CID Talaash--Task 2 Voting!

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 Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to the CID Talaash Contest. Now, our participants have completed Task 2 and ya'll have to vote for the best CID Team.

    Please vote based on the characters' qualifications and not your favorites.
    Each team is a separate entry.
    Please vote for only for one team. "I vote for team #___"
    Voting will continue until August 21, 2008.
  • Please do not advertise your entry or else you will be disqualified!

Good luck and vote!



 -Bani walia-- Bani for her extraordinary detective skill.
 -Karan virani-- Karan bocz of his supportiveness n brevity.
 -Sindoora singh-- sindoora for her cunning mind.
 -Vidya sagar pratap singh-- Vidya bcoz she stands for truth in any case.
 -Dr.Armaan-- Aur har team mein ek doctor hona jaroori hai isliye mere Dr.Armaan.



 -Rahil Azam: I think he should be best suited for CID because he has a great personailty and great acting of villian and enemy. He is mainly a villian in almost all series but does a very good acting and the way he acts, it makes everyone go crazy for him and envy him. He is very strong and has very high goals for his future.
-Ram Kapoor: I think he should be best suited for CID because he has a great sense of humor, strong, less fearful and great personailty. And he is very good actor and makes everyone go crazy for him.
-Vivan Bhatena: Vivan is best suited for CID because he is well known, and very known whats going around him and everyone. He is one of the newest and strongest actor I've seen in series.
-KSG: Karan is a awesome actor and which he sacrifices alot in the serial and makes everyone love him more. The best thing about him is that he has a great sense of humor and is a awesome actor. He is loving and cute. I think he can fight in CID that no one cannot do. I am sure he can find clues in any way he can.
-Gurdeep Kohli: She is a best suited for CID coz as a female, she can brainstorm more and find out clues easily in her mind and much more. She is a good actress in acting and could be a awesome detective someday. Hope she will achieve in CID.


- Aryan Khanna (the chief) (from Special Squad)---

 He is a cool cucumber and a great crime solver with an innate ability to sniff out crime and bring the wrongdoers to justice. His relaxed attitude and witty sense of humour makes him a very approachable chief and he doesn't mind getting down and dirty, as he is a hands-on investigator.

 - Abhimanyu Adhikari (Iqbal Khan)---

 With his keen sense of patriotism, he is a perfect choice for an official investigator who will stop at nothing to protect his beloved country from infiltrators and goons.

 - Dr. Atul (DMG): The cute bumbling forensic expert. Do not be mistaken by his cute looks, he is a thorough professional, the best in his field. He can crack the toughest of cases with his amazing handling of clues.

 - Tulsi (KSBKBT): The veteran in the team, her super snooping skills make her most suitable for the role of an investigator, don't be misguided by her age, her experience is boundless as she can outwit the most hardened criminals.

 - Meera (Kasamh Se) : This sharp tongued lady is the dealing with suspects etc. expert. Her loquacious skills make her the most skilled in tackling suspects and making them accept their crime and it can also be used to pacify the kin of the victim.



- Krishna and Arjun from the serial Krishna/Arjun.

- Sam and Gopi from the serial Tehkikaat.

- Byomkesh Bakshi from the serail Byomkesh Bakshi.

 The above I have chosen because they are from different age gropus, different backgrounds. The all have an experience in solving different kind of mysteries.They all have their unique style /technique of solving the mysteries. Combing all of them and making one them into one team  - there wont be any case that can be left unsolved.

- Suyesh Mehra from the serial Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki - this character can be included in the CID team because he is very influential. Somebody who knows all the big shots in the society and is equally dynamic/sensible. One such person is always required in the CID team, so that the work process becomes smoother.



 Rajveer Singh Shekawat:-  The head of the CID team , Rajveer Singh Shekawat in his middle 30's is a true gentleman. He is confident & passionate about his work. He has an analytical mind which always  thought "Keep friends close but enemies closer." For him nothing is more than is country.. Hates crime & criminals. Very intelligent & alluring. Takes no time in solving a case. He has the power to enlighten the team spirit in any individual & can take out the best in them.Dr. Armaan Malik:-  Armaan Malik  is a dashing young man who can drive girls crazy with his looks. He is a charismatic man with a brilliantly incisive mind, physically striking with a barrel chest & broad shoulders, a personality to die for.  He is a doctor who is in practice since five years & currently with the CID team , helping them out with their cases & making them easier 2 solve. - Dil Mill Gaye- Star One.
Sindura Singh Wadhwa:-  Sindura Singh a cunning , sharp woman whose mind works faster than thunder. Blessed with a sharp mind , she works very hard 2 posses her demands. She believes that a woman can be much more powerful than men & tries very  hard 2 prove her point to every individual. She is cautious of whatever she does & believes that as an officer ,  every single mistake done is dangerous. - Dulhaan- Zee TV

Sumit Wadhwa:- Sumit Wadhwa married to Sindura Singh is completely opposite to her. Unlike her , he is silent & always lets his work speak for himself. He has multiple qualities which always acquires him compliments. His mind works like a computer leaving all stunned. He is eligible in doing any kind of case & victory always knocks his door-step. - Kumkum- Star Plus

Ganga Walia :- Ganga Walia  was a young & beautiful woman born & brought up as a princess. She was bold , modern & nothing could hide from her eyes..It was always her ambition to do something adventurous in life.. According to her she was born to fight. Proffesions like teacher , doctor ect were not made for her. A graduate in criminal cycology, she applied to the prestigious team & was welcomed with open arms because of her qualifications , beauty & physical strength.



Sasha from Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki, i chose sasha because i thought  he would be a great person to porotect anyone and he is very bold and outgoing. Even though he looks like one of those people who arent very friendly he can be very possesive over his friends.

 Ayesha from Kayamath, i chose ayesha because i thought that she was very independant and can think for herself. And added to that she has a sharp mind to think through difficult situations. Also she is very reliable.

 Rajdeep from Hamari Betiyoon Ka Vivah, I chose rajdeep because i thought he is a good person and has a nice heart on the inside. He would really help the CID Team by being very quick and witty in his thinking for solving things.

 Neev from Kayamath, I chose neev because i thought he would make a great team leader and guide everyone and take them on the right path. Also i think he would also be a huge hgelp while solving crimes. He has also been a huge help in figuring out who milind's attacker was, so he already has some experience!

 And last but not least Atul from Dil Mil Gaye, i chose atul because he would keep everyone on the team very entertained and not bored. He is funny yet he is very sweet and sensitive. Someone like him is a must on a CID Team!!!



Officer Number 1 :- Divya Singh From Banoo Main Teri Dulhann

She has been almost always successful in solving problems whether it is related to crime or any animosity. I think that she is one of the best candidate who will be successful in finding good clues that will guide me and my team to success in solving the mystery.  

Officer Number 2:- Manya Sharma From Salaam Zindgi

She is a energetic, outgoing, fun-filled girl but beneath that she is a very simple and extremely grounded and focused person. She has also won "The Sword of Honour" during her Academic year recently. I think she will have the best plan of action for each case that we will come across.

Officer Number 3:- Armaan Malik From Dil Mil Gaye

He is a confident, efficient, sporty, fun and a very hardworking person. If he is given a job he will definitely do it with devotion because he believes that nothing is impossible and he doesn't believes in losing. I think positive thinking is a key to any success and to work in a team such positive thinkers are a must!

Officer Number 4: - Prem Juneja From Kis Desh Me Hei Meraa Dil

He is a very shy guy and quiet but when it comes to his work there is nothing that will stop him from doing it. He is a very strong and an extremely good thinker. I believe he is like the support system of the team!

Officer Number 5: - Parthna Thakral From Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai

Parthna has solved lots of problems, she is the one of the most experienced person in the team. She has the courage, the sweetness and the calmness that will help the whole team be focused because if she wants to do something she will achieve but hook or by crook.



Sudhanshu Pandey aka Ranbir from Akela

In Akela he is a brilliant officer and has done officer roles in many other films/ serials. So already he is a professional, he is fit enough to be in Cid and was Acp for a short time in Cid Special Bureau (Cameo).

Sumeet Raghavan aka Savio from Akela

He was an officer in Akela, already he knows what he would be doing, also does comedy which is good as it can also be for Entertainment like Freddy in CID. In Akela he dies but is still there to help Ranbir (as a ghost), so willing even after death!

Surveen Chawla aka Kaajal from Kaajal

She is fit enough to be in Cid, she is kind and bubbly girl but can fight against when it come to humanity (from Kaajal), also it would be good to have a lady officer for Lady criminals, looking at her figure you can see she does doing some exercise (maybe gym)!

Manya from Salaam Zindagi

Already did training to be a officer and was part time in Salaam Zindagi! She is energetic and a focused person so she would be able to focus on the case, so she is soft and hard at the same time!

Eijaz Khan aka Arjun from Koi Dil Mein Hai (currently doing shows on Star Plus

Has the body to be in Cid, he is kind but gets angry at times and can do things like breaking doors…lol…(like Daya), the type of person to figure out things in cases, would be to help out and could make a partner for a lady officer (as Akshay in Cid Special Bureau)




Karan from GKLB- he is most intelligent character in GKLB. Always done gud job to expose negative characters of d show. he is the one who exposed Rasik & kajri's true identity.


Bani/Pronita from KS-   she have dat attitude to expose any character or to do anyhting to save her family. She always smhw manage to caught the true culprit in KS like Jigyasa, Ranbir & nw she is after Meera.


Saloni frm SP- Only she can take so much risk to save her family memebrs from any mishappening. At the last stage of her pregancy she saved a kid from fire . she is very brave.


Parvati Frm KGGK- An ideal 'Bahu'... always ready to do anything for the sake of truth. her journey from an ideal bahu to recently changes where she looks very bold & strong to take revenge from her enemy.


Divya frm BMTD-  She can take the 'Takar' wid Sindura.. she only can beat Sindura in her bad tactics & can save her hubby from her evil plans...




VEER (Frm dharamVEER)- He iz brave and is just back from a treasure hunt,good at fighting, is intelligent and smart enough to be a CID officer...!

Dr. Armaan( frm DMG)- firstly he's a very good doctor..secondly he's intelligent n  smart..

Kaveri ( frm saath phere,saloni
ka safar)- Her mind thinks alike she can very easily identify the next step of the criminal and can be very useful in laying traps for them..

Tulsi - Because she has a solution to every problem....secondly,she will never die(unless she fiights with kekta) and thirdly ''woh insaaf ke liye apne bete ko b maar sakti hai'' (ansh gujral)...what a law abiding lady she is..!

SheRa( Frm dharamVEER)- She's a great dakoo girl..who's gud at figthting as well as runs her mind right time,right plcae...!

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Reserved !

WOW There are so May of Arman lol

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I vote for team # 9
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My vote goes to team # 3
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My vote goes to #10.
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HMMM... this is hard!!!
I'll vote for team #5
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sorry double postEmbarrassed

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I wanna vote for team #5

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