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$imply Charismatic-Rajeev Aamna fc

explosivebinth IF-Dazzler

Joined: 15 October 2005
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Posted: 24 July 2008 at 8:26am | IP Logged

Two individuals yet known to the world as                            " A Couple Made in Heaven"


None dreamt that these two would create such a magnificient and powerful impact on all that it would be tough to digest the world "Friendship"

or accept the word "Love" ??
 Rajeev Khandelwal and Aamna Shariff started their respective careers through a common marvelous soap titled

Kahiin to Hoga- ?? Their on screen togetherness transformed everything ?..Their exclusive relation from Strangers to Professionalism to Lovers to A perfect Married Couple ?....They lived everything to its core as Sujal and Kashish ???.They indeed created


"With you my life is worthwhile, every thought of yours brings me a Smile"


"For the world you are a single person, but for someone you are the entire world"







During KTH these two sizzling stars starred together in yet another small flick ?Sun Ley Naa- People were left mesmorized with their characters of Sharim and Visaal





When I'm with you, Eternity is a Step away "



"Love is like diving in the sea , the deeper you go the more you die "





Follwing they appeared together in a Nescafe Add

" A cup of coffee isn?t enough for us to go on"       

After a gap of 2 years Aamna appeared on a game show ?Deal ya No Deal- where Rajeev played a perfect Host where they proved it that


" Whatever may put us to sound start, nothing can do us apart"


And they also endorsed a brand ?Sweet





     With you in every step I can only thrive,

     Perhaps you're my best guide..

     Guide of Love, Guide of Passion,

     Everywhere my only succession.

     My love for you knows no limits,

     for it has no kind of defect.

     Being in Love with you is an honour,

     As i remember you in every corner...

     All your moves towards me are the finest,

     Yet I'm being very honest....

     I assure my tender love would never descend,

     As I've found someone like you slendidly pleasant !!!!! ~~~




" Tanhayee bujhti nahi diye ke bujhne se,     

        Aap humse kitna pyaar karte hain

Yeh baat ruki hain ek kadam ki doori se"       



            Some relations have the name of invisibility,  !!!!!!!!!!

Love and Friendship are a Strangest Company !!!!!!
For having constantly been making appearances together at several functions and also being comfortable with the "inverted comma" tag ?? Do we still feel that this is just only Friendship ???  Well there is an Answer to it ?All we have to do is , Join the Sensational World of Rajeev and Aamna !!!!!!

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explosivebinth IF-Dazzler

Joined: 15 October 2005
Posts: 3671

Posted: 24 July 2008 at 8:33am | IP Logged

          @@@~~~~~~ ! Links to the Previous Marvellous Fanclubs ~~~~~~!@@@

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explosivebinth IF-Dazzler

Joined: 15 October 2005
Posts: 3671

Posted: 24 July 2008 at 8:33am | IP Logged

!!~~RA Rockerz~~!!

The first 100 members of DON?S GANG:




2-      The century members of DON?S GANG party, and the continue count:



The DON's gang Smile


The members of DON'S GANG

1- Barnali Hug (Our very sweet global moderater)

2- Trupi (trupi)Hug (Our very sweet viewbie in KTH forum)

3- Sara DON ( saara 1), and now to (Sara COMB) Hug (Our very own CM in star plus sections)

4- Zee (Me) Hug

5- Summi (Kashishdabest) Hug

6- Kiran (kiran_sherry) Hug

7- Areej (CuteAreej) Hug

8- Amby (Ambarinaaltaf) Hug

9- Alyna (alyna) Hug

10- Sara (Sara_16) Hug

11- Ani (ANKESH) - Now (bravehearted) Hug

12- NG (nram) Hug

13- Deeeja (deeeja) Hug

14- Tammy (Tam)Hug

15- Tish (rajeevluvr) is ( our new member) Embarrassed Hug

16- Reemz Hug ( Our very sweet moderator)

17- Mishu (RAJEEVforAAMNA)Hug

18- Khyati (krazy_khyati) Hug

19- Ranjitha (ranjitha)  Hug

20- Mages Hug

21- khanrocks Hug

22- sujal&kash Hug

23- Shruti (shruti_gauri) Hug

24- Adi (adildagr8)  Hug

25- Saloni (s_labha)  Hug

26- Mohsin (Mohsin) Hug

27- Samreen (friskysam) Hug

28- Aamna (cuteface) Hug

29- Palak (DREAMY_EYES) Hug 

30- Poonam ( Destiny007) Hug (Our very sweet viewbie in KTH forum)

31- (Minnie) Rajeev Ki Heer Hug

32- Neha (nasir01), she made an other ID (



33- Sidiii (one of the most paranoid jodi lover but missing these days) Cry Hug

34- Pinku Hug

35- Pari Hug

36- Dina Hug

37- Anku Hug

38- Usman Bhai Hug

39- Naaz di Hug

40- amasin girl Hug

41-Shruti (shrutibali) Hug  (our very sweet moderator in KTH forum)

42- Swapna-Mobile ( sweetncute) Hug

43- Prerna (coolgirl_13), and now to (Prenz~13) Hug

44- jhinuk Hug

45- Anam (flygirls) Hug

46- aries_charming2 Hug

47- Surya (sun_423) Hug

48- tanasha1993 Hug

49- Farhina  Hug

50- Noor (Malkanoor) Hug

51- Ruby (rajeevamna4ever) Hug

52- PrInc?s$ ANg?L Hug

53- kjdmja.   Hug

54- Ana (cool_SK) Hug

55- Imzi Hug

56- pari0706 Hug

57- Ksfan Hug

58- chinti Hug (A viewbie)

59- Yojana (angelic eyes) Hug

60- Evilgenius_S.S? Hug

61- fakhra Hug

62- shareen  Hug

63- Namez Kirti (Desi_Chik ) Hug

64-  Poonam (~Poonam~)  Hug

65- CINDRELLA Hug (our very sweet viewbie in KTH forum)

66-  Fatima  (crazyfanar) Hug

67- Saraa ( rajeev_eijaz) Hug

68- Diana (dianaansari) Hug

69- Sunaina (sunaina02) Hug

70- Samita (Msad) Hug

71- Pooja  (cool_pooja) Hug

72- Sheela (143786) Hug

73- Usha (chakuusha) Hug

74- Zara (baluchz) Hug

75- Mehvish (amna_kth) Hug

76- sophie_10 Hug

77- Asha ( Gujji_babe) Hug

78- Tuba (tuba5) Hug

79- Farhana (fara4u) Hug

79- Farheen  (starbellz_21) Hug

80- Jaspreet (Jaspreet94) Hug

81-  Natasha  ( ~Natasha~) Hug

82-  Shruti   (shruti_gauri1) Hug

83-   Simra (rocker) Hug

84-  Hinal  (??hinal??) Hug

85- Jasmine  (sujal_kashish) Hug

86- Mukta (muktafaith) Hug

87- frod Hug

88- ainun (ainun)  Hug

89- Celina (aambika567) Hug

90- Jyoti (bastereliye) Hug

91-  Aamnah (wini) Hug

92- gyal1990 Hug

93- Sara (sara00019) Hug

94- Kanika (ishti) Hug

95- Jia Gill (Jia_444) Hug

96-  Aamna (rajeevaamna=luv) Hug

97- Gindi (gindi) Hug

98- Rabi (cute_rabi) Hug

99- Aji (scorpion134) Hug  ( A very sweet moderator)

100- Sara (sara123) Hug


New Added....

101- Anusha (Anusha) Hug

102- Priyanka (p_khandelwalfan) Hug

103- Dim (Lovers Ka Love) Hug

104- mini16 Hug

105- Presadhi (Binky) Hug

106- Kriti (remixer) Hug

107-  kaliegh (tonyparkerfan) Hug

108-  Niveditha (yyyy) Hug

109- Amina (preity_zinta) Hug

110- Guriya (**-**Guriya**-*) Hug

111- Ichhya (love_is_life!!!) Hug

112- Savina (savina_101) Hug

113-  Nilanjana (belanila) Hug

114- Prasamsa  (urber) Hug

115- tisshgna Hug

116- Marium (anu-pre4eva) Hug

117- Nida (princessnida) Hug

118- Suhani ( september2) Hug

119- Hana (Honii) Hug

120- Niki (wadhwaniki) Hug

121- Juhi (angeliclooks_me) Hug

122- Vandana (togepe30) Hug

123- Sulaiman T. (whoareu2say) Hug

124- Nighat (cutegirln) Hug

125- Mehak ( deepsood) Hug

126- Ruksaar (ruksaar_khan) Hug

127- Reena (reena&rajeev) Hug

128- Leena (Leenasmg) Hug

129- Arshie (Arshie) Hug

130- Sanaa ( sanaa_firoz) Hug

131- Umang (ums5) Hug

132- Nikita (nitu07) Hug

133- Nina (Ektas_Angel) Hug

134- Mehrun (anam_mehrun) Hug 

135- Sowmya (*sowmya*) Hug

136- saranya (saranya) Hug

137- Mishty (mishty_dhawan) Hug

138- Mahshaz (brid) Hug

139- Sara (420sara) Hug

140- Ali (rose2k6) Hug

141- Sam (Rajeev Aamna<33) Hug

142- Ramsha (r@m$h@) Hug

143- Sana (maroon) Hug

144- Glen (rajeev_crazy) Hug

145- Nidhi (nidhi2013) Hug

146- Riya (riya_03) Hug

147- Maham (**maham**) Hug

148- Arabia (arabia786) Hug

149- Anam (Anam azhar) Hug

150- Trina (gktrina) Hug

151- Arunasri (arunasri.m) Hug

152- Naaz (naazbrar) Hug

153- Saheli (SAHELIGSWM) Hug

154- Minnee (minnee) Hug

155- Barkha (barkha) Hug

                           156- Kumuda (KMP14) Hug

157- Saba (aishwaria) Hug

158- Natalie (luv_huda) Hug

159- Sania (Himanivineet) Hug

160- Tanisha (tanisha.g) Hug

161- Aarti (jina sirf) Hug


Plus the count of the FC

1.Summi (kashishdabest)Hug

2.Zee (farislove)Hug


3.Farheen (starbellz_21)Hug


4.Ruksaar (ruksaar_khan)Hug

5.Ramsha (r@m$h@)Hug



7.Preeti (Cindrella)Hug

8.Saraa (~Saraa~)Hug

9.kiran dii (kiran_sherry)Hug

10.nidhi (nidhi2013)Hug

11.Saba (aishwariya)Hug

12.Saheli (SAHELIGSWM)Hug


14.Ana (cool_SK)Hug


16.Sadaf (143786)Hug

17.Anam (anam_mehrun)Hug

18.KMP14 (kumuda)Hug



21.SAMIKSA (priyanka)Hug




24.snow.white (Simran)Hug


25.sippy24sep Hug


26.jina sirf (aarthi)Hug


27.RA_thebestjodi (lubna)Hug























39.binidoshi(Bini di)




41.Nadia_mt(nadia di)


42.moreremix(sam di)




44. rv_annieHug


45. lrl_rocksHug


46- saralahoreHug


47- Neha_KHug


48- Varallika Hug


49- angel 16 [Heena]Hug


50 -kuhu98pihu[ pihu ]Hug


52- suru bhatt [Suruchi]Hug

53- tiva [sonu]Hug

54- orchidz [jiya]Hug

55- mehvish_armaan [Mehvish]Hug

56- kashishkHug


58.goodkashish (kashish)Hug

59. Richa1234 (Richa)Hug
60.cute_rabi (rabi)Hug

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explosivebinth IF-Dazzler

Joined: 15 October 2005
Posts: 3671

Posted: 24 July 2008 at 8:33am | IP Logged

             Spectacular Cre@tions By Our

             Splendid Members ~~~~~~

                By Rabi aka cute_rabi ClapClap
      By Nida aka rajeevthegr8 ClapClap
     By Rabi aka cute_rabiClapClap
           By Rabi aka cute_rabiClapClap
 By Nida aka rajeevthegr8ClapClap

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explosivebinth IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 July 2008 at 8:34am | IP Logged
kashishdabest IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 July 2008 at 8:38am | IP Logged


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kashishdabest IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 July 2008 at 8:38am | IP Logged

RajeevAamna's List Of SimilaritiesEmbarrassed

1.Both are born on the 16th date

2.There lucky numbers are 16 and 7

3.Both began there successful television career together

4.Both there debuts are releasing in the same year(2008)

5.Both love playing with their hairLOLLOLLOL

6.Both love watching movies (together)

7.Both love drinking coconut water

8.Both love doing makeup!!!LOLLOLLOL

9.Both like Amitabh Bachan

10.Both like Kajol

11.Both like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (DDLJ)

12.Both blush at the mention of the other's nameLOLLOLLOL

13.Both never get tired of saying 'We are Just friends'LOLLOLLOL

14.Both love using the line 'We are very comfortable with each other'LOLLOLLOL

15.Both have very expressive eyesEmbarrassed

16.Both love going to Bandstand together

17.Both love Leh Ladakh as a holiday spot

18.Both can go on nonstop talking about each otherLOLLOLLOL

19.Both love shoesEmbarrassed

20.Both take time getting dressed!!!LOLLOLLOL

21.Both love looking in the mirror as they are conscious of the way they lookWink

22.Both wear a watch always in there laft hand

23.Both are addicted to there mobile phones and always have them in there hands!!!LOLLOLLOL(like me also!!Wink)LOLLOL

24.Both love having juice at Bandstand

25.Both love having coffee at Barista'sWink

26.Both love the RAin/bARsaat/baARishWink

27.Both are the Grand Ambassadors of Sweet Dreams Clothing LineEmbarrassed


This is not it yet guys...the list is too long and will be updated as and when we remember something else!!!LOLif you notice a similarity, feel free to mention it in the FCWink



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-Aarti- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 January 2008
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Posted: 24 July 2008 at 8:43am | IP Logged

 congrats to all for the new FC ClapClap

raj aamna bhi humara suwagat ker rahe hai
aur raj hume ishara ker raha hai zyada masti naih kerna

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