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  • Posted on: 52 minutes agoawesome_niki

    Hina Khan, you are such a fantastic actress, really feel for Akshara..god bless you & Keep giving your you di..@ agree with you friends--Creatives & Story writer of this show have always disappointed us on this part..can't explain you in my words what me & my family felt & discussed after watching last week episodes..Sbs segment of South Africa y'day was like a jale per namak much angry to see Akshara & bhabhi maa attitudes..hain bhai natik ki toh pyaari bhabhi maa hain kya firk padta hain ki uski biwi koh ghar nikala mile..japte raho uski aur uske poore parivar ki jaap wala har waqt.. I must say if gayatri was alive she must have supported her bahu in this tract & can't tolerate this non sense..I know her character being selfish but she won't go to such extent where bhabhi maa show...No respect for such characters..bhabhi maa ka asli roop hain yeh joh sugar coated words ki aadh mein chupa hua tha.

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  • Posted on: 1 hour agochoprasaumya

    Hina Khan, good & blessed morning to you, you are freaking talented..May god bless you with lots of success in this you di..@ agree with you lavanya77 on both of your comments..The story writers of the shows have taken girls, bahus for granted, at least some shows modern approach but this show is far-far from reality..I have never seen girl's parents won't do anything when their daughters are being thrown out from their houses for no offence & sin..Akshara & Maheshwari's are exceptional, definitely not living in modern world, may be in nineteenth century..creatives have been letting us down on this part from the start till now even after completion of more than 1700 episodes, still same approach, same methods, same theories..A big THUMS DOWN FOR CREATIVES FOR SHOWING ILLOGICAL & OVER DRAMATIZED SCRIPTS...MOVE AHEAD CREATIVES..DON"T STAND STILL ON THESE POINTS.

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    choprasaumya, awesome_niki
  • Posted on: 2 hours agolavanya77

    Hina Khan, good morning & happy Sunday..Enjoy the day to the fullest with your family..You are so beautiful & you have such a radiant smile that makes me smile from the you a lot di..I don't need to explain how bad or deeply hurt after Akshara being kicked out from her house for no reason or offence..It has become the habit of creatives & story writers in this show to show elders on a right side with pure dominant behaviors..can't even think for a minute what their soft, so caring, understanding, lovely, sweet in nature, generous bahu have done for their family & even maheshwari's too have disappointed me & my family a lot..such a pathetic show & an irony for bahu like Akshara in this country..It's all becoz channels or shows show or describe something but show always on behalf of old fashioned theories stories which only revolve around ladke wala's side & bahus to be tortured for no reasons..we are living in modern world & want the shows to be like this age.

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    lavanya77, choprasaumya, awesome_niki
  • Posted on: 2 hours agoawesome_niki

    Hina Khan,good Sunday morning to you,you are one of the most unique actress of t.v. I have ever seen..god bless you & keep you di..

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    choprasaumya, awesome_niki, lavanya77
  • Posted on: 5 hours agosam_hinano.1

    Friends it is just that yrkkh is a fake show now, its like all other ekta show.In the last 2 years if they have done around 500 episodes, i have watched around 125 epis...yrkkh lost all its charm after first its just like other show

    Watch it for most loyal actress of television Hina Khan dats it

    2 member(s) Liked the above comment :
    choprasaumya, awesome_niki
  • Posted on: 9 hours agochoprasaumya

    Agree with you guys--how tracks are made ..illogically by many male members in singhania's sadan but all are very busy , some in office work, some in home..I can't understand rajbanna's character in the show..Kisi kaam ka nahin sewayai devyani aur uske bachoin ke liye sab kuch karna baki apne bachoin ka kabhi saath mat dena kuch bhi ho jaye..Hina Khan, you are truly outstanding in this tract, each & every emotion you perfectly portrayed, rest all including maheshwari's too are I am hating maheshwari's too along with whole singhania's in this tract..maheshwari's ke liye apni ladki se jyaada uska sasural aur sasural walle mainaye rakhte hain..ladki agar mar bhi jaayegi agar aise famililies sasural walon ka hi jaap karte raheinga..lage raho aur ladkiyon ko marne you Hina Khan.

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    sam_hinano.1, awesome_niki, lavanya77, choprasaumya
  • Posted on: 10 hours agolavanya77

    Monikasharma 1---Agree with you in all the pts..For me the creatives have gone mad by showing this unrealistic tract ..What a funny thing? No male member in hospital, wah bhai wah rajbanna ki dadda ji ke liye pyaar ke kya kehne, pita samman bhai hospital mein zindagi aur maut ki ladaai ladh rahein hain aur majaraj ji ghar mein bhabhi maa ka puja paad mein saath de rahein hain ..yeh bhi soch kisi ko bahu hospital mein akeli hain aur kabhi bhi emergency padh sakti hain, bete ke liye toh office jana zaroori hota hain jab bhi ghar mein zaroorat padti hain ..For me instead of Akshara the whole Singhania's family more responsible for dadda ji's death..Nandini ko toh kuch karna hi nahin bhai..uff respect for both the families Singhania's & Maheshwari's for me & my family...The class of this show is no more more watching of this show anymore..Maheshwari's too equally responsible along with Singhania 's for Akshara's such condition..Kis angle se inhe family kahe yahin samaz nahin aata..poor showings creatives.. you are a great entertainer & only person for me whose work is appreciable even in this track..Maheshwari's ko chulu bhar paani mein doob jaana chahiya akshara ki aise doordasha dekh kar & kuch na kehkar apni ladki ke behalf mein aap logo ne saabit kar diya ki ladki se jyaada aapko uske sasural waloon ki chinta hain..Kaise parents hain jo apni ke sahi hote hue bhi kuch naahin karte..sharm aani chayiya maheshwari's aapko apne aap you Hina Khan.

    3 member(s) Liked the above comment :
    awesome_niki, choprasaumya, lavanya77
  • Posted on: 11 hours agomonikasharma1

    You are just so affectionate..God bless u & wish you happiness all days of life..Don''t surprise by creatives if they have shown Akshara alone in hospital..all in home , no responsibility of beta like bhai & one so called beta have gone for some office work..Is this thing really happen in real ..can't believe the stupidity shown by creatives in this tract to make way for South Africa..Aare bhai ghar ke sadasya kisi patient ki critical condition mein kaise ghar reh sakte hain..dadda ji ki biwi aur ladki ko hospital mein hona chahiya tha..What Akshara did wrong in this tract when daddaji 's condition was deterrioated so much..guys this show is too much ..Go to hell both Singhania's & Maheshwari's ..reckless behavior of bhabhi maa & What type of love & affection have for Mahshwari's for their son chiriya..You all can think about Singhania's..don't call yourself parents, guardians & well wishers of Akshara..Kisi kaam ke nahin maheshwari's..I have totally wasted my six years for this over dramatic & one sided approach guys really don't deserve appreciation..hope this show will end as possible my first & last wish for this show..Good bye di..No need to watch this pathetic show now for me.Love & support you as an actor but not for this show..Thumbs down ..HINA KHAN rocks.

    Edited on:28 March 2015 at 10:38am

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    lavanya77, choprasaumya, awesome_niki, sam_hinano.1
  • Posted on: 11 hours agodevikarulez

    Hi Hina Khan, you are drop dead gorgeous & down to earth too..god bless you & keep going you di.

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    sam_hinano.1, awesome_niki, lavanya77, choprasaumya, devikarulez
  • Posted on: 11 hours agosunayarocks

    You are truly a sunshine girl..God bless u & give u immense happiness, success, joy & peace in ur you HINA KHAN (di) a lot.

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    devikarulez, sunayarocks, sam_hinano.1, choprasaumya, awesome_niki, lavanya77
  • Posted on: 12 hours agoshristirulez

    Hello Hina Khan, you are the most gorgeous,prettiest, cutest girl in the whole world..stay blessed & be happy you di.

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    devikarulez, shristirulez, lavanya77, awesome_niki, sunayarocks, choprasaumya, sam_hinano.1
  • Posted on: 12 hours agoakshara456

    You are a superb actor & have mind-blowing personality..God bless u & wish you a great year you loadz HINA KHAN (DI).

    8 member(s) Liked the above comment :
    sam_hinano.1, choprasaumya, akshara456, sunayarocks, lavanya77, awesome_niki, devikarulez, shristirulez
  • Posted on: 12 hours agoaditimathur

    Hina Khan, you are so affable..Hope you will get a new & great projects soon..god bless you & continue to you di.

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    devikarulez, lavanya77, shristirulez, awesome_niki, aditimathur, sunayarocks, choprasaumya, akshara456, sam_hinano.1
  • Posted on: 12 hours agovanshika236

    You are a marvelous deserve so much-much more love & success..God bless u & take you loadz HINA KHAN (DI)..Agree with u all.

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    vanshika236, akshara456, sunayarocks, aditimathur, shristirulez, sam_hinano.1, choprasaumya, awesome_niki, lavanya77, devikarulez
  • Posted on: 13 hours agoambikamitra

    Hina Khan,you are a terrific deserve everything best..really sad to see Akshara's over concern for bhabhi maa after ill treated behavior, no change in attitude still, still thinking of bhabhi maa all the times..damn irritating to watch & after look of bhabhi maa as furious one towards Akshara even after 10 yrs..I want to raise ques . for Akshara & whole creative team , can a girl in modern world will behave like Akshara after been kicked out by her..Someone here is writing a post it's a unique show..From which angle..No is my reply..It's just an ordinary show which revolve around Singhania's as ladke wali side..nothing exceptional shown by creatives & to this new tract A BIG-BIG THUMBS DOWN.

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    devikarulez, ambikamitra, lavanya77, shristirulez, aditimathur, awesome_niki, vanshika236, sunayarocks, akshara456, choprasaumya, sam_hinano.1
  • Posted on: 13 hours agovarshuhina

    You are exceptionally talented actress..God bless u & wish you health & lots of success ! you loadz HINA KHAN (DI).

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    sam_hinano.1, varshuhina, akshara456, sunayarocks, vanshika236, choprasaumya, awesome_niki, aditimathur, lavanya77, shristirulez, ambikamitra, devikarulez
  • Posted on: 13 hours agoarunimawesome

    Hina Khan, you are way too adorable & talented..god bless you & hope you will think seriously now of doing new you a lot di..

    13 member(s) Liked the above comment :
    ambikamitra, devikarulez, shristirulez, lavanya77, arunimawesome, aditimathur, awesome_niki, akshara456, vanshika236, choprasaumya, sunayarocks, varshuhina, sam_hinano.1
  • Posted on: 13 hours agohinakhanbigfan

    You are a true diva.. wish you all the success for your future works & always stay you loadz HINA KHAN (DI).

    14 member(s) Liked the above comment :
    sam_hinano.1, varshuhina, sunayarocks, choprasaumya, vanshika236, akshara456, hinakhanbigfan, arunimawesome, awesome_niki, aditimathur, lavanya77, shristirulez, ambikamitra, devikarulez
  • Posted on: 13 hours agohimanshu

    Today's sbs segment was wowww
    It was absolutely ur new look uu are looking veryyy beautiful,sexiest and gorgeous...LOOKING STUNNING IN EVERY OUTFIT...MY EYES ARE JUST STARING UR BEAUTY AND LOST IN UU MY LOVE THE BEAUTY AND LIGHT OF MY LIFE..MMUUAAAHHH

    Loveee the segment soo much..WAITING FOR THIS NEW YRKKH...
    You natural acting really amazing...places of cape town was making me feel romancee with uuu sweet Akshara...I HOPE UU ARE ENJOYING TO THE FULLEST...IN black outfit uuu were lkng ravishing and sso beautiful and elegant with beautiful Hairstyle...New modern look of urs and yrkkh loved soo much...AND ALSO LOVED TO LISTEN THE YRRKH TITLE SONG...Ur love and bonding with NAKSH WAS also strong and beautiful...REALLY TRUE YOU ARE NOT AT ALL LOOKING TEENS MOTHER..:):)
    Uu are looking soo young,pretty and cute my lovee
    And the wayy uuu laugh that their height are same as yours...SOO BEAUTIFUL IT WAS...mmuuuaaahhh

    Today's is the last episode of our old yrkkh Will miss all sweet and special moment which i spent and feel with uu...your every special and precious gift is memorable for are veryy special HINA KHAN..

    You are a greatest gift to my eyes...
    Yeh rishta kyaaa kehlata hhh...
    Jaadu yeh kya chall gyaaa...thoda hum bhi khelenge..
    Dil se bandhi ekk dorr joo dil tak jaati hh
    Piyaaa baawariii...i have a veryy special bonding with these songs as it's lyrics just filled with ur loveee and i feel uu alwayss...

    Uu have a veryy sweet voice my lovee...mmuuaaahhh

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  • Posted on: 13 hours agopyariparipari

    Hina Khan, you are more than pretty & best one..Keep smiling & ruling princess..agree with you anishathegr8--me too think the you di.

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    varshuhina, vanshika236, ambikamitra, sam_hinano.1, aditimathur, pyariparipari, arunimawesome, hinakhanbigfan, akshara456, sunayarocks, choprasaumya, awesome_niki, lavanya77, devikarulez, shristirulez
  • Posted on: 13 hours agoanishathegr8

    Hina Khan, you are an amazing star..god bless you & wish you get more & more success in your career..guys what is your prediction of di's ranking next week ..for me it's mid 30's or 40's..becoz of huge drop of comments here day by day..really hurting.

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    ambikamitra, devikarulez, lavanya77, aditimathur, shristirulez, awesome_niki, anishathegr8, pyariparipari, arunimawesome, choprasaumya, akshara456, sunayarocks, varshuhina, vanshika236, hinakhanbigfan, sam_hinano.1
  • Posted on: 14 hours agorockingrhea

    Hina Khan, you are one of the most versatile actress on television..god bless you & keep up your amazing you di..guys don't know creatives & story writers think of themselves as the shows are mostly watched by women still they can't write the stories where girls & bahus are given so much importance not as being thrown out of their houses for in laws insane & dominant behavior..aise shows ladkiyon ko peecha dkelta hain

    17 member(s) Liked the above comment :
    sam_hinano.1, hinakhanbigfan, varshuhina, vanshika236, sunayarocks, akshara456, choprasaumya, awesome_niki, rockingrhea, anishathegr8, arunimawesome, pyariparipari, shristirulez, lavanya77, aditimathur, devikarulez, ambikamitra
  • Posted on: 14 hours agopj2h14

    You are a nice person & full of appreciation for your friends..Stay blessed & you loadz HINA KHAN..With the continuity of same approach by creatives from the past more than six yrs as no change in Akshara's character, pure dominance of elders, Akshara ko toh koi goli bhi maar dega tab bhi usse ke baare mein sochagi jisne goli maari ho aur maheshwari ko toh bas dadda ji, bhabhi maa, jamai sa aur unke ghar ke logon ke baare mein sochna hain apni ladki ke baare mein nahin..pata nahin yeh serial itna lamba kis angle se chala..we are tired but our actors /creatives are not

    18 member(s) Liked the above comment :
    shristirulez, devikarulez, ambikamitra, lavanya77, pyariparipari, anishathegr8, aditimathur, arunimawesome, rockingrhea, awesome_niki, choprasaumya, sunayarocks, akshara456, varshuhina, vanshika236, hinakhanbigfan, pj2h14, sam_hinano.1
  • Posted on: 14 hours ago..Laxmi..

    You Are Looking So Pretty & Young In Simple Look& MakeUp..After Long Time Today We Got Your Sbs Sgment Smile

    Not Much Intrested In Leap Story Of YRKKH..Just Watching This Show For You , Its Pleasure To Watch Your Brilliant Acting Onscreen Smile

    Lots & Loads Of Love HinaKhan Heart Heart

    3 member(s) Liked the above comment :
    akshara456, devikarulez, ..Laxmi..
  • Posted on: 14 hours agoruchika123

    You are a brilliant actor & amazing person..God bless u & May all your dreams & wishes to come true..Friends kin deewaro ek aage sir patak raha ho, yahan creative team , story writers , actors ko nineteenth century dikhane aur karne mein bahut maza aa raha hain, real life mein kare na kare lekin fictional show ko khatm hi nahin karna..6 saal se ek hi sanssar mein ladkiyon aur bahuoin ki koyi nahin hain jaise is show dikhaya ja raha hain lekin reality se bahut-bahut door show mein kabhi ladkiyon ki taraf se nahin dikhaya jaayaga..japte raho bhabhi maa & singhania's ko.

    19 member(s) Liked the above comment :
    sam_hinano.1, vanshika236, pj2h14, ruchika123, varshuhina, hinakhanbigfan, devikarulez, shristirulez, lavanya77, ambikamitra, akshara456, sunayarocks, choprasaumya, awesome_niki, rockingrhea, aditimathur, anishathegr8, pyariparipari, arunimawesome

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