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FF:Jaane Tu, Ya Jaane Na Pg12 Pt9 Updated

safeplacetoland IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 July 2008 at 8:30am | IP Logged
FF: Jaane Tu, Ya Jaane Na

Plot: Kanya Rathore is a widow. She stays with her 9 year old daughter Priyanka in a 1 bedroom apartment. Her husband Sunil Ratgore dies in an accident just as he was coming to the hospital to meet Kanya and his baby. Since then the Rathore's always considered Priyanka as apshagun and wanted to send her away to an orphanage. Kanya on hearing this, takes her baby and leaves the house.


Part 1

Kanya is lying on her bed and is seeing the wedding photo of hers and Sunil's. She starts crying. Then she looks at her cute daughter and back at the photo and starts talking to the photo.

Kanya- Tumhe pata hai Sunil hamari beti kal nau saal ki jo jaayegi aur tum yahaan ho hi nahin. Pia hamesha poochti hain ki unki papa kahan hai? Mein use kya jawaab doo use Sunil? Bichari hamesha Bhagwan se sirf apne pita hi mangti hai.

Then she bursts out crying.

Kanya- Yeh kyun hua? Sunil waapas aao naa? Mujhe aur Pia ko tumhari sakt zaroorat hai. Waapas aao.

Pia hears her mother cry and wakes up. She looks at her mom tenderly and wipes off her tears.

Pia- Mama please stop crying. See the time. it is 1:30 in the night. Sleep.

Kanya- Tu so ja. Mujhe neend nahin aari.

Pia- Mama please. You promised me you will take me to the movie Kismat Konnection tomorrow as a birthday treat.

Kanya- Ok baba. I'll sleep.

She keeps the photo on the desk and switches off the light and goes to sleep.

In the morning

Kanya- Pia get up!!!! It is 8:30! I've got the tickets for the movies. The show is at 11:15am. Pia uttho!

Pia- Mama sone do na. 5 mins more. Please.

Kanya- No 5 mins. Okay. You sleep for 5 mins and I'll give the tickets to Sunaina Aunty and Paro.

Pia jumps up quickly.

Pia- Noooooooo. Don't do that. See? I've got up.

Kanya (laughing)- Good girl!!! Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Pia- Mama why do you always blackmail me? Anyways thank you!

Kanya- All mothers do that honey. Now you go and brush your teeth.

Pia goes into the bathroom, brushes her teeth and has abath. Kanya keeps Pia's clothes on the bed and wears a saree herself. Pia comes out and wears her dress. Then they go to the movie theater.

At the movie theater

Pia heads to the popcorn stall and buys popcorn and coke for herself and Kanya. Kanya is waiting for her. Se sees a hoarding saying help need and starts moving towards it when she bumps into a man.

Kanya- Sorry mister(looks up) Ranbir??????

Ranbir- Kanya?????

Together- How nice to meet you!!!!

Ranbir is Kanya's childhood friend as well as best friend. They were born in the same hospital. They were neighbours for a long time. They had studied together in school as well as college. Kanya always confided in him everything. It had been 10 yrs since they had last seen each other.

Kanya- Tum yahaan? Kaise aana hua?

Ranbir- Tumhari khoj mein.

Kanya- Kya?

Ranbir- Yes sugarplum!!! I wanted to see my friend. I wanted to know about her life.

Kanya- Thank you giraffe''''oops!!! Elephant''

Ranbir on hearing this gives Kanya a friendly punch and then hugs her. She hugs him back happily. She had not been so happy in the past 9 years. Ranbir used to call sugarplum coz Kanya loved eating sugary sweet plums and Kanya used to call Ranbir giraffe coz he had always been tall and lean but now he had put on a lot of weight. Pia who was seeing this comes running towards them.

Pia- Who is this mama?

They break away from the hug.

Ranbir- Mama?

Kanya- Haa giraffe! This is my daughter Pia short for Priyanka. This is Ranbir, my best friend.

Pia- Mama yeh giraffe kam aur hathi zyaada lagta hain.

Kanya (in an angry tone)- Priyanka Rathore!

Ranbir- Bolne do na sugarplum. Haa where is Sunil?

On the mention of Sunil Kanya looks away.

 Ranbir- Tum dono ka divorce ho gaya kya?

Pia- Papa mar gaya hain giraffe uncle.

Tears start rolling down Kanya's eyes. Ranbir tenderly wipes off her tears and hold's her hands. Their eyes meet for a moment and Kanya looks away.

Ranbir- Yeh sab kaise ho gaya sugar

Kanya- Ranbir who ek accident tha. Theek usi din tha jis din Pia paida hui this.

She starts crying uncontrollably. Ranbir takes her aside on a sofa and squeezes he palms.

Ranbir- Please don't cry sugar.

He also has tears in his eyes.

Kanya- Tu kyun ro rahe ho Ranbir?

Ranbir- Tumhe pata hain na sugar ki mein teri aankhon mein aasoon nahin dekh sakta. Mujhe bhi rona aayega.

Kanya smiles and hugs him. Pia sees this and thinks- Kitni cute couple hain na? Simply made for each other.

Pia- Oh no! Movie to shuru ho gaya hoga/ Nahin mujhe mama ko disturb nahin karma chahiye. She is looking so happy.

Soon Kanya and Ranbir get up from there and go to Pia.

Kanya- I'm really sorry honey that I couldn't show you the movie.

Ranbir- But I promise dear that I'll take you both for lunch.

Pia- Yeah!!!! Mama its okay. I just want you to be happy.

Pia, Ranbir and Kanya to the hotel to eat.

At the hotel

Ranbir- Pia what do you want?

Pia- Chicken biryani.

Ranbir- Waiter! We want one chicken biryani, one methi paneer and two romali rotis.

Kanya- Giraffe tum abhi mere favourite dish yaad karte ho?

Ranbir- Of course sugar!

The food arrives.

Ranbir- Lets do it like the olden times. Mein tumhe apne plate se khilaoonga'

Kanya- aur mein tumhe apni plate se khilaoongi. Sure.

Soon that's what happens. Kanya feeds Ranbir from her plate and Ranbir Kanya. Pia watches this and is very happy.

Pia (thinking)- I think that Giraffe uncle and mama like each other a lot but as friends. I also think that uncle loves mama but doesn't know it. I want a father. I'll try to get Mama and uncle to fall in love and come together. Perfecto!!!

That's all for now. Hope you liked it. Will be back with the next part soon.


Pre-cap- Ranbir plans on staying in a hotel but Kanya makes him stay in her house. Kanya and Ranbir have a heart-to-heart talk. Pia sets working on her mission.



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-Sarah- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 January 2007
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Posted: 31 July 2008 at 9:31am | IP Logged
Nice ff!
i love it!
continue soon!
rajkin IF-Dazzler

Joined: 18 October 2007
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Posted: 31 July 2008 at 10:11am | IP Logged
lovely lovely love ly and so different. update sooooooooooon
safeplacetoland IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 02 October 2007
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Posted: 01 August 2008 at 6:54am | IP Logged
will definitely update. I've aldready written big updates for par 2 and 3 in my book. Will have to type it onto the computer. Will put it up maximum by sunday!!!
safeplacetoland IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 02 October 2007
Posts: 47646

Posted: 03 September 2008 at 6:23pm | IP Logged


Ranbir gets up in the morning and is aghast to see that Kanya and Pia were not at home. He is super worried ans starts searching for them. Then he calls up Kanya's cell. She picks up the phone.

Ranbir- Kanya?? Kaha ho tum?? I am so worried! Are you okay?

Kanya (whispering onto the phone)- Main mandir main hoon Ranbir. Pareshaan hone ki kya baath hain?

Ranbir- Accha. Arre bata ke toh jaati tum. Main itni woried nahin ho jati then. Accha batao Pia bhi tumhare saath hain kya??

Kanya- Obviously. We go to the temple on all weekdays. Ab tum phone rako main wahaan aake baath kar loongi. Bye.

Ranbir- Ttheeke. Bye Kanya….Kanya….Kanya….rak diya.

Ranbir goes inside and does something and Kanya and Pia return home after half an hour. Ranbir comes and opens the door. Kanya is looking like an angel in a white sari and Ranbir just keeps looking at her.

Kanya- Ranbir hato. Mujhe breakfast banana hain. Uske baad ise school main drop bhi karna hain. Move!

Ranbir (still staring at her)- Worry not. I have made breakfast for you both and myself too.

Kanya- Oh. Kya banaya?

Ranbir (he has still not moved okay?)- Pia ke liye garma garam aalo ke parathe aur--

Pia- Aalo ke parathe!!! Yummmmmm. Thankyou papa..

Ranbir and Kanya- Papa????

Pia- Sorry Giraffe Uncle.

Kanya- Aur mere liye??

Ranbir- Tumhare liye peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with crackers. Tumhare favourite breakfast thi. Dus saal pehle.

Kanya- Tumhe abhi bhi lagta hain ki I still like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with crakcers??

Ranbir- You don't???? Che!

Kanya- Actually I still do. That was absolutely nice of you. Now move aside Pia has to get ready.

Ranbir moves aside but he still stares at Kanya.

Pia (whispering)- She's hot naa?

Ranbir- You are right! But ab tum jaake school ke liye tayyar ho jao.

Pia- Okay!!!

Pia runs inside and gets changed into her uniform and they all sit down for breakfast.

Kanya- Pia jaldi khao! Bas nahin miss kar sakte hum.

Pia- Okay mama.

Ranbir- Fikar not! Maine taxi ko bulaya hain who 15 minat main aajayega.

Kanya- Taxi?? That's so sweet of you Ranbir.

They finish eating and Pia goes off to school. Ranbir starts working on his laptop and Kanya reads a book. There is perfect silence in the house. After 2hrs Kanya gets up to make lunch. As she is making lunch a lovely aroma fills the room. Ranbir sniffs around and goes into the kitchen.

Ranbir- Kya bana rahe ho?

Kanya- Aake dekhiye ji!

Ranbir- Dum aalo!!!! WOW!! My favourite!!! Kanya tumhe sachmuch main yaad thi??

Kanya- Tumhe meri fav dish yaad hain aur mujhe tumhare nahin? Are you silly or what?

Ranbir- You are sooooo sweet!!!!

Kanya- Thank you. Ab please move. Mujhe yeh dish table pe rakhna hain. Also I have to also keep the roti's too.

Ranbir- Okay madame. With pleasure.

Kanya laughs and puts the dishes on the table. Ranbir washes his hand and sits down to eat. Kanya removes her apron and she also sits at the table. Now they have a heart-to-heart talk.

Ranbir- Main ek baath poochun tumse?

Kanya- Go ahead.

Ranbir- Tum apne sasural waalon ke saath kyun nahin rah rahi hain?? Woh log tum dono ke rishte se bahut khush the.

Hearing this Kanya has tears in her eyes. She looks away angrily.

Kanya- Apna khana khao.

Ranbir- Im sorry. I really am.

Kanya- Actually baath yeh hain ki jab meri surgery khatam ho gayi thi aur jab Pia bahar aai thi tabhi Sunil ka accident huwa tha aur woh on the spot mara gaya. Ma-ji aur Pa-ji ne mujhe unke saath rehne ko kaha par maine mana kiya kyunki woh log meri bititya Pia ko apshagun maan rahe the. Woh log ne kaha ki hum Pia ko koi orphanage main dalenge aur uske baad main un logon ke saath rahoon. Main apni beti se bahut pyaar karti thi isliye un logon ko chod ke yahaan aake rehna shuru ki. Jab bhi koi function ya pooja hoti thi woh log mujhe bulate the par Pia ko aane nahin deti. Isliye main un logon se zyaada baath nahin karti.

Ranbir- Im so sorry Kanya.

Kanya- Its okay. Tumhara galti nahin. Waise Ranbir tumne shaadi nahin ki kya? School aur college main bahut saare ladkiyan tum par flat the na?

Ranbir- Tujhe lagta hain ki tumhare bina main shaadi karronga? Nahin.

Kanya- Lekin kyun??

Ranbir- Shaadi ke do din pehle ladki apne boy-friend ke saath bhag gaya tha. Main bahut depressed ho gaya tha. Isliye main shehar chodke America chala gaya tha. Tumhe contact karna chaha lekin tumhara number nahin tha mere saath. Tumhara nayi number.

Kanya- Tum bhi na. Mama ko poochthi. Unke paas toh meri number hain.

Ranbir- Maine kisi ki number nahin leke gaya tha. I wanted to be alone for a while.

Kanya- For a while?? Dus saal for a while category main toh nahin padta.

Ranbir- I know but one thing there has never been a moment when I have not thought of you.


Kanya- Toh tumne mujhe follow karte karte yahaan aa pahunchi aur

Ranbir- Aur yahaan maine tumse mila!!!

The scene fades. After they finish eating Kanya goes inside and rests. Ranbir gets back to his work on the laptop. After a while Ranbir goes inside and sees Kanya sleeping peacefully. He just smiles and admires her. She looks so peaceful and calm while she was sleeping. His mind wanders back to the past when Kanya was 16 years old and he was 17. He starts getting nervous and his face becomes paseena bhara and he quickly goes into the washroom and washes his face. He starts talking to himself.

Ranbir- Baar-baar mujhe ye hi baath kyun yaad aati hain? Kyun nahin bhool jaati main? Kanya ko toh kuch patah hi nahin. Nahin maine kuch galat nahin kiya. Maine toh wahi kiya jo sahi tha. Kanya ko iss baath ka kabhi bhi patah nahin hona chahiye. Chali jaati hoon main yahan se. Yahan rehne se main toh mar jawungi. Yahan rehke mujhe sukh-shanti kabhi nahin hongi.

Suddenly Kanya enters the room.

Kanya- Ranbir kahan jaane ki baath kar rahe ho tum?? Yahan rek ke tumhe sukh-shanti nahin milegi? Are you like crazy? Maine kya kiya??

Ranbir- Kanya tum bhi na kitni badi bewakoof ho. Maine ek film ki dialogue mar raha tha!

Kanya- Kaunsa film ka dialogue tha?

Ranbir- Ek English film hain bahut hi purana wala naam Zimbo's Land. Maine toh translation karke hindi main dialogue bak raha tha!

Kanya- Tum bhi na bilkul pagal ho! English main hi bolna tha. Acha main darwaza khol thi hoon. I think Pia aa chuki hain.

Ranbir- Sure.

Kanya goes.

Ranbir- Bach gaya!!! Aaj toh tu jaane waala tha Ranbir!

He also goes to greet Pia.

Kanya- Hello hun!!! How was your day?

Pia- Uncle aap se keh rahe hain!

Kanya- Pia just shut up!

Pia- Accha baba. It was a fine day!!! Hi uncle!!

Ranbir- Hello Pia!!

Kanya- Go quickly and change. Iske baad main tumhare saath tumhe padawungi!

Pia- Okay mom darling!!!

Ranbir- No need for that.

Kanya- What no need for that? She has to study!

Ranbir- I mean no need for you to teach her! I myself will teach Pia.

Pia- Thank you uncle. Mama is a very bad teacher.

Ranbir- I know. Now go and change.

Pia goes inside and changes into civil clothes. Then they all have tea-coffee-biscuits. Then Pia and Ranbir sit down with the books when Kanya goes in to cook dinner.

Pia- Aapko pata hain agle Sunday 7th Sept mama ki bday hain?

Ranbir- Of course pata hain.

Pia- Toh chalo hum uske liye ek surprise plan karenge!

Ranbir- Good idea!

Pia- Chalo planning karte hain!

Ranbir- Okay madam!

Then they start planning. Pia is still convinced that Ranbir-Kanya are meant to be together! She has a marvelous plan in her mind. Well dunt you all want to know about the secret Ranbirs hiding from Kanya? That will take time to come out. It was just an announcement. We will presently be having a romantic track!!!!


Pre-cap for part 3: It is Kanya's bday party. Pia and Ranbir surprise Kanya a lot but something else a very shocking shock will be presented before you all.

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desaigirl101 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 09 May 2008
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Posted: 03 September 2008 at 7:07pm | IP Logged
I wonder what Ranbir is hiding!
It was a great update and I hope you update soon.
safeplacetoland IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 02 October 2007
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Posted: 03 September 2008 at 7:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by desaigirl101

I wonder what Ranbir is hiding!
It was a great update and I hope you update soon.
thnx......a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
miss.sonia Senior Member

Joined: 02 July 2008
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Posted: 03 September 2008 at 7:30pm | IP Logged
plz this time dont update after a month
just update tommorow
plz plz plz plz pzl plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

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