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sorry i couldn't continue the update after the 100th episode.

i just say the short story after that.

Saranya is accepted by CM, Gautham, Gauri and Monica but not by Dinesh, Vikram and Madhu. Saranya help by taking sangeethe to a doctor for treatment for the pregancy. Dinesh scolds and gets promise from her saying she should not see Saranya again. if she meets her he will move away from her forever. mean while Madhu along with her father plots several plans to get CM's entire property.

Saravana along with the help of baba saves Gautham from the rowdies who came to get the gold from him. it is accidently found from his previous cell phone by giri.
saravan gets transfered from the city. Monica is planning to journalism. No one is wiling to marry Saranya. all are pointing the punishment she faced for a crime. santhosh tries to explain that she is not the accused and she is freed from that case. saranya also want to work further so she strictly against the marriage for the time being. she gets the job even though less paid than the previous but she agrees and shines in that job.
Meanwhile monica loves Saravana. her brothers forces her to marry another person. but she refuse to marry him. so they hides her and threatens her. but she is saved by his brother santhosh.
A Person called Mano(played by Abeshek again) comes to CM. he is the eldest son but not born to Raji. he comes from malaysia. knowing all these details CM's legal children gets the entire property in their name and send him out of the house. he is rescued by Mano. mano promises him to bring the entire family together. monica stays with her brother santhosh. Madhu's father is send to jail for his behavior. but madhu make others(urupadatha son's) believe that he went to jail for their benifit.
Sangeetha gets conceive. dinesh is happy and listens to her. she opens his eye and moves away from his brothers by just relaxing with sangeetha for a change. he also start believing saranya. once they visit sangeetha's grand parents. Dinesh is excited by their relationship and want the same kind happiness in his house.
Mano along with Saranya starts the business and gives some losses to Madhu. she gets more and more angry on Saranya. gautham controls her but she refuses to listen.
Madhu wants to buy a house. vikram tries to contol her but she threatens him. he informs Gautham. he also advises to be calm. but Madhu says it is difficult if we didn't buy that house now saranya will get it for her. if it happens i will commit suicide. Gautham and vikram get shocked. so they agress. but they are worried about the money 3 Cr. madhu says i already arranged for that but the interest rate is high. one sardar offers hot cash she says. next day everyone goes with the money to that place. two persons are waiting for them. as soon as the money is exchanged they excuses by saying counting the money and another leaves to get the documents.
Madhu, her mother, Gautham and vikram are waitng for the documents. Madhu is talking to her mother about changing the interior of the house. gautham & vikram gets irritated. after a while 3 persons comes from outside and ask them to leave. they says that this their house u have been cheated by some one. Madhu & Co searches the entire house but no one is there. they all comes out with angry. Mano and santhosh comes their to increase their angry. Mano as usual advices them to ask sorry to their father. but they rejects and leaves.
Saranya, santhosh & Mano are happy at home. Mano explains the trick to them. Mano leaves to receive the money from the broker who got it from Madhu & Co. Mano thanks the broker and the owner of the house for helping him. they says we will be happy to help you for the sake of your pure heart. we will continue to help you in future to unite your family together.
Madhu & Co complaints police about Mano. she says he is the surely behind this cheating. but police refuses to arrest him because they don't have evidence against Mano. Madhu's mother sends the police out. Police informs this happening to Mano and promises to help Mano in future.
Gautham, Gauri and her parents are discussing about the cheating. Manju says this is because you all chased thatha out of house. Gautham gets shamed. a sardar (Mano in saradar dress) comes in and says that this house belongs to him. shows them the documents signed by all brothers. gautham get shocked and calls madhu and vikram to come immediately.
Madhu says i didn't sell the house just kept it for the money. Gautham asks how did u get this document. she says i have the right on this house so i took it. gautham got the idea that madhu. she is the one who signed. Sardar sends all of them out of the house. Mano calls CM tells the entire story. CM is happy about the Mano's plans.
Outside the house gautham blames madhu for the happenings and heated argument continues. gautham in anger slaps vikram and madhu. madhu & Co leaves. Gautham & Co leaves to her parents house.
Later gautham goes to madhu's place and asks sorry. madhu accepts him only for the sake of vikram. but to her mother says he has to pay for that incident. Gautham advices vikram that best way to solve all the problem is to ask forgiveness to father.  madhu hears this and plans something without their knowledge.
Saravana, santhosh, Monica, viji and her mother discuss about Saranya's marriage. they all want Mano and Saranya get married. but they want to know theier heart whether they like each other or not. santhosh takes the responsiblity to find their heart.
three persons chases Mano. this is noticed by madhu. immediately she take them home and says the story. the rowdy says he is from malaysia, he is a big businessman there and mano cheated his father for the money. madhu asks them to stay in her house. vikram and gautham disagrees. but madhu insults them. rowdies gives the list of items they want while they are staying there. they eats the food like haven't seen that before. Gauri informs this to santhosh who in turn passes the message to Mano. mano ask them to be careful specially saranya.
Saranya goes to temple and offers pooja in the name of CM & family. Seeing this Gauri & Manju gets happy. Gauri enquires about that. saranya says CM came in my dream and we are siting in this temple happily. so mother said we go to the temple for pooja. gauri offers pooja in the name of saranya & family. she says we all gather here for a mangalam. saranya asks what is it. she says everything is for fine. Gauri enquires about Mano to her. Saranya answers with the happiness and shyness in her face. a theif arrives and catches manju in knife point and threatens them. he asks them to remove all the jewels otherwise kill the child. Gauri removes her jewels. Saranya moves forward. FREEZE

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Saranya gets injured by the theif but saves Manju. Seeing the blood on saranya's hand manju faints. Gauri,Saranya's mother takes manju and saranya to the hospital. Gauri informs the happenings to Gautham.

Nurse allows Gauri and Saranya's mother to see Manju. Inside the room doctor is advising manju that she should be careful and should not beleive all the unknown person coming in her life. doctor says Gauri no to worry and tells her to take manju home.
Gautham arriaves. Saranya's mother moves out of the room saying some excuses. Gauri tells about the pooja made by saranya in the temple. she tells saranya was atttacked and hated by Madhu always but saranya offered prayers even for her. who will get that kind of heart. we never prayed for a thrid person in our life. but she does. Gautham thinks.
Doctor calls saranya's mother to the room. there saranya sitting in the bed with the bandage in her hand. doctor saying she will be discharged in the evening and leaves.
Her mother wants to inform saravana or santhosh but sarnaya stops her.  Saranya's mobile rings. her mother picks up and sees the CM number on it. saranya wants to talk. but she refuses and talks to him. with her voice he finds something is wrong. saranya shows sign not to tell the incident to him.  but her mother tells the story becoz of CM's question. Saranya says nothing happened and everything is fine. CM thanks for her courage and the kind heart towards his family. CM asks why she didn't inform this to him. she says u know my habit. i always bring the problem if i couldn't solve it. he blesses her and cuts the line.
Gautham, Gauri and Manju arrives. Gautham thanks sarnaya. he feels sorry for behaving badly joining with Madhu. Saranya is happy. she praises her for the good heart towards his family. she says you are the eldsest of the family. u understood the situation and slowly madhu and vikram also will turn to be good. your family will get united soon. he says this is not my family but our family. he tells her mother not to go for lunch and tells manju to prepare and bring for them. they all leaves happily.
Saranya turns towards her mother and says god has anwered her prayer. good things started to happen. Saranya and her mother seems to be happy. FREZEE.
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Episode - 215
Cheif Rowdies thinks about Mano. how to help Madhu? he says that i will kidnap mano's brother santhosh then get singed in the documents from Mano then i will kill him. Madhu hears this from outside the room and happy. she tells her mother this person will finish our job very easily. Once i get the house in my name i will make my FIL family fall on my feet.Angry
Manju is lying on Gautham's lap and looking his face. Gautham is deeply thinking. Gauri comes with a galss of milk. Manju asks her father will you be with even at your old age or leave me like thatha. Gautham & Manju get shocked. Gautham says that i will never leaver her. sends her to go to bed for sleep. she leaves after saying good night to them.
Gauri tells Gautham after 6 or 7 years she will ask when are you going to leave. before that we must see mama. we must bring him back as soon as possible. gautham says madhu won't agree for that. Gauri asks Gautham to talk with them and make them understand the fault. since they don't have enough thinking about relationship you must explain to them. Gautham agress.
In village CM is sitting in cot under a tree and thinking about saranya. how he and his wife met saranya  in temple. giving job to her. her talents, how she was hated by his family members, slap by sangeetha, saranya commiting the murder Gautham, CM's angry on saranya, saranya bringing Gautham back, Gautham agress the misbehaving with saranya, how madhu makes a loss to a garment company, Mano and saranya takes over that company to bring to a good level, how his son is planning to get a sign in a property document after knowing Mano is CM's son, sangetha hears it, discussing with sarnaya, sangeetha & Saranya explains about the document to CM before signing, knowing the plan CM signed and leavin that place. he feels sad. takes the mobile and calls Mano. enquires about saranya's health whether she is taking tablets at correct time.. mano says she fine why she should take tablets. CM scold him for not knowing anything about saranya. even i knows who staying 350 Km away. tells the incident happend in the temple. Mano get shocked and tells CM no one informed about it. no problem i will take care of her. FREEZE.

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thanx nallu for ur response
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Thanks newt2007 for the updatesBig smile
Happend to see one soon as I saw that I remembered ur updatesBig smile
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Telephone conversation continues between Mano & CM. CM says Mano you must take care of saranya from my place. Mano agrees and cuts the line. Mano is restless. Santhosh comes in as asking anna why you didn't sleep? Mano says Saranya got injured. Santhosh gets shocked and asks What happened what accident? where if happened. Come we will go and see annie. Mano says it is accident happens without informing us. she didn't inform me why should I go and meet her. santhosh asks his mobile. Mano says no need to call her. she didn't need our help. But santhosh snatches the mobile from his hand. Dials saranya's number. He just ignores the Mano's grumbling.


Saranya is happy seeing Mano's number. Immediately she says halo Mano how are? Santhosh says I'm santhosh. All these affectionate talks are only in the phone. Why you didn't inform us about your accident. She says it is a small wound why are you getting tensed. Santhosh asks Mano to talk but he shouts at him. Why should I talk to her when she just ignored me. Saranya gets worried hearing this over the phone. Santhosh forces Mano to speak on the phone. Saranya says sorry I didn't want to disturb you that's why. Please. But he shouts at her. you should understand the friendship and relationship needs. You didn't feel like telling to me. I came to know through appa. I am very much angry on you. I don't want to talk to you. no one disturbed like this.. you made me very much angry. he hands over the phone to Santhosh without hearing further explation form Saranya. Santhosh goes to a distant place and says annan is very much angry and tensed. Saranya says please explain the situation. Santhosh agrees to bring Mano to see her. Saranya is happy if he come that is my happiest moment she says. Santhosh agrees. When hands over the phone Mano says I'm not coming. She should understand me. She doesn't know my character very well. by this she will come to know about me very well. So Santhosh leaves alone to meet Saranya. Mano standing with the angry face.


Saranya waiting in the hall for Santhosh and Mano looking the gate through the window. Her mother says if you have heard me it shouldn't have happened Santhosh enters. Saranya is happy. Mother welcomes him and leaves.  Saranya continues to look through the window and the entrance. (she looks beautiful and the eagerness to meet Mano and her love Heart towards him is very well seen on her face). Santhosh enjoys that moment very silently. Slowly asks Saranya annie searching for some one? She asks BlushingMano didn't come? Santhosh says he is very angry on you he is not willing to talk to you. Saranya's mother says I told her to inform that to Mano but she ignored. She hands over a cup of coffee to him and leaves. Santhosh says one man should not have this much angry on anybody. I'm his brother I couldn't tolerate but how will be his coming wife will tolerate. He is very bad. Saranya says what he is saying is correct. He is not like that. Santhosh says I call him now but he won't talk to you. If he picks up the mobile I'll change my name. he dials his number and hand over the mobile to Saranya. She hears the busy tone. Santhosh says nowadays annan got so many girl friends. He spends hours in the phone with them. Now he is not good at all. Saranya is jealous. Santhosh says bye and leaves. He hides behind the door and looks what Saranya is doing. Saranya picks her mobile and dials a number. It says busy. So she throws the mobile on the sofa. Santhosh enters calling Annie. Saranya gets shocked. Asks what happened. He says I left the vehicle key somewhere. Seeing the mobile on the sofa asks why it is hear. She says I tried to call my phone it is engaged. He picks up the phone and gives to Saranya and leaves saying key may be in the bike. Again he stands behind the door seeing Saranya's tensed faceConfused. He says both of you have deep love for each other but moving around as if nothing is there. Wait I will break that barrier and bring your love towards each to light.


Next morning. Rowdies in Madhu's place. Chief rowdy instructs his assistants we must be very careful and brilliant in executing our plan. We are going to do this for Madhu. Madhu's mother sees the rowdies coming down the stairs signals Madhu who is sitting next to her. Madhu immediately gets up asks him where are you going. Assistant1 says boss hates this type of question. Chief says it's okay we are going to execute a plan against Mano. Madhu says I want to come with you I want to see the Mano suffering. Assistant 2 says boss won't take ladies with us. Chief says it's okay she is very much angry on that Mano. We will take you with us but one condition. You must obey to me. She agrees.


While they are coming out of the house Gautham comes in. he asks where is vikram. She says she is gone out. He asks her where are you going with this fellow. Her mother in a angry voice shouts at him. You shouted at Madhu like she is the problem of entire happening. Now she is doing for your family. Madhu also looks at him very cheaply. Gautham tries to give advice. It is our family matter we should not allow others to interfere. But MadhuEvil Smile ignores and insults him and leaves with them. Her mother goes inside.


Gautham calls Vikram and says about this. Tells him to stop Mdahu otherwise she will bring another problem. But Vikram says leave her she won't listen. She always do the thing she likes. We are suffering because we didn't obey to our father and sent him out of the house. Be there I will come and meet you. Gautham's worried face. FREEZE

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thanx meli for remembering my updates. I know i'm not doing the update like others. but i try my level best.
thanx again

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thanks for the updates naa

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