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  • Posted on: 5 days agoarunimawesome

    Hina Khan, you are a true rock always give your best to the show..god bless you & keep you di..@ Agree with you friends--Where the magic of this show has ended..The creative mostly time showed that seniors in Singhania's would n't take decisions on their own, mostly asked bahu & munna to solve the problems..Isn't in this case bhabhi maa responsibility towards daddaji more than bahu & munna..Her decision making power showed poorly by the creatives in the full show..This time she instantly reacted in a mad way to Akshara without knowing the truth..PURE SELFISH BEHAVIOR..NOT EVEN THINK EVEN WHAT"S IT"S IMPACT ON OTHERS FAMILY MEMBERS TOO..POOR WORK BY CREATIVES.. SO MANY WAYS TO MAKE WAY FOR SOUTH AFRICA TRIP but NOT AGREE WITH THIS RUTHLESS BEHAVIOR TOWARDS AKSHARA..WHY & FOR WHAT?..IS SHE THROW HER MUNNA FROM THE HOUSE IF SOME THING FIND FAULT IN HIM..WHY ALWAYS BAHUS?..BIG THUMBS DOWN .

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  • Posted on: 5 days agokhushiseth

    Hina Khan love you
    So many talented Karan's in industry and you were paired opposite one heck of a shit lol

    Edited on:26 March 2015 at 1:50am

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  • Posted on: 5 days agomadhavmadhu

    Hina you are a great actress and so deservedly getting all the success in the world

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  • Posted on: 5 days agomitheshraj

    No matter what you are always no1 for me
    Hina Khan rocks and so does YRKKH

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    lavanya77, arunimawesome, aditimathur, shristirulez, hinakhanbigfan, khushiseth, monikasharma1, mitheshraj, kritikamalhotra, akshara456, sunayarocks, madhavmadhu
  • Posted on: 5 days agovbhi

    Gorgeous Diva..Hina Khan.
    Lub you and want to see you with decent costar who can act atleast not old aged bald people

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    sunayarocks, kritikamalhotra, vbhi, mitheshraj, varshuhina, vanshika236, hinakhanbigfan, madhavmadhu, khushiseth, monikasharma1, shristirulez, payalpatil, arunimawesome, aditimathur, akshara456, awesome_niki, devikarulez, lavanya77
  • Posted on: 5 days agokarismadutta

    Love you gorgeous Hina Khan ..Keep setting greatest standards in acting

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  • Posted on: 5 days agosmritim

    Hina Khan you are one of the best & deserves a whole lots of success in everyway...!

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    khushiseth, karismadutta, smritim, madhavmadhu, vbhi, mitheshraj, arunimawesome, aditimathur, lavanya77, varshuhina, ukapoor, vanshika236, monikasharma1, hinakhanbigfan, kritikamalhotra, anonymous_user, akshara456, sunayarocks, choprasaumya, awesome_niki, payalpatil, devikarulez, shristirulez
  • Posted on: 5 days agohinaparikhan

    Love you Hina Khan
    *HUGS* keep smiling:-)

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    shristirulez, payalpatil, lavanya77, aditimathur, akshara456, arunimawesome, devikarulez, choprasaumya, awesome_niki, sunayarocks, anonymous_user, kritikamalhotra, hinaparikhan, vbhi, vanshika236, hinakhanbigfan, mitheshraj, monikasharma1, varshuhina, smritim, madhavmadhu, karismadutta, khushiseth
  • Posted on: 5 days agohkfanz

    Keep persevering, Keep up the hard work
    Hina Khan you were just awesome

    cant wait to see you working opposite a better costar

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    karismadutta, smritim, madhavmadhu, varshuhina, vanshika236, monikasharma1, ukapoor, mitheshraj, hkfanz, hinakhanbigfan, vbhi, hinaparikhan, kritikamalhotra, anonymous_user, sunayarocks, choprasaumya, awesome_niki, payalpatil, arunimawesome, aditimathur, lavanya77, devikarulez, shristirulez
  • Posted on: 5 days agokkusum123

    Love you Hina Khan shining always

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    shristirulez, devikarulez, lavanya77, payalpatil, aditimathur, arunimawesome, choprasaumya, sunayarocks, awesome_niki, kritikamalhotra, anonymous_user, hinaparikhan, vbhi, kkusum123, hkfanz, mitheshraj, khushiseth, varshuhina, monikasharma1, vanshika236, madhavmadhu, karismadutta, smritim
  • Posted on: 5 days agopyariparipari

    Hina Khan, Amazing, Lovely & talented is what you are..god bless you & Keep smiling you di..can't under stand why Indian shows bahu's to be thrown out of their house if she is not at fault..just for way..

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  • Posted on: 5 days agohinakhanrocks

    Awesome Hina Khan love you & keep succeding further
    U are paired opposite a guy who cant act

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    madhavmadhu, khushiseth, hinaparikhan, kkusum123, hkfanz, hinakhanrocks, smritim, karismadutta, varshuhina, vanshika236, monikasharma1, mitheshraj, vbhi, kritikamalhotra, anonymous_user, akshara456, sunayarocks, choprasaumya, awesome_niki, arunimawesome, aditimathur, lavanya77, devikarulez, shristirulez
  • Posted on: 5 days agorockingrhea

    Hina Khan, you are an amazing actor who can portray all kinds of roles with you di..@ Guys I can't understand how she can thrown out of the house, woh rista khatm kar sakte hain lekin ghar nikalne ka adikaar kaise..Kya Singhania's ancestoral property is only of one family i.e. of dadda ji & bhabhi maa ..such an unrealistic way to make way for south africa..poor job done by creatives here..thumbs down.

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    shristirulez, devikarulez, sanasuperstar, hinakhan24, charukapoor, payalpatil, lavanya77, rockingrhea, aditimathur, pyariparipari, arunimawesome, awesome_niki, anishathegr8, kdiya1234, choprasaumya, akshara456, sunayarocks, anonymous_user, vidyasharma, kritikamalhotra, pj2h14, ruchika123, mitheshraj, hkfanz, kkusum123, hinakhanrocks, hinaparikhan, vbhi, monikasharma1, hinakhanbigfan, mona.sweetypie, vanshika236, ukapoor, varshuhina, vandanahina, khushiseth, smritim, madhavmadhu, vandana23, karismadutta
  • Posted on: 5 days agoanishathegr8

    Hina Khan, you are sweet, simple & gorgeous..stay blessed & keep rocking & you di..@ Guys me too always find her character as a selfish one..this time she has crossed every limit..the charm of the show has already lost but with this showing no respect & no love for this show left.BIG THUMBS DOWN FOR THE WHOLE CREATIVE TEAM OF YEH RISTA..

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    karismadutta, madhavmadhu, khushiseth, vandanahina, smritim, vandana23, varshuhina, ukapoor, vanshika236, mona.sweetypie, monikasharma1, hinakhanbigfan, vbhi, hinakhanrocks, hinaparikhan, kkusum123, hkfanz, mitheshraj, ruchika123, pj2h14, kritikamalhotra, vidyasharma, anonymous_user, sunayarocks, akshara456, choprasaumya, anishathegr8, awesome_niki, kdiya1234, arunimawesome, pyariparipari, aditimathur, rockingrhea, lavanya77, payalpatil, charukapoor, sanasuperstar, hinakhan24, devikarulez, shristirulez
  • Posted on: 5 days agopj2h14

    You are an amazing beauty & a great actor--HINA KHAN..God bless u with immense happiness & you loadz di..@ Bang on friends..what a description of bhabhi maa's character & of the show..Keep going friends..

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    devikarulez, shristirulez, charukapoor, sanasuperstar, aditimathur, payalpatil, hinakhan24, lavanya77, rockingrhea, arunimawesome, choprasaumya, awesome_niki, anishathegr8, pyariparipari, sunayarocks, kdiya1234, kritikamalhotra, vidyasharma, anonymous_user, pj2h14, ruchika123, akshara456, kkusum123, hkfanz, mitheshraj, hinakhanrocks, hinaparikhan, vbhi, vanshika236, monikasharma1, mona.sweetypie, hinakhanbigfan, ukapoor, varshuhina, karismadutta, khushiseth, vandanahina, smritim, vandana23, madhavmadhu
  • Posted on: 5 days ago..Laxmi..

    Lots & Loads Of Love HinaKhan Heart Heart

    Keep Smiling , Stay Blessed & Take Care Smile

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    deepak4, ..Laxmi..
  • Posted on: 5 days agokdiya1234

    Hina Khan, good morning,you are an actress with incredible talent..Stay blessed & stay happy..Would love to see you in newer shows soon..some people un neccessary try to give advice to others you di.

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    vandana23, smritim, vandanahina, varshuhina, khushiseth, karismadutta, ukapoor, vanshika236, mona.sweetypie, hinakhanbigfan, monikasharma1, vbhi, hinaparikhan, hinakhanrocks, hkfanz, kkusum123, mitheshraj, akshara456, ruchika123, pj2h14, vidyasharma, kritikamalhotra, anonymous_user, sunayarocks, kdiya1234, anishathegr8, pyariparipari, choprasaumya, awesome_niki, arunimawesome, rockingrhea, lavanya77, hinakhan24, aditimathur, payalpatil, sanasuperstar, charukapoor, shristirulez, devikarulez
  • Posted on: 5 days agoruchika123

    Good Morning di..Hope you have a great day & you remain smiling..Such a versatile & natural actress you are..God bless u & May you shine always like a real you loadz HINA KHAN..@ Bang on friends..well said much realistic this show negative character..oh my god:(..don't know what creatives want to show..really a bad impact..guys agar ghar mein negative characters toh bahar ki kya zaroorat hain..creatives have really proved me right what I think about bhabhi maa's character in the past..kuch log metha ban kar war karte hain aur kuch bol kar..metha bolne wale log jyada khatarnaak hote hain..Height of every limit shown..the way bhabhi maa will treat Akshara like this bahu had done nothing for the family & no sewa done by her for dadda ji..How mean this woman is? terrible.

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    shristirulez, devikarulez, sanasuperstar, charukapoor, payalpatil, hinakhan24, lavanya77, arunimawesome, pyariparipari, rockingrhea, aditimathur, awesome_niki, anishathegr8, choprasaumya, kdiya1234, sunayarocks, anonymous_user, vbhi, vidyasharma, kritikamalhotra, akshara456, pj2h14, ruchika123, mitheshraj, hkfanz, mona.sweetypie, kkusum123, hinaparikhan, hinakhanrocks, monikasharma1, hinakhanbigfan, vanshika236, ukapoor, varshuhina, khushiseth, vandanahina, smritim, madhavmadhu, vandana23, karismadutta
  • Posted on: 5 days agodeepak4

    happie Thursday jaaanu...

    Hearty congratulations on completing the 1700 episodes long journeys. ... HARD WORK AND DEDICATION PAYS OFF... AND MY JAANNU IS ABSOLUTELY HARD WORKING AND DEDICATED to WORK. ... IT is your non stop dedication and acting that had helped the show reach such a big milestone...and even there is a miles to go and keep on making new records in the television industry. ...and literally DEBUT in acting and the debut show being the one making one after other a milestone ...literally you are BORN FOR TWO REASONS ONLY- ONE AS MY BELOVED DARLING MY LIFE PARTNER AND SECOND FOR ACTING SUCH FANTABULOUSLY THAT IT IS VERY DIFFICULT FOR ANY SHOW TO BE HIT AND ACHIEVE SUCH A HUGE FAME...JUST AND JUST BECAUSE OF YOU...AND OFFCOURSE THE REMAINING CAST PLAYED AN IMPORTANT ROLE...CAUSE like in business the workers play important role... workers and the owners together make up a business...the same way other actors play good role to achieve the place where the show has reached...

    as in one of my recent post i shared that i do beleive in god but stay far away from superstitious believes. ... and so did you do when rukmani suggested some BABA instantly replied that you do not believe and agree such useless talks... and then bauji supported right that once we got stuck in these believes, we go on trapping in this trap and if we drop we feel discomfort...

    Also in the hospital your tone in the beginning when you said bhabhima to make something to eat for daddaji and bring next morning and she asked whether he would eat and in the awesome tone you said, " KYU NAHI KHAENGE. ...AP BANAENGI TOH JARUR KHAENGE...OR Vese bhi aapko dekhte hi aadhe toh vo aise hi thik ho jaate h... also you handled the phone call of muskaan when she said she will be visiting home... you postpone it to day after tomorrow as she is unaware of daddaji's illness...

    And in the next part of the episode looking nice in t...

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  • Posted on: 5 days agohinakhan24

    Hina Khan, good morning & have a happy day ahead.. you are doing incredibly fascinating job in the telly industry..god bless you & keep rocking & ruling you di..@ I am least bothered what others think of me or us..for some south africa trip matters a lot, for some growth as an actor is more can only be achieved by doing different roles not by doing one role for such a long time & other things most hurting the way creatives a way for south one even bother what reward Akshara has got of her simplicity, caring & loving nature for all but guys bhabimaa & singhania's have done a brilliant job by throwing Akshara out of her house ...WELL DONE CREATIVES..becoz with this some fans get South Africa trip..Except one fan comment y'day , no one mentioned it..This shows the concern for an actor /character.. MERA TOH VISWAAS HI TOOT GAYA HAIN YEH DEKH KAR..REASON FOR ME & MY FAMILY NOT ATTACHED WITH SINGHANIA"S FAMILY IN THE SHOW INCLUDING NAITIK TOO, EXCEPT AKSHARA & LATER ON WITH DADDAJI ONLY..ACHA HUA SERIAL DEKHNA PEHLE HI BAND KAR DIYA..IF A PROMO SEEN MAKE ME SO EMOTIONAL, Who will watch the episodes like this...BAHUS KI KOI KADAR NAHIN DIKHAYI CREATIVES NE..KAAM KARO KEWAL , AGAR KUCH GALAT HO JAYA TOH SEEDHA GHAR NIKHALA..IS THIS THING REALLY HAPPEN IN MODERN WORLD..NO IS MY REPLY...THUMBS DOWN FOR THE WHOLE CREATIVE TEAM FOR SHOWING THIS..

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    ukapoor, varshuhina, vanshika236, hinakhanbigfan, mona.sweetypie, monikasharma1, vbhi, hinaparikhan, hinakhanrocks, kkusum123, hkfanz, mitheshraj, akshara456, pj2h14, ruchika123, kritikamalhotra, anonymous_user, sunayarocks, kdiya1234, choprasaumya, anishathegr8, pyariparipari, awesome_niki, aditimathur, rockingrhea, arunimawesome, lavanya77, hinakhan24, payalpatil, charukapoor, devikarulez, shristirulez, vandana23, vandanahina, karismadutta, madhavmadhu, smritim, khushiseth, vidyasharma, sanasuperstar
  • Posted on: 5 days agovidyasharma

    Good Morning di..You are a true talent who deserve to be appreciated for your sheer hard work & talent you possess in abundance...God bless u & continue to you loadz HINA KHAN..@ Guys (newbies)--do you think we need to prove to anyone else about our sincerity & loyalty towards di..No is my reply..our comments posted here are the proof.. WISH TO WATCH YOUR FAVORITE ACTOR ON NEW SHOWS DOING DIFFERENT & STRONG ROLES IS NOT AN OFFENCE.. WE ALWAYS TRIED OUR BEST & SUPPORTED EVERYWHERE HERE BUT IF SOME FANS DON"T FEEL OUR COMMENTS AS GOOD AS THEY ARE THEN WHAT WE CAN DO?... WAISE BHI HUM JYAADA SENIORS FANS TO NAHIN JAANTE AUR NA HI WOH HUMAY.. We will support one another till we are here..

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    lavanya77, payalpatil, hinakhan24, anishathegr8, pyariparipari, arunimawesome, rockingrhea, aditimathur, kritikamalhotra, vidyasharma, pj2h14, anonymous_user, ruchika123, akshara456, sunayarocks, kdiya1234, choprasaumya, awesome_niki, charukapoor, sanasuperstar, devikarulez, shristirulez, vandanahina, varshuhina, ukapoor, vanshika236, karismadutta, vandana23, khushiseth, monikasharma1, hinakhanbigfan, mona.sweetypie, hkfanz, kkusum123, mitheshraj, hinakhanrocks, hinaparikhan, vbhi, smritim, madhavmadhu
  • Posted on: 5 days agosanasuperstar

    Hina Khan, good morning & have a rocking are the best, beautiful, fabulous & humble actor..stay blessed & stay happy you di..@ absolutely agree with you mona.sweetypie.. on every pts..Some fans for their happiness wish the actor to stick to a single show as long as possible & some fans think more about of a growth of an actor if an actor play different roles..we belong to this category fans..this doesn't mean our love, respect & admiration for di are less than them..we don't need anything to proof that what sort of fans we are..

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    madhavmadhu, hinaparikhan, vbhi, mitheshraj, hinakhanrocks, kkusum123, hkfanz, hinakhanbigfan, mona.sweetypie, vanshika236, vandanahina, vandana23, khushiseth, karismadutta, smritim, monikasharma1, varshuhina, ukapoor, shristirulez, charukapoor, devikarulez, choprasaumya, awesome_niki, sunayarocks, kdiya1234, ruchika123, akshara456, anonymous_user, pj2h14, kritikamalhotra, vidyasharma, aditimathur, payalpatil, arunimawesome, rockingrhea, anishathegr8, pyariparipari, lavanya77, hinakhan24, sanasuperstar
  • Posted on: 5 days agomona.sweetypie

    Good Morning di..Have a blissful Thursday...You are stupendous & spontaneous..God bless u & May you always succeed in all paths of life & always remain happy with ur loved ones !..Hina di, we know we (newbies) are n't liked by some fans here just becoz we all want to see u in new shows now...Is this mean we don't love you or not your true fan..You all can never judge our love, respect, admiration for Hina di, maximum efforts put here daily from the past one year mostly done by newbies but here importance always given to seniors..this thing seriously effecting us a lot along with some of my friends here..may be we all will leave then our seniors will run ur fanpage as per their need to proof us that how much we love you..still writing that wish to see u in new shows time for some fans to spend five mins. here to write their comments ,no value given to those who are doing hard work to maintain ur ranking..we are getting a very big lesson here with the treatment given to you loadz HINA KHAN..WE (NEWBIES) HAVE DIFFERENT VIEWS & OPINIONS ..WE ALL ARE PROUD OF OURSELVES FOR OUR EFFORTS HERE..WE ARE STRAIGHTFORWARD & ALWAYS WRITE OUR PURE VIEWS.

    Edited on:25 March 2015 at 7:06pm

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  • Posted on: 5 days ago_Amina_

    Love you Hina... loving your new look for the leap... can't wait Heart keep smiling Big smile

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  • Posted on: 5 days agosanasuperstar

    Hina Khan, Always remain your down to earth self..stay blessed & Keep up the good you & good night di.

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