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hamyon saeed's interview

nida_1990 Goldie

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Posted: 28 July 2008 at 12:23pm | IP Logged
hey ppl here is an article about hamayon saeed...i hav highlited sum bits about his marriage n all....!!!!
Humayun Saeed
€œTo be an achiever, first you have to be a dreamer€ someone had said. Humayun Saeed too dreamt of making it big years ago. To be rich and famous. To be a star.

This dude while marching on the road always had a star in his eyes. But never ever had he imagined that he would become a star. Today Humayun Saeed is just that.

Not just a run-of-the-mill stars but also a prized-catch. An actor whose presence in any project is a guarantee of success.
But like every day is not a sunny day.

For Humayun too had his share of obstacles. From muddled up in controversies, both personally and professionally, to media brawls, playing favorite, having an air about himself, to being a compulsive boozer, branded a copycat and if that was not enough, he was even called a womanizer.

Here, Humayun Saeed retorts with a raw vengeance about everything malicious that€™s being said about him. Let€™s hear him out. He deservers a hearing, you be the jury.

How does it feel to be up there on the pedestal? You have become a biz star now, you must be quite excited about it all?
The experience of being a star is really over whelming and I€™m enjoying it to the hilt. The feedback too is something which I can€™t describe in words. I mean the fan mail and the phone calls that I receive is mind blowing everything is simply fabulous. Believe me, I€™m not exaggerating that I receive a minimum of 50 calls every day. Can you top this?

Judging from that, who do the people like most- Humayun Saeed the actor or the person?
Of course, the actor because they hardly know Humayun Saeed the person.

Dou you think your life has changed now from obscurity to stardom?
Yes. Once your are in the limelight, your personal life gets eclipsed. It because painstaking to keep your private life private. Your become cautious because after becoming a star, people gauge your every act; what your eat, where you go, what you do et al.
Anything you do becomes news, Hamiain har kaam bara sambhal aur soch samajh kar karna parta hai.

You always aspired to be an actor. So how does it feel to be able to live through your dream with open eyes?
Amazing! You€™re right that I always wanted to be a star. During my teen years, I used to watch a lot of television, and always thoughts of being in the same shoes as the artists, I could conjure up images of emoting in front of the lens, media chasing me for interviews and shoots and per roles making a bee line for my autograph blah, blah, blah. Main aaina kay samnay haanton khara ho kar acting karta rahta tha. But I did not know that one day all this world actually happen.

A complains made against you is that you show a lot of air about yourself, and that€™s why you can€™t get along with most of your colleagues. How far is it true?
I admit I don€™t get along with everybody. And frankly, I don€™t need to. That is no my job I come, do my work and I leave. I don€™t sit around to be gossip and be friends with tem . I intentionally keep the distance from my costars. I am only arrogant with people who act smart but never with my friends, people like Nabeel, Sadia Imam, Mishi, Nadia Jameel, Vinny , Sania Saeed .
Here, if a star can€™t get along, they don€™t work with each other any more, no matter bow good of a performer that person is. I am not like that, I am proud to be a thorough professional. I will never ask a director or a producer to replace an actor who I don€™t like with somebody who is in my good books. Never!

Is it true that you collect every news clipping featuring your name?
It€™s the truth that I just love to see my name in print. So whenever I see my name in any newspaper or magazine, I just keep it with me. You won€™t believe that I got my first US visa because of their itsy bitsy clippings, reviews and interviews,. When I applied for the visa, I send all these clippings and didn€™t face any trouble for the interview. In fact they even changed my visa category and people who were traveling with me also eased through the process because of me.

Now what is all that we keep hearing about your partying, and late night boozing? According to people close to you, you can€™t give a shot before take some liquor?
Look, I admit that I am no angel, I drink and I make no bones about it but I€™m not an alcoholic. I drink, but on occasions only. But saying that I can€™t give a shot without it is absurd. I€™m extremely dedicated towards my work. It has given me so much, I can never take it lightly.

Ok, let€™s drill you some more about some personal matters. Why did you hide your wedding from the press? What was the reason?
It was the beginning of my career so I didn€™t disclose it as I thought it could harm my image.

That€™s very trivial. We have heard Lollywood stars doing this as it could affect their box-office value. Why you?
Asaiy hi!

Talk, I will, about you threatening a journalist who was dead set in publishing the photograph of your wedding, who you think you are, harassing and dictating your wishes on other people. More than actor, your behave like a gangster?
Yes, this is true that I threatened him not to print the photograph because I thought it could ruin my career. And I was wrong. It€™s just another mistake that I made. After all, we all are capable of committing mistakes.

And how can you explain your significant other, Samina, keeping a tab on your as she€™s quite upset with Your Casanova nature?
Listen this Casanova image was a thing of the past. Obviously when girls hover around me she gets jealous and I don€™t have a problem with that. I believe that is she really loves me then she must get jealous,. And that I know that she loves me like nobody€™s business. She is very possessive about me, she is maira pati sirt maira hai kind of a woman which is what I like most about her. I myself am a possessive man and I like possessive people.
In the beginning, it was difficult for her to my profession but it is no more like that. Before marrying her, I told her that once we tie that knot, I will give up on showbiz but decided not to because I realized hat I can make more money from acting than any other field,. Now she has learnt come to terms with it.

Between the two of you, who is mature?
Of course, me!

When do you intend to play the role of a daddy in real life. What kind of a family do you wish for?
After a year€™s time hopefully. I believe in chota khandan zindage asan.

You are considered to be the highest paid actor in the entertainment circuit. How does it feel?
This helps to be selective in the kind of work that I take up. Producers sign me because they know I am good. When I€™m getting the price that I€™m demand why go back? If I do this I world be a fool.

How much do you charge?
One million dollar(laugh).

We heard you charged a hefty amount for the commercial of an edible oil that you did?
That was Dalda. You see, I am not a model by profession, there were so many other good models who could have been utilized for this but they didn€™t need wooden faces. They opted for me because they wanted somebody who could act, with pleasing expressions and gestures. I asked them an amount that I thought I deserved.

How was the experience of working on the big screen?
Cinema is the ultimate medium of expression of any performer. It€™s really nice to see your self on the 70 mm screen. On the tube, the frames of the shots is very limited while for the silver screen it€™s entirely different. There you have a wide margin to show the body language in the full-length shots.

Meera, the heroine of €˜Inteha€™ claimed that while acting opposite her, you were a bit nervous. Why a display of raw nerves from your part?
I don€™t think I was nervous at all.

Well, she said it!
Then she must be talking about the intimate scenes which we did together. During these intimate scenes, I found her too hot to handle. During another of her interviews, she commented that, €œI forget my lines when I act opposite Humayun€.

If you can recall, in the same interview she also admitted of having a major crush on you?
Really, My, my!! I don€™t remember this part. If she said this, I m flattered. But she did tell my wife that she thought I was too sexy. Actually Meera is very open about her opinions, If she likes something she is bold enough to say it on your face.

People who watched €˜ Inteha€™ claimed that you were copying Shahrukh Khan to the hilt. Is it true?
Copy Shahrukh! Ha! You must be kidding. I feel the only thing that I have in common with him is the pitch of my voice. Actually, it is Shahrukh who impersonates different actors, like in emotional scenes, he copies Dilip Kumar, for comic scenes he perform like Shammi Kapoor and Amitabh. Even he has admitted this in one of his interview. As for me, I am an original actor.

But you do copy him?
Personally I like Al Pacino a lot. And if it ever gets round to me copying anybody, it would be Al Pacino and not Shahrukh since I don€™t consider him a great actor. In fact I think that I€™m better actor than him. He has a definite edge over me when it comes to dance sequences.

People often comment that you look a lot like Sunil Shetty, do you think so?
Yes, I do but I am his better version.

You recently produced tum hi to ho, a serial based in the United States. When every actor is joining the director€™s bandwagon, you opted for production, why?
I will never do things just because others are doing it. I may take up direction after two or three years but not now.

What has been the feedback from this directorial debut?
Very positive. I think Marina and the entire team have done a marvelous job. I have already started work on my second project. All I can tell you at the moment is the serial will be shot in Dubai.

Apart from you showbiz pursuits, you are involved with garment business and run your own outlets,. What made you decide to get into this arena?
I have quite an extensive experience of impost and exports. I was my younger brother Amir who thought of opening up a men€™s boutique at Zamzama. Recently I opened another outlet at Tariq Road. So far the response bas been over whelming.

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cutestar Goldie

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Posted: 28 July 2008 at 2:16pm | IP Logged
yes and if i remeber correctly on geo ,yeh apki life hai he sed something similar.that he loves his wife and his family were happy with the marriage.
rajeevzluvr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 July 2008 at 3:46pm | IP Logged
i really dont blv this intvw one;ve seen him give intvws and he never sounds conceited where as in this 1 it sounds lyk hez full of himself which i;m a hundred percent sure hez not
nazeeei Goldie

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Posted: 28 July 2008 at 10:27pm | IP Logged

 Don't make new interview topics.

 post all interviews here.
karankittu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 July 2008 at 4:22am | IP Logged
amy22 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 July 2008 at 6:02am | IP Logged
Guys, we dunno if he actually is nasty to his wife. This is a very debatable issue cuz many are saying he said something else on aapki life hai and this person who wrote about him here on india-forums is saying something else, so we dunno. But yes, that he's admitting that he drinks is not a very good thing cuz even if he does it, does he have to come out and say it for the whole world to read?
Marina also once in her show said something which gave me the impression that she drinks... along with with actors like Vaneeza and her cast she had for her serial in USA. 
atifaslam Senior Member

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Posted: 29 July 2008 at 7:34am | IP Logged
yo people............. even if he is mean and cheating on his wife you really think he would ADMIT IT ON A SHOW LIKE YEH AAPKI LIFE HAI?????????????
think about it... people who do not beleive this are pretending to look the other way.. they don't want to believe it..
amy22 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 July 2008 at 9:10am | IP Logged
It doesn't have anything to do with "wanting to believe it". The thing is that he prolly also had his wife on the show who admitted to having talked to him on the phone before marriage, which means that they must be in a good relationship even now, so it can be anything. We can't be sure about anything cuz we dunno all the facts.

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