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23/09/2008   Tuesday


DP, Madhu & Dhanam (Madhu's mother) all praises Rajamani. Then says Madhu told you as a God. More than one God cannot be at home. so u can't be here. We saw you with those people and understood the full story. Rajamani realises the situation and says the truth that I am not fro Malaysia. Mano sent me here to bring the broken family together. So you understand him. He only took you out of the jail after a long struggle. DP tells him to leave. Madhu goes upstairs and brings his things and sends him out. Rajamnani leaves. DP tells Dhanam to wash his room. She goes. DP & Madhu are thinking about the next step. Madhu tells him that we should give complaint to the police. DP says Mano has very much influence in the police dept. that's why he easily took me out in the bail. We must find Vikram first. We will give a tearful ad in the paper. Seeing that Vikram will come then will work out our new plans. Madhu agreesEvil Smile.


Dinesh is giving some medicine to Sangeetha. She tells that it is 6 months. Now I am really afraid. Dinesh comforts her. She asks did their family will unite before the baby comes to this world. Dinesh says surely.


Gauthami and kids are talking about the her vehicle. Kids wants her vehicle. Muthu's 2 sisters come there. Gauthami asks about Muthu. Sister tells her that Muthu is planned to meet your Prassana. He got his mobile number and called to meet. Unexpectly your uncle stopped him from meeting. Gauthami thinks the scene(which I missed in the last episode) Prassana asks Gauthami did you like me? Gauthami says yes. Why are you asking these kinds of questions. PRassana says somebody might have forced you to marry me isn't it that is why. She says no. I like you very much that's why I agreed. Prassana seems to be happy to hear those words. He smiles happily. Gauthami returning back from that scene tells them why Muthus is not understanding me. he is confusing the friendship with love. Sisters tells her to explain the situation to Prassana before he meets Muthu. They congratulates her and leaves. Gauthami thinks. Kids on the other side decide to infor about this to Dinesh.


Kids calls Dinesh and inform the conversation with the Muthu's sisters. He promises them to solve the problem.


Prasanna is with the customer. Dinseh calls him. Seeing his mobile ringing which is on another vehicle at a distance he tells his one office boy to put the mobile in silent mode and continues his discussion with the customer. That person puts the mobile in the silent phone and keeps back in the same place. Dinesh tries continuosusly.


At ths same time Gauthami comes to the showroom. She asks about Prasanna. One man tells her to sit in the reception and goes in to tell Prasanna. He tells him that VIP is waitng for you. PRasanna tells him to be quiet. Friend tells him that Gauthami is outside. PRasannaEmbarrassed happily tells him to take care of the customer and runs to Gauthami. Says hai. She asks him will you come with me outside for 30 min. Prasanna gets shock. Then he goes and asks permission and changes his uniform and takes the mobile. And leaves outside with Gauthami. Dinesh is continuosly trying his number. Unable to reach he gets tensed.

Gauthami is about to take her vehicle. Prasanna says we are going in the one vehicle. Come you wait hear I will bring my vehicle. GauthamiBlushing and Prasanna goes in the bike. Gauthmi is happily sitting in the back. Prasanna is drivingClap.


Dinesh still trying Prasaana's number. (he is with his girl how he will pick his mobile. Poos Dinesh don't know this) Dinesh tells Sangeetha I want him to be strong otherwise it will be a problem. Sangeetha tells Muthu might have met him that's why he didn't pick the mobile. Otherwise her never allow to ring the mobile for such a long time. SangeethaConfused tells if he is that much sensitive then it will be the problem to Gauthami after marriage. FREEZE.

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24/09/08 & 25/09/08                  Wednesday & Thursday


Gauthami & Prasanna goes to a restaurant where Vikram is working. Vikram attends them. After serving them drinks he goes to distance listen what they are discussing. Gauthami tells about Muthu. She explains their friendship and the Muthu's thought. After words how she explained the meaning of friendship etc., hearing all these Prasanna said I hate a little confusion but now I'm clear. I'll try to advice him if I happen to meet him again. Vikram comes there and apologies for interference. He advice them to be frank and he liked their openness. Vikram wishes them. They leaves.


Dinesh continues trying Prasanna mobile and comes to a conclusion that he is avoiding because of Muthu's matter and gets tensed. Finally he decides to give a last chance. Prasanna & Gauthami comes out of the restaurant and he takes the mobile and notices 11 missed calls in it. He opens and sees it is Dinesh and tells Gauthami about it. He calls Dinesh and asks sorry for not attending his call. He says I was with a VIP that's why? He gives to Gauthami and Dinesh gets surprise to hear Gauthami's voice. Gauthami tells about their meeting and Prasanna's happiness. Dinesh praises her boldness and maturity. He taks to Prasanna and thanks him for understanding Gauthami. PRasanna also praises Gauthami's openness. They happily leaves in bike.(they were silent when they started from the show room). Now both are talking and laughing. A song is played in the background(Kangal irrandal).


Gautham is with Mano, Sarnaya, Santhosh, Viji, Saranva and her mother. They are talking about Mano's marriage. Saranya's mother expresses her fear about delaying the marriage. Mano tells them that I cannot marry since I have to sole lots problem. I have to look after this business and also the institution in Malaysia. Saraya tells when we are gather for marriage Madhu also should be there otherwise it won't be nice. Saranya's mother tells can I go and talk to her. Gautham says you will get hurt if you g there. Viji tells Gautham to talk to Madhu again. Santhosh also agrees. But Gautham tells it is waste of time but any way that time I went for Vikram now I will go for Santhosh. Mano looks at Saranya with face saying thanks for understanding. Sarnaya also looks at him with concern.


Dinesh , Sangeetha & CM is having their dinner in the moon light. Dinesh & Sangeetha praise CM's cooking. CM says it is not the meals is tasty because of the moon light it is very taste. Dinesh also accepts anf feels bad about missing all these in the city. In the city everything is fast even the food style changed to pizza & burger. Sangeetha tells I teach the value of tamil culture to my child. I eill put him in Government school and in the Tamil education. CM says don't say it words do it. He leaves. Sangeetha & Dinesh are continuing their meals.


Gautham calls Dinesh and enquires about Vikram. They both were upset about not telling the matter to CM. He says about the meeting with Mano, Santhosh, Monica, Saranya and her family. Dinesh is happy t hear all these.


Rajamani is in Mano's house. Rajamani feels about not able to help Mano further. Mano tells him to be cool and we will do some other way. Rajamani tells him that he is going to his native. But Mano tells that he has some other work to do. Vikram is in erode s you go their and search for him. Rajamani agrees. He asks photo so that he can give to his friends to search. Mano goes in to bring Vikram's photo.


Rajamani waits. Paper boy throws the news paper inside. He takes the paper and stats reading ( searching for something as if he knows the matter already). He sees the ad given by Madhu and gets shocked. Mano comes there with the photo. Rajamani shows the ad in the paper. Mano gets shocked. He tells that Madhu is now declaring the family problem to the entire world. If appa happen to see this what will happen. He tells Rajamani to proceed searching. He leaves.


Mano calls Dinesh and tells the matter to him and to avoid appa reading that ad. He tells that he will try. Dinesh and Sangeetha is discussing the matter and CM comes there with the news paper in hand. He asks sangeetha to get coffee for him. Sangeetha says okay and standing there. Seeing there CM again asks her. still she is standing with worry in her face. CM starts reading the paper and turns to next page when about to change to next page again Dinesh asks the paper from CM. CM refuses to give the paper and tell him to wait for sometime. Dinesh tells him that surya has written 10th exam I want know about the details. CM with disappointment gives the paper. You want the paper for that you are telling reasons. Okay he give. While giving one sheet is dropped. In that Vikram photo with the  heading missing. CM immediately grabs the paper and reads it. Get tensed and says Dinesh put phone to Madhu. Dinesh says he will return only after Madhu changes her mind. He went before one month. CM gets shocked and scolds him for not informing before. He tells him that he is in Erode and calls Gautham frequently. CM looks sangeetha. Dinesh tells him that you will get upset that is why Mano annan decided to hide it from you. CM gets more angry. tells him to search for him as soon as possible.


Dinesh and Sangeetha are walking here and there with confusion. Dinesh calls Mano. Informs the matter. Mano gets shocke and tells him to leave the matter without further discussion. I will take of it. FREEZE.

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tell me how to insert image into this topic.

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Padma brings newspaper to Vikram and shows the ad given by Mahdu. Seeing his photo on the paper he gets shocked. Padma advises him to call Mahdu immediately. Vikram hesitates. Padma forces him to make a call.


DP is waitng for Vikram's call. He gets a ring. But it is wrong number. So angrily keep the phone down. Gautham & Santhosh comes there and asks why they gave the ad in the paper. Madhu and her mother also comes there.


Vikram dials the number. DP picks the phone and cuts the line. Padma tells Vikram to call again.


DP says to Gautham it is his daughter's life so I gave the ad. Again the phone rings. DP picks the phone and keeps the receiver on the table. Madhu shouts at Gautham & Santhosh. Gautham asks if Vikram comes back see the situation here he will again move away. Madhu says I will publish the ad again. Vikram hears all the discussions. Gautham & Santhosh leaves after a long fight. Vikram on the other end cuts the line and walks angrily. Padma runs after him shouting what happened.


Vikram is sitting on the trace thinking the Madhu's words. Padma comes there. Vikram explains the details and Padma tells him to be quiet.

Rajamani goes to his house and his wife greets him. he is happy to see his brother in law doing mimicry like famous actrors and wishes him best luck. he shows them Vikram's photo. BIL says he saw him on the paper. Rajamani tells him to show the picture to his friende to search for him. he agrees.

Gauthami goes to Muthu's house and gives him invitation and invites him for her marriage. but Muthu gets angry and standing without a word. Gauthami asks his friends to advice him and leaves. Muthu angrily gets up and decided to meet Prassana. His friends stops him but he disagrees them and leaves. Friends follows him and tells we will come this time with you for the friendship.


Prasanna and his c.appa is preparing the list of people to be invited for his marriage. Muthu with his friends comes to meet Prasanna. One of his frind goes to his house and rings the door bell her mothe comes and enquires. Calls Prasanna. He come there and sees Muthu standing near the gate. (sorry I missed after that)


Saranya's mother orders something from the shop. A man delvers. After a while Saranya is in the road standing near her car reading newspaper. Same man comes towards Saranya with knife in his hand. Sarnaya starts running. He chasing. After a little distance Gautham crosses them in bike. Seeing Saranya is being chased some one else with the knife in his hand he starts chasing them. ( he belives his legs rather than the bike. He leaves the bike and starts running behind them.) After a long chase Gautham grabs man's shirt and starts fighting. After a long fight Gautham starts asking who send him to kill Saranya. He manages to escape from him. Gautham alsong with Saranya goes home.


Sarnaya, her mother, Santhosh & Gautham are thinking about the incidents. Gautham asks whether Saranya got any enemy in the business. Sarnaya says no and I will never interfere with anybody so I got no enemies in business circuit. She says I am very in fear now. Gatuahm thinks. DP face flashes before him. Santhosh also thinks the same. He tells DP mama must behind this incident. Gautham agrees. He wants to meet DP but Santhosh tells him that we should inform this to Mano annan first. Let him take decision. Gautham agrees. Saranya wipes his tears and looked worried.


DP is with the killer. DP shouts at him for not doing the job carefully. He gives him 10,000 Rs and tells thim to leave the area immediately. He leaves saying just this much for such bad beating.


Santhosh & Monica goes to a joshiar. Gives him Saranya's jothagam. Monica asks him to see about the marriage futures and the life. He looks and asks them is there any recent accidents nearing to death happened. Santhosh tells him that yes it happened. He says then there is no problem after that. she will live longer and no more such incidents. Her marriage life will be happier. Santhosh & Monica gets happy. He tells them to do pooja in the name of Saranya.


Santhosh & Monica goes to temple and offers pooja in the name of Sarnaya & Mano. After that Santhosh tells her that this incident should go to appa's ears. And also to Saravana. Monica agrees.


Gautham goes to Mano and tells the incident. We may lost Saranya if I'm little late. Mano is angry and start moving to meet DP. Gautham tells I'm also coming with you. Manno stops him and leaves. FREEZE

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06/10/2008   Monday       Episode-261


Madhu, DP & his wife is discussing about the failure in killing Saranya. Madhu tells him that we will stop giving ad in the newspaper. There is no response from him. We have failed in killing Saranya. I have a friend who is in Mumbai. Her husband has connection with underground dons I will call her to get one man to kill Saranya. She is about to call her friend Mano comes in.


Madhu tells this to DP. Mano asks them why you are torturing an innocent girl. I'm your target fight with me directly. DP disagrees about the attempt to kill her. Entire family as usual says they are not behind the attempt. Mano says they are the only enemies. DP tells him that before your brothers are also enemy to her. I know how they talked and acted against her. you first be careful with them. Mano tells them to be quiet. I know about his brothers and I know about your fox behaviour. Gautham is the one who saved her. DP's thirudu muli mulichfyes. Mano warns them. If something happens to Saranya then Vikram will lose his FIL. Madhu & stands there speechless.


Rajamani goes to a Garment factory and asks about Vikram. Since CM is the owner of a Garment factory he must be working somewhere here he thinks. He meets some ladies on the road, saloon boy and enquires about Vikram.


Mano, Saranya, Santhosh & Moni are discussing about the situation. Mano tells them DP is completely turning the plot agaist brother. Santhos asks Saranya did she believe it. Saranya says I know about DP. I will not. Mano tells her to be careful while going out. Instruct her not to speak to unknown persons. Saranya says okay and about to leave to the office. Mano asks how are you going now? She says by auto only. Mano says no I will drop you. Saranya asks today you can drop but not daily. Then I have to go by auto only. (Really she wants to go with Mano daily. She turns her face to the other side and blushes) Mano says I will drop you daily otherwise Santhosh will drop you. Saranya is happy and leaves with him.


Santhosh & Gautham are talking. CM calls Santhosh Gautham tells him not to tell about him. Santhosh talks to CM. he asks whether they got any information about Vikram. If he calls again tell him to call me. Santhosh says I will tell him to call you. Soon Gautham will come there to meet you.


Padma's father reading a newspaper. Gets a call from provision shop saying his store boy is in leave so send somebody to collect the provisions. Vikram comes that side to inform him about to leave to the Restaurant. Padma's father tells about the provision shop call. Vikram decides to get the items. He gets the money from him and leaves.


CM goes to a friend who is a police and informs about Vikram. He promises him to find him within a week. CM show shte add in the newspaper which comes daily. CM leaves.


CM is walking on the road. Vikram comes in the bike on the other side. They both cross each other. CM recognises him and calls his name. Vikram stops the bike and turns and calls appa. CM calls him as saying come. A car from the other side hits CM. Vikram shouts appa.... FREEZE. 

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07/10/2008       Tuesday


Vikram is shouting appa' and he wakes up. It's all dream. He gets up from the bed and sitting with swearing. Padma's father comes there.He ask Vikram what happened. Vikram explains the dream and he says I very much worried. Padma's father gives him water to drink and tell him to be confident it is all because of delay in meeting his father. He tells him to go to bed with clear decision. He leaves. Vikram is sitting and thinking.


Dinesh & Sangeetha listing all the jobs and hearing all these thatha is happy. They all tease Gauthami for talking in mobile for a long with Prassana.


Gautham calls Dinesh who is walking with kids along with Sangeetha. Gautham tells him about Rajamani. Dinesh gets angry hearing his name later he is happy after hearing Gautham telling about Rajamani's original identity. He asks him to help in finding Vikram. He also tells about DP's attempt to murder Saranya. Dinesh gets shocked. After cutting the line dinesh tells to Sangeetha that own blood DP is trying to kill us but the third person Rajamani is helping us to find our family back.


Mano is reading the newspaper. Sarnaya comes there and asks him what he is doing. He tells just checking about Vikram ad given by Madhu. It is not there today. Mano asks about the reason for the visit. Saranya tells him that she came to give pickle which amma made. Mano teases her for telling the reason to see him. Sarnaya first disagrees later she shyly asks about the future plan after their marriage. Mano seriously tells her that I have only on plan. Both of us are leaving to Malaysia after the marriage. there you don't have to do any  job. Just look after me and the kids. I will never allow you to talk to your mother, sister or brother. Totally it is a house arrest for you. Saranya gets shocked and tells him that he is joking. I am managing more that 150 staff here I cannot sit inside a house. Mano says no it is true I am going to do it. Saranya takes the mobile from his pocket and tells him that I'm going to call CM sir now and I will stop the marriage. Before dialling she is again asking you joking isn't? he says no. CrySaranya starts crying saying it is my fault. I must have thought this before. He allows her to blabber something for a while. Then Mano laughs. Pulls her close to him Blushingand says I just joked. I just want you see crying. You look so smart that time also. Saranya is blushing. He tells him we are going to Malaysia after marriage and both of us together will manage the business. Saranya is happy. He says I always give ladies 50% share. Saranya immediately asks him how many ladies you know. Mano hits his forehead with his hand says ayyo ithu vaeraiya. Saranya & Mano laughs together.


DP is thinking. Madhu come with her mother from temple and asks him why you didn't come to the temple. DP says Only people with problem goes to God and God never turns towards the people with problem. Madhu tells him that you are confused after Mano's visit. He says I'm very clear after that. I understood two things. One is Mano is very much clear we are behind the Saranya's attack. Secondly he beleves his brother and never leave them even he loses his head for that. Dp says I have the plan now. Killing Saranya doesn't going to make any change. 'Missing man's wife commits suicide' how is this news? She says I didn't understand. He says if missing man is Vikram then you are the person going to attempt suicide. Vikram is a emotional fool. Seeing this news he will definitely come to meet you. Once he comes inside the house I will make him to obey to my words. Madhu says I am ready for that. He tells them to leave him alone so that I can make the plan design very clear. Evil Smile


Gauthami & Kids are playing. Rajamani with his BIL comes there in search of Dinesh. Gauthami opens the gate and invites them. While Rajamani is coming inside he drops his book from his hand. From that Vikram's photo falls out. Gauthami picks up the photo and asks he is a server in padmam restaurant isn't he? Rajamani is surprised.Confused FREEZE.


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13/10/2008 & 14/10/2008 Monday & Tuesday


Rajamani goes to meet Vikram but he leaves that place without telling anything to Padma's father about the destination.


Muthu tries to stop the marriage by doing something. It hurts his family so they decide to commit suicide as a family. They goes inside the house and locks the door. The whole village gathers before the house. One man runs to Muthu to tell this. Hearing the news Muthu comes there.  People gathered there scolds Muthu for his attitude. Scolding his friends for not advising him proper. Before that the elders of the village manage to bring them out before hanging themselves. One lady tells a man to burn the ropes which they used to hang themselves. Man goes inside and brings the rope outside and asks Muthu whether to destroy or he is going to firm in his decision. Muthu cries and agrees to listen to their parents. (Lots of crying. Bad thing is Muthu & Co crying scene is artificial) Parents happy and also the village people and leaves.


CM reading the newspaper. Seeing a ad with picture of Madhu with the oxygen mask with the title 'Serious'. He gets tensed and calls Mano. Mano, Saranya & Moni is also reading the newspaper. Mano tells them that this ad must be a fake. CM calls Mano and asks about the news. Mano tells if she had changed her attitude then she must come straight to me and ask about your whereabouts. But she didn't come here. So it must be a fake one. CM talks to Moni and tells her that Madhu is doing what a and should not do. Saranya Advises CM not to worry about it. CM is satisfied and confirms that the news is a lie.


Madhu is coming out of her bedroom and her father comes there with the newspaper. He shows her the ad. She is happy to see the news and drinks coffee happily. Two ladies & a man comes there and enquires Madhu's health. They all advise her not to repeat the same thing again. Madhu & gets tensed. More people comes there to see her. Madhu shouts at them. They are leaving with anger. Madhu is blaming her father for this. Except Vikram everyone is here to irritate me. she gets angry. Phone rings. DP says it must be Vikram so pick and talk to him. Madhu says halo and he says I'm Vikram speaking. Madhu is happy and informs DP. He and her mother tell her to speak with the tears. Madhu says halo again with the crying voice. Vikram is shouting at her for giving such a bad ad. I know you didn't change and will never change. Unless you change your mind and heart I will not come to you. they change should occur in her mind not in acting. He yells at her and cuts the line without waiting for the reply. Mahdu puts the phone down and shouts at her father. DP advises her that if he didn't come he may divorce her. then our entire plan will go waste. Madhu says I am not going to wait for Vikram. I am not ready to obey him for any reason. She leaves in angry.


Dinesh comes to meet Rajamani for the effort he is taking to find Vikram. Dinesh invites him to the marriage. Rajamani agrees.


Mano is checking some office papers. Gautham comes there. Mano asks him to drop him in the office since he has given his vehicle for service. Gautham agrees and tells that I am not going to wait for Vikram. So I am planning to meet appa immediately. Mano also appreciates his decision and worries about Vikram. Dinesh calls and informs about the Vikram. Mano feels very bad for not able to catch Vikram even after finding the place. Dinesh speaks to Gautham and invites him for the marriage. Gautham tells I will come after meeting appa. Gautham tells Mano that I will drop you at office and then I have to go to Erode. So come lets go. Mano says why this Vikram this like this. Okay we will move and they moves.


Saranya is impatiently waiting for someone. Santhosh comes there. He asks who picked you up from office. She says Mano only but he told that he will be here in another 30 min for the dinner and he didn't come. She tells him to eat. Santhosh starts irritating her. both starts verbal fighting. Mano comes there and asks about the fight. Santhosh turns the story upside down and tells him that she is not giving her food. She is telling no one should eat before you come for dinner. Saranya gets angry and picks up the fruits from the table and starts throwing on Santhosh. He hides himself behind Mano. Mano tells her to be cool. But she is really angry and tells him that I cannot tolerate lie. Mano tells her that I cannot tolerate hunger. She serves them. While eating Santhosh tells Mano that she is monster. You are just seeing her I know her very much. I cannot tolerate her anger. She is a monster. Saranya gets angry and looks at him with anger in her eyes. He also comments the dinner. Mano stops him. Saranya looks at Mano with love and Santhosh with anger. Mano changes the topic by saying Gautham's visit. She tells that CM will be happy to see them. She asks Mano can we go and meet him. Mano says surely but not now we will go little later. Saranya is happy to hear this.


One lady & a man is waiting outside CM's house. CM comes there with the money. Both are thanking him for donating money to their orphanage. The gate opens and Vikram comes in. The man tells some statstics about the children sending elders out of the house. Vikram sad. FREEZE.

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15/10/2008 & 16/10/2008           Wednesday & Thursday


Vikram meets his father and asks sorry. CM happily invites him and forgives him. They are happily having the food. CM advises him to change according to the situation to lead a happy life. Vikram agrees and says he learned much while he was away from them.


Gauthami's marriage is over. Muthu & his family also participate happily. Prassana thanks him. Muthu also thanks him for honouring by keeping him as a bestman. He says I'm very much happy. After coming to Gauthami's house Muthu & his family leaves happily after saying bye to her. Muthu goes near the gate and stops for a second and turns towards Gauthami. Again says bye and leaves that place.


Saranya comes to Viji's house. Mano is talking to someone in the phone regarding a contract. Mano invites her. Saranya asks the reason for not calling her over the phone. Mano says that he crossed the age of doing phone and sending SMS. Santhosh & Moni teases her that she wants to talk to him like movies for the whole night. Moni sings a song. Santhosh gives him coffee. She says the coffee is very bad. Santhosh says that just because of our teasing the coffee is not good. Isn't it? Saranya tells him that not to irritate her if he continues I will become a Calcutta kali. Santhosh acts as if he is scared. She asks where is viji and Moni says she gone to market. And asks Saranya whether she is hear to see only Viji. Saranaya replies I came hear to ask a favour from Mano. Mano looks at her with a what you want look. She continues that my audtor is busy in her daughter's marriage. so I want to fix CM's auditor. Mano agrees to send him in the evening and tells her to discuss the further matters. Mano gets a call from CM. he inform him about Vikram's arriaval. Mano is happy and puts the mobile in speaker mode and everyone hears. CM also gives the phone to Vikram he asks sorry to Mano. Then he wants to talk to annie and he asks the same but she says no one is here with remembering all the past so no need to ask sorry to us. he also talks to Santhosh. Santhosh tells him to receive Gautham who is also on the way to them. Vikram agrees and cuts the line.


Madhu is thinking about the past happenings. Vikram leaving the house and the letter written by him. Gautham's statements to meet Mano and the whearabouts of Vikram after DP's release from the jail. Dp's plan about giving false Ad In the paper about her attempting suicide. Vikram's statements after seeing the ad etc., Her mother & father knock the door. Her mother tells her to have something to eat otherwise her health will be spoiled. Madhu says I'm not hungry. So please don't disturb him. I'll not die until I achieve my goal. You both full your stomach and go to sleep peacefully. DP says to Dhanam that Vikram is not going to skip his meals for Madhu but she is skipping meals like this.


Gauthami is going to In-laws house. She is in tears. Patti advises her to be happy and bold. Sangeetha gives some advises. Dinesh teasing her for crying to go to in-lawshouse, which is just few kilometres away. He asks Prassana to take care of Gauthami. If she gets a drop from her eye we will not leave you. Prasanna jokes she should not make me cry. Every one laughs. Dinesh's mobile rings. CM informs the arriaval of Vikram and tells him to come immediately as a surprise to Vikram. Dinesh agrees to come after dropppin Gauthami in her in-laws house. CM says okay. Dinesh is jumping with joy. He lifts Sangeetha and shouts I'm happy. Patti tells him to be careful with Sangeetha and advises him not to do that again because she is pregnant. He shouts I'm happy.

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