Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan


Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan
Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan

sum interviews(check this 1 out):P

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ummm.. mayb u ave read them before but just thought of posting a collection TongueBig smile hehe


He is a Shah Rukh Khan fan. But women addicted to the tube are huge
fans of this dimpled man. Meet Hussain Kunwaranjanwalla, the Chirag
of Kyon Ki Saas Bhi Khabu Bahu Thi, Sumeet of Kumkum and Arjun of
Krishna Arjun. "I'd love to be what Arjun is in Krishna Arjun
but I know I cannot," confesses Hussain the hottest and the
cutest eligible bachelor on the tube right now. Hussain has worked
his way up the ladder. He started with performing for college plays
and than playing the lead in a serial called Aashirwaad on Zee
around four years back, to now being one of the most sought after
actors in television. For a man who once dreamt of being a pilot,
there must be no regrets at all. Thanks to his popularity on TV, he
is anyways flying high.

Date of birth: 12 October 1977

Motto in life: Live and let live. It is an attitude that everyone
should adopt if they want to make it big in life. There is no point
holding a grudge against someone. Life is too short to make enemies.
Acting: Was never a career option but after being appreciated for my
performance in college plays, I decided to give acting a shot.

What has worked in my favour: Being down-to-earth. This approach has
helped me a lot to be what I am.

On relationships: Understanding the other person selflessly and
without any expectations is very important for any relationship to
survive, whether it is a husband and wife relationship or just a
simple friendship. Compatibility is also very important. There is no
point if the person you are going to get married too or spend the
rest of your life with is not someone with whom you would want to
share your day's happenings.

What attracts me to a girl: What would attract me most would be her
nature. I hate girls who throw temper tantrums or are too stylish in
their approach to life. A girl with a sweet smile, long hair,
wheatish complexion and a little weight would attract me instantly.
Hussain's first crush was a schoolmate of his but he admits that
it was more than a crush as he had developed an infatuation for her
for quite some time only to realize later that it was not meant to

The most romantic holiday: An evening somewhere alone on an island
with my beloved, but that is just a fantasy and I know by no means
that can be a reality.

I am close to: I am very close to my elder brother Qaeed. I'm a
very 'family' person. Rather than partying and clubbing he
says I would instead prefer a day or two in an isolated place. I
love to be surrounded by the greenery of nature's beauty.

Food that I love: Favourite is chicken, but I have to avoid now to
stay in shape.

Music that I love: Hindi music but when it comes to English, I only
like slow, soft and mushy numbers.

Hussain's game for some money
(Hindustan Times)

Walking in Aman Yatan Varma's shoes isn't exactly what Hussain
Kuwajerwala particularly enjoys, but the genial TV actor has loved
meeting real people for the repackaged game show, Khullja Sim Sim,
that will be aired on Star Plus every Friday starting yesterday.
Varma anchored the show for two years before it went off air. Says
Hussain, "The show format has changed a bit but the basic concept is
the same. The audience is young and energetic and interacting with
them is fun. I have a distinct style of my own, and since I am not a
big star, I smile more often on camera."

Hussain's cut his anchoring teeth earlier on Kismey Kitna Hai Dum
and Kuch Kar Dikhana Hai. "I was a cheerleader for Kismey Kitna Hai
Dum for a year before I had a solo show, Kuch Kar.... That
experience is going to be useful, I didn't feel nervous before
Khullja...I think the audience expects a normal kind of guy on TV
and that's what I am."

He, in fact, insists that he doesn't like tiring himself out. Apart
from the tearjerker afternoon daily Kumkum, he is barely visible on
TV: "I do the odd Kyunki Saas... track when there's a festive
episode, like Diwali, coming up. Actually I am very laidback, I like
to have my own life in order and working more than 20 days a month
isn't my cup of tea."

So Hussain does his daily workouts, plays with his young nephews and
when the grind gets out of control just picks up his bag and heads
for a short vacation: "I want to be mentally alert when I am on TV,
what's the point of being a burnout."

A Commerce graduate from Jai Hind College, he is also quick to point
out that despite rumours linking him with Juhi Parmar (his Kumkum co-
star) she is just a good friend. And unlike most of his smallscreen
counterparts he isn't likely to do "films right now."


Serials - Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi
Kumkum-Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan
Krishna Arjun

 Factor: Sex god and super hunk, Hussain has made it into the hearts
 of many as the perfectly cute husband a woman could ask for.
 Hussain's chemistry with costar Juhi Parmar is unbelievebale and
people love to watch them

Hussain K.K is a busy guy. From the sets to home, and then to the gym he has a
frantic time. But the actor refuses to start his day without playing with his nephews.
We meet Hussain at his home, where we find him wolfing down his lunch in a jiffy. He
checks his watch to see how much time he has and then kick starts the interview:
You have come a long way from your first ad film
Yes, I have modeled for Close-Up, Perk, Rexona, Johnson and Johnson contact lenses,
Leher Kurkure... (smiles). It is quite a long list. Ashirwaad on Zee was my first ever
serial. It put me in the spotlight. With that show I finally felt that I was in the right
place, doing the right thing.

But your big break came with Kyunki Saas...
Yes, Balaji has given me the biggest break of my life. The serial has become so popular
that it automatically put me in the spotlight. I did not even have to try.

You seem to have been sidelined in the show in recent times
Yes, the younger generation has taken over. Their tracks are more prominent now. But I had
a pretty good run, I must say.

You look too young to play an elderly character on the show. Do you find it difficult?
I was not at all comfortable with the twenty year leap. But I guess that is the challenge,
to perform convincingly what you are not. Lot of people have told me that my nephews in
the show look the same age as me, if not older.

Kumkum is going great guns though...
Oh yes. I am thrilled to be part of the show. It has constantly reinvented itself very
well. The show has given me immense scope to perform as there are lot of dramatic scenes.

Do you feel that your character Sumeet plays second fiddle to the two women, Kumkum
and Renuka?
Television in India is essentially a woman's medium. Serials are designed keeping in the
average housewife. In such a case women are bound to be the centre focus of the story.
But if you notice, men are essential to the plot too. After all, (with a twinkle in his
eye) Kumkum and Renuka are fighting over me, the man in their life. So I have no
complaints. (grinning)

On the contrary, Krisshna Arjun became more popular after you came on to the scene.
Yes, flattering isn't it? I was roped in when the format was changed and it has worked
tremendously in favor of the show. I think every boy nurses a secret fantasy of bashing
up the bad guys and mine is coming true (smiling) Besides I get to play my age.

In the show, the undercurrents between Shradda and you is interesting.
I think that is the crux of the show. It is a different kind of relationship than usually
seen in our shows. Shradda and I share a good chemistry and it shows on screen. It is fun,
to be pulling Krisshna's leg all the time, flirting with other girls, just to make her

Do you think the attraction between Krisshna and Arjun should turn to something more
definite on the show?
No, I don't. That would mean losing the most intriguing part. The mental cat-mouse game
between them is what makes the show really amusing.

Don't you think the action is a little amateurish?
We are catering to kids mainly, with this show. We can't show complex stuff which they
won't be able to grasp. I know that children watch the show ardently. For instance,take
my own nephew who is seven. He scrutinizes the whole show and then questions me,'how did
you do this'? If Krisshna Arjun had been a very mature -action kind of show, he would not
even want to watch it.

 In the show, Kumkum and Renuka are fighting over me, the man in their life. Men are
essential to the plot too 
What about Kucch Kar Dikhana Hai
I have fondest memories of the show. It was a ball shooting for Kuch Kar... It felt good
internally, to know that I could play so many roles effectively- the anchor, the detective
and the soft-spoken husband.

In one way, is it a relief that Arjun and Sumeet are so different from each other?
Of course. I am lucky to play characters in two completely different genres. I can
finish 'saving the world' in Krishna Arjun and then go protect my family in Kumkum. One is
more like a comic book, while, the other is a regular soap. I should say it is an
effective way of keeping the monotony from setting in.

You feel you have got a very good deal so far, as an actor?
Definitely. I have been lucky so far. It is great to have a job that you love so much.
Not everyone gets that. I can't just look at the money aspect and go to the sets in a
mechanical manner. To appear convincing on screen, you have to be in love with the
character. When I look at myself down the years, I seem to have grown so much in
confidence. You know, when I landed my first ever acting part in Aashirwaad I did not
even tell my brother till the telecast date. I was too nervous.

Speaking of you brother, why haven't you worked with Qaeed so far?
Oh, I am dying to work with him. But the problem is I might get nervous if he is in front
of me.(laughs) You know, it is a boon having someone like who understand television and
cinema at home. We discuss angles and technique endlessly. It is useful as I also get to
learn what goes on behind the camera.

So is the next step, films?
I hope so. Things are coming my way. I am ready to take the risk as I need to grow as an
actor. I am glad that there are all kinds of films being made today.-small niche films
which gives even unconventional actors a good chance.

Your brother told us you get a lot of fan mail
(looking embarrassed). Yes, I do.

What is the most embarrassing thing a fan did?
Well, there was this lady who was clearly over the hill, and she came up to me and asked,
'Are you married?' It was too pointed a question and I just wanted to run (grins).

What keeps you going?
My work which is my passion and my nephews. The more time I get with them, the happier I


'Lust is attraction for the other woman!'

On your sex appeal

That's not something for me to talk about. I leave it to my fans and people who like me
and watch me on television to decide it for me.

How girls react to you

Girls who don't know me personally give me a cute smile. At times they go ga ga over me.
If they happen to be my fans then they expect me to stop whatever I'm doing and talk to
them. Girls who are my friends treat me exactly the same way as they used to earlier.

Your first date

It happened in college when I was a very simple sort of guy. We were in the first year of
college and I asked her out to lunch followed by a film. I remember ordering Pizza and
some noodles. Eating both in front of a girl was such a disaster. The cheese kept getting
stuck in my teeth and I just couldn't eat the noodles with the fork without making a mess.
I was trying very hard to impress her but things just kept going wrong (laughs). When we
reached the theatre, we realized that it was houseful. I wanted to spend the day with her.
The film that we finally ended up watching had lots of hot scenes. It's so embarrassing
when it's the first time out with a girl. She even looked at me with an expression,
"What's on your mind?" But of course, she knew that it wasn't intentional!

Your first crush

A girl in my class in the 8th std. I sat on the bench behind her and that's the closest
I could get to her (laughs). The crush lasted till the 10th std. I believed that I was
in love and enjoyed watching romantic films.

Your most cherished compliment

Many people tell me that I give out a lot of warmth. They also tell me that my friendly
vibes never make them feel that I am a celebrity. That feels nice. Some time back I was
driving at night and my car just about touched this guy on a bike moving very close to the
car. He was furious and was about to say something to me when his wife saw me and remarked,
 'oh, this is our Chirag!'. This is what television does to us. It gives  you love from
the entire nation. Your wildest compliment Some time back, a woman in her 40s asked me if
I was married or single. I don't know if she was asking for herself or her daughter but
the way she asked, the former seemed more likely. I told her I was single but told her
very politely that I wasn't interested in any offer.

Love & romance...

I cannot define love. It has many meanings. To me it means caring, sharing, compatibility,
companionship, and a lot more. The more you experience it the more you get to know about
it but it is better experienced than spoken about. For me, love and romance definitely go
together otherwise it is only sex, not love. I'm a complete romantic and believe in keeping
my girl happy for life. It is very important to keep the romance alive in a relationship
otherwise it tends to get monotonous after a while. You have to do those lovey dovey things
to the person you love.


Lust is a part of love and romance that everyone should enjoy and be open about. People
who say that they don't lust are lying. It has obviously to do with sex and attraction to
the other woman, besides the girl you love! At times you got to control lust otherwise
things can go haywire and ruin relationships. Girls also lust for guys. If they say they
don't then they need to get their hormones checked (laughs).

On a nudist beach

This is obviously the kind of fantasy that men are made of. My eyes would be all over the
beach. I just hope there are a lot of sexy women around. I want all the women I fancy to
be there.

What if a girl made a pass at you?

I would take it as a compliment. I don't think I would lead her on. I don't make passes
at women but have no hang-ups in telling them that they are looking hot or sexy. There's
no pun intended. It doesn't mean that I want to sleep with her.

Would you ask a girl out if you liked her but didn't know her well?

I don't see any harm in asking a girl out. It has nothing to do with romance. But I
wouldn't ask someone I didn't know at all. I would first get to know her better.

What if you fell short of money on a date?

If my credit cards don't work, I would ask the restaurant manager if I could come back
later and pay. If that doesn't work then I would ask the girl to pay.

Your dream date

It would be going in winter to a place that has a beach, river, mountains, and snow. We
should be wearing just enough clothes to feel that slight chill. Maybe a nice candlelit
dinner in the middle of nature would be great.

Would you dress to impress a girl?

I did that in college. Today I dress up to feel good about myself. Whenever I go out with
a girl, I want a compliment from her. But I feel the personality matters more than just


I think everybody flirts but I don't want to elaborate on how I do it (laughs).


Marriage is very important for me. I'm a very family oriented guy. You have to be very
mature to know how to handle it. There has to be a high level of understanding to make it
successful. It is also important to be friends first so as to understand each others moods
and tastes. Most people who get married regret it but I would rather have that than not get
married at all. I'm sure I would miss a companion later in life. I might get married some
time next year.

What if your girl caught you with your pants down?

I am the very faithful sort. If at all, some day I'm caught with my pants down it would
not have been a conscious effort. The girl would have to really dope me and take me to
bed (laughs).

Your wildest bedroom fantasy

Breaking the glasses, the bed and anything else that comes in my way to make 'it' happen!

Are women a necessary evil?

Learn to ignore the evil and you will be happy. You can't live with them nor can you live
without them, is so true (laughs).

(HUSSAIN is rocking on television with 'Khulja Sim Sim'!)

this was the latest n a ko0l 1Tongue

m still posting more !!Big smile

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wowww!fitness freakk!Tongue
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im sorry,but i cant see wot u have posted!!
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Originally posted by nandiinii

im sorry,but i cant see wot u have posted!!
yea me too Cry Cry
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What attracts me to a girl: What would attract me most would be her
nature. I hate girls who throw temper tantrums or are too stylish in
their approach to life. A girl with a sweet smile, long hair,
wheatish complexion and a little weight would attract me instantly.

WOW, havent read tht description before thanks for the post!!

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