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Episode - 127              Tuesday           29/07/2008


Mano & Santhosh having food. Moni serving. Santhosh looks at Mano. Mano eats without a word. Moni asks why are you supporting Annie. Suddenly you changed the supporting side. Santhosh says truth is in her side so I won'tt support annan for this time. Mano asks Santhosh you went to meet Saranya yesterday. How is she now? Santhosh says she is fine. Why are you asking about her. Mano asks did she asked about me for not coming. Santhosh says she sais that will be nice if he come to see me. I am happy even he doesn't come. Mano is very upset hearing that. He asks is it true that Saranya told exactly same thing. Santhosh promises on her sister and says she said so. Mano is very much upset.


Moni supports Mano. But annan only got the scolding from appa. Santhosh says she thought disturbing others for a small wound is unnecessary. It is correct. So I am supporting her. Mano says whatever it is she should have informed me about this. Moni pours little oil saying what you want to do now. You want annan to go to annie to ask sorry. Mano gets more and more upset. Santhosh tells him to ask sorry to Saranya for not visitng her. Mano gets up from the dinning table and washes his hand moves away why should ask sorry to her. He stops near the door and thinks the word "Very happy if he doesn't come". He goes back to Santhosh asks did Sarnaya really said she is happy. Santhosh replies. she said very very happy I reduced one very from that. Mano is more upset. He leaves as saying whatever it is I am going to get nice scolding from appa. Santhosh and Moni Winkare happy about disturbing his thoughts.


Santhosh says I am directly going to Flower shop and buy a bunch of flowers and write "I love you". Moni intrupts to viji annie. Santhosh says no. it is for Saranya annie. Moni I am also coming with you. Santhosh, you stay here. Otherwise he will get the clue. I'll hand over the flowers to her in half-an hours time. Saranya annie will call Annan immediately. You note the reaction in annan's face. Moni says okay. Santhosh leaves.


Madhu sitting inside the car which is infront of a Men's beauty shop. Madhu is murmuring about those rowdies gone inside. Santhosh crosses her in his bike. Madhu gets tensed. 3 rowdies comes out in new look (changed from their previous comedian look) with tie. Says to Madhu  Santhosh & Mano knows very well in their old look so they changed it now. I know Santhosh crossed in his bike few minutes back. Madhu is happy and aks how he know this. He says I am God to you  God knows everything. All are getting inside the car and stops near a flower shop.


In that flower shop Santhosh buying flowers. Chief tells Madhu to stay inside the car and gives some muted instruction to 2 assistants. 2 goes to Santhosh and introduces themselves as ambani brothers. Santhosh couldn't recognize them in their new get up. They says we know you. you forgot us. You meet my boss. Santhosh says I am on the way to some important work I meet you boss tomorrow. But both make him meet the boss. He introduce himself as some ambani ( not able catch that name). Santhosh is surprised. I don't know you. Boss says you smell this hand kerchief then you can easily identify me. Santhosh faints as soon as he smell the kerchief. They put him into the car and moves away.


Vikram angrily calls athai while entering the house. She comes. Vikram asks where is you daughter. She asks why you can't ask as my wife why you are changing the relationships. Vikram says if things goes like there won't be any relationships. Where is she? She says she gone out. He asks with that Malaysia rowdies. She says she is gone alone only. He asks why she insulted Gautham. She says she didn't do anything wrong she is educated and know what is correct. But you & your brother is not understanding her. Vikram calls her mobile.


Madhu's mobile rings while she is praising rowdies for the kidnapping job. She gets irritated why this man is calling now. Rowdy boss asks her to make her husband out of the house so that it iwill be easy for them to shift Santhosh. She attends the call. Vikram angrily shouts at her. are you roaming around with that rowdies? (he can only shout useless fellow) She says no I came to a flower shop. He asks why you went there? She replies tomorrow is my friends b'day I came here to buy flowers for her. If you have doubt come and pick me up from that shop. He says okay I am coming. Rowdy appreciates for her talk with her husband. Madhu is happy.


Vikram leaves the house. Madhu & Co's car enters the house. They are bringing fainted Santhosh inside. Madhu's mother comes there. FREEZE.

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Episode – 128              Wednesday                  30/07/2008


Rowdies drags Santhosh inside. Madhu's mother comes shouts told you to kidnap but you killed him. What Madhu did you decided to go to jail like your father? Madhu stops her. Boss says leave it madam she is uneducated she don't know about these things. He is unconscious. That too just for 10 more minutes. Mother got satisfied and asks where are you going to hide him? He says no hiding he will be with me in my room as my guest. That is my style. Madhu praises his kind attitude. Boss instructs his assistant's to take him upstairs. They are saying he is too heavy. Boss replies treasure is always heavy.


Vikram standing in front of the flower shop searching for Madhu. She is no there. He calls her mobile. She says I waited for a very long time you didn't come. So I booked call taxi and reached the home. you also come here I will give you hot badam milk. Vikram angrily gets into the car.


Mano playing chess with Moni. Moni says it is boring to play like this. If we play carom with Santhosh annan and Viji annie it would be interesting. He says it would be nice because you how to cheat them. Asks where is Santhosh? She says he is gone work for a important job. He takes the phone to call. But moni grabs the phone from him. Mano's phone rings. Moni attends the phone.


On the other end rowdy speaks. Hearing a female voice he says to Madhu who is this. She says his sister only. You continue. Santhosh is sitting in a chair in half conscious state. Madhu, her mother and assistant's standing around him. Boss continues as friend. Moni gets afraid and hand over the phone to Mano. Mano asks who is this. He thinks Santhosh plays by changing his voice. But boss says I am friend who came from Malaysia.


Mano understands and gets up from that place and goes outside. What do you want now? Boss continues the old story you took my fathers maoney I hear to revenge you. but before that I want to do a help to Madhu. You give her 3.5 crore and her family house document. Mano says it is not with me go and ask the Sardar who took it. Boss says you give this to her otherwise I will kill your brother Santhosh. Makes him hear his voice by doing some torturing. Mano gets angry and says okay where you want me to hand over the things. He replies I will inform that tomorrow morning. Instruct him not to go to the police. Mano agrees. Cut the line. Madhu gets happy. Thanks him.  Boss overreacts. I don't like praising. You didn't get your property. Be quyiet till you receive it in your hand. I am very much hungry because of speaking in the telephone. Get me the dinner. Madhu and her mother leaves. Santhosh tries to escape but they push him down to the chair and close his mouth.


Vikram enters the house. Seeing the rowdies' car in the front of his house he gets more angry. Madhu comes there and Vikram shouts at her. why you left that place. I told you to wait there. Madhu says I told everything clearly in the phone. He says you are roaming with these rowdies and makes our family name very bad. I am tolerating everything for your father. But you are crossing the limit. Madhu says I will not rest until I reach my goal. You do not understand that. I will not listen to you. It is already late. I must prepare dinner for them. She leaves without waiting for his answer. Vikram stands there with the anger.


Gautham thinking about the past. Madhu's wish to buy the house, Cheating. Send out of the home by the sardar, Mano's words about losing the house, Dinesh words about getting forgiveness from father, now the rowdies. Etc., Gauri comes there and asks why are so sad? He says Vikram does not understand the truth. Unless he understands the truth nothing can be done to save madhu. Appa left the house with the heartful of pain. That's why we are struggling like this. Now all are scattered and living without peace. FREEZE.


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Thursday 31/07/2008 & Friday 01/08/2008
Gautham and Gauri decides to visit some temple for their peace and reunion of family. Gauri goes out to inform to her father and mother.
Sangeetha & Dinesh goes out to see Erode along with a relative. they visit some of the important sites in Erode. Finally they reach the showroom where the mappillai (fixed for one of Sangeetha's relative).
they enter as if they are going to buy a Scooty. then slowly they enquires about the boy. the sales man says good about him. they are satisfied.
after reaching the home all are interested about their opion about the boy. they tells them that person is got loan from everywhere. they all get shocked. Dinesh i have a different guys photo if u all accept him we will proceed and shows a picture which is the same old boy. they all are happy and enjoys the situation.
Viji is restlessy trying some number in her mobile. Moni asks her what are doing? Viji tells that i'm trying to contact your annan but his mobile is switched off. he went y'day still not returned. Moni tells i too tried to call him but no reply. but he went to Saranya annie's home only. to mediate Mano annan & Annie.tells the plan they deceide to play with annan & annie. they decided to tell this to Mano.
They both goes to Mano who is walking here and there in his room. Viji tells Santhosh didn't return last night. Mano qucikely tells her y'day he called up and told that he is going to Chengalpat to get some goods. Viji asks why he switched off his mobile. he says may be charge is down. they leaves.
Saranya is walking restlessly in her house terrace. Saranya rings his mobile. After a some hesitation Mano attends the call. Saraya asks him why you didn't call him in a konjal voice. my wound healed (how it healed within a day i don't know) but your angry didn't go. Mano gets irritated and says i'm in tension. Saranya asks him what is a tension why can't you tell that to me. he says i can't say all the tension to you and cuts the line. Saranya is worried. her mother comes there and hears the conversation. she says i really don't know whom should i support.
Rowdies again commedian dress comes down. Madhu & her mother is waiting. they says we are ready to finish the other part of the plan now. Santhosh shouts from the room to open the door. boss enquires the assistants did they tied him tightly. they says they did.  they all goes up and opens the door. Santhosh pushes them and tries to come out. FREEZE.

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 Monday           04/08/2008


Santhosh tries to escape but rowdies manage to tie them with a chair and put plaster on his mouth. Boss call Mano. Mano waits for the call picks up. Boss says if you want your brother alive bring the money and house document to me. Mano asks where? Boss says some place in muted voice. You must be there in another 30 min. Mano agrees.


Madhu, her mother & Rowdies leave the house to meet Mano. Madhu's mother says we didn't think you will solve the problem so early. Boss interferes and stops her. About to move Vikram comes there. Madhu ignores him. He stops her. he says these rowdies will defintely cheat you. don't go behind them. But madhu insults him and pushes away. assistants comes says our boss wait for anybody you made my boss wait. come fast. she leaves. Vikram angrily looks at them.


Madhu & Co waits for Mano in a place. Madhu is looking her watch again and again. Boss looks the gate. Madhu asks why he didn't come. Boss says he will definitely come. He know about me very well. Madhu is restless. Her mother says she is tensed little bit don't take it seriously.


Vikram goes inside the house. In the house Santhosh tries to move the chair. In downstairs Vikram was sitting in the sofa and thinking. Santhosh drags the chair.


Boss calls Mano. Mano answers with the happy. Hearing the happy voice boss asks where are you? Mano says I'm at my house. Boss asks don't you care about your brother. Mano says it all pangali problem. if you finish him I'll be happy. One hurdle is moved away from my path. Boss gets angry. I'll kill him definitely don't play with me. Mano smiles. I won't leave my brother. He is with me why should I come there. He is safe. Mano cuts the line. Boss gets tensed and says to Madhu. Santhosh escaped. Mano says santhosh is with him. We must go home and find out is it true?


Reaching the home they finds the door closed. Madhu knocks the shouting for vikram. But it is locked. Boss asks for the key but madhu's mother says I left the key inside. He tells Madhu to call Vikram. She tries and finds his mobile is switched off.  Boss asks is there any lock opener in this are. Madhu's mother says in the next street there is one shop. Boss sends his assistant to get a person from there. But after sometime they come and says the shop is closed. Boss asks them to find some iron rod or stone to break the lock. They bring one long iron rod. Boss started breaking the lock. 2 policemen comes there and enquires. Madhu says it is my house and my husband took the key and he is not reachable. We don't have the key so we are breaking the door. After a long conversation they leave.


Madhu & co goes inside by breaking the lock. They all goes to upstairs and finds the room empty. Boss gets angry. Madhu gets disappointed. All goes to terrace and thinks how he can so easily escape like that. He tells Madhu to ring her husband. She says still the mobile is switched off. He says Vikram must have helped him to escape. He immediately calls Mano and asks how you know this place. He says you are staying in Madhu's place so definitely you must kept Santhosh also there. It is easy laughs. Boss is speechless and moves away from that place with the assistant. Madhu and her mother stands there without a word.


Moni asks Santhosh why he didn't inform us about your chengalput trip. Atleast you could have called us in the land line if your mobile charge is down. Viji asks only last week you went there to purchase why again you went there. Santhosh asks chengalpet. Who said that? Mano annan only told says Moni. Santhosh says he don't wanted to get upset that's why he said like that. Actually what happened was.... Some muted dialogue explaining the kidnap. Moni and Viji stares FREEZE.


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Tuesday           05/08/2008


Santhosh tells Viji & Moni Mano annan came to save me. If he didn't come at that right time I won't be alive now. Moni you should also be careful when you are going to college he warns her. she says yes. Viji says why this Madhu is like this when is she going to change. Santhosh says Saranya is the one who suffers a lot. T'row I have to give her some flowers in the name of Mano annan. So that she will be happy. Viji I'm very much hungry. Prepare something for me. She leaves to prepare.


In Madhu's house everyone is waiting for Vikram. Vikram arrives. Madhu asks why he did like that. We have planned so carefully and you made us shame before that Mano. Vikram says I didn't understand. what are you talking about.  Boss says from the beginning you are against us and now you defeated our plan. Madhu says why you released santhosh. We kept himin his room. We blackmailed Mano for document and money. In a last minute you released him. Vikram asks santhosh in our house. If I know this earlier I might have helped him escape but I don't know about it. I'm already in a heavy pain don't put blame on me. But no one is interested in his explanation. Madhu tells boss & Co to go to their room. Madhu's mother says money and the house is lost because of my daughter she bring it back till then please don't make any problem. Madhu says if cannot help me it's okay but don't create any problem to me. she leaves. Vikram stands their alone.


Saranya is walking here and there thinking of Mano's words. I cannot tell everything to you. I call you later. Her mother comes there and asks are you still thinking about Mano. Now you thinks you must have told the incident right. She says yes. Mother says Saravan is not here. In that time Mano is the one who takes care of us like his own family. We must give respect for that. You just go and meet him. Saranya says okay I'm going now. And she starts.


Moni reading some books. Saranya comes there and says hai Moni  how are you. are you preparing for the exams. She says no annie I'm just reading the book. Don't you see Mano annan he came to your house to meet you. Sarnaya forgets her bag and starts to leave in a hurry. Okay Moni I'm going. Moni laughs. Annie where are you going? Saranya says I just came straight from the office. That's why.. Moni says annie stay I just joked. He is not in your house. Saranya asks why you said like that. Moni says I know everything annie. Saranya asks what you know? Moni calls viji and says shu.. don't talk now. Viji annie coming then she will also come to know about you. Sarnaya again and again asks what? why? Viji comes.


Moni says Sangeetha annie enquired about you. Saranya says I too want to speak to her. Moni calls sangeetha in her mobile and gives to Saranya. After normal enquiry about her health and check up Saranya asks did you both went to meet CM sir. Sangeetha says no I don't talk about it to him. Saranya advices to discuss this matter with her husband and go to visit him as early as possible. Sangeetha says I will do it. She asks how is Mano. Saranya become shy and says he is fine. Sangeetha says take care of him. Sarnaya says we all are here. We will take care. Viji and Moni Smiles. Saranya gives the mobile to viji. They both shares some nallam visaranai and cuts the line.

Madhu tells her mother it is too late. We must do something to get back all the things. We will meet the boss and discuss. They goes to his room. There comedian boss sitting in his bed (wearing a cooling glass) and thinking. He says I'm thinking about my next plan. I have decided to leave India. Because everybody got benefit form me but this time your marriage life got affected. So I don't want to give more problem to you. Madhu says no it won't happen. I make him to be silent. He says Vikram will keep on help those Mano then we won't be able to defeat him. If I take action against him it will spoil your life. I will do help form staying out also. From the first day he didn't like us to be here. Madhu says already Mano is behind us. If you stay out he definitely kill us. you are our strength. I make Vikram say that he will not interfere in your future plan.


Boss, Madhu and her mother goes to Vikram's room. Madhu knocks the door. No reply. She opens the door and goes in. Vikrams is not there. She searches for him. Boss sees a paper hanging in the table edge. Madhu takes the paper and starts reading. FREEZE.


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Episode 223     Wednesday      06/08/2008


Madhu reads the letter written by Vikram. I am leaving because of the tension. You have not decided to listen to my words. You are not believing me and keeping high hopes on that Malaysia party. Things you are doing is not good for our family. It will definitely create a bad name for us. so I will return only after you become responsible and understanding person. Madhu looks surprised and angry. Boss says everything is because of me. I shouldn't have stayed in this house. Madhu tells leave him. If a person is understanding his own wife it is not going to cause any problem. I am not bothered about him. Madhu's mother says what ever is happening is good for us. you can do your job without disturbance now. Boss says we will what we should do now. I will meet that mano immediately and solve your problem. I will breing Vikram back into your till then I will not leave this country. Madhu is happy.


Saranya's mobile rings. Her takes it and gives that to Saranya. CM talks to her. he enquires about her wound. She says it is okay ther is no pain now. He says I 'll not believe you give the phone to your mother. She gives the phone. Her mother says it is better now. He is happy and asks her to give it to Sarnaya. Sararnaya asks like a child. You do not believe me is it?. He says I will not believe in your matter. He will take of others very well but you won't care about you. Did Mano come to meet you? Her mother signals her to tell Mano didn't come. But Saranya says he came and doing all the needs. CM is happy and tells her to contact Mano whenever necessary and cuts his line. Saranya's mother asks why you said like that. Saranya replies that I had enough. I have decided not to create any problem from side. If I say like that CM sir will scold Mano then again the problem. so it is better to hide. Her mother smiles.


Viji and Moni preparing the breakfast and calls Santhosh. Santhosh comes there and starts eating. Moni says yesterday Sarnaya aniie came to see somebody. That person is not here. So she lied that she came to see us. her eyes waited for someone. Mano is standing behind the door hearing all this. Santhosh says it is all because of me. I told her a big lie. She got tensed. She feared that her person will go out of her hand. That's why. Moni asks what did you told. Santhosh tells I told her that Mano annan has connection with lots of girls and spends more time in his phone. I also set mano annan's phone in busy mode for sometime. Mano hears that. Santhosh calls Annan for breaksfast.


Mano comes there asks what is this it is very noisy? Moni asks did you hear what we talked. He says who will hear your talks. It is very boring. Moni keeps Idli in his plates. He starts eating. Santhosh asks what did you decided about it? Mano asks about what? Santhosh replies kidnappers. Mano says leave them it will solved soon. Santhosh says tomorrow same thing will happen to Viji or Moni. Mano says he will not touch them overtaking me. I will take take don't worry. He gets up and washes his hand. Moni asks where are you going? He says I am going to the office. Santhosh says he will directly go to Sarnaya annie's house. Moni tells we know that very well where else he will go?


Saranya is getting ready to go to the office. Her mother stops her. you are not going today. Stay here. I am going to the market. Saranya says already I have take 4 days leave lots of bank traction has to be done. Please ma. But mother makes her sit at home and leaves to the market. Saranya angrily throws her handbag on sofa and starts reading a book. Mano comes and stands there for while. Saranya is still reading the book without noticing him. He gently coughs. She looks at him. She is very much happy and surprised. She stares him for a while and tells him to sit down. He sits and stares at her. After a while he asks how is your wound now. Her mother comes there and stands silently near the door looking at them happily. Saranya shows him the hand says it is okay now not much pain. He touches her hand to see the wound. Saranya is blushingEmbarrassed. Seeing her face Mano leaves her hand. Is this necessary to take this much risk? She says otherwise he would have killed Manju. Saranya asks can I bring some coffee for you. he says I don't want. Saranya disappointed. He says I make coffee for you and moves to kitchen. Sarnaya also follows him and says no I do it for you. her mother also following them. Again she stands near the door and sees everything. Mano takes the lights the stove, asks for milk, sugar etc. (he didn't ask coffee powder). She gives everything happily. He gives the prepared cup of coffee to her and asks her how is it? Saranya says it is really nice. Till now I thought my mothers's coffee in this world.Clap Now that cannot stand before this. Her mother looks disappointed. He says I'll also make lunch for it okay for you? She says you have decided to dip me in the pool of happiness today. Mano smiles. Saranya looking at his face with love and says this happiness should stay for ever. He says it will stay for ever. Saranya is happy.Big smile Her mother too is happy.


Dinesh thinking something and walking hera and ther. Sangettha comes there and asks him what are you thinking about? He says nothing. Sangettha says I know about you very well. he says just thinking about your family. How they are running for Gauthami's marriage. Moni's is also the age of Gauthami. By this time her she would be married if we showed some loving for her. Even after knowing she loves Saravan we tortured her very much. I'm very ashamed of those things. Appa agreed for the marriage. But we didn't accept and did all the bad things. I don't have forgiveness for that. She tells him that it is bad to do thing for our selfishness. But when we repent there is always forgiveness. If you ask forgiveness to Mama then definitely you will feel relieved. If he knows you have changed you will become very happy. Definitely he will accept you. We will go and meet him immediately. Dinesh face. FREZZE.

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Episode - 224              Friday              07/08/2008


Dinesh agrees to meet his father. I have toask his forgiveness he says. Sangeetha is happy. Next morning Sangeetha, dinesh & kutty pattalam starts to visti CM. after them Sangetha's other relatives starts to go to Mappillai's house. Two persons comes from Mapiilai's house to say that they all like her girl but mappilai is not interested in marriage. Everyone is shocked.


CM is preparing food. One lady comes there and asks coffee powder. CM gives her the coffee powder. She praises his cooking. She says one day definitely his sons will come. They will repent for their wrong doings. He says if they repent I will also be happy. I'm now going to loom site where he is  working as a weaver. She leaves.


CM sits and starts eating his meals. Sangetha & Co are coming in the car towards CM's house. Children are enjoying the green areas they are asking how thatha will look like. Dinesh says he is beautiful like me. Children are teasing him.


After finishing the meals he gets ready and leaves the house in a cycle. Dinesh in the car become tensed. He tells sangeetha that he is little bit tensed and having doubt whether his father forgive him. She says definitely he will forgive him.


CM turns to his right. From the left car comes. Sangetha & Co get down from the car. Sangeetha enquires about CM's house to a boy who is coming out of his house. He takes them to his house. Sangeetha, children and Dinesh follows him. Seeing the lock in the house he says it is locked. He may be gone to weaving job. I'll take you there. FREEZE.

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thx for the update buddy. I saw one of the episode on tuesday and it was interesting with all the sothu fighting.

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