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The episode begins in the hospital. Samay drags arjun into the doctor's office. The doctor looks at arjun and asks Samay who he is. Samay says, "this is not arjun and do you have my brother Arjun's blood record". The doctor tells Samay that she does have a record but why is he asking. Samay tells the doctor that this look-alike needs to get a DNA test done in order to prove that he is not his brother arjun. The doctor agrees. Samay asks the doctor how long it will take for the report to come. The doctor tells Samay that they can collect the results tomorrow. The doctor tells Arjun to come with her. As arjun turns Samay is about to leave. Arjun stops him and says "bhaiya mera intezaar karna". Samay turns round, angrily and says, "don't call me bhaiya, just one more day and you will not be able to show your face". Arjun then replies "it could also be that once the report comes, you will not be able to stop me from calling you bhaiya, perhaps one day may not be long for you but for me this day will be very long". Arjun then leaves to get the test done.

Back at home kajal goes into her room and takes the flowers off Arjun's photo and apologises to him for not believing him.

Back at the hospital car park Samay and Arjun head towards Samay's car. Arjun is about to get into the car when Samay stops Arjun and Samay "you are not coming home with me". Arjun tries to say something but Samay interrupts Arjun by saying "the last time you will enter our house is when the DNA test proves that you are our nobody". Arjun's phone rings (its Kajal calling). Kajal asks Arjun where he is and tells him that she is waiting for him. Arjun says to Kajal that he will not be able come home today as something important has come up. Kajal blames Samay for stopping Arjun and says to Arjun that like always he listened to what his brother said. Arjun defends his brother and says that it's not because of him. Kajal warns Arjun and tells him that if he doesn't come home today she will leave the house. Kajal hangs up before Arjun can say anything.  Arjun appears confused as to whom he should listen to. He looks at Samay and tells him that he does not want to hurt his feelings but he will have to go home today or else Kajal will leave the house. Arjun then sits in Samay's car. Samay is annoyed, as he will have to take the look-alike home.

In the car (whilst driving home) Samay says, "I don't know what's happened to Kajal and I can't understand how she could believe you". Then Arjun replies "because she is my wife and a wife can never make a mistake in recognising her husband". Samay gets angry and stops the car. He says to Arjun that he has fooled Kajal with his sweet talk but he will not be able to fool him. He asks Arjun what he told Kajal in the court. Arjun says "nothing, at least try to believe me once and then I will do anything you want me to do. Samay then says, "Theek hai, but you have to agree with some of my conditions." Samay tells Arjun his three conditions.

Condition no.1: "tum Kajal se dhoor rahon ge, uski parchai ko bhi choone ki kooshish mat karna (you will stay away from Kajal and not try to touch even her shadow).

As Samay says this Kajal is shown putting a bindi on her forehead.

Condition no.2: " you will not sleep in Kajal's room but sleep in the hall meaning that you will not spend the night with Kajal".

As Samay says this Kajal is shown putting sindoor on and wearing her mangalsutre.

Condition no.3: " you will not try to persuade Kajal in any way and not say anything to her that might get her to take the wrong decision".

Arjun appears very upset with what his brother is saying.

Samay and Arjun reach home. Kajal is shown fully ready for her Arjun with a red sari on and looking very pretty. As Arjun is about to leave the car Samay stops him and reminds him that he is only here because of Kajal and that the DNA report will prove that he is not Arjun so after that he better not be seen anywhere near Kajal or the family. Then Arjun says "how much you care for Kajal, I know that even if something did really happen to me you would not let anything or anyone harm Kajal". Samay says to Arjun that it would be of his benefit if he kept that fact in his mind. Samay leaves the car and Arjun comes out of the car very hurt.

Inside the Punj house, Kajal and the family (including Kritika) are eagerly awaiting Arjun's return. Kajal has a pooja thali ready and walks towards the door. Samay and Arjun walk in. Arjun comes forward to Kajal and Kajal is very happy to see him. As Kajal is about to put a tika on Arjun's forehead, Arjun moves back and says, "Leave it Kajal". Everyone is shocked. Confused, Kajal looks at Arjun questionably. Arjun says, "Until bhaiya doesn't accept me all these rasams are meaningless and only after Samay bhaiya accepts me will I expect the family to accept me". Arjun then goes upstairs. Kajal is hurt and nitu comes up to her and tries to console her. Kajal gives the pooja thali to nitu and runs upstairs.

Kajal runs upstairs and starts crying outside her bedroom. Arjun comes behind her and is about to touch her. He then remembers Samay had told him to not touch Kajal. Arjun doesn't touch Kajal and starts crying. He calls Kajal but Kajal doesn't reply to him, as she is upset. Arjun goes and sits next to Kajal on the floor. He says, "stop crying Kajal, whatever bhaiya is doing it is for your benefit and because he loves you both (her and the baby) he will not let anyone fool or harm you". Kajal starts crying more and says " why is Samay making me go through all these tests and what more will I need to do just to be with you". Arjun tries to calm kajal by saying "its only a matter of one day, and that tomorrow after we get the DNA report we will have happiness returning in our lives so you need not worry and just take of yourself and our child".

Downstairs Manmeet is very angry at Samay. He asks Samay why he wanted Arjun to have a DNA test when they know that this is their Arjun. Samay says that just because he said he's Arjun doesn't necessarily mean he is telling the truth. Samay tells Manmeet that Arjun was his brother as well and he truly misses him. Manmeet says to Samay that they do in no way doubt the love for his brother but why doesn't he accept that this is Arjun. Samay gets angry and shouts "nahin yeh mera bhai nahin hai". Kritika and Manmeet are both shocked at Samay's behaviour. Manmeet tells Samay to relax as he might be able to understand his behaviour but Kajal will be

extremely hurt by it and that she in not in the condition to be given any tensions.  Samay says that he understand that, but the main reason he is doing this is because if tomorrow they find out this person is not Arjun then Kajal will have no regrets. Manmeet tries to change Samay's mind but Samay says that it's only for one day then they can decide what is right and whats wrong. Then Manmeet replies "if you want to fool yourself for another day you can but if the DNA reports match then you will not be able to face your younger brother." In frustration Samay says, "why doesn't anyone believe me"? Kritika comes up to Samay and says, " I know Samay it will be very hard for you but if the reports prove Arjun was telling the truth then please ask him for forgiveness as I'm sure he will forgive you." Kritika then leaves. Samay thinks to himself "why doesn't anyone understand that when you love someone you will do anything to protect them." Then Samay is shown pacing his room (as usual). He has flashbacks of Arjun's death, his funeral and then remembers Kajal telling him that this look-alike was the real Arjun in court. He also remembers Manmeet and Kritika telling him to ask for forgiveness if he is wrong. Samay is really confused and doesn't know what he can do to make the family believe him.

Later Kajal is shown in her room fixing her bed (lol…yippee they finally changed the bed sheets). Arjun comes in, Kajal looks at him and they both smile. A new tu hi dil mein hai song is played in the background. Arjun walks up to Kajal and is about to touch her shoulder when he remembers Samay's shart (him not sleeping in the room) and moves his hand back. Kajal turns around surprised. She looks at Arjun (thinking why is he reserved). Arjun then picks up a pillow and tells Kajal that for today he will sleep in the hall and tells her to go to sleep and wishes her goodnight. He then leaves the room. Arjun walks down the stairs very upset. He sits on the sofa and starts to cry while Kajal is crying upstairs on her bed (aww I felt sorry for them…milkar bhi juda, yeh kaisa milan hai).

Next morning (day of the DNA test results) shows Nitu trying to get in touch with Kajal on the phone. Manmeet says, "Where could she have gone". Samay comes downstairs and overhears his parents. Manmeet is upset and says, "what's happening in this house, everyone is doing as they please."  Samay asks what the problem is. Nitu tells Samay that Kajal is not home and her phone is unreachable. Samays says that he knows where Kajal is and goes upstairs. Arjun is on the phone. Samay goes into Arjun's room and snatches the phone from his hand and drags him down to the hall. Samay pushes Arjun onto the sofa. He points at Arjun's direction and tells Manmeet to ask him where Kajal is and where he is hiding her. Arjun says he doesn't know. Samay gets annoyed and grabs Arjun's collar and tells him to stop acting and tell everyone the truth. Then Kajal comes in and says "main yahan hoon". Kajal has a envelope in her hand. Samay lets go of Arjun's collar. Nitu goes up to Kajal and asks her where she had gone, as they were worried for her. Kajal tells Nitu that she had gone to the hospital to pick up the DNA report. Then Samay says, "acha hua, you went to get the report yourself, now tell everyone (pointing at Arjun) that his drama is over and he should get out of this house. Manmeet tells Samay to stop talking nonsense as the brightness on Kajal's face clearly shows that the DNA report proved that he is Arjun. Then Kajal says "no this isn't true as the DNA report did not match and this is not our Arjun". Everyone is shocked. Arjun is shocked whereas Samay appears to be happy. Arjun is upset and says " the report didn't match, how could this be, I'm Arjun". Arjun then looks at nitu and says, "I am your son mum but perhaps fate doesn't want me to receive the love of my family…it doesn't matter, I will take anything but will not bother you next time, I only want you all to be happy, Kajal to be happy and as bhaiya is here I don't have any worry about anything as I know bhaiya will love Kajal and Abhimanyu more than his life, that's enough for me." Arjun looks at Kajal with tears in his eyes and then goes up. 

When Arjun leaves the room Samay proudly says, " I told you all that this is not Arjun but you all thought I was wrong." Nitu then says that she still believes that's her Arjun. Samay says, "Mum what's happened to you, our Arjun is dead, this look-alike is playing with our emotions, he is a cheat and doing a natak". Kajal gets angered by Samay's words and says "no he is not a cheat nor is he doing a natak, its not Arjun who was doing a natak it was me, I lied about the DNA report not matching, in actual fact the DNA report did match and this is our Arjun". Manmeet then asks Kajal why she lied. Kajal says, " so that I could clarify Samay's suspicions, so that he could see with his own eyes how much he (arjun) cares for us, so much that even when he knew he is Arjun he agreed to leave the house because he did not want to hurt his family and wife, he knew I can not take that much tension so that's why he wanted to sacrifice and only a loved one (apna) can make such a sacrifice." Samay is shocked. Kajal shouts at Samay and says "that if you still don't believe it you can read the report for yourself" and throws the report on the table. Kajal leaves the room. Nitu tells Samay he was wrong for taking his brothers identity away from him and also "usse apne hi ghar se beghar kar diya". Manmeet scolds Samay and leaves the room. Samay thinks about what Kajal said. He picks up the report and reads it. He is surprised. Samay acknowledges his mistake and realises how much he has hurt Kajal and Arjun. He decides that he will need to ask Kajal and Arjun for forgiveness.

(Best scene of the whole episode) later Arjun is shown talking to someone on the phone. He is crying a lot and says "nahin, mujhse ab aur bardaasht nahin ho raha, main yahan mere parivaar mein khusiyah banthne aya tha…us parivaar ko jisse ab thak dukh deta aya hoon, if bhaiya wants me to leave everything and go I will go even if I have to cry all my life." Arjun then looks down crying. He wipes his tear with is left hand, smiles and says " ya yun kahon ke aansoo bahaane ki acting karni pare gi " (oh my god…whats he saying…he looks so evil when he says this…but it was really good they way he acted here…very cool and very different). He starts laughing out loud and then carries on talking. He says " no one understood our game, they couldn't tell that I was not Arjun but Sahil, kya bewaqoof bana subko humne" (ok hes Sahil…and he doesn't say main or maine…he says hum and humne..respects himself I guess). He then continues by saying "waise mehnat bhi bohat ki hai humne, to become Arjun Punj, it wasn't easy fooling all the family or shall I say it was impossible but as I have entered this house now I will surely accomplish the task I set out to carry…a person that can change a DNA report can do anything."

As Sahil is saying all this Samay is listening to him. Sahil laughs and then ends his conversation with the person. He turns round and finds Samay standing there. Samay seems furious. Sahil looks at Samay and appears shocked at first but then smirks. He walks up to Samay and teases him and says "so you heard everything that you are not supposed to…bhaiya (as he says bhaiya he sniggers), so what can you do, you will tell everyone that I am not Arjun but Sahil, do you think they will believe you, because now this house is mine…or shall I say Kajal as well." Samay gets angry and raises his hand to slap Sahil. Sahil grabs Samay's arm (with his left hand) and says "this time I forgive you but next time before making this mistake remember for your family I am Arjun, Kajal's husband and Abhimanyu's father and I can ask for anything." Samay leaves angrily while Sahil smiles.

Nitu and Manmeet go to kajal who is crying in her room. They console her and tell her that whatever Samay was doing was because he cared for her and didn't want anyone to harm her. Downstairs Samay calls everyone. Kajal, Manmeet and Nitu go down. Samay tells everyone that the DNA report is fake and that this person is not really arjun. Samay tells Manmeet that the look-alike admitted this to him. Then Sahil comes down (impersonating arjun) and says that he will leave the house as he has caused enough problems for everyone. Samay is annoyed by this and grabs Sahil's collars. He accuses him of playing another act and tells him to tell everyone the truth that he is not Arjun. Manmeet shouts at Samay. Samay goes up to Manmeet and badmouths Sahil. Manmeet gets angry and slaps Samay. Samay is stunned and everyone can't believe it. Samay then says that kajal is his brother Arjun's "amanat" and he will protect her whether they find what he is doing right or wrong. Samay is about to leave when Sahil calls him. Sahil apologises to Samay as for him their father slapped him for the first time. Sahil pretends to wipe his tears (if you note he uses his left hand instead of his right hand) and behind his hand he winks and smirks at Samay. Samay leaves angrily (most likely headed for the hospital). Then Sahil goes up to Manmeet and tells him that he shouldn't have raised a hand on Samay. He goes up to Nitu and tells her to take care of herself. When he reaches kajal he tells her that perhaps its not in his kismet to hold his child in his lap and tells kajal to take care of herself and Abhimanyu. Kajal starts crying and hugs Sahil.

Samay is shown in the hospital. He is extremely irritated and is thinking of all the things he overheard Sahil saying and the truth he told him. Samay goes into the doctor's office and accuses her of bribery. The doctor appears shocked. Samay then asks for the original DNA report.  Samay then searches for the DNA report and finds an envelope. When he reads the report he is surprised (even this report says the DNA matched). The doctor tells Samay that this report clearly states that the DNA test matched and that person is your brother Arjun Punj. The doctor also tells Samay that not just she, but also her seniors signed the report as well. Samay gets angry and rips the report. He tells the doctor that this report is a fake report and that person is not arjun.

On the way back from hospital Samay is thinking about all of what has happened. He then bangs his car into another car, which turns out to be Kritika's car.  Samay and Kritika are shown in a restaurant and Samay tells Kritika all of what has happened. Kritika asks Samay why is he doing this. Samay gets offended and asks Kritika whether she thinks that he has bad intentions. Kritika explains to Samay that she believes him but also knows that this game that Sahil is playing is giving kajal happiness for a while, which kajal needs as she is pregnant. She tells Samay all that should matter to him is that kajal is happy. Samay doesn't appear to be at all happy with Kritika's advise.

(I am going to call Sahil, arjun for this scene, as kajal believes she is talking to arjun) At home kajal and arjun (Sahil) are in their room. Kajal says to arjun that she never thought that she would give his things (laptop, diary and watch) back to him with her own hands. Kajal gives arjun the diary and the laptop. She then puts the watch on his wrist. After she puts the watch on his wrist she holds Arjun's hand and puts her face against it and starts to cry. Arjun says to kajal "if I didn't return you would be someone else's today". Kajal says "please don't say this arjun, you don't know how hard it was for me to lose you and I will not bear losing you again". Arjun then says, "You love me that much". Arjun then goes on to say that "I feel sorry for Samay bhaiya, after being apart from you I realised how painful losing someone can be, Samay bhaiya also loved you but lost you every time" (Sahil is so sly…he is laying the first foundation to get Samay and kajal against each other) kajal then reply's "perhaps that's why he could not tolerate your return…but arjun I only love you and just you." Kajal starts crying and hugs arjun. While hugging kajal Sahil is smiling and thinking "you can love me all you want kajal but the day you found out the motive behind me coming in this house the ground beneath your feet will slip". Episode ends.





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Sumita Senior Member

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Posted: 13 January 2005 at 9:32pm | IP Logged
Wow what an update. You did a great job. I tried to post but obviously i can't do it the way u do but tried to help some people out here. Thanks
shrutibali IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 January 2005 at 9:43pm | IP Logged
wow cool update. thanks aliyah. this will be interesting.
Daisy Senior Member

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Posted: 13 January 2005 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
WOW..what a lovely update! Thanks for taking so much pain aliyah!
cutereems IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2005 at 3:29am | IP Logged
Lovely update aliyah! thanx a lotSmile
apocolyse IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2005 at 4:24am | IP Logged
thanx alot aaliyah 4 that cool update!!!...did u see sahil...he is sooooooooo evil!!
jazmine IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2005 at 10:08am | IP Logged
ya aaliyah this is da best episode eps wen we cume to no dat its sahil. thanx for da update. now this iz gettin interestin, keep up wid da gud work aaliyah
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yea thanx u really gave a lto of details.

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