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Sorry I missed Friday's episode.
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11/08/2008 & 12/08/2008       Monday & Tuesday


CM serving food for Dinesh & Co. children want to go to the river to spend sometime. CM agrees.


In Madhu's house. Boss and Madhu is thinking about Mano. Boss says I have a new plan but I tell you the details later. this time Mano cannot escape. Madhu is happy.

Gautham & Gauri gets out of the car. Gauri tells Gautham to be calm if she talks something in anger. Gautham tells we meet Vikram and leave immediately. Both goes inside. Madhu is not interested in receiving them. Gautham asks about Vikram. His mobile is switched off. Where is he? Madhu replies I am also trying to contact him from last night. Gautham is shocked to hear this. Gauri asks he is not here from yesderday then where is he? Madhu says her mother to bring the letter. She gives the letter to Gautham. He reads it and says because of your torture only he left like this. He tells to Gauri that Vikram will return only after Madhu comes out of her wrong doings.  Boss says something. Gautham get angry and tells him to leave. he says these person's will suck your entire property before they leave. you will be standing in the road with your mother. Boss says to Madhu that I told you that day itself. These people wont like me if I stay here. Madhu tells Gautham to leave. Madhu's mother tells them her daughter wants to get all the property from Mano but no one is supporting her. Gauri starts to tell something. Gautham drags her away.


Madhu's mother tells boss if Vikram goes for divorce everything will be spoiled. Boss says even if he goes to court they will hear your side also. Even before giving divorce they give time to settle. We can finish this matter before that. Madhu is happy.


Gauri's house. Gautham & Gauri telling the happenings to her parents. Her father asks can I go and talk to her. but Gautahm says she will not listen to anyone. Gauri tells Gautham to call Dinesh to enquire about Vikram. He calls him. Dinesh attends the phone happily. He narrates how CM is happy about his visit etc., Gautham shed tears hearing all these. From Dinesh talks he understand Vikram is not there. Dinesh tells him to come with Vikram. Appa is ready to forgive them. Gautham aggress and cuts the line. Gautham tells Gauri that Vikram is not there.


In Erode Park, Vikram is sleeping on the bench. People are doing exercise. One handicap man comes there and sees a man sleeping even after 8 in the morning. He goes near to him and wakes him up. He tells him to go to his job. If you sleep like this nothing will prosper. You are a disturbance for these people. They are here to some good for their mind and soul. Vikram stares at him.


A girl doing jogging recognizes Vikram and comes there. Her name is Padma. She asks why you are here. He tells her that he came to see a person but he is not in town. he didn't get any lodge to stay so he just slept here. Padma tells seeing your face I can say that you are not telling the truth. She sends her friends away and asks him now tell me what is the problem? he replies that problem with my wife. She tells him that friends are there to help. Now you come to my house we will talk about it later. He agrees.


In Padma's house, her mother and father are talking about her marriage. Her father is angry that she is not responding if they talk about her marriage. she is not loving any boy. Door bell rings. Seeing Vikram with Padma her father says to her mother that it seems to be God heard our prayer. He opens the door and lets them inside. Padma's two sisters are coming there and asks who is he? Padma tells them he is my friend. We studied together in Chennai. They leaves to school. Padma tells her parents that he will be staying here for few days. Her mother take him in to show his room. Father asks Padma about their friendship. She says it is 200% friendship and goes to prepare breakfast. He is little bit disappointed. He tells to her mother that friendship cannot turn as love it is only true in cinema. But in real it is always possible.


CM, Dinesh, Sangeetha & children are visiting a temple and the river. CM show a place and tells that from here only Meenakshi (Mano's mother) jumped into river. Showing a place near a statue he tells here only I met Mano for the first time. This river is the consolation place for all my sorrows. Children asking who is Mano. Dinesh happily says he is my elder brother. He looks exactly like thatha. They calls CM to visit. He says I will come as soon as the situation gets settled. Asks children did anyone are ready to take swim in the river. Everyone says 'no'. so he lets them to river to dip their feet in the water. He takes some water and sprinkles on Sangeetha, Dinesh & Children heads.


Sangeetha serving food to all. CM says i have missed sangeetha's cooking for these days. One kutty says it is not like thatha's cooking. You are slightly below. CM says she is just irritating you. Sangeethat always cooks nicely. I always enjoy it. Dinesh says come with us daily she will cook for you. we all stay in one house. CM says as soon as Gautham & Vikram come to meet me I will return to the city. FREEZE.

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13/08/2008 & 14/08/2008  Wednesday & Thursday


Dinesh & Co leaves happily. CM waves them all bye.


Padma takes Vikram to a Restaurant and says it their hotel. In the Cash counter her father is sitting and watching the customers. Seeing Padma her father takes 500 Rs and give to her saying you came here for this only. I know you come you here t collect pocket money. Padma gets irritated and asks him to keep quiet before his friend. She tells him that I came here for different reason. Vikram wants a job. He immediately says our export company needs a manager. You take that position I will be happy. Padma is not taking care of anything. Vikram says I don't want a whilte color job. I just want to work hard to earn money if u can offer job in this hotel I will be happy. Father says you come and sit in this cashier table and look everything. But Vikram says I want waiter job. Padma & her father gets shocked.


Vikram says I never had the chance to know the value of money. I spend the money earned by father. Now I want to earn atleast 100 Rs and then I want to meet my father. I insulted him a lot listening to my own mama's evil plan. I wasted lot of his money. (It's a long eye opening statement. I didn't remember all). Padma & her father is in tears. Father says if you understand your faults then there is no need to feel bad about it. You take care of this hotel. But Vikram is firm in his decision and asks for the waiter uniform. Father calls a waiter and tells him to give uniform to Vikram.


Vikram comes back in his uniform. Padma is in tears. Vikram signals her that I'm happy. One man calls for the waiter. Vikram immediately goes to attend him. He tells the all the meals names and takes the order. Padma stands there staring his movements.


Sarnaya is instructing some one in the phone. Scolding him for not doing the job in her absence. Instruct him to bring the transaction details to her in the evening. Door bell rings. She instructs mother to look. Mother goes outside but no one is there. She tells Saranya may be the next door boy. Saranya tells her that he is not in town. both starts searching her and there. Saranya finds a flower in the pot. She takes it. Both goes inside. Saranya searches for the information. She founds a card saying 'Good Morning With Luv Mano'. She is happy. Tells to her mother also. Viji, Moni and Santhosh enters with Vanakkam, Vandhanam & Namaskar. Santhosh asks what is this in your hand. She tells that it is from Mano. All are happy and teases her a little bit. Mother tells them that Mano came and told that the happiness shouls stay forever. Santhosh says one man cannot express his love more than this. Finally Santhosh says to prove that you are in love with Mano I tell you a truth. This flowers are not sent by Mano. I kept it near your door. Sarnaya is upset. Moni tells soon we will make you roam in the city with Mano annan. Saranya is blushing.


Sangeetha & dinesh are coming from outside. In her thatha's house all are sitting very unhappy. They are worried about the message sent by Mappillai. (here i missed little bit)


Boss in the Madhu's house eating pongal and discussing some plans. Madhu says we must be careful this time. I should not fail before my mama's family. Boss tells that I tell you a plan now. We have to select a person who is ver close to Mano. We must threaten him saying we will kill you if you doesn't return the document and money. If he didn't listen to us. we kill them and put the blame on Mano. Madhu's mother in fear says if we are caught what we will do? He says there are ways to kill a person and putting on others. if he comes out in a bail we will trap him with another persom. They agrees. Now your job is to find who is the person close to him? Madhu & her mother tells him we need time to find that person. Okay take your own time. Both thinks very deeply.


Saranya's mother comes to Viji's house. Mother tells Santhosh to enquire about the willingness in marriage. Viji, santhosh & Moni goes to the garden where Mano is feeding fish. Santhosh directly asks whether he is interested in Saranya? He says I don't what is in her mind. Santhosh says she also loves you. Mano says then it is okay for me also.Smile  FREEZE



Happy Independence Day to All

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18/08/2008 & 19/08/2008       Monday & Tuesday

Episode -230 & 231

Mappilai shiva's mother is sitting very sadly in her house. Shiva's c.appa comes there and asks why are you so sad? She says I liked that girl very much but the proposal was stopped. Same time Dinesh & Manju coming there. Mother invites them inside. Father also joins them. Dinesh asks the reason for stopiing the marriage. father says jothagam didn't match. Dinesh insists them to tell the truth. Angry shiva comes there and tells them I didn't like the way they enquired about him. If you enquired about him to a wrong person he will tell about me bad things then believing that you will stop the marriage. so I decide to stop the marriage. dinesh explains them you too have one girl when the marriage time comes you will enquire. But shiva is not convinced. Dinesh says the fault is on me. they all believed you but I gave the suggestions of enquiring about you. I just came for a visit here. So just for my fault don't punish the entire family. They are very good persons. Shiva is still angry. dinesh suddenly moves and falls on his feet to beg forgiveness. Moved by his attitude shiva agrees to marry Gauthami.


Dinesh and Maju tells the hapy news to their family. They are all asking how they made them agree? When manju is about tell Dinesh intrupts. We just explained the situation and they understood. They are happy and leaves to make big meal. Dinesh thisnks about his past bad attitude. Manju advises him to talk to his father. He calls him. CM enquires Manju and instructs Dinesh to take care of her.


Saranya's mother is coming happily to home. She asks her I want a very clear answer from you. Saranya asks what is the matter? Mother asks did you like mano or not? She as usual drags the answer. Mother says he is more open than you. he likes you. Saranya is happy. She also agrees. But she says there is a problem in it. Santhosh comes in what is the problem? Saranya says you always be there when we talk about your brother. Santhosh tells that is okay but tell me the problem. Saranya says two problem one is CM who has to agree for this marriage and another Gautham and Vikram. Because of CM only we are in a such a good position in the society now. So he should not think I am expecting more. If he thinks like that I will die on that die. Because of me only there is a prolem is CM's house. Gautham & Vikram are about to realise their this moment they came to know that I am going to marry Mano they will think that I did all this to marry and enter that house. All of our efforts will be wasted. Santhosh says appa will not disagree on this proposal. Gautham and Vikram also will agree. They are almost changed now. Santhosh leaes.


Santhosh, Viji, Moni and Mano are discussing about this matter. Mano agrees the saranya's statement. He says I have decided till appa's permission. Delaying the marriage to solve the problem is not a bad idea. I too want to stay silent till the problem is solved. He leaves. Viji is upset. Moni says annie let them understand more during this period. Appa will definitely agree for this marriage.


Kutty pattalam comes to Dinesh and Manju and tells that there is a boy sincerely loving Gauthami. It is a one-sided love. His name is Mani. He was studying with her for past 12 years. He asks about Gauthami when we are going to school. why Gauthami  is not calling me. why she went to hostel so early etc., just because him only Gauthami went to hostel. They seeks Dinesh help in solving this problem. dinesh promises them to help. Dinesh & Manju goes to the place told by kutty patalam. There is 5 guys standing and talking about Gauthami. Mani is also there. He tells them she must be busy in her studies. Dinesh asks who is Mani here? Mani says I am mani who are you? what you want? Dinseh says I am Gauthami's mama & she athai. We want to talk to you. will you come to the nearest coffee shop. Mani says no we will talk here. Did Gauthami told you to talk about our marriage. dinesh tells we have fixed her marriage. she is accepted it. Why are you bothering her? Mani says we are in love but you made her agree by force. Dinesh says after her green signal only we decided to see proposal. Mnai says gauthami loves me very deeply. We never told our love to each other. Every birthday we exchange gifts. This t-shit is gifted by her. The ring she wears in finger is my gift to her. Then how you say she is not in love with me? FREEZE.

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20/08/2008      Wednesday


Manju tells Mani it is very common to exchange gift between friends. You have taken it wrongly. If she loved you she might have came to you tell the marriage proposal. From this you should understand her friendship. Mani refuses to agree that. Dinesh tells if she likes you definetley I will help you. but you have mistaken her friendship. Mani tell them that now she is not picking up the phone because of the exams. Let her come after finishing her exams I will prove our love. Dinesh tells his friends to make him understand. But they are also against Dinesh. So after a long explaniation Dinesh finds that he is not satisfied. Dinesh & manju leaves. One watching this from a distance comes to him and tells him to understand. Mani angrily sends him away.


Vikram happily puts his first day tips into the charity box. Seeing this Padma's father tells him this box was here for a long time. it is always empty. but you filled it today. Padma tells him I came here several times. But I never had the thought to put a single coin into it. Vikram tells her to put her half the pocket money into it. Padma agrees. Vikram asks father to leave but he says I have the car. Padma is here to pick you up. Vikram wants to stay in the hotel itself. But padma argues with him. Vikram agrees to stay in their guest house. Father is also happy about it. Both leaves.


While going in the two wheeler padma tells him to inform his family about his whereabouts. But Vikram says no to that. My wife should change. Padma is tells you were the best student in the college. All expected to see you in a very good position. But you become like that. Vikram tells I could have been a good person if I heard my father's advice. But I heard my mama who is expect in killing enemy with the enemy. He used me to work against my father. He called his daughter from America and made me marry her. I  obeyed him without knowing his evil ideas. Padma asks how will you know about your wife if she changes his bad mind. He tells she will come to me definitely if he become a good person. I become a good person after leaving my father. She will also feel the same in my absence.


Next morning Padma brings coffee for Vikram. Vikram is again worried about Madhu. He tells the person who are around her very bad. They will run away from her if something happened to her. I am cannot tolerate if something happens to her. Padma tells him that nothing will happen. Soon she will come to you.


Saranya is busy talking about turnover of the company in the phone. She asks some details in another half-an-hour time. cuts the line. Some comes upstairs. Saranya turns to see. CM is coming. Saranya is in surprise. FREEZE.

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CM enquires about Saranya's health. Saranya is happy to see him again. He asks why she delayed the marriage? did you think that I will not accept this? I never stand against your wish. Your selection is very good. Mano is a very nice match for you. Saranya is happy hearing CM's confirmation. Suddenly she tells him to remove his hair. CM is surprised. She says I know you are Mano. You cannot cheat me. he says I am not Mano. What happened to you? she started pulling his hair. CM shouts in pain. Mano comes there asks Saranya what is she doing? She is surprised to see them both. She feels sorry for pulling CM's hair. Once Mano cheated me like this. She asks sorry to CM. he says it's okay come we will go down.


Downstairs Saranya's mother, Viji, Santhosh and Moni are waiting for them. CM wants to hear the acceptance of marriage from Saranya's mouth. Saranya is still dragging her statement. Why hurry… Mano interrupts tells her to say her acceptance. She tells ungalukku vachikiraen. Santhosh says we are trying for that only. She accepts. CM is happy. Moni tells the marriage should be very grand like Vikram & Santhosh. CM recollects the scene. Raji's death etc., he tells I don't want to remember those sad happenings. This is also two marriage but simple in our temple. Saranya's mother also accepts this. CM tells Mano to drop him in railway station. Saranya's mother tells him to have lunch. He accepts.


Everyone is sitting in the dinnig table. CM enquires Viji about any good news. Santhosh tells when we have our child all of our family member will be there to greet him into this world. CM tells your wish should be fulfilled soon.


Moni calls Saravana. Little fights about not attending the phone. Saravana asks sorry. Santhosh & Mano hears this conversation silently and enjoys the situation. Moni tells Saravana about the nre love birds. Saravana is surprised to hear that is his akka & Mano. She tells that to get Saranya's accepts appa came here. Mano then talks to him.


In Erode, Mani is standing with his friends. One friend says Dinesh statement may be correct. Mani gets angry and slaps him. Then asks sorry. I'm in tension. When is Gauthami's exam getting over? I'm not getting information. That time Kutty pattalam returning to their house in cycle. They stops them and asks when is Gauthami returning? They says they don't know. He tells I'm their mama and they must give them respect. But they tell him that her marriage is fixed with somebody else and she went to Hostel just to escape from him. They are about to hit them to get the answer then tells them to leave. The same man who heard on that day comes there and watches the situation. He advices him not to interrupt an innocent girl's marriage. But Mani warns him that if he continues his advice here he will have get advice from his owner. Man leaves with disappointment.


Kutty pattalam reaches home. they decide to tell this matter to Dinesh without the knowledge of elders. Thatha comes there and tells them to wash their face and go to have something. They goes searching Dinesh. Finally they asks about Dinesh to their thatha. He tells Dinesh & Sangetha is gone to Gauthami's hostel. Today her exams are getting over. Soon they will come here. One boy says why she is coming here now? Thatha asks are you not happy? You always have fun with her isn't it? He says no this time not. Why thatha asks. He says appa is going to get some snacks for us. if she comes she will also ask share from that. They leaves to avoid further questioning. Thatha says to others the reason is not so strong. So something is wrong.


Madhu is thinking about the past happenings. Father's arrest, Gautham's slap etc. Boss comes there asks is she worried about Vikram. She says I never do that mistake. I'm thinking about my father. I have to get him out of the jail. My mother is gone to temple for that. He tells you first said I'm your God then why are you worring about your father. We will do something to get him out. Door bell rings.


Madhu goes down to open the door. She is shocked to see Gautham & Gauri again. Dinesh asks her permission to enter. She agrees. They asks whether she got any calls from Vikram. Madhu answers no. Gauri starts her advice. Madhu gets irritated. Gauthatm tells her that we are now going to meet Mano then we will go to Appa to get forgiveness. Vikram knowing this will come back again.  Madhu disagrees. I will never come to that Mano. I don't care about Vikram never supported my action. Gautham warns her that if she not hear their advice now soon she will come and stand before their as a begger. They leaves in anger. Boss comes there and pours oil. Madhu gets more angry and tells him that that day you asked about a person who can be killed and the blame is put on Mano. Now kill Gautham. boss agrees. I start following him from this minute and kill him on the day he meets Mano. Then the blame will be placed on him. He follows Gautham. Madhu is happy.


Saranya & her mother are in temple. Saranya asks why she is coming to temple every Friday. Her mother tells it is for you and Saravana. They sees Gautham & Gauri sitting in the temple. Both goes to them. Asks about Maju. Gauri says she is gone to school. They enquire about Saranya's health and the wound. She says it is all gone. Mother asks Gauri is anything wrong? Both of your face is not happy. Gautham tells Vikram left the house. FREEZE



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26/08/2008 & 27/08/2008 Tuesday & Wednesday


Saranya & her mother leaves after doing archanai in Saranya & Saravan. Gautham & Gauri also follows them.


Sangeetha & Dinesh waiting for Gauthami in the bus stop. Three buses passes away.  But there is no sign of Gauthami. Mani & his friends are also watching them. One of his friends says they didn't leave in these 3 buses. So they are wainting for someone. May be for Gauthami. So they decide to stand there till Dinesh leaves that place.


Sangeetha insists Dinesh to call Gauthami. Dinesh tells we will wait for one more bus. Same time one more bus comes there. From that Gauthami gets down. After greeting her they all starts to leave. Gauthami in scooty. Dinesh & Sangeetha in bike. Mani decide to confirm the matter right in front of Dinesh. So they blocks her. She struggles in front of Dinesh. Dinesh tells her to be bold. They already know about this.


They all goes to a place near tree. Gauthami asks what the matter is. Mani couldn't tell anything. She asks why you are struggling. From this you can understand that you are not in love with me. you misunderstood the friendship. If it is love I might have told you first. I will not struggle like you. he asks then why you took care when I was admitted in the hospital why you encouraged me in studies  why you gave gifts. She replies if anybody takes care of a person it need not to be love. Friendship is higher than love. I did everything for friendship. my marriage is fixed. I will come and give you the invitation. Come with your friends. Mani cries. Gauthami leaves very bodly. Dinesh & Sangeetha goes to him. Dinesh advises him to find girl who matches him and get settled. Touches his cheek and wishes all the best. They leaves. His friends advises him to lead a good life. We too have misunderstood the relationship. They are also leaving Mani in tears.


At home kutty pattalam waiting is eagerly for Gauthami. Gauthmi, dinesh & Sangeetha arrives. All the family members greets her. Thatha tells them to get ready as they are going to purchase wedding saree. They have planned to go to Bharani silks. All agrees and goes inside. Kutty's calls Dinesh and asks why he brought Gauthami now home. Mani will distub her. he says they spoke to him. Gauthami clearly told that what is between them is only friendship. He understood. They are happy and decide to play cricket. Sangeetha tells Dinesh these days even kids know everything. Dinesh replies our kid will be more advance than this. Sangeetha smiles.


Vikram is so actively taking orders in the restaurant. One man comes and calls the waiter. One waiter comes to attend them. But he says I want Vikram. He gets angry. Vikram comes and takes the order. While leaving another waiter makes him fall. Vikram turns and looks at him. He says sorry. Padma (in saree for the first time) come to the restaurant. Her father greets her happily. He tells you won't come to this side. But nowadays you are frequently visiting our restarant. She tells Vikram is alone now. She asks 1000 rupees. He gives. I have decided to buy some shirts for him. He is wearing your shirts. Her father also agrees. Both go to him.


Vikram is actively taking orders. Padma comes asks him to leave with him. He says it is lunch time. There will be more crowd. She calls another waiter to take care of that customer and drags him away. Angry waiter watches this and tells her father it is not nice to drag a man infront of all. They will talk badly about your daughter. He replies that the world will talk about everyone. They even talk about me. why should we care about others. They are very good friends. They know each other. why are you bothered?  I'm her father. I'm not bothered. Go and do your work. He leaves in disappointment.


Mano, Saranya, her mother, Moni & Santhosh are discussing about Vikram. Saranya tells Gautham has changed a lot. He is waiting for Vikram & Madhu otherwise he could have met CM. Mano tells now it is even difficult. Talking to Madhu is even difficult now. She won't care for this. We don't know where Vikram is. Appa might have told if Vikram visited him. He asks Santhosh his he has any friends? Santhosh replies he don't have friends. Even there is someone he surely won't go to them. He know we will search for him there. He tells other to hide it from appa. If he comes to know this his dreams will shatter.


In Bharani Silks, Erode. Shiva & Co is waitng for Gauthami & co in the entrance. Padma comes there with Vikram. Vikram tells her you are wasting the money. Padma tells him to pay the money after he gets the first month salary. They goes to shirt section. Padma tells him she like the shirts when he wore during college days. He says that all are before marriage. now adays I'm wearing only plain shirts. My life also become plain. She says to be calm everything will be okay soon. She tells him to take one of his taste. I will select one for you. they starts selecting cotton shirts.


Gauthami & co comes. Greeted by Shiva & co. Dinesh tells sorry for the delay. Shiva tells sorry looking at Gauthami. One kutty teases for telling like that. Sorry sonathu Mama padhil sollarathu Gauthamiya patha. All laughs. They decided to go to saree section. Gauthami tells that first we will take shirt then we go to Saree. But thatha tells the it is not the proper method. We should not forget the tradition. Shiva's mothe comes to her takes her to the saree section. Everyone says look the mamiyar & Marumagal relationship. They starts selecting the sarees. Gauthami looks at Shiva for the acceptance of the saree.


Dinesh along with the kids move out of that place. Surya (one little fellow) jokes that Mama took us away because he cannot look at other girls if Athai is with him. Dinesh start chasing him. They start catching surya. Running here and there. Vikram & Padma finishes the purchase and comes. Vikram seeing his brother hides behind a lady doll. Padma wonders. Vikram says he is Dinesh, his brother.


Dinesh's mobile rings. He takes phone and comes little bit forward near to Vikram's hiding place. Talks to Gautham. Padma asks Vikram Gautham is your elder brother isn't it? Yes he replies. Dinesh enquires about Virkam to Gautham. Gautham replies there is no news from him. Dinesh asks him why Vikram didn't calls us? atleast he could have called us. Vikram hears. FREEZE. 

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28/08/2008      Thursday


Seeing DineshCry Vikram becomes emotional. Dinesh cuts the line and stands there with a sad face.


Gauthami & co finished saree selction. Everyone agrees to select two sarees. Thatha wants to know the Dinesh approval for that saree. So sangeetha goes to Dinesh. Dinesh tells that he got the phone from Gautham. Sangeetha gets happy and asks did they got any news from Vikram. Dinesh says no. we have decided to put his name on the TV. It will help us to collect some details about him. Sangeetha tells him that Vikram is a very sensitive person. He tells her that y'day Vikram came in my dream. He cried. I asked him why? But tears is the only answer. He starts crying. Sangeetha tell him to sop crying. We are here to take wedding saree. So we should not so any sad face here. Come we will go. All are waiting for us. They all leaveto a restaurant after paying cash and receiving saree. While leaving thatha asks why Dinesh face is sad. He tells that your glasses are dusty that is why. Everyone laughs. Vikram sadly seeing Dinesh leaving.


Gautham and Gauri are discussing about putting ad on TV. Takes the paper and writes the details. Gautham's mobile rings. Gauri attends the call. Vikram speaks. Gauri is excited and gives the phone to Gautham. He enquires about his health and the whearabouts. Vikram refuse to say the location. He tells him to stop giving the Ad. I will return home once Madhu changes his mind. Gautham asks how did you know about the ad. He tells I heard when you spoke to Dinesh. He didn't notice me. Gautham asks are you in erode? Did you met Appa? He tells no I won't meet him unless Madhu changes his mind. Gautham tells him to meet atleast Dinesh. But he refuses to meet him. I will not meet anybody now. Gauri also asks him to come home. but he refuses. Gautham tells him to take care of his health. Vikram disconnects. Padma asks Vikram are you happy now? Ad problem is solved. Vikram tells her I am very much happy today.


Dinesh & Co discussing about the marriage plans. Dinesh tells them that he is going to do all the work. They are all suggesting sangeetha to take rest. But she tells doctor has advised her to do all the work till 8th month so I am going to do all the marriage works. Everyone agrees. Dinesh asks Sridhar to help him. He agrees as he is the one like Dinesh's P.A. Dinesh tells we will start with the prokithar first. Thatha tells there is one family prokithat.he is the one who does all the good things for us. Dinesh's phone rings.


Dinesh excuses himself from that place. Sangeetha follows him. Gautham informs him that Vikram is in Erode and he has seen you somewhere. Asks where are when I called you earlier. Dinesh replies I was in a textile shop. Gatuam tells he heard our discussion and called me to inform. He refused to meet us until Madhu changes. But he refused say about the place where he is staying. He tells him to search whenever you go out. Dinesh tells we have started marriage works so I will be out all the time I will try to find him. Cuts the line.


Dinesh tells about Vikram to Sangeetha and doubts he may be working in that shop. Sangeetha asks him to enquire in that shop. Dinesh moves.

Saranya is speaking to somebody in the phone. giving instruction not to delay the orders like last time. Her house main gates sound. she turns. Saranya is surprised. Saravana coming with a big smile.FREEZE. 

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