn't listen to me…


A tear drops from Riddhima's eye as she remembered how Armaan had tried to warn her about Vivek


Armaan: no…I am not blaming you…I am just telling you that people make mistakes…everyone makes mistakes baby, its not only you…you remember how I wouldn't let him come to our place or ever stay over…? That was because I knew what kind of a guy he was….but you just weren't ready to listen….every time you were with him, I was there or I sent someone to be around you because I feared he'd take advantage…and that's exactly what he did the one freaking day I wasn't around…


Riddhima: so he knew too…?? (looking at Armaan)


Armaan: of course he knew I knew everything about him…that's the only reason he was with you for such a long time….cuz I wouldn't let him anywhere near you…


Riddhima starts crying silently…


Armaan: look Ragz…you should just thank God that he wasn't successful in his dirty plans….i thank God every second that Rahul came there before he could….(he couldn't even say anything)….i tried tracking down Vivek at day's end but he probably ran away somewhere…and today, when he thought I wasn't taking any action cuz probably you hadn't told me anything, he had the guts to come and talk to you. That's why I beat him up, the anger was too much to bear…


Riddhima tightly clasped his hand, tears running down her cheeks.


Riddhima: I thought he loved me…


Armaan: tch….I know you did Ragz…but he didn't, and that's the truth…you should accept it…


Riddhima: I thought…he was the one…after everything, after mom's death, after dad marrying that…that s***…I thought I got the person….I thought my life was finally getting normal…and then….no one loves me Armaan, I am so alone…


Armaan couldn't see her crying like that. He instantly takes her in his arms and keeps her there, protected, shielded, her head carefully tucked under his chin and her arms around his back as he quietly rubbed his arms around her back to calm her down, lightly patting her head once in a while too. She cried out all the pent-up feelings after a long time, and he let her stay that way till she had calmed down. Slowly, after crying for a long time, she parted from Armaan and looked at him thankfully.


Riddhima: I am…I am sorry Armaan…I shouldn't have…


Armaan: shut up!! I am always here for you…and never every say you are alone again….why do you feel lonely when I am here…huh??


Riddhima smiles, clearing aay her tears


Armaan: oh and…don't think no one loves you….I love you…!! (patting her cheek)


Riddhima: you do…?? (looking at him expectantly…smiling)


Armaan: of course I do dum-dum…I love you a lot…(puts an arm around her and she puts her head on his shoulder)


He looks down at her, and is about to ask her why she was packing when they both hear a voice


Ryna: what the hell is happening here…???


They both look up to see a furious Ryna standing at the door, looking at the scene before her. Armaan stands up quickly and walks towards her as Riddhima stands up too.


Armaan: listen Ryna…you are…


Ryna: I want to talk to you…now…ALONE!!


She says, glaring at him and makes her way out, slamming the door behind her. Armaan looks back at Riddhima who gives him a 'dude, you are busted" look. He frowns and leaves the room.


Riddhima is left thinking in the room. She is clearly upset about something too,


Riddhima: now how do I tell Armaan…?? God, this should so not be happening…(sighs to herself and picks up his shirt, folding it too)




Armaan: listen baby, you are taking it all wrong…




Armaan: (angry now) Shut up Ryna….enough about Ragz…don't you think you are so over-reacting about this…?? She was just upset and I was trying to cheer her up…


Ryna: by telling her that you love her…?? (raises eyebrows) Wow, isn't that just the most awesome way to cheer up a FREND…?


Armaan: ENOUGH!!!! How many times do I have to tell you to stop doubting mine and Ragz's relationship…we guys are just friends…plain old simple best friends…that's it…there is nothing between us….its only you who keeps on thinking there is…


Ryna: oh yeah Armaan…?? Its me… fine!! Then tell me why does she matter so much…if she just a plain old simple friend, why does she matter more to you than your own girlfriend….why would you rather be staying with her than with your girlfriend….why in the freaking world would you say I love you to her when you haven't precisely said those words ever to ME????


Armaan is now at a loss of words.


Armaan: listen Ryna…(taking a deep breath) you are seriously taking it all wrong…Ragz is just….she is just a friend…everything I do for her is because I care for her…she's got no one…I am her everything…you don't know her, you don't know what's happened in her life…its just that, she needs me….after everything that has happened, she is just like a small frightened kid…I need to take care of her…I am her best friend…


Ryna: Armaan…I think its high time you both realized that you guys have grown up…SHE is an adult….she doesn't need anyone to take care of her….its just you who thinks she needs all that…and why wouldn't you, she's been clinging to you for her every stupid silly problem…


Armaan: Ryna…you are my girlfriend and everything, but even you don't get to bad-mouth her in front of me…(in strict tones)


Ryna: SEE?? That's what I am talking about!!! She matters more to you than me…


Armaan: OF COURSE SHE DOES!! (at last loosing his temper) She matters hell lot more…she matters more to me than anyone else on this whole entire world…cuz she is the only one who has always been there for me….she is my freaking everything….and I wont let you or anyone else come in between us…so you know what?? I end this thing between us, today, right now, this second…


Ryna looks at him, shocked out of his wits….


Ryna: Armaan, you…


Armaan: yes Ryna, me…I am fed up…fed up of you complaining and bitching all the time…I am so sick of this relationship…I just can't do this anymore….i just cant…


Ryna: well, neither can I!!!


Armaan: FINE then!! I am done with you….this thing between us, is over…its so over…


Ryna: well, I am done with you too…..


Armaan: Fine…(stubbornly)


Ryna: FINE!!!


Stomping her foot, she makes for the door angrily as Armaan turns around and abruptly goes upstairs to his room, fuming with anger.


As Ryna opens the door to walk out, she sees Rahul standing at the door, about to enter. Rahul is surprised to see Ryna so angry, and he decides to ask her. Amongst their whole group, Rahul is the only person Ryna actually liked.


Rahul: hey Ryna…what happened, is everything okay??


Ryna looks at him with tears of anger in her eyes


Ryna: no…its not…I…I just broke up with Armaan…


Rahul: Oh…(he is quite surprised)…umm…don't mind my asking..but why…??(raising his eyebrows)


Ryna: (smirks sarcastically) huh…the only reason that could be…Riddhima…


Rahul raises his eyebrows even higher


Ryna: you know what Rahul…I was a stupid fool to think Armaan would actually fall in love with me…(cleans her tears) I should have understood before…


Rahul: understood what…??


Ryna: understood why he didn't fall in love with me…(giving him the look)


Rahul gets the clue and bends his head in agreement


Ryna: even you know…(shakes her head) the only two people who don't know that Armaan loves Riddhima ARE Armaan and Riddhima…


Rahul smiles and nods his head


Rahul: you are right…Ryna, I am so sorry about all this…


Ryna: its okay Rahul…(affords a smile) I will see you around…take care…


Rahul bids her a last goodbye as she moves out of the house.




As soon as Armaan enters the room, Riddhima gets up from the bed and rushes to him.


Riddhima: Armaan, I want to tell you….


Armaan: (cuts her in between) I am sooooo pissed at her…


Riddhima: huh…?? What??


Armaan: Ryna!! I am pissed at her..!! In fact, I just broke up with her....(angrily pacing the room)


Riddhima: YOU WHAT??? You broke up with her…with Raina??


Armaan gives her a look and she becomes quiet.


Riddhima: ok..fine…sorry…you broke up with Ryna? But why…??


Armaan: she was just getting on my nerves…I just couldn't take her anymore…


Riddhima walks over to him and pats his shoulder


Riddhima: well, all I can say is, good riddance…


Armaan looks at her and she smiles. He smiles back at her.


Riddhima: Chill!!! Believe me, you are better off without her…


Armaan: (sighing) yeaaahh…(looks around the room) oh and by the way, where are we going….??


Riddhima: (confused) huh???


Armaan: are we going somewhere…?? (raising his eyebrows)


Riddhima: nooo…


Armaan: then why are you packing my stuff…?? (looks at his luggage confused)


The expression on Riddhima's face tighten. Putting a hand on Armaan's shoulder, she first bites her lower lip and then finally decides to speak up.


Riddhima: Armaan….it's your mom.





Guys, thats it for today. Hope u guys liek it. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do comment. Love kiran!!!

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-Cherry- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 21 August 2008 at 1:38am | IP Logged

amazing amazing amazing sweetyClap

 i loved it soooooooooooooo much totallly gooooood

OMG armaan broke up with ryna thankssssssssssss god

i really hope armaan's Mom's OKBig smile

and realllly waiting till the time armaan and ridhiam realise their actual love for each other Embarrassed

Wow thats S****d Vivek sooooo damn annoying Angryi'm glad armaan beat him up, it was totalllly worth it Star

and plzzzzzzzzzz continue sooon
and plzzzzzzzzz PM me the next part


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aravi Goldie

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Posted: 21 August 2008 at 2:28am | IP Logged

hey kiran!!!!!!!!!! just caught wid both d parts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dey were awesome hun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally armaan got rid off of dat "rainaa"!!!!!!!!!  n dat vivek is pathetic !!!!!!!!!!1 can't wait 4 d story to unfold furthur gurl!!!!!!!!!!!!

luv aravi
ttimpy Senior Member

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Posted: 21 August 2008 at 2:32am | IP Logged
thank god u updated........
Big smile
thank god...................................... .ryna is out of the picture..(hopefully)ConfusedConfused........isnt this story turning to be like JTYJN...both of them dont know that they love each other..........i hope that armaan's mom hasn't taken the turn for the worse..........ShockedShocked
nice update ...........

Edited by ttimpy - 21 August 2008 at 2:42am
.x.Saira.x. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 August 2008 at 3:07am | IP Logged
awesome partClap
yay!armaan broke up w/ rainaLOLShocked
but i hope armaan's mum is ok thoEmbarrassed
cnt w8 for the nxt updateEmbarrassed
Jodubai Goldie

Joined: 11 December 2007
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Posted: 21 August 2008 at 4:12am | IP Logged
Hi Kiran,
I just read bits of your FF & really loved it, althought I have not enough time to read all the parts now , since I am in rhe office......I am taking prints outs home to read it during my weekend & will comment further...
In the meanwhile, if you are up update it shortly, please PM me...
thanks ever so much & I will be back!!!
prernawaghray IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 August 2008 at 5:05am | IP Logged
hey Smile
plz pm me when u update next time yaar i dont wanna miss out any thing plzAngry
this part was firstly cute n sweet as well as quite cool
i like their frndship yaar (AR)Embarrassed
they r always there for each other n know each other better than themselvesEmbarrassedlovely part
n esp the cool part was the tiff b/w rainaLOLn armiStar
well awesome part
i hope armi's mom is fineCry
update soon

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