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Ristha – families are not blood alone update. p.3! (Page 3)

monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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Great dear pl conti soon.

shakthi258 Senior Member

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[Warning readers: Kuch baathin kafi umm over hai, don't mind, futureistic collage hai.]

Narshilan Medical Collage


A guy dressed in sky blue jeans with a white sleaveless top stood in the auditorium a red belt around his waist along with some jean-chains. He was the package of what was known as casually cool with out even trying to be so, a red ribbon tied around his forehead like a head band. Those bracelets in his hands giggled as he moved his hand, "Aabe kya kar raha hai tu? Maine kaha na saaf saaf yellow hee chahiye, tuje pink kaun lekar aane ke liye kaha?"

The senior holding the large set of roses flowers in his hand, "Nahi Armaan yeah flowers funtion ke liye nahi yeah tho Proffesor Sanya Charan ke liya ha vo apni resignation dediya hai na, esilie aaj Dean uske liye yeah flowers mangwaya."

"Sorry yaar bhool gaya." Aarman Malik, the handsom, dashing and cool dude of the collage a third year student as well as part of the commity for collage. Manny girls in the collage were fida over him but he was not interested in any of it. He was a very good student even though he was part of the cool group, he studied well and always and enjoyed even more. He was after all a top student. "Use stage ke peeche rak lo."

"Teek hai." he went away another girl came up to him and asked, "Armaan where do you want these baloons?"

"Umm just place them in the closet for now. jaise sare kaam finish hojaye hum use float karne dethe hai." he replied calling some one, "Yeah this is Armaan Malik... mai vo khaane ke order ko confrim karne aayi thi.... greath thanks. Kaab hoga delivery?... Teek hai thanks."

"Aare yaar vo candles ko zara lekar aao na. Thoda sa upar daldo use that is fine, good job. Yaar zara vo brown ko dalo that seems better." he added walking around, "ARMAAN!"

"YES?" he called, "KAUNSE COLOURS?"

He looked at the two sheets of paper and pointed towards one, "Kithna kaam hai aaj... hope juniors ko yeah saab pasand aajaye."

"Don't worry Aarman use zarur pasand aayega." he turned around and hugged his friend, "Rahul yaar acha hua ke tu agaya. Muje tho ithna kaam pada hua hai."

"Relax dude." Rahul laughed rolling up the sleves of his light grey shirt, "Main hoon na tumhare madath karne ke liya. Decorations mai sambaltha hoon, tum jao aur D.J aur sounds system ko dheklo."

"D.J aur sounds systems. Got it." Aarman replied and Rahul shook his head. Rahul Kashap, Arman's close friend and a nice person, cool and casual always working through some thing or the other. He was Aarman's right hand man and the one person he considered his brother, well technically the two were brothers. Cosin's on their mothers side! As he walked out to check up on the enterence he bumped into another guy. "Sorry Angad."

"Lagi tho nahi hai na?" he aksed placeing a hand on him, "Nahi and you right on time kya tum naye students ke introduction program ke details ko ek baar dek sakthe ho? Aarman D.J aur sounds systems ko dekne gaya hai."

"Sure tell him ke hum lunch ke liye milthe hai aur update kardenge." he replied going away from the auditorum, "Sure bro! Hay listen zara vo table ko saaf kardo aur na."

"Ji." the girl replied getting to work, "Suno us lights ko kya hua?"

"Closet mai hai, technition ko patha hai." a student told him, "Thanks mate, aab vo technition kahan gaya? All ready sade dus bajgaya aur yeah sare ke sare kaam tho hame chaar baje ke pehele karna padega. Aare kahan the aap? Dhekiya aap vahan aapna kaam shuri kijiye mai kuch loghon ko ekata kartha hoon aur hum lights lagana shuru kardenge."

"Jaldi karne ke koi zarurath nahi hai beta. Main hoon na, lights ke kaam sounds systems ke aane se pehele katham ho jayega." he replied patting Rahul on the head before going inside with his stuff. "Hope your right kaka, guys your work with most of the decorations are done? Great zara closet 2 ke paas ja kar mere intizar karo, tum ja kar chief janotor ko lekar aana. Tell him it's urgent."

Office room

Angad walked in and wished some of the people there good morning, "Vo collage ke map aur baki details agaye hai right?"

"Ji? Haan vo tho agaye aur kuch loog use khol rahe hai." the clerk replied, "Good aur haan vo pens jiske order diya gaya?"

"Vo bhi agaya hai." the clerk replied Angad nodded, "Teek hai aur students ke packages tho thayar hai na?"

"Ji sirf office mai pahonchana hai lekin vo driver tho out hai." the clerk replied worried, "Sare workers bhi vahan hai.... patha nahi aab kya kare."

"Don't worry I'll drive you over." Angad took the keyes from the girl and went with Angad looking into the file with the work that was left. Three minutes latter the girl instructed the workers on where to keep the stuff when Angad took her file and looked at the work that had to be done. "Hmm first years ke package tho deliver hogaya great. Ujala mai jaa kar students ke quartus ko check karke aatha hoon."

"Teek hai thanks Khanna." he waved going over to the nearby hostel checking if everything was going well and if they was anything else that was needed. There was no work there either, "Kamal hai Misthi ne sare kaam ithne ache thara sambal diya vo bhi Mumbai mai bait kar. Maana padega, she is something. Aare, hi Sanjana chuti kaise thi?"

"Teek tha, yaar yeah bolo tum kaise ho?" he asked, "Going good, aur haan ek aur baath first years ke list computer mai jama hogaya hai."

"Thanks." he replied, "Aur..."

"Aur kya koi achi ladki tiki?" he asked, "Nahi lekin tume tho hamesha dhika tho dega hai na mia?"

"Vo tho hai." she smiled, "Aur haan mai tho bulgaya tha ke kuch packages aaye the yahn tere naam mai, kaal."

"Kahan se?" she shrugged, "Patha nahi...."

Angad ripped it off and inside was a beautyful white diary that had a lock on it. "Ajeeb loog hai, diary bhi bijwathe hai aur uske upar yeah lock. Aare chiti?"

Dear Angad,

Main kaun hoon aap nahi janthe hai maantha hoon. Lekin haan liktha tho hoon zarur esilia kyunki muje tumse kuch kehena tha. Angad muje patha hai ke tum apne pariwar ke thara nahi ho, aur us pariwar mai kisi ko tumhara saak zarurath hai. Ek aise ladki jo hamehsa invisible lagi hai us ghar par, Angad I request to you please, uske baare mai thoda tho socho, uske dard ke baare mai, us bechari ke akeli zindagi ke baare mai. Beta please, vo bahoth dard mai hai.

Jaise tuje yeah baath ka ehesas hojayega tume is diary ke jaabi milega... vo diary jisme maine bahoth kuch ekata kia aur kuch aur diaries bhi. Jaise tum us baath ke laayak bano. Yeah maath pucho ke kaise, yeah tho bahaunga ke main apni ummeed tumpar daldiya. Esiliya es chota sa card main lika hai yeah kaath. Ek aise kaath jo shayad tum paad kar phainkoge yaa... shayad, shayad tum apne saath rakoge.

Beta please, zara socho eske baare mai aur haan yeah diary ko zara sambal ke rakna. My hopes are on you. Please beta ese pehele vo pure thara anaad hojaye use bacha lo. Please.


Ek Ajnabee

"Aise kaun ho saktha hai? Umm listen main bas apna ghar jaa kar ese rak kar aatha hoon." he nodded to her and went away to his serviced appartment in the collage. The place that was decorated to his tasts, thanks to his mum's influences and dad's money. Unlocking the door he threw in the diary and the letter in an empty draw and went back, not thinking aobut it at all. After all he did have a party to arange, little did he know that there was a surprise for him waiting there. A surprise, that would bring him back to a reality he lost touch of years ago. The relationship with a special girl he had broken himself, unknowingly, his sister. He walked into the auditorium and sighed, everything was getting ready for the freshers party. They always started work earlier and for the past two years Angad always participated in any collage function because he loved it. It gave his parents another oppertunity to go ahead and boast about their wonderful son. Going inside he stopped short at the sight in front of him, the room was beautyful and the tables were set neetly. Rahul had got some of the people to do the finnishing touches, sweep up, wipe up and clean a few spots. Aarman and gang were putting up the lights and sound system set up all ready, this was after all his two best friends. "Guys everything under control in the office room. Sham mai thoda sa kaam tho hai, you guys need any help?"

"Nahi yaar Angad, our side is under control." Armaan replied cutting the line, "Rahul your side?"

"Ek kaam tho karo zara hamare liye pizza tho order kardo, jaab thak hum vahan pahonch jayenge thayar hoga." he asked, "Sure brother drink bhi."


"Hay theen medium pizzas..." Angad began when another voice on the side, "One sandwitch, umm one strawberry milk shake please and yeah can I have some chocolate pastries please."

Angad turned towards the voice and smiled, there stood a girl dressed in a micro minni sleaveless dress. "H-HOT DHEKTHE HAI KE YEAH KYA KAR SAKTHI HAI."

"Hi, I'm Angad Khanna and you are?" he asked, "H-hi Angad I'm Geeta... first year."

"Really that is nice what subject?" he asked, "Architecture...."

"Wow and what's your minor?" he asked takeing her hand, "Interior design and Bussiness."

"Really? Aap bhi vohi subjects le rahe hai." she looked at him suprised, "Aap bhi..."

"Nahi mai tho medical student hoon, main baas yeah sawal pucha thake aap ke khubsurath aankon mai apne lia respect dhek saktha hoon." Angad took his hand in hers, "Aap muje bahoth ache ladthe hai..."

"Lagi hogi waise jaise tume Nisha, Simran, Misha se kia hai na Angad." he smiled with an embaresed blush on his face, "Hi Dhamini aunty..."

"Kaise ho beta?" he hugged, "Teek hoon aur aap kaise hai?"

"Main bhi teek hoon bas yahan kuch papers sighn karne aaye thi aur kuch meetings atend karne. Aab jo muje tum se mulakath tho hogaya tho socha thanks kehedun." she added, "Kyun aunty?"

"Collage ke ithne saare baathn ko sambal ne ke liya. Yeah idea jo tumne diya students ko involve karne mai yeah saab mai bahoth acha tha. Do saal se ragging kaam hogaya aur senior-junior relaionships bhi bahoth ache hogaye." she replied, Angad smiled and nodded, "Aunty aap yeah saab koi bada baath nahi hai and don't worry aap ke collage ke reputation tho kabhi koi koi problem nahi hoga. You don't have to worry about any of this."

"Thank you aur haan please zyada filrt kam karna." he laughed, "Aunty bhi na..."

"Aur haan Angad yeah package zara Aarman ko dedo, he knows what to do with it." she askd hading him an envolope. "Sure aunty... main use dedunga."

"Thank you." he replied, for some time he filrted with that girl when he waited for the boys to come over. Finally when the two of them came over looking washed out and tiered, "Hay Angad, khaana kahan hai?"

"On it's way." Angad replied, the waiter walked up and handed them the pizzas and drinks. He left swipping their student i.d cards. "Hmm, kaam kaise chal rahe hai?"

"Almost katham baas ek baar jo koi chota mota kaam hai vo bhi katham jo jaye then we are free." Armaan replied sitting down and grabbing his cold coffee, "Aur haan yea Dhamini aunty ne tumse dene ke liya..."

"O yeah thanks yaar." he replied pocketing it, "Khole ke baare mai bhi sochoge?"

"Nahi muje patha hai ke andar kya hai." he replied picking up his mobile, "Hi, so you have started? Great tho pahonch kaab rahi ho?... Haan vo room kyes aab mere paas hai... REALLY Promise... sounds good."

Rahul and Angad had all ready begun their talk about their upcomming foot ball selections for the team and the other games. Armaan joined in and they caught up over manny things over pizzas and drinks. They spoke of so manny things that their smiles set around past and a future they hoped to live... in a distance some one snapped a photograph of this. Something the three of them did know know about.


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Walia House

Mukti changed into the dress gifted to her by her Praunitha mami, a lower than mid-thigh length brown cotton skirt that had white prints on it with a brown sleeveless turtleneck top. Along with them she wore some casual brown sandles. "I hope ke yeah vahan collage main teek lage."

"Aur kyun nahi lagega beta? You look very beautyfull honey." Mukti looked up and smiled, "Thank you Jai mama... nani?"

"Vo mandir mai hai tumhare liya..." Mukti smiled, "Typical nani hamasha puja paat... main use milkar aathi hoon."

Mukti went towards the mandir of the house, there a lady in white sat in front of the Shiv-Parvathi statue. She looked quiet younge to have grand kids but then again, it is always difficlut to say, since in her time women got married very young. A smile lit on her face as she removed her sandals and entered the mandir, "Nani..."

"Aare Mukti beti aao... tho tum collage ke thaiyar hogai beti?" she asked, "Ji haan nani finally mai apni sapne ke tharaf jaa rahi hoon."

"Kithni achi baath hai, bagwan kare tuje apni sapne ko pura kar sakthi ho." Mukti smiled, "Thank you nani... see you in the holidays."

"By beti." the two of them hugged and Mukti went on her way, nani back to her puja paat. This was Mukti's family, at least the family she could call her own.... she looked at her childhood home one last time. The home she always had fond memories of... today she was going to medical collage to become a cancer specialist. Hard working and loving she had all the qualities that was needed for a medical student and a good docter. Inspiered by her childhood friends death she had been preparing for this moment for a long time. A very long time.... and from now on her journey was going to be of one that was alone, starting from the one to the airport. Her journy was quiet set with the large suitcase and the three smaller ones including her backpack where she had stuffed in some emergency clothes and a digital notepad and her blue sony laptop. She was after all a high tech kind of student, save space and get more work done spending some money in the process was all right. The flight was still few minutes away, she had enough time to grab some to grab a few magizines to read through the flight after all it was going to be nearly two hours long. The longest two hours of her life... a man in light blue jeans and a white shirt dropped his bad down and sat down next to Mukti. "O sorry maine aap ko deka nahi, by the way I'm..."

"Sagar Prathap Sing, Agra ke massure industrialist hai right?" Mukti asked, "Aap ko kaise patha?"

"Ji main aap ke photograph ko maine paper mai..." Mukti replied, "All right, tho yeah tho bathaie ke aap kaun hai?"

"Mukti.. student hoon, medical first year. Join karne ke lia ja rahi hoon aur apni sapne pure karne ke lia." Sagar looked impressed, "Aur kya hai aap ka sapna?"

"Cancer specialist banna... bahoth dinon ka sapna hai vo... just hoping ke main usme kamiyab hojaun." she replied, Sagar smiled, "I wish you all the best for that, aap ko dek kar lagtha tho hai ke aap ek din ek bahoth bade docter ban pagenge."

"Aap compliments kafi achi thara de the hai Sagar ji. Aur haan jahan thak meri docter bane ka sawal hai even I am sure ke main zarur ke achi docter ban sakti hoon." she replied, the two of them spoke about several things through out the two hours over a cup of coffee and eatables that they did not even know how the time flew. "All right then Mr. Sagar, it was nice to meet you, I'll see you around."

"Sure Mukti it was a plesure spending time with you." he replied and the two of them left their own ways. Mukti called a cab and asked if it would take her to the hotel. "Ji baitiyea."

"Thank you..." Mukti placed her stuff in the taxi and directed him to the place and made a phone call to the hotel and confirmed her room. Another call to her dadi to let her know she had reached, her mama's and mami's, Kripa's as well... after all she was the responsible child of the house. The driver pulled up in front of a fivestar hotel and tuned, "Madam aap ke..."

"Haan thank you. Kithna hua?" he said and ammount and Mukti handed him the money takeing out her baggs. "Thank you..."

Walking in Mukti smiled at the reseptionist, "Hi I'm Mukti Khanna I have a reservation..."

"Please wait a moment ma'am. I'll check the records... aah yes Mukti Khanna, aap ke room thayar hai aur upfront payment bhi diya gaya hai." she nodded, "Yeah that is me."

"Suno zara madam ko room number 150 thak lekar jao." Mukti thanked the person and followed the bell-boy. Once she entered the room she handed him some tips and looked at her room. It was quiet comfertable with soft light cream with flowers and a brown some wonderful dark brown curtains and some chairs with a table. "Not bad... thoda typical hai lekin haan main mannage tho kar sakthi hoon. Thank god mere baki ke samaan gadi main pade hue hai."

Kripa's Cottage

Kripa was finnishing her work with one last quote of the work she packed up the work and placed them in her file. Once she was finnished she called the servent and asked her to pack up everything. "Mere kaam tho katham hogaya aab mai chalthi hoon. Meri kyal rakne ke lia shukriya."

"Shukria tho hame aap ko karne hai bitiya. Jo paise aap hame dethe hai usi se meri ghar chalthi hai." she replied, "Baad main milthe hai."

"Ji bitiya aaur aap bhi apna kyal rakiye." Kripa bit the woman good by and stepped into her car driving away, once she reached the city she pulled the car by a flat and got out carefully makeing sure that no one was around. Looking around she crept into one of the flats she and opened it, inside the room was in tatters with the paint ripping down and the furniture was not there either except for some worn out carpets and some old sofas that had cotton practically falling down from the seats. Yet everything was clean and maintained as much as possible with stiches and threads. Kripa looked around and yelled, "JIYA - KIRAN - MEGA KAHAN HOO SAAB LOOG?"

A whole gang of girls appeared there, one girl in the group stepped out, "Maaf kijiye ma'am saab hum saab sirf andar the vo bhi vahi par hai."

"Teek hai lekin haan tume yaad tho hai na ke use handle kaise karna hai?" she asked, "Ji ma'am ache thara yaad hai...."

"Good aur agar tume yeah baath yaad hai tho yeah bhi yaad hoga ke vo baath kya hai nai ke use kaise handle karna hai." she asked, the lady asked, "Ji ma'am saab."

"Teek hai aab mai tho ja rahi hoon." she replied, "Muje jaab waqth milega main aaunga. Have a nice day."


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Teek hai baba maanthi hoon, meri kahani ek dham karab tha. It shall need a re-start, ek aur chance tho do muje please. This is the link hope ke mai aab tho tum logon ke dil cho sakti hoon. (


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