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Ristha – families are not blood alone update. p.3! (Page 2)

stars_shine* IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 August 2008 at 10:32am | IP Logged
gr8 part
thnx for the PM
continue soon

eternal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 August 2008 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
cute story
loving it so far...
please continue soon c=
cutie13 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 August 2008 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
gr8 intro
cont soon
shakthi258 Senior Member

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The disco was loud and the crowd was huge, every one was haveing fun and dancing, eating when some were chatting. A girl stood among a group her pink knee length strap dress clung to her body with a casual air, her diamond earrings dangled as she sook her head a smile on her face a drink in a diamond studed ring holding hand. The girl who was at the moment enjoying with her friends when some one came and touched her shouder, "Hay there beautyful lady care for a dance?"

"Sure... exuce me." she smiled walking away with the man, "By the way I'm Mukti..."

"I'm Uday..." the man replied, "Janthi hoon aap ko kai baar dheki hoon Angad ke saath." she replied he looked confused for a moment, "Angad ke saath? Uska dosth ho kya aajeb hai tuje kabhi deka tho nahi, aur mere yeah aanke hamesha ek koobsurath ladki ko dhekne mai kabhi deer nahi karthe."

"Janthi hoon actually mai kabhi Angad ke samne nahi aathi jaam uske koi dosth vahan par hai." she replied, "Waise use kab mere baare mai koi yaad... chodo l really want enjoy this evening. Let's talk about something else."

That was Mukti Khanna, beautyful, graceful and at home, invisible at home compleatly. At the end of the dance Mukti shook Uday's hand and smiled, "Great meeting you Uday hope to see you soon."

"You too Mukti." he smiled kissing her hand and going away, she turned around and smiled at someone, "MANISHA aare yaar kahan thi tum? Kithne waqth laga diya tune yahan aane se? I missed you so much."

"Me too Mukti aur sorry yaar tuje tho paha thai ne. New York mai thi mai apne ek cosin ke party mai." the girl replied hugging Mukti who hugged her back, "Haan meri ma patha hai muje. Aare yaar tu aab yeah to batha teri fashion desighing ka course kab se shuru hone wala hai?"

"Jaldi collage jaana hoga." she replied, "Muje bhi kaal sham jaana padega esiliya socha ke aaj ke shaam thoda sa enjoy karhi tho hoon."

"Tuje uska haak hai meri jaan." Manisha replied hugging her, "Any ways chalo hum tho party karthe hai."

The next day morning in a Shiv-Parvathi mandir a lady in a pink cotton sari her hair set up in a tight plait. The softmake up she wore highlighting her hidden beauty, below the breaks of a car broke her concentration, "Yahan kaun hoga?"

Below from a black car got out a girl dressed in a long brown skirt with white printed flowers. Her white top hung from her shoulder downwards half covered in the matching duppata. Her hand had some simple bangles that jingled as she walked up those stairs, her silver anklets dangling on the stairs. She slowly walked up with the puje ke thali holding in her hand. Quietly she went up to the temple, her focus set soley upon the prayer. She attraced the soft winds that suddenly rose up along with it the attention of the lady in pink... "Pandit ji kya aap zara puja karenge?"

"Ji dijiye... naam kya hai aap ke?" she answered, "Ji Mukti..."

"Mukti bada pyara naam hai aap ka." the lady in pink replied, "Thanks...umm aap hai kaun?"

"Ji main hoon Sampatha Basu... aur tum kaur ho beta?" she asked touching Mukti's head, "Ji main hoon Mukti Khanna..."

"Acha? Dhilip aur Naina Khanna ki..." Mukti shook her head, "Banji beti nahi..."

"Strange... any ways chalo aur puje karke aao beta." she replied, Mukti was about to turn around but turned back and asked, "Aunty kya aap thode deer ke liya rok sakthe hai, mai bas puja karke aathi hoon. Muje aap se kuch baath karni thi."

"Sure beta... jao aur puje karke aao." she replied, Mukti nodded and left to do the puja her eyes filled with unshed tears. Pushing them away she quietly prayed and when she was finished gave the aarthi to Sam as well before takeing a deep breath. "Aunty aaj mai yehi chanahi hoon ki aap muje ashirwad de. Aaj sham mai apni medical education shuru karne ke liye jaa rahi hoon. Meri ma mere paas nahi hai aab lekin aap unke roop se ashirwad dijiye."

"Lekin beta..." Mukti cut her of tears filling in her eyes, "Aunty please yeah mujse maath chijiye."

"Math chinungi beta..." Mukti smiled and touched her feet, "Thank you so much aunty aab mai zarur bahoth achi thara karungi apni kaam."

"Jeethe raho beti aur haan ache thara pado." she added kissing her before letting the girl go.

stars_shine* IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 August 2008 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
gr8 part
continue soon
shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 September 2008 at 4:45am | IP Logged
Just a few things I wanted to make clear Prem Basu is played by the old Prem, Manoj. Nisha is played by Swetha (umm Tia of ReMix and is playing some charecter in Kahani now as well) there are few other charecters and I'll let you know who it is as they come up. Enjoy.

Basu House

Sampatha walked in holding the tali and gave it to the man who was standing there in a blue kurtha. "Good morning Sam, aaj darshan kasi thi?"

"Achi thi... patha hai A.B aaj mai ek ladki se mili thi. Mukti Khanna thi uski naam... bahoth achi ladki thi bahoth pyari." Sampatha told him, "Dhillip aur Naina ki?"

"Banji thi vo, kamal hai ke party mai kabhi nahi deka us ladki ko. "Haan vo ladki, actually vo uski chota bhai ke beti hai. Use tho kabhi pariwar se koi pyar nahi mila uske dadi se siva. Kabhi mila nahi use... lagtha hai bahoth achi ladki hai vo."

"Hai vo ithni achi ladki batha rahi thi ke vo jaldi collage ke liya jaa rahi hai kai." Sam added placeing the aarthi in front of the small ganapathi baba, "Waise Prem kahan kai?"

"Aab thak so raha hai vo kaal raath shayad bahoth party kia hoga." he added shaking his head, "Shravan jogging gaya hai beach mai aur keheraha tha ke koi project ke mamle mai bahar ja raha hai kaal."

"Kahan?" she asked arangeing the paper, "Hampi us nayi resort ke mamle mai."

"Teek hai main breakfast ke baare mai dekthi hoon." Anurag nodded as Sam went towards the kitchen, "Aur mai dektha hoon ke Nisha kya kar rahi hai."

Anurag went inside the house and into one of the larger rooms, the room that was once his parents was now the residence of his and Sampatha's daughter Nisha. Nisha was about to face her 10th exams that year and was placeing extra effort for that. Pausing he knocked the girls door gently when he heard a, "Come in!"

"Good morning beta." Anurag wished the girl dressed in a casual white tracks with a light brown t-shirt. She had white head band around her forehead and white writst bands as well. She was panting as her white shoes moved along with her feet on the treadmill a book set in front of her. Her room was very tidy with the bed neetly folded, her study table was set neetly with her study guides on one side. Files in the cabin on the side with her notes and her text books, the school bag also set near the table packed away. "Good morning papa..."

"Kaab thak padai karogi take a brake love." he smiled she smiled at him through her sweat and stopped the exersice. "Aaj ke liya ithna kafi. Bathaye ke aa mere papa aaj achanak muje milne kaise vo bhi subha subha?"

"Tume brakefast par bulane ke liya sweet heart lekin lagtha hai aap aab thak thayar nahi hai." he added smilling, "I will be papa. Aur haan Shravan ka phone aaya tha, he's reached."

"Teek hai beta. Get ready soon tume ko school tho jaana padega." he reminded her, "Yaad hai."

Anurag laughed at his daugter as they walked out shakeing his head. He stopped to knock another door hoping his son was awake, "Come in!"

"Prem beta..." he walked in and sighed his son was leaning on the window still looking outside at something, "Beta..."

"Wh-o good morning dad..." he muttered looking back out, "Kya hua beta?"

"Kuch nahi thoda sa..." he stopped, "I'll be on the way in a few minutes."

"Teek hai beta." Anurag replied watching as Prem ran a hand through his hair, "Any ways I'll make a move waise muje thoda sa kaam hai."

"Teek hai beta." Anurag touched his shoulder a bit and letting him go, Prem never accepted any one as a family member because after the loss of his mother there was no one who could understand him. Thus he went into Architecture and and design, he was one of the best students. He picked up his wallet and stuffed it into his black jeans and pulled a black hoody over his white sleaveless top before going out of the room yelling for some one to clear the baggs and place them in his car. Sitting down for brakefast, he looked at what was on the table, Sam looked at him, "Kya loge tum?"

"Can I have some scrambled eggs and toast please." he asked, "Kuch aur beta, paratas yea..."

"Nahi nahi muje yeah desi kaana pasand nahi hai." he replied pouring him self a glass of juice, "Aur haan ek aur baath hai please aap muje collage mai phone maath kariye."

"Teek hai beta." she replied sadly as a servent handed Prem his brakefast that he quietly ate and left. Stepping into his car he picked up a C.D and switched the music on before driving away.   

shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 September 2008 at 6:13pm | IP Logged
Guys aab maine kya kia? Why no responses? Cry

shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 September 2008 at 3:19am | IP Logged
This was the life of Prem and Mukti... two people who never gained much love from their family. One side Mukti was constantly ignored and on the other side Prem did not feel comfertable with his own family. That was the kind of life they lead, till they umm bumped into each other in collage.


The river was beautyful as it rushed down agaisnt the woods with a beautyful cottage on the side was set with rich furnitures and decorations on the inside with an artisitc beauty. Outside the back balcony was a young girl dressed in simple blue jeans and a casual top splashed with paint all over it. Her hair had been set up with in a clip as her hands worked on the art her brush strockes casually working away. Slowly her eyes come to view behind a set of simple glasses, some one calls from within, "Kripa beti..."

"Ji?" she turned around presenting her beautyful face filled with softness and innocence. Kripa Sharma, she was not someone who was extreemly beautyful nither was she what one could call a sight to see. She was simple but grasious holding an inner beauty that one could not deny. The servent handed her a glass of juice, "Aap ise peelijiye app ke segath ke liya acha hai."

"Ji." Kripa took the glass in her hand and gulped the grink down, "Done, aur haan aap aade gante mai khaana laga dijiye."

"Ji bitiya." the servent answered going inside the house once again, Kripa turned around and continued on her work. Set agaisnt a beautyful vibrant canvas with a mixture of orenge and red a sketch of a woman in black and white set agaisnt it beautyfully. She was placeing the final touches on the work of art with the white... Just as she set the paint brush down her mobile rang, "Chahu?"

"Kaisi ho beta?" he aksed, "Mai teek hoo aap kaise hai?"

"Mai bhi teek hoon tumhari us painting ka kaam kaise chal raha hai?" Kripa smiled, her chachu Yashwanth Sharma was the commisinor of police. He was also a wonderful husband and a loving father to his children as well as a very good friend to Kripa one of her few, who knew manny things about her. "Paintings tho hogaya, ek baar finishing touches dedu use tho wapas ghar."

"Wonderful aare haan beta, maine jis baath ke lie phone kia use bhool gaya. Mukti is going to collage today zara use phone karne wish kardo." he told her, Kripa smiled, "Meri choti si Mukti medical collage ja rahi hai? Yaakeen nahi hotha, kaal jaise lag raha hai jab maine use apni... hay bagwan chachu I'm speachless!"

"I know beta kafi badi hogayi vo ladki hamare aanko ke saamne." she nodded still in shcok, "Aur haan use phone tho zarur kardo bechari kafi akali hai."

"Sure chacu aab rakthi hoon." she replied cutting the line calling another number, "Hi sis!"

"Hay kahan ho tum?" she asked the girl on the other end, "I'm on the way to collage..."

"Acha tho tum all ready collage jane lagi ho?" she asked, "Ji haan ithni dhuur jo hai, collage."

"Teek hai baba man liya ke tu ek bahoth badi collage ke student ho, aur yeah bhi muje malum hai ke meri ladli kithni achi aur serious student hai. So best of luck and enjoy your collage expirience." Mukti smiled happily, "Thanks Kripa that means a lot to me and before you ask haan mai mandir gayi aur vahan ek aunty mili thi. Uski umaar bhi mama ke umar ke aas paas the use ashirwad leliya."

"Good job aab jao aur apni us duniya par kadam raklo jise tum hamesha apna samajthi thi." she replied, "Thank you so much sis aur agar agya hai tho kya main aab phone rakthi hoon."

"Teek hai baba phone raak lo aur please pahonchte the use phone tho karo." she added, "Ma'am yes ma'am."

"Aab chalo aur haan drive safe." she added, Mukti smiled wipping her tears as she always cried when some one showed her that much care and affection. The kind of affection she never... "Mukti beta."

"Ji dadi?" she turned around, "Yeah lo beta raaste mai kaane ke lia kuch cheez pack kar diya maine tumhare liye."

"Thanks luv packets wapas chahie ya mai use toss out kar sakti hoon?" Mukti asked putting them in her backpack along with other things, "Nahi beta toss out kardo aur haan zara pahonchkar..."

"Phone karo I know aab thak Kripa, Yash mamu, Rajev mamu aur Shashank uncle aur Padma aunty ne bhi kehediya." she replied, "Calthi hoon mai aab by dadi."

Mukti hugged her and tocuhed her feet before picking up her back pack, the few items she had left in dadi's place had also been taken with her, namely three medical C.D's and a pen drive. Dadi smiled sadly as the girl walked out nearly bumping into Karthick who was about to snap but seeing who it was stopped, "Sorry Karthick."

"That's all right, Angad aaj collage ja raha hai you'll be there to see him off right?" she shook her head, "Nahi waise use kya farak padega agar main vahan hoon ya nahi. I'll make a move waise bhi muje deer ho raha hai."

"Teek hai lekin at least Angad ko wish to karo he came in the top twenty of his class this year first se sirf 5.8 marks kam tha." he sighed for his brother, Mukti nodded, "Ji aab muje jaana hoga..."

"Haan sure." he added picking up his mobile, "Hi Richa.... nahi nahi... really how nice..."

Mukti wipped the tears that were forming in her eyes once again and went away. She hated comming over to Khanna house after all she hated comming to the home where not manny knew what happened in her life. The home mannager Teady walked up to her holding a small bowl of kheer, "Mukti ma'am Kalpana ne ise aap ke lia banayi thi."

"Kheer kis baath ki khushi main?" she asked takeing the bowl from him and having a spoon full, Teady waited till she swallowed from past expirience, "Aap ke medical collage seat milne ki kushi mai ma'am."

"Umm thanks aap Kalpana ko batha dijiye ke kheer bahoth achi hai." she replied going away and finishing the small bowl of kheer and handing it back to the man only to be, "Hi Mukti!"

"O hi Angad congradulations, first twenty mai aane ke liye." she replied, "Thanks brakefast?"

"Khaliya." she replied, "I've got to go now muje dheer..."

"Yeah yeah sure." he replied turning as a girl came over, Mukti rolled her eyes and went away with out saying a word. Had she stayed a few minutes longer she could have seen Teady call some one up and say, "Saab use kheer dediya... aur koi kaam? Ji, jaise aap kahe... ji saab raktha hoon."

In a dark room a man kept the mobile down his black coat of wonderful matterial with a white shirt peeking out of the end, his ring finger had a gold ring with a large diamong with two slightly smaller saphiers on each end. The dim light showed a white log book that he picked up and wrote something in it with a silver pen that flowed dark green ink. Another note, setting it aside he looked at the framed photograph of a girl who was very beautyful with a soft innocence that shone in her eyes. Her green strap dress that clung to her casually though it showed only half her profile was shown in the photograph... picking it up he looked at it, "Mukti beta kaab se mere aanken tumhe dekne ke lia tharas raha hai, kaab dek paunga tuje?"

Back at Khanna house Mukti got into the car and drove away once again listening to some of 'her' music. She loved going around in this brand new car of hers after all it was the birthday gift her dadi had got for her. This was the girl that was on the way to become a wonderful docter and something more. Something she did not know about as yet, smoothly driving into another house beautyful house with a garden with rare flowers with a small streem set within the house. The home was wonderful, the drive was also excelent Mukti parked the car and got out as a man came and opened the door for her. "Mami aur mami ghar par hai?"

"Ji ma'am vo ghar par hai." the servent replied, Mukti grabbed her bag and went inside swinging the bag over her shoulder and the puja tali in another hand going inside. Placeing the tali down she looked around for some one in the hall, "Mami... mami..."

"Yahan hoon beta." a lady called from inside, "O... aare aap yahan kya kar rahe hai?"

"Thoda sa files arange karni thi vohi kar rahi hoon." the lady replied, "Acha aaj office nahi hai kya?"

"Nahi hai, esi liya kuch files duund raha tha." she replied, Mukti sat down next to the lady dressed in brown jeans and a white shirt. "Aachi kaam hai kabhi kabhi aise kuch karna hi chahiye hai na mami?"

"Haan baba haan!" she smiled looking up with her loving eyes, "Tum sahi ho kuch?"

"Haan lekin Prunitha mami, Jai mama kahan hai?" she asked, "Kahan hai vo?"

"Tere mama thoda emotional hogaye aur peeche baite hai." Pronitha replied, Mukti looked into her eyes, "Aur aap files sambal rahe hai. Hai na mami?"

"Mukti..." she sighed putting the file down touching the girl slightly, "Ithne saalon se tum hamare saath ithna gehera rishtha judwa diya hai na esilie thoda sa... waise tuje tho patha hai na, tumhari ma meri..."

"Aap ki best friend the jaanthi hoon." Mukti replied looking down tears filling her eyes, "Waise aap he the jiske wajai se aap ma aur papa ke baare mai jaan payi thi."

"I know love... aab jao aur apna mama ko sambalo kafi bura hai unke haalath." she kissed Mukti on the forhead and sent her away, "Teek hai Praunitha mami."

Mukti jumped down from the table she was seated on, "Jai mama bhi na hamesha aise he kuch karthe rehethe hai. Aare sambalke aur dyan se kijiye."

"Ji ma'am." the lady replied and Mukti went inside, looking for Jai and found him in the balcony, "Mama aap aise kyun baite hai aur vo bhi yahan?"

"Kuch nahi beta baas... so tum aaj ja rahi ho collage?" she asked, "Haan ja tho rahi hoon lekin hamasha ke lia tho nahi."

"Mathlab?" Mukti looked down at her hands before answering, "Mama app ko yea baath patha hai na ke muje papa ke ghar par kabhi pyar nahi mila, na pariwar. Yea dhono muje sirf aap ke aur chote mamu ke ghar par. Aur yehi honge mere ghar kyunki koi aur ghar tho hai nahi mere paas hai na..."

"Your right beta, jao go on your way to become the medical student you always wanted to be." Mukti nodded smilling, "Aur haan beta ek baath yaad rakna..."

"Ji?" she looked on expectntly, "Apna kyal rakna wahan."

"Ji..." she laughed going away to pick up her bags...


Aare yaar aab tho koi response do muje..

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